Monday, October 29, 2012

Mom is going on a road trip!!!

First, I want everyone to stay safe with sandy a knockin at their door, we keep watching the news and hoping that all our friends and their familes are buttoned down the hatch and safe!  We are sending a big hug and prayer that you all are safe and back home soon!!

Second, my mommma is going on a trip as soon as she gets off of work today and WILL NOT be home until late WEDNESDAY night ...after HALLOWEEN is OVER!!!!  Dad is home with us today cos it is his day off, but TOMORROW we will be home from sunup to sundown by OURSELVES!!!!  Wednesday, dad will be home with us.  My grandma has to have surgury on her eyelid where some nasty "C" was found.  Now they have to go in and take it away,  AND do some resconstructive surgury.  Mom is taking grandpa and grandma up to the university so she will get better.  My MOm said she is sick about leaving us for that long, cos she has NEVER EVER EVER been gone from us even one night but it is something she has to do.  I wish you all could come over and Keep us company tomorrow!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Green Beans

I think in another life I might have been a green bean, or apple or watermelon cos I just loves them to death!!  Last night mom was fixin Sammers and mine dinner and I just went haywire.....I started running around in circles, growling at sammer  and a biting his back fat so much that mom had to spray ME with the hose from the sink!!!
Did that stop me you ask?  Heck No!!!  I told mom later all I could smell was those good ole apples she was chopping up for us, and those green beans fresh from the freezer and it was like CRACK for a PUG!!!  Mom, tried to SHAME me but I just wasn't haven any of it, cos I wanted to eAT!!!   Do you think mom will let me be a green bean or apple for Halloween?????????
Have a good weekend!
STella Rose

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Yesterday I wrote a little blog that I (my mom did not me) later worried about.  I (she)was afraid that I hurt someones feelings, or upset my friends here.  But, you know what --all I got was the mostest kindest thoughts back!!  It made my little brown eyes and momma's eyes tear up and even cry a little. (Good thing no one else was at work or they would have thought mom was having a nervous breakdown)
Pugs know that our buddies always stand beside us, and support us, humans are still trying to learn that!  My robot mom is not very good at this friendship thing.  Maybe, after 25 years as a military wife she just learned to runaway from goodbyes and not make friends, cos its always hard to leave them behind.  I think robot mom made a BIIIIIG mistake not making tons of friends, cos I think God puts people in our path at the times we need them the most.  Some of them get to stay and some of them don't.  I really like all my blogville friends and look forward to reading about you each and every day.  Its my robot mom who has a hard time figuring out if the backpack is for real.  I am trying to teach her you don't have to be able to touch it to know that it's real!
PS  Yesterday was my 100th blog isn't it great that it was about angel turdie!!
Your Friend

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Thirty days ago my best friend and big sister went to the rainbow bridge.  To tell you the truth sometimes the rainbow bridge makes me mad and I wish that she could have just stayed here with me, forever!  Deep in my heart I know the rainbow bridge is a wonderful place BUT so is living here with me, sammer, mean ole cat dietzman and momma and dad. So, I am sorry that today I am kinda mad, and I am not sure at whom; so maybe no one should read my post.  My heart hurts when I remember my sister, and my friends who live at the bridge.  I stink at letting go... Stella Rose

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Webster's Dictionary says the meaning of FRIENDS is: One well known to another, a supporter, regarded with affection and loyalty.
Today my Mom went to see her friend from middle school of many years ago.  Her friend had just lost her Mom.  ( I am very confused on the concept of LOST, but I didn't think today was a good day to question mom about that) Today my Mom is a supporter.

Anna Rose Dachsies With Moxie is a little dachshund from St. Louis is pretty sick.  She is my friend and I am worried about her.  I haven't known her very long, but the Dictionary didn't say you could only call someone a friend after so long of knowing them.  I am not sure there is a ruler on measuring when someone becomes a friend.  A pugs world is pretty simple cos I just know Anna Rose and I are friends even tho we have never met, or had lunch together, or shared a glass of sweet tea.  We just share a doggies heart, and that is enough.

I am praying hard for you Anna Rose!  Please visit her and give her the POTP.
Stella Rose Long

Monday, October 22, 2012


Saturday Mom decided her and I were going to walk down to the library.  Mom was planning a relaxing weekend of nothing but snuggling us, housework, snuggling us and snuggling us and reading.  Last week the local paper did a stunning story about our  treat contest and put a picture of my face beside the story.  Imagine, our surprize as we were walking down to the libray when people knew who I was.  I heard the word, "stuffed animal face--spoiled--loved---funny looking ...." Mom was asked a few times WHY I was riding in a stroller, and not walking like NORMAL dogs.  Once, mom told them I was almost blind the people were quiet.  Geez, Humans judge so fast don't they and apparently they have never been owned by a pug cos they would have not thought it was strange that I was wearing a dress and coat. STELLA ROSE

Thursday, October 18, 2012

MIsSing YoU

Dreary days like today makes me miss my buddy Trudie.  Mom says it does her too.  Today we are going to talk about her in 5 lines, maybe next month we will write 10.  Her gotcha day is coming up soon and mom and I have been talking about it.  If I close my eyes I can see her and me trapped in Alcatraz waiting on momma to let us out.  I wish I knew that someday it would just be me and Sam.  I would have chased her more.


LAST night TWO of the GRANDMONSTERS stayed the night with us...this is the little one who always wants to take ME home.  We had alot of fun playing together!  We played dress in ME!
THIS is ME in my LADYBUG vest.  See Maceys' spooky smile..and Sams hedgehog in the background.

Macey showing off her new pompoms.  I like it and so does Sammer when the little GRANDMONSTERS come to stay!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Aren't I just the spookiest thing you ever saw?  And look Ms. Ellen I have your purty necklace on that you made me!!

Okay now on to the CELEBRATION!  Today my momma's friend is going to be a new grandmomma. Yep, her first grandchild and it is a little boy.  He is almost born and maybe by now is in his grandmomma's arms.  My mom's friend is so excited and blessed.  My momma told her it doesn't matter if it is your first little grandmonster or your eighth it is still wonderful each and everytime!!  We don't know the name yet, its a secret.  My momma is going to be a new grandmomma in January and her daughter is plotting the name of the almost here baby girl.  Mom wanted her to name her Finn after my friend on here but Kody said NO!!  My mom offered her money but that didn't work.  My momma always nicknames her grandmonsters.  She said her grandpa did that and she has taken over the tradition. So since the new almost here baby girl has no name Momma named her baby bean.  Yep you heard me right "Baby Bean"!!  And before you knew it everyone was calling her Baby Bean.  We even heard her daddy say, "he had to take pizza home to Momma and Baby Bean"!   Oh the power of Grandmomma's!!!  I think I should get to be the God Aunt ...but nobody listens to me most of the time.

DAD messed up last night and had to go to bed early.  MOM doesn't know just what he gave us to eat yesterday but SAMMER had such bad gas that Mom said she could have sold it on the black market and never had to work again a day in her life!!  Mom told Dad to QUIT feeding us so much stuff when she is at WORK on his day OFF!!  Then DAD made a COMMENT about MOM's lack of cooking skills.....I went to bed with Dad also.....sigh......

Oh yeah my moms interview on is on the internet.  She didn't realize the whole wide freaking world (her words not mine) would see her crappy#*% picture!!!
Stella Rose

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Confession

First of all I need to document that no one is forcing me to tell Mom my confession.  I am doing this on my own accord because I had trouble sleeping last night.

Dear Mom:
Yesterday while you were at work DAD fried a whole package of bacon for his breakfast.  Yes, I am well aware that it is too much for one man to eat, but you know Dad's metabolism is like the energizer bunny. Anyway, after the bacon cooled he shared two pieces EACH with Sammer and myself.   It was utterly delicious but i had a hard time enjoying each tasty slice cos i knew you would have said, NO!!!

Yesterday while you were at work DAD fried a whole package of deer steak with mushroom gravy. Yes, I am well aware he already had eaten a whole package of bacon, but remember Dad's metabolism!  Anyway, after the steak cooled he shared two pieces EACH with SAmmer and myself.  It was super duper delicious, but now I am really worried cos I know you would have said, NO!!!!!

Yesterday while you were at your WW meeting DAD fried a whole package of hamburger and made up four huge burgers.  Yes, I am well aware that he had already eaten bacon, deer steak and now hamburgers but he is just a little skinny guy with a fast metabolism.  Yes, Mom I do see the irony in this cos you were at WW meeting and can only eat a tiny bit of food.  Yes, he did attempt to share those burgers with Sammer and myself but I put my foot down and told him NO means NO!!!!! 
Anyway this is my confession and now I can take my nap!  I love you.
Stella Rose  P.S. "meanole cat dietzman ate everything also!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Mollie and Alfie sent me this award today.  Aren't those cupcakes just so cute looking!  How could anyone even think about eating them. Well maybe I will just eat the little monkey,,and then onto the bear...oh and Samer said he wanted to eat the penguin and the tiger, and I suppose we must share with "mean ole cat Dietzman" a crumb or two....then mom will probably want one with her morning coffee and OH NO THE GRANDMONSTERS ARE KNOCKING ON THE DOOR, HIDE THE CUPCAKES!!!

Thank you Mollie and Alfie that was very nice of you.  Okay we have to give it to five of our friends also.
1. Winston
2. Noodles
3. Our five friends from Illinois that live with Ms. Ellen and Mr. Gordon, Zoe, Peyton, Liberty, Whitney and Webster.
4. Otis and Black Pearl
5. Casey

I am going to go wipe all the crumbs off my little face before Mom gets home!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Sweet Ms. Ellen the momma of the FIVE PUGS from Indiana sent me a special outfit last week with a beautiful necklace.  She said I was now Liberty, Zoe and Whitney's soul sister cos they have the same outfit.  Last night Dad was home so Mom asked him to help her take some pictures so Ms. Ellen could see them.

Even Sam and "mean ole cat Dietzman" joined into the fun and let Mom take pictures.
Dietzman was actually nice to me for a moment. Sam was being snoopy and wanted to see if any food was involved in the picture shoot. 

Can you tell  I is a little nervous cos I am out of my normal elment.  Mom said she has been noticing that my eye sight must be getting worse cos I tense up if I am not in my "normal"  Oh well as long as Mom is with me I will always be safe!  Thank you so much Ms. Ellen for my beautiful outfit. We loves you much!!  P.S. Pugs in the Kitchen treats are on there way to the contest winners homes.
Stella Rose

Monday, October 8, 2012


Yesterday MOm decided to take me on a pumpkin shoot.  She forgot to check the memory in her camera so we only took a few pictures.  Can you find me on the wagon?  Someone stopped while mom was snapping the pictures and asked her if i was a Mom wanted to say No just to see what they would say.
OUr county is getting ready for Octoberfest in all of the villages.  There will be alot of people here from far and wide this weekend if it doesn't rain.  We may be in a dought but usually it rains on that busy weekend.  Oh Mother Nature!
Here I am looking down at the pumpkin.  See my Harley Davidson sweat shirt.  Mom was afraid the stem would poke me in the eye so we took a fast picture.  Maybe someday Mom will get a real grownup camera and take better pictures.
See me looking up at my mom in front of the antique store.  Mom says she feels like an antique?
Here I am laying in front of a haybale at the fudge factory.  They loved me enough they let mom bring me into the store even though I am not a service dog.  Mom told them the story of my previous life and how you guys helped me raise lots of treats for SERPA...they were impressed!!  We bought chocolate peanut butter fudge for Dad and I could smell how wonderful it would taste.  Sam and I didn't get one bite!!!  We are going to do an interview on Coffee with Canines this week.  I will let you guys know when it is done.  Have a great week.
Stella Rose

Friday, October 5, 2012

Whispers and Mysterious Ways

Last night Mom and I was sitting up just thinking quietly and not even talking and that is when we started to hear a little whisper.  I told mom to listen and her eyes got all teary and so did mine.  I told mom that Turd had gotten tired of living the life of love and happiness in the rainbow bridge and was a coming back to me.  Mom told me "no Stellie but she is sending her love and telling us something." So we listened some more, and we cried a little.

Mom and I started talking about all the ways we are all connected here on blogville.  Just yesterday we received some beautiful pug picture cards from KJ.  She sent them just cos she was thinking about us. Then we read the post on Goose's page about Grace.  Mom and I was thinking about Grace and what her and her mom must have went through. Then we heard a little whisper.  It escaped from "layaway" and jumped right on our hearts, it made us so very sad, but once we listened we knew just what Trudie needed us to do. 

This morning, Mom, I and Sammer took our treat money and sent a Pug Card to Grace.  We told her a little about Trudie and how much we miss her.  We told her this is what Turdie needed us to do for her. 

I was so happy that Turd whispered to us last night, and that we let ourselves listen to her.  Mom is really sad today telling this story, but its something she wanted to share with her friends that care so much about us.
Stella Rose, Sammer, Mom

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Last night after football practice the grandmonsters stopped by to choose the winner of our treat contest.  We were amazed when we put everything out on the table how many treats there were!!  We also added some leashes, and toys to the pile.  The kids thought it was so cool to see all the flavors, and shapes of the doggy treats.  Even their parents were amazed.  Thirty minutes went by of heated discussions as to which item they thought was the strangest dog treat they had ever seen.  Finally it was down to two.  The NAKED treats that Goose had sent and the YOGURT treats that Otis and Black Pearl had sent.  No one could decide, there was no tie breaker, nada.....Sam wanted the NAKED to win, I wanted the YOGURT...we decided BOTH would win!!!!!

The real winners though is the SERPA rescue that the treats and items will be sent to.  I am sure they will appreciate all you did for them.  Mom is also going to send a donation in Turds name to be given to a pug that needs some medical work done.  She will let SERPA decide where it goes from their wish list.

What Mom really wishes for is a redo, a replay, a rewind. Alot of people have said to her this week, "you seem to be doing so much better".  The truth is she isn't doing better, she is just pretending.  She always use to tell her preschoolers when she was teaching to "use their words" but right now she is even failing at that.  We know time will help heal so we are just waiting it out and missing missing missing Trudie.  Dad picked up some pictures he had developed last week, and at lunchtime today Mom looked at them real fast.  There were many of turd.  We will share them when we get them out of layaway.

We will be sending a prize out to Goose and Otis and Black Pearl soon.  Thank you all so very much for caring about the rescues and letting your hearts shine.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Last night "mean ole cat Dietzman" slapped Sammer right on the cheek!  Sam was apparently looking at him the wrong way at the wrong time!
We don't know if he was having a bad day or if he was just being his old mean self, but that was the first time he had ever hit one of us.  Sam and I think the cats of the world are planning a takeover.  Just yesterday we noticed a neighbor cat outside in our Alcatraz drinking our water!  We asked him politely to leave the premises but he just looked at us and kept on drinking.  Then another cat was looking in the windows by our front door.  Sam barked ferociously at him, but he just sat on our step waiting for a chance to run into the house and takeover our beds!  One time Mom came home from work (before she had us) and the neighbors cats made a hole in the screen of our back porch and came through and knocked over the crisco bottle that Dad left out all over the kitchen floor and then ran in it.  Mom blew a big gasket, and short circuited her brain and stomped over to the neighbors house and let them have it.  Apparently she wasn't mean enough cos she was the one who cleaned up the mess and fixed the screen.
PUgs rule and Cats Drool!!
stella rose

Monday, October 1, 2012


Goose's mom told us we couldn't put our heart in a box so mom and i decided we would put it in layaway instead.  Layaway is where you put things that you plan on going back to get.  Here is our layaway list.
1. Our funny sense of humor.  We have lost the power of laughter for awhile.
2. Our heart.
3. Good Memoires.  We know we have them but for right now we can't think about them.
4. Any pictures of Turd.  We miss her so much but we can't look at them right now.

Hopefully, this is a compromise on the box and down the road we will waltz right into layaway and ask for our packages.  We will start to write funny, sarcastic stories again, and be like we used to be only somewhat changed.  Mom said when zeusy went to the rainbow bridge after awhile she was able to look at all the lessons he taught her and became an even better mom, she knows turd wants her to learn some lessons too, we just aren't ready to think about them yet.

Stella Rose


Just a reminder that the treat contest is over.  If anyone out there still has treats they want to send please leave me a post on this page.  The grandmonsters are coming over Tuesday night and Mom and I thought they would be the best judges (since they would be unbiased).  We will hold off on the judging if anything else is on its way.  Mom added some toys, leashes etc. to the box also.  She is going to send some memorial money in Turd's name, and request that it go to a puggie who needs some money for medical needs.  Turd would have liked that.

The leaves are all changing down at the park and looked beautiful when mom and I went downtown yesterday to get Sammer and me a cone.  Mom says change can be beautiful and painful all at the same time.  Mom was reading about the steps of grief and the healthy way to work through them.  It says if a person doesn't pay attention to how they are feeling and deal with it then it shows up in weird ways, like them feeling sick, or angry or depressed.  Mom is in "angry" right now mostly at my Dad.  He wants my old mom back and is having a hard time understanding why she is so emotional.  Mom told me it makes him uncomfortable to see her cry.  Mom cries at the weirdest times.  She is fine one moment and then she is a crying.  She just wishes she could use her robot powers to shut off all of her feelings and put her heart up in a box for awhile. 

Thank you for all the kind comments and the cards that we have received.  They mean more than you know.
Stella Rose