Friday, June 28, 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013


 Angus--Big Boy of the Girly House here....I have found a new way to get to Oostraileria without my mom's help!  I am trying it out today over the Des Moines River just in case there are a few flaws in my plan!  If you see me above your house just wave, and I will wave back.
Gussie a/k/a Angus

My Friends "Murphy" and "Stanley"

 Murphy & Stanley

Here are my buddies, Murphy and Stanley.  They are handsome and friendly and are Mini Golden Doodles...isn't that a funny word for a friend...a doodle....heheheh.....(.better sounding than a Pug, cos that makes you think of a Bug, or in my mom's case a snake...don't ask long story.).....anyway they got hooked up with this great Amish Crusin Wagon, and they stopped by my house last week so I could go with them on a picnic.  I being the girl in the bunch furnished the food.  Dad fixed it... not Mom cos I wanted them to like it, not throw it away.  Sorry Mom.

Where are you at guys ...oh is that you a honking!!!!  Hey here I am looking out the front door!!

Just before we were getting ready to hit the pavement Angus ran out of the house, and tried to climb into the wagon with me.  Well, I told him I am a big girl and you are a baby who likes his binkies and blankie and rocking on mom's lap so this wagon ain't for no baby's.  He wrapped his little arms tight around MY neck and refused to let go.  How embarrassing for me for sure!!!  Mom had to come out to get him, all the while Maggie was laughing and rolling on the floor from the window.  I was sure my golden dood friends will never come back again, but they being the cool doodles that they are, simply gave gussie a big red sucker pop so he could be distracted, and Mom quickly took him in the house.
 Ready to roll Boys!

We took off in that" red streaking fast down the street wagon", and my black hair and purple sun hat was just blowing in the wind!  It was the most fun I had for ...well since two days before when gussie went to the vet and had a thermometer incident.

 Here are some great pictures of our adventure....swimming with their buddies, playing in the woods, and exploring the old logs and tooling around town in their crusin mobile!
Hey a girl with a hat shows she is worried about her complexion from getting to much sun guys!!

Look boys my head fits right in this hole....ahhhh could you help me get unstuck!

See you later friends..hope you enjoyed our picnic and day with my friends as much as I did!!!
P.S. Thank you to Murphy and Stanleys Mom for doing all our pictures!
Stella Rose

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This is an awhile ago picture of Dad cos Mom's new super duper camera won't download any pictures yet, and she is still waiting on help in the form of an email, or letter, or something.  That is why baby gussie still looks like a baby in all the pictures.


Dad is in a little bit of trouble with mom and it concerns the carpeting in the bathroom.  Mom threatened last night to buy him a belly band that they make for boy dogs if he didn't start hitting the target, whatever that means.  Sometimes mom gets real grouchy about things that Dad thinks is not tracking in mud on the rug, not letting his beer run over the side of the glass as he is walking across the floor, and not wiping his fishy icky hands on his pants while he is fishing.  Mom sounds like a old grouch doesn't she.  Maybe she just needs a good nights sleep....I suggest dad sleep in the utility room with us and Mom get the whole bed to herself.  Thats my cure for the whole thing!
Stella Rose

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Yes, this is me Stella Rose in an old picture because my MOM cannot get her new camera to download any pictures yet, she is in a turmoil over it!

Anyway, I told mom, no sweat cos I have a few stories this morning to tell.  First it is about MY DAD. Well, we live in town, and we have a yard that is mostly a hill and mostly shade.  Not the most ideal circumstances to plant a garden.  Dad has always grown super hot peppers (and he gives him all away) in these green buckets that he puts on one side of the house, but this year he found one sunny spot right behind ALCATRAZ, and he tilled it up.  It is about the size of a small car.  So MOM was all excited and planted 3 little tomato plants and one zucchini plant.  Dad was gonna plant just a few big tomato plants.  Guess what, apparently he found a good sale on plants and he planted 25 FREAKIN Tomato PLANTS!!!  Remember it is just a little spot.  Mom laughed and laughed (well maybe she really yelled....) and said when they all start growing it is just going to be one big tomato plant....Dad told her to have a little faith.  Yesterday a big windstorm blew through and now all dad's plants are laying on the ground, we are waiting to see what happens. Oh yeah, he planted one tiny row of green beans for him, well for ME!!!!

Last night at our house we as in me and the sibs had a big ole fight and had to all go to separate rooms in the house to calm down.  Mom said one minute we were all playing around her feet and the next minute it was like a fighters ring.  I had hold of gussie's pug fat shaking the pee out of him, maggie had hold of me, and gussie was swinging at both of us with his paws.  Mom reached in and grabbed gussie (cos he is the babyyyyy) and yelled at us .....well we finally stopped but I was all upset making my pug screams, and maggie kept getting all gangsta on me and getting in my face when I was trying to calm down.  Mom put gussie on the porch, me in the utility room and mags in the kitchen.  We had to stay on time out for 20 minutes.  Maggie cried and cried, and gussie just stood at the door looking in, and I figured while I was in captivity I might has well be productive so I ripped up the pee pads, and then peed on the floor. 

Speaking of pee pads, Mom doesn't know what is going on with me but I will not let maggie or gussie use the pee pads, as soon as I see them go into the utility room, I run in there and stand over the pads, guarding them from any pee that would ever touch them.  Mom, get pretty peeved about it cos gussie is doing really well with using them, and now mag's is all confused cos she thought that was what she was supposed to do....I figure those are my pee pads, and it doesn't matter if mom puts down 1 pad or 3 they are all MINE, !!!!!  You can only imagine the amount of pads we go through!

Here is a new picture of Baby Bean...I think she looks just like me!

Stella Rose

Monday, June 24, 2013


This is Marcus, he has his hat over his heart while they sing the "Star Spangled Banner."  Saturday night Mom went to watch him and his big brother Micah ride the bulls.  Micah made it 7 seconds and hit the ground, Marcus made it 8 seconds...YAY.... but then the bull beat him up.  He came in second, with ripped jeans, a bruised calf, and thigh.  He is still limping but says he is going to continue to ride.  Secretly Mom wishes he wouldn't.  She thinks there will be lots more times in their lives that she secretly wishes she could stop them from doing what they choose in life.

So Mom and I got to talking about that 8 seconds thing over the weekend and then we got to thinking about our friend Benny.  We know right now he is working on his 8 seconds, and the Big C is that darn bull.  We picture little Benny in his cowboy hat and spurs just kicking that bull's butt. 

I told Mom that I think Benny's whole life has been a 8 second ride, cos that is how us doggys are.  We jump on the back of that bull and enjoy the ride.  We watch out of the corner of our eyes, at our loved ones standing up and cheering us on, and if we hit the ground we tuck and roll, and get right back on.  It's the ride we enjoy Mom not the prize, and maybe my ride may be shorter Mom then you want, or harder than you would ever expect but its our 8 second ride, and let me tell you Mom we enjoy it!  Celebrate my ride Mom just as Benny celebrates having a Mom and Sister and blogville family that love him, and stand up in the crowds cheering him on!

Stella Rose

Friday, June 21, 2013


ANGUS: Mom, what are you doing home so early this morning?

MOM: Well, you and I are gonna go meet the new Vet and I need to talk to her about your scraetching.

ANGUS: in Hi, How are you, are you very smart... now lets get the heck out of here or MEET AS IN SHOTS, and PAINFUL STUFF like that?

MOM: Um....I am not sure..

well since mom didn't know what they were doing to me, and I had a flight to catch to see Rory in Oustralia...then I opped out of going to meet the new girl frankenvet..WELL  apparently ole MOM is in charge cos the next thing i knew "mean ole cat dietzman" was circling above our house in his new vintage plane without ME in it and we were off to see the vet. 

Mom told the vet she thought i might be allergic to grain in my food, then the she monster said NO HE'S TO YOUNG....well i puffed up my chest so she could see I was getting a few boypughairs on it, .....then Mom said "well maybe its environmental...."  the the she monster said NO NOT aT ALL....well I could read my mom's mind just perfectly and I know bad bad bad words were rolling around in her brain but she kept right on the shevet checked me over and found red spots all over me causing this itching and gave me an antibiotic only AFTER they stuck a thermometer wayup high where the sun don't shine.  Well, let me tell you friends, I was NOT ashamed to say, I immediately went into "baby gus mode" and flopped on my back so my momma could rock me.  WELL that caused commotion in the office and everyone had to see the puggy baby.  I looked at my mom and whispered in her ear that this is the reason I am going to live with Rory cos they seem very excepting of things in Ostrailia.....

So the shevet told mom to give me the med's for one week and then I may have to have a shot to help with the itching....why I am itching only my really smart mom knows........... 15 min and 100.00 later we were on our way home, Maggie and Stella laughed and laughed when I told them about that thermometer thingy....NOW THEY ARE GONNA USE THAT AGAINST ME...Mom said I couldn't leave the country until I was now my traveling plans are scrapped!!
Angus Long


Our friend Benny is fighting a big old fight with "CANCER" and he is determined to kick its butt.  He needs all our help and prayers and everyone here on blogville and beyond has been sending them to him, lily and his momma.  He also needs green papers cos CANCER doesn't leave cheap!  If you can help Benny click here you can leave your prayers and money.  He needs both.

Were fighting for you Benny!
Stella Rose, Maggie and Gussie

Thursday, June 20, 2013



So this is the house I live in is a million years old so that makes it special...(mom says special means the floors slant a funny way and she vacuums downhill) I say special means I don't have to live in any crummy old puppy mill ANYWHO I decided that I am not as appreciated here as I should be cos I am the baby and the girls make fun of mom rocking me every night at beddy bye time so I am going to stay at RORY's in AUSTRALIA.

Here is the plane I am flying out on. 
Its a vintage plane just like my house is vintage.  Isn't it great....I figure I will be flying for about two hours and then land in Rory's backyard.  Mom says NO I have to stay at home cos I am just a baby and cannot travel by myself...Dad just rolls his eyes cos he knows I can't even walk down the porch steps yet so there is no way I am sneaking out of the house.

This is Rory...I think he is my long lost brother.  Don't we look alot alike!!  We are the same color, and we have the same face, and I am ALMOST as tall as he is.  I think we may have shared the same father.
Hope his Mom don't care that I used his picture.

He has a sister Stella also.  See that is called a "sign" mom is always looking for signs in her life.  She says sometimes they help her work out things.

Don't you think we look ALOT alike!  Anyway "all my bags are packed and I am ready to go..."  I am just waiting on "mean ole cat Dietzman" to fuel up the plane...oh yeah did I forget to tell you that he is my pilot...I wonder why he is helping me leave the house.   Where is my binkie and nighty night blankie.....

WHAT you don't have binkies or blankies.....WHAT!!!! 
Angus Long

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

High 90's

Its time to break out our pool Mom its going to be in the 90's this weekend!!!
stella rose, maggie, and gussie
P.S. Mom wanted me to tell you that maggie nor I like to be rocked on our backs like a baby so she gives us loves in hundreds of other ways, i always lay right beside her in the chair, and maggie lays on her legs. We think gussie looks stupid on his back like a baby..hehehehehe

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


OUR (my) Mom has a hard time accepting that baby gussie is growing up...after all he is 4 1/2 months old now ...and NOT exactly a little baby anymore in everyone else's eyes but our MOMS.  This is an example of her and gussie....okay no pictures yet so you will have to use your imagination....

Each night when Gussie gets tired he likes to go lay in the big bed dad bought for the three of us, BUT mom instead holds him just like a tiny baby and rocks him to sleep.  I watch in amazement,  Dad just shakes his head a million times, and Maggie looks on in disgust ALL the while little gus is falling to sleep.

Dad told Mom one of these days, he is going to be to big for her to do that....well Mom told him to go read the book by Robert Munsch called, "I'll love you forever" cos that momma rocks her boy even when he is big!!!!!!!

Dad you might as well just be quiet cos you are not going to win this argument!!

Please keep Benny in all your prayers, and his sister Lily and their momma.  Benny and his family have to fight Cancer and it will take all of us and even more for them to stay strong.  Send them whatever kind of help you can even if it maybe a kind and loving word.  Check them out at Two French Bulldogs.

Stella Rose

Monday, June 17, 2013


Dear Friends:
My Mom said to tell you that she is reading all your blogs and will try to catch up on all of them this week.  Grandpa is doing pretty well, at first he was so happy he came through his heart surgery  with flying colors, that we THOUGHT he would always just feel HAPPY, but now he is rather depressed, and we hope it will pass soon. Mom said the greatest gift she received was that she got to stay one whole day with just him, all by herself and they talked and talked.  She said she will never receive a better present for the rest of her life.  He cannot raise his right arm for two whole weeks and that is real hard for him, and he cannot drive for two whole weeks and that is super hard for him.
Her Mom found out Friday that she has precancerous spots inside her stomach.  The Dr. is going to get hold of the McCreary Cancer Center today to see what type of treatment he needs to do.  Sometimes mom feels like her shoulders are only so big.  She is the only kid that lives close by and she runs back and forth alot, thus not being able to blog much.  We are saying alot of prayers for both grandpa and grandma.

OUr friend Benny, a handsome little white french bulldog from Two French Bulldogs has been ill and found out he has liver cancer.  We want him to FIGHT LIKE A FRENCHIE and knock Cancer out of the ball park.  Please stop over to their page and help them kick cancers butt!!!!  We are all praying for him, and lily and his momma also.  Blogville friends have along the way became blogville family!
stella rose, maggie, gussie and momma

Thursday, June 13, 2013

MIssing YOu Guys

Just wanted to let you know mom got home last night but is back on the road today....her Dad is doing super good but now her Mom is not.  We will let you know more when we can.  We sure miss all you guys.
stella rose

Monday, June 10, 2013

MOnday MOrning

We will be gone till Thursday.  Grandpa Russell is having his heart surgery tomorrow.  Mom said to tell you that she will be reading your posts but not able to answer back till the end of the week.

On a sad note, my cousin Leonitits went to the rainbow bridge on Saturday.  Here is a picture of him.  He was a ragdoll cat.
Remember I use to go play with him sometimes.  Apparently he went outside every once in a while just for a romp around the yard and then right back in the house.  Well someone hit him, and didn't even tell his momma or daddy.  They just threw him in the back of their truck and dumped him under a bridge down the road.  His family is heartbroken that he is gone, and they are even more heartbroken that people can be so cruel as to not even think that he belonged to them, and he was theirs to bury. When they went to go get him to bury him at their house, well they weren't able to bring him home.  I know he is at the bridge romping around with Sammer and Trudie but sometimes people can be pretty heartless can't they!!  Say a prayer for his family and their four little kids cos they are struggling with this loss.

We will see you when we get back.
Stella Rose

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Long distance relationships are a challenge at times but if you really love that four legged hunk hunk of burning love like i do, you will find a way for it to work.  Stan Gilmour and I have been friends, well boyfriend and girlfriend, BLUSH BLUSH for over a year now, and he lives in Morecrombe England.  I really don't know when it happened that we went from Friends to BoyFriend and Girlfriend but I woke up one day and there it was on his facebook page....Stella Rose Long--girlfriend.  I was sure surprized!  Some of you have even got to meet Stan at the Valentine Party.  We had a grand ole time.  He looks so handsome in his tux and I in my valentine dress.

We haven't been able to get together since Valentines Day so he called me up on his telly to see if he could gas up his copter and fly on over on Friday.  So My Mom and His Mom said YES, and he will be on his way soon.  I have to decide what we are going to do, and how we are going to be able to ditch Margaret and Angus.  Angus is all excited cos he has never got to meet him, and he said he needs a big brother to look up to.  Hopefully Stan won't fall for his cute little face and pay more attention to the shrimpo.  Here are some pictures of Stan.

Our Valentine Picture.

His Christmas imitation of an Elf.  Isn't he cute.
Stella Rose

This is stella's mom--some of you have asked what med's Stella takes, she takes a tub of ointment called Optimae and antibotic eye drops.  I revisited with the vet yesterday about her eye pressure and he said it was fine.  I always worry about that.  Gussie actually takes the very same medicine for his eyes also.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


So MY MOM buys ME a cooling pad from amazon, they were on sale for $10.00.  The little brown truck brought it to MY house yesterday.  Mom puts it on the floor right where I like to lay when I get to warm, but then she got to worrying my stupid little brother Angus would chew on the corner and the blue gel would kill him.  MOM decides to put a pillow case on it, whats the worse thing he could do...drag it around the house, well NO ACTUALLY the worst thing he could do is PEE ALL OVER IT!!!!

Now MY MOM has to wash the pillow case in the washer and MY blue pad by hand.  If MOM's new wonderful camera was working you would see the FOR SALE sign I posted on my little bratty brother.  But its not.....working..........

Stella Rose

This is from Stella's Mom:
Even though we are using two different prescription med's in Stella's eyes they are getting much worse.  We always knew she couldn't see very well, but in the last few weeks she is losing her eyesight much faster. We walked around the yard last night in her usual places and she hit her head against a swing that had never been moved.  She is also much more grouchier with gussie and maggie at feeding time and even when we are all sitting around just chilling out. I have it figured out on who to feed first etc. and it works fine, but she has a harder time finding her food bowl, and that alone upsets her.  When we give her treats now, she loses them very easy and we have to find them for her even though they may only be a few inches from her nose. It makes us sad to see her struggling with this, but we will all find a way to love and support her even more, cos after all she is my stella rose.


This is ME sitting on my papa Russell's lap. (He loves all us pugs alot and his little cheweinie, Charlie)He is my MOM's Dad.  He just turned 80 a few weeks ago.  Mom says her brain is having a hard time with that 80's number, I told her not to worry about it cos it is just a number.

Papa Russell has always had a very busy life.  He joined the Navy when he was 16 and served in the Korean War.  He drove PT boats.  Mom doesn't know alot about his time in the Navy cos he keeps it inside himself mostly.  Sometimes that happens doesn't it.  Then when he came home, he married Grandma Diane and he farmed with his Dad.  He always farmed fulltime and he always had a fulltime job. ( I am not sure you see that much anymore) Mom said they never had much money when she was growing up, but it just didn't seem that important back then. Any money made went back into the farm.  A few years ago he sold most of the farm, and retired.  Papa Russell has always been really active until a few years ago he started having kidney and heart issues.  Now he isn't as active, and that is pretty hard for him.

Next week he has to have heart surgery. Mom is the oldest kid so she will be going to the hospital with him and her mom to stay for a few days.  She probably won't be blogging until she gets back home.  She wishes her Dad was still young, and active and so does he.  Its hard to see changes in your mom and dad.
Stella Rose

Saturday, June 1, 2013


EVERYDAY Mean Ole CAT Dietzman tries to kill us when OUR mom is at work.  MOM NOR DAD believe us.
Stella Rose: Mom, why do you let that baby bird killer guard us when we are outside in Alcatraz...that doesn't seem to smart.
Mom: Oh Stellie Dietzy is a precious kitty.....
Stella Rose: WHAT do you need new glasses, or medicine or something.....

Stella Rose: Yesterday during the big windstorm he tried laying on Angus's little face to smother him, in case their would be a shortage of food.
Mom: Stellie you are just funnin me.....
Stella Rose: MOM wake up and smell the coffee, he is deranged and you leave him here to watch US while you are at work!

Mom goes on to explain that Dietzy is almost 17 years old and sometimes MIGHT get a little cranky but he means well.   WHAT yeah he means to do away with us, cos MARGARET irritates him everyday while he is eating, and Baby Gussie barks his fool head off at him everyday cos he won't let him be his new chewie toy, and I being the only smart one stays away from him.  I AM TIRED OF PROTECTING MY DUMMY SIBLINGS MOM!!!

Mom just looks at me with her goofy Mom look and walks away......well one of these days you'll remember this conversation with me when you look down and see him sharpening his claws!!
sTella RoSe