Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Good Morning Friends,
The post below was on the Idaho Pug Ranch Blog.  http://idahopugranch.blogspot.com/ .  They were kind enough to let me take it and post it on mine.  Please read.
Stella Rose

By now most of you know that Goose is very ill and has been in the hospital.  (Highlight Goose's name and his link will come up)

Today he will leave the the hospital that has been caring for him and 
transfer to the care of his own Dr. Eddie who has been out of town.
  The hospital is requiring the bill to be paid when Goose's Mom picks him up
The bill was already over $900 as of Sunday.

If you want to donate there are several ways you can do it.  
again thank you Murphy & Stanley  (Highlight name and the link will come up)for this information

    • You can call the dogtur's office, Brookside Animal Hospital  801.255.3545 with a credit card number but you would need to do that first thing this morning because Goose will be leaving there to be treated by Dr. Eddie and these two practices are not affiliated in any way.
  • You can mail your donation directly to Goose and his mom (Michelle).  Many of you have their address from the Christmas Card mailing list.  Anyone who needs the address can obtain it by emailing Murphy & Stanley at cecampbell@msn.com.  (We just don't want to post the address on the Internet.)
  • If you have a PayPal account, you can make a payment, designating it as a gift and put Goose's name on it.  The account you would be sending it to is: pugranch2atmsndotcom.  This is our Mom's paypal account and she will take care of getting the money to Goose's Mom.

Blogville you Rock!!!
Donations have already been coming in!
Every little bit adds up to a lot!

We know that not everyone can afford to donate green papers
so please send your prayers and healing vibes
Goose can use all you got!

Thank you friends

We are The PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Greta

Friday, May 23, 2014


If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together... there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll always be with you.” A. A. Milne

I fink Winnie the Pooh has a pugs heart and if you look at him real close he even looks round and sweet like a little pug.  He says things the best, straight from his own heart.

Today wesa had to tell Abby goodbye...but just until later.  I nose her parents are sad and gonna miss hers cos that is how humans say goodbye.  Wif tears, a heart that hurts and all their precious memories.  Us pugs whisper instead, "see you later ....after while...." and then we high five as we are dancing across the bridge cos wesa nose what is waiting for us around the corner and across the bridge. 

Mom let us all sleep wif her last night.  We finks hers needed to be able to put her hand on us, it comforted hers.  She whispered some fings to us that she thought was important that we know. It was all about how much she loved us and how much we have taught her.  I asked her, "momma you mean like how I taught you to love the road crew boys even tho theys got me in trouble?" and hers says, "no..not that."  Isa don't nose what hers is babbling about then.  Hers toles us this also,"when it is time for us to leave hers she wants us to run across that bridge and not look back.  Hers wants us to meet up wif our others brother and sister, and find all our friends.  No sadness or tears. And  then down the road hers will meet up wif us, and wesa will all be together."  I hope my mom has a tom-tom or mapquest cos hers gets losted easy.  I toles hers maybe I had better stay around cos Isa might haf to help her find us.  She hugged me tight.

I toles her it sounds like a picnic and hers says, it will be.  Fun, and hugs and more love them all of us have ever felt.

So Abby's mission is completed here on earth.  She has left behind lessons for her parents to learn and now they will begin to travel down a whole new road.  She rejoiced in all the love in her home, and she has taught them how to share it.  There will be others waiting for them we are sure.  Mom says the biggest gift Abby left for her is Mary Ann's friendship, something she may never have experienced without Abby and us.

Run fast little Farm Pug...run fast.

Angus McConnell, Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, Mean Ole Cat Dietzman and our Momma


Rest In Peace Little Sweetie.  5/23/2014
We will post more later.
Thank you for all your kind words to Mary Ann.
Stella Rose and her Momma

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Folks Abby's momma just called me and said she had to rush Abby to the vet cos she was acting lost and disoriented this morning. She also refused to eat her breakfast so Mary Ann could not give her the insulin shot she needed.  The vet said her sugars were so high when they took her blood it would not register.  Abby is staying at the vets today until her blood sugar is down.  Please keep Abby and her Mom in your prayers.  You can leave a comment on http://calamityacres.blogspot.com/.

Stella Rose and Momma

First we cried then we were happy!

Lost Dog Dora.  Please watch.
Stella Rose

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


These are the road crew boys on their last day of work on my side of town.  In the background is the jail where a few of them visited with Sheriff Dan awhile back.  In the front of them is Moms work place, I wonder what they are thinking as she is snapping that picture?????????  We said our goodbye's yesterday and I finks Mom breathed a sigh of relief as they drove out of town.  FANKS FOR THE MEMORIES BOYS.

So last night to celebrate play Mom and Dad took the three of us out to the fairgrounds to play.  It was kinda warm so Mom knew we could only stay for a little bit.

We all pile into the little blue streak.  Dad says it looks like a CLOWN CAR.  I cannot repeat what Mom said to him.

See ME and MAGS a running fast.

Hurry Mag Dad is faster than us, and he is OLDER!!

Wait I think I smell some peemail.

Stella enjoying the fairgrounds staying pretty close to our momma.

Mom loves to see Stella run, she is getting to be so brave.

Mom its getting a little hot for me, I finks we had better go home.

Come on Stella get in the car!!

Stella whispering nice words to Maggie about me!  Their cute brother.

What a fun night it was at the fairgrounds.  Maybe next time Mom and Dad will take us to the lakes.

Angus McConnell Long

Monday, May 19, 2014


Wells my road crew boys and Isa been working on my date wif my SWEET LIBERTY when ours boss tells ALL of us wesa gonna haf to work overtime to get this cable laid.  I asked my boys just what overtime meant and they looked at each other and smiled.  First they said it meant more money and then they said something that made my pug blood run cold....that it also meant I would miss my date!!!!!!

I toles them there was NO WAY JOSE that I would miss my date so we put our heads together and thought up a plan.  This is what I did.

I found my cellphone and called Liberty up to see if she would like to come over and have our date through my extended lunch hour.  At first hers told me I was a cheapskate but I broke down and whimpered a bit (the boys toles me to do that) and I told her the truf that the ogre I work for says Isa haf to work late.  I pleaded wif her to bring me some lunch, and we would have a magical date.  So hers says YES!!

Hers even packed it in hers snoopy lunch box.  I asked her where she got her bike from and if she could give me a ride in the basket later and she said it was a present from her Daddy and he said I COULD NOT ride in her basket.  So I told her I would give her a ride on my big driving machine.

My boys even felt so bad that I missed my date that they had a hard hat waiting for Liberty when she got here.

Next I showed her the big hole I was digging and hers was really impressed.  I toles her not to get to close to it cos hers might fall in and I had left my Superman outfit at home for the day.

Once I even let her drive, while my Boss was out running an errand.  My boys said it would be just fine if I did that.

Maybe I should have kept my hands on the wheel.

I introduced her to "my boys" Bruce, Scott and Bubbaboo but Scott kept making eyes at her and once I saw him TRY to slip her his phone number.  I decided we had better spend some time all by ourselves!

Liberty said this was the bestest date she had ever been on AND she asked me if hers could come back another time.

I toles her to just call me and we would make a date.  What a fun day this turned out to be AND I made extra monies since I worked overtime.
Angus McConnell

P.S. Fanks Ms. Carol.

DATE NIGHT -1st part

So this is Stella Rose and I am gonna tell you all about my date night with my loving boyfriend Stan AND our guests.

This is Stan
You have met him before at blogville parties....
He is my handsome boy.  We have known each other for a long time.  So when I asked him to fly over from his home in Morecrombe England he said there was a slight hitch in plans!!  WHAT??!!  Well it seems now that he is 9 years old he is having some vision problems and cannot see well enough to get his pilots license renewed.  No pilots license, no flying the ole pugcopter!  But he told me, "darling I have it all taken care of!"  Seems that he has a friend named Jackson who CAN fly as long as I find him a date.

So I got on the phone and called up my pug friend Whitney (liberty's big sister) to see if she would like to go on a date wif a boy from England.  She said she was up to it justtttt fine.

This is Whitney with hers friend the Bunny.  You can tell she is happy.  cough..cough....

Here is Jackson and Stan being pals together.
No Jackson is not a pug.

So the night of the date Whitney came over to my house early so us girly girls could get ready together, first we used this
Isn't she beautiful...all dressed up to party

I decided to wear my Queen Crown so Stan and Jackson would be more comfortable....
and then we started getting our barbecue all ready

Dad had to get our grill lighted up for us cos Whitney nor I am allowed to use a lighter, and Angus was gone working.  We thought "the fly-boys" would like a down home good ole USA barbecue. 

Then Whitney helped me pack this

So then we waited for them to land in the lot across from our house, and we waited and we waited until finally

It was Jackson's vintage plane....wowzer!!!!

Later after we had eaten, and taken a stroll around our town, we relaxed on the hillside and watched these

Whitney promised Jackson to write him and to come visit when they came back to my house.  It was a great night.
Stella Rose, Whitney, Jackson and Stan

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Guess what came in our mail last night.  Yep, a present from Mr. Pip and his momma.  We were LUCKY enough to win a copy of his new book that just hit the book shelves all overs the world.  Momma read it to us at bedtime and we laughed and cried.  We loved looking at all the pictures of sweet Pip and we loved even more how much he enjoyed his life in big and simple ways.  If you want to go check out his new book and how you can order it go to his page at noreply@blogger.com.

His momma also sent us some magnets that we are gonna put on our WALL Of FAME right beside his buddy, Puddles...who wesa finks is on a long extended vacation...we are wondering if there is high fencing all around hers vacation spot.??

Fanks again Ms. Avery...fanks for savings Pips life and showing him what real love feels like and fanks for sending us such a heartfelt gift.

Now Pip wesa just wanted to tell you wesa will never forgets you and Puddles stay at ours house when you visited us.  Doncha worry that hole in Moms wall is all fixed up now, and Sheriff Dan has finally cooled down.  Fanks also for visiting us in our dreams.

Your Buddies
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and of course Angus McConnell

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


FURST I need to tell my BOSS Officer Bites that I received his email and I is only working this week here in our town.  SEE Officer Bites I need to raise a little cash for my date>> blush>>blush with Sweet Liberty, and my piggy bank is only full of pennies.  SO the road crew boys offered to let me work wif them until Friday.  SO it will NEVER interfere wif my job as JR. OFFICER ANGUS MCCONNELL and the next time I take a part time job I will ask you FURST.

Fanks Ms. Carol for coming by and taking pictures of me a working.
Angus McConnell

Friday, May 9, 2014


Date night is coming up on Blogville and we are making plans here in Iowa to have a fun night.  I toles my girls that we also haf to haf a safe night cos after all I is a Jr. Officer and I ALWAYS follows Officer Bites rules and regulations...cough...cough...

So I asked my Sweet Liberty to goes wif me, by sending her a E-Card on her momma's facebook page, but her Momma couldn't opens it up so I just ended up sending hers a telepathic message and hers said "of course Angus you handsome hunk of pug!"  Or maybe hers just said yes, I couldn't understand cos of all the static....

Hers looks kinda peeved at her momma

And then Maggie send Peyton a card and asked him to go wif her, cos Maggie is a "girl in charge" and I finks he was to scared to say no to hers, but I didn't tell hers that cos after all hers my girl and I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

Peyton is such a kind little guy

And then Stella Rose asked her man Stan if he wanted to go wif her, and he said of course my sweet stella love. He always talks real gushy to hers cos he is 9 years old and nose how to do that more than me.  Isa gonna ask him if he can teach me some of his lovey dovey words and moves.

Stan winning his ribbons.

WELL Isa was talking to my road crew boys out in front of our house the others night and telling them alls about our dates coming up and they being the kind of boys that they are agreed to help me make plans for that night!!! 

At first my Momma and my girls said NO WAY, but then Momma listened to their plans and said OKAY!  So stay tuned to see just what we are doing on our date night, I finks we are gonna haf fun!

Today is also SEE BEAUTIFUL...and Isa see beautiful all around me in my family, and friends.
Angus McConnell

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Today I am thinking of a dear friend of mine.

Stella Rose's Momma

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

500th Post Tribute to Zeus

(We wanted this tribute to Zeus to be our 500th Post, after all he is the one that started it all!!)

Once upon a time there was a little boy minpin that lived with a mean ole cat and his mom and dad.  He belonged to his Daddy but listened too and adored his Mommy much more.  Zeus was 12 weeks old when he came to live wif them and he lived wif them until he was 12 years old.

Zeus always thought he was a big Doberman dog and never knew he only stood like 11 inches tall.  He and that mean cat guarded their castle by walking the rock wall perimeter twice daily.  Sometimes minion's on their lunchtime walks would get to close to the wall and Zeus had to remind them to BACK AWAY.  One time a minion called his Mom and complained so Mom had to tell him and the cat to dial it down a bit.

Zeus grew up with the grandmonster boys.  They would play wif him and his toys, and they would all run up and down the hall.  When Zeus got tired of those boys he just hid behind the couch and went to sleep. 

Zeus and the mean cat got along just fine.  Zeus knew he was the King of the house and the mean cat knew he was the Emperor.  They never touched each others toys or food.  Things were never spoken as far as rules.

 Our Current Prison Guard

Zeus always slept in the big recliner at night.  He never slept wif his parents.  He told them it was easier for him to guard the castle that way.  Zeus also NEVER had an accident in his parents house until he started to get sick.  It spoiled his parents into thinking ALL dogs behaved this well. 

Zeus and the mean cat also never had a problem if their Mom and Dad had to work late.  They knew that work meant money and money meant food.  So it was no big deal.  His parents then thought all dogs were this way.

One day after Zeus was old and sick he told Mom and Dad it was time for them to step up and be the kind of parents that he knew they were and so........ they had to let him go.


I came to live wif them and Zeus has been laughing ever since.  He knew he was the most well behaved dog they would ever have in their lives again.  He knew that there would be accidents, thousands of pee pads purchased, destroyed stuffies, fights between the cat and the pugs, and he knew just what lesson he was going to leave behind for them to learn. 

If we are real quiet late in the evening I swear we can hear him a chuckling.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell