Wednesday, August 30, 2017


OUR sweet girl is home and happy to be back.  She was so excited when Mom walked through the door last night from work.  She is eating really well, and starting to drink more also.  She has about a 2 inch scar and in two weeks will get her stitches out.  We are still waiting on the results from Minnesota where they sent her 24 stones off to be processed so Mom will know what kind of food to feed her.  Right now she is on C/D wet and dry.  

It is going to take awhile though for her bladder to start working again, she pees when she goes outside but then she also pees when she is laying down.   Her brain and her bladder aren't working together yet.  Mom says it will take time.

Thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers.
Mom and pugs

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Good Morning

We are waiting on a call from the vet to see if Stella will get to come home today.  Our house was very quite last night, and we missed her so much!!!

Lots of questions about who Gus is with  in the picture  and if she is a goat.

Nope these girls are fainting goats.  Their names are Lucy and Ethel, Lucy is mean to Ethel when Dad brings treats or food.  Lucy is moms

Dads is the white and black one.  So the goats were all the animals Dad was supposed to get for his little green acres farm, but you know how well he listens to mom.

So on Sat. he went to the Saturday morning sale wif our neighbor and they brought this home.  Her name is Petey.  She is a miniature Donkey.  She is supposed to always stay little, but Dad doesn't know anything about anything so they could have sold him a baby prehistoric dinosaur and called it a donkey.  She is a real nice girl and has been around kids, goats, and grown ups a lot.  She follows mom and dad around like a little puppy but of course she is not one.  We are learning the rules when we are around Petey, like stay away from her feet cos she could kick.

Dad is working on getting the big huge pen ready for all three of them to live in.  It gives him something to do while mom is at work, at least that is what he tells mom.  Gus loves Petey.....he is a goofball.


Monday, August 28, 2017


Who in the hell are you and why are you in my back yard????


I just called the vet and they said Stellie is sleeping now and she did great at her surgery.  Not only did she have one big walnut stone but several smaller stones.  Now they will send it away to find out what kind of food she needs to be on.  Gonna check on her this afternoon again, to see if she is awake and eating.  Thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers.  Deb


Good Morning:
I just wanted to let our friends know that Stella is having surgery first thing this morning. I took her at 7:30 this morning and of course it was super foggy out so that just made the drive more longer..her Vet Nancy told me it should take around an hour or so.  I am going to call around 9:30 if I don't hear from them first.  She probably will have to stay the night but they also said if she was doing well by the time I leave work I may be able to pick her up.  I was so glad they were able to do her surgery quicker.
When she saw Nancy on Friday they decided to let her wait till Monday since she still was urinating a little bit.  But by yesterday I could she was straining very hard and nothing much was coming out.  So it was timed just right.
Of course I am nervous but I know she is in really good hands.  I will let you know something as soon as I hear.

Thursday, August 24, 2017


My dear friends its me Stella Rose.  I am trying to take my blog BACK from my sister and brudder and having just a little trouble doing that.  So I decided to let them blog just a little while longer till I got back on my feet and then WATCH OUT Stella Rose will be back.

You might be wondering why I was gone, mostly cos I have been helping my mom recuperate from the move to the country and from hers been sick wif her cough for 5 weeks.  But mom is feeling better now after she made some good life changes.  One fing she did was said GOODBYE to one of her jobs.  Now she only works 4 days a week for the attorney the job she has had for a long time.

She liked her job at the clinic but 6-7 days a week both jobs was to much cos hers is old.  And she kept getting sick, and having no time for anyfing or us and that was not right. So she made a healthy decision and we are all soooo happy.

BUTT now I am having a little problem.  A few days ago mom notice blood in my urine and after freaking out 87 times called the vet.  Well hells bells that was one torture chamber of horrors yesterday, first they drew blood, then they put a needle in my bladder (I said lots of HBO words that mags and gus say all the time) then they had to do an xray.  Then for freaks sake mom had them cut my nails and do my glands.  I will pay her back for that later.  So the xray showed a walnut sized stone in my bladder.  YOWWWEEEE!!!!!

BUTT because they are booked no surgery till next friday.  That is not good for me or mom.  So tomorrow I am going to see the bestest vet in the world, and since we have now moved closer to her, she will be our new bestest vet, and see if hers can help me get rid of this walnut faster.  Poor me, cos  I wet my mommas bed last night and did not even nose that.  I have never done that in my life.

I am on different food and taking lots of antibiotics and I am sure I will get well real fast.  But first the walnut needs to go.  We will be back on Monday to let you know what I found out.  Hugs and Love Stellie Rose

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Dear Mom & Dad:
WE are writing you this letter from all three of us pugs to tell you ENOUGH is ENOUGH.  Yeah, I know you think you are the parents of the household BUTT it is time we pugs step up and take a stand.  We are TIRED of all the foot traffic coming into our doors and not going OUT our doors.  We made a very big mistake when we did not put our feets down when you let Henri and Ellen come and stay at our house, little did we know what was in store for us.
So it ALLLLL started with them:

Now they are over one year old, they eat our livers and gizzards, have their own play tree and the run of the WhOLE house and can go outside freely without being watched like the prisoners that we are.

Then more cats came and went and went and came and you KNEW who their parent was but you still took care of them. We know they were strays but I am sure you spent our treat money freely without our permission.

BUTT the day dad was relaxing on the porch and that that little furry creature tunneled his way across town onto our porch and up dad's leg was just going to far!!!!  Its time you take him back to his ferret prison and hand him over.

Here are the reasons he cannot live in OUR house:

  1. He has the run of the house, he has no boundaries which means our toy box is not off limits or our puggie crate where we like to nap.
  2. He often drinks out of our water bowl even though he has his very own bowl in his Trump tower.  AnD we saw dad put ice in his and not ours.
  3. He can get up in bed with you and tunnel under the covers to snuggle, we have to sit on the floor and beg to get in the bed, often you ignore us.
  4. Last night he stole a whole loaf of bread off the counter, ran down the hall and hid it in his little closet he has in the back bedroom.
  5. He stole several of moms necklaces and mom found him sleeping in her tub draped in jewelry he had heisted from her.  This proves he cannot be trusted on probation and must return to the prison he tunneled out of.
  6. Often when we three pugs are relaxing in the living-room in our ZEN zone, we find ourselves with Eddie on our backs, going "giddy-up"....we are not his horses.
So we conclude that Eddie needs to be incarcerated and not in Trump towers, but back in his ferret prison somewhere far far away from us.  And he can take that goat wif him.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, and Angus Mac


Hey Friends, its me Gussie Boy, Mags let me write on the blog this morning.  This is a picture of me and mags telling those stinky goats what for, and to stay away from our side of the fence.  They are getting ready to pee on their OWN beards, dumb asses.

Okay so see all that corn in the background, and then beyond the corn the big hills that are all around ours house.  Its pretty sitting outside wif mom and dad and taking in the scenery....EXCEPT mags and me saw those childrens that live in the corn.

Did you know about those creepy little kids, that lives in the corn, and tries to grab us if we get to close??  Thats why I tell those goats to get the grass over by the corn, hehehehehhe.........does that makes me a bad little puggie boy?


Tuesday, August 22, 2017


So ewes all nose by now we moved from the old house in the town by the river, to a newer house in the country not to far from the river.

Bad picture on moms phone.

ANYWAYS I fink you nose too all about the goats that are our neighbors.  Big goats, little goats, tinier goats ...well you get the picture.  WELL, apparently Dad grew up on a goat farm when he was a little boy so he has a soft spot in his hard cold heart (heheh) for goats.


So Gussie has always thought he was special, you know Dad's one and only, Dads main man, Dad's boy.  The smart one, the handsome one, the only one that listens...blah blah blah blah.

UNTIL Dad meets goats.    Yep, Dad is now the proud owner of a little black/white fainting goat,which he will bring into our domain in a few months.  Happy DAD, Sad GUS.

Then on Sunday we had visitors and Gus decided to show DAD he could be just as good as any old goat.  First thing he did was stand on the coffee table and prance around like the goats outside.  Dad said GET  DOWN.  SO Gussie decided to take it one step further, and he jumped on the couch and walked across the top of it to MOM.   Gus should be in a circus on the high wire...........I am proud of you Gussie, you showed DAD didn't you!

Maggie Mae

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


WELL, hells bells I has gotten some emails from friends asking WHY I Mags is writing on Stellie's blog and not their dear friend STELLA PeRFECT SMELLING ROSE.............well, its not like I stuck her in a moving box and taped it shut and mailed her to Ms. Mary Ann or anyfings like THAT!!!

See here is proof of life.  Hers is standing on that pink carpet that is soon to become nice wood floors staring up at the phone.  Geeze peoples.

Stella Rose is doing just fine. She is starting to move around alot more and makes her way across the front deck now just FINE!  I on the other hand haf to deal with stupid Eddie, and getting him offs my back cos he finks I am a HORSE.


These damn goats that are always coming over to ours back yard when we are outside raising hell, showing the neighbors just how good of watch dogs we are. You nevers can be to comfortable in the neighborhood.  STAY SMART MAGS is what I tell myself.

Tomorrow i am going to be guarding the kitchen cos we are getting new kitchen flooring. Dad will be on the other side of NUTS and BITCHYVILLE cos he hates when we bark and carry on.  I tell him, to go buy ear plugs and he says the F word to me.  Mom won't let me print it cos I am a youngest pug still.


Today the dish guy comes to bring TV to our house cos in the country there is no CABLE.  There are goats, long horned cows and chickens and a lousy rooster that wakes me at 4:45 every morning so in turn I wake my parents up at the same time.  Just doing my JOB.   I except the cable company will be sending mom a letter of complaint after they leave our house.  I have a long list of things to keep that guy busy.


Monday, August 14, 2017


DO you see me mom?

Dad and Gussie sharing tea.  Put your tongue back in your mouf brudder!

WE are the new kids on the block goats!!

Smartest cat in the world. Its Henri.   Life on the farm is busy for a city pug like me.  I am now in charge of keeping Henri and El safe, and Gussie and Stella Rose.  Safe from what you may ask..........THE GOATS!    Maggie Mae

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I am the number one pee-r at our house.  As soon as I run outside I pee on the grass, then on the flower pots, then on the hostas then on the fence, then on the side of the garage, then I take a little break and on my way back into the house I might pee on the deck steps.  I am the best pee pug around.

P.S. I never pee on that old basket hound, cos I admire him.  He is over 30 years old.