Friday, May 31, 2013


Our bags have been packed for a long time, waiting on Mom and Dad to make the big move, and the moving van is on speed dial but so far, Mom and Dad just walk around the luggage and ignore the phone.  Maybe its cos they have to work and make real money, or maybe its because living in Blogville, although one of the greatest places on earth that we know of, can sometimes be harder than the realworldville that we live in right now.

In the real world Mom has her family, and kids, and grandkids and of course us.  She has a few good friends that put up with her love of pugs...  her realworldville is pretty small..... BUT Blogville is huge, and we have lots of friends,  and people are kind and caring and they share the same heart like my mom.  Thats the upside but remember for an UP to be an UP there must also be a DOWN.

Its hard to watch our friends take breaks, only to wonder if they will return.  Its hard to watch our friends cross over to the rainbow bridge, and understand in our hearts how their family left behind is feeling. We become invested in each of our friends so their lives merge into ours at times.

Mom never knew one year ago today that by posting her first blog ever she would be stepping into a place that loves us unconditionally, accepts our anger at loss, laughs at our stories, and cares about each of us deeply.  What a gift....what a wonderful gift.

So I guess we have to stay in the realworldville a little longer,.... cos you know why......the real world needs the  blogville peoples to do the rescuing, to keep them kind, and loving towards all us the four legged babies, to have big dreams about all of us having forever homes and to make them help with the animal victims when there was been a disaster.....and I suppose to laugh at us sometimes also.  Heck, just come on over to our house, its crazy sometimes.......stella rose


Well our MOM had a big adventure yesterday and I wanted to tell you about it.  FIRST, she had to run some papers from her office to another town to get filed in time for a trial, SECOND when she turned around to come back in ten seconds she drove right into a BIG BAD STORM, yep something called straight line winds.

Well, Mom has a little blue car the size of a gnat and those ole winds blew her all over the road so she decided she had better STOP and find a place to hide herself and little blue.  Mom picked a parking lot in a new hotel.  MOM WHAT WERE YOU THINKING....did you want to end up like DOROTHY???????  Well, as she was sitting there in the OPEN she thought POSSIBLY this was not a good idea, and she couldn't get out of the car and run into the hotel, cos the the WIND so she just sit there through it worrying about us COS SHE HAD LEFT US OUT ON THE BACK PORCH!!!!!!!   Yes, it is screened in but I am very afraid of storms...the other two dummies could have cared less. 

Let me tell you , the shingles were flying off the roof, and branches were hitting the house, and it even blew over the trash can.  YEP, that is what mom was worried about, OUR trash can blowing away....WHAT ??!!!

So, finally Mom was safely back on the road to home, but then she realized little blue, our car, is so small and sits so close to the road, that every big puddle she hit, she would fly into the air......finally she made it back, to see most of the town trees laying all around on roofs and in the streets.  There was no power on the hill where the courthouse is so mom got to go home EXCEPT she couldn't get in the driveway cos there was half a tree laying across it, AND of COURSE OUR TRASHCAN ALONG WITH ALL THE TRASH IS IN THE ROAD. ( I told mom later the neighbors weren't worried at that moment about seeing our pee pads...get a grip mom..focus)

We were lucky enuf to have power but most of the county was without it till around 9 last night and some even later.  We were also blessed with all the damages throughout the county that no one was hurt.  We talked about the Oklahoma peoples last night and what they are going through and how this feels major but was really minor.  Sometimes its hard to keep things in perspective isn't it.

So I stayed glued to my mom last night all night just in case the winds blew up....the two little dummies just slept away in our new bed.  Today it is storming again, mom left us in the house this time.
Here is a picture of Uncle Abe and Baby Bean at a swimming party this weekend.  We like this picture better than storm damage pictures.  You will notice his is not Military Appropriate anymore....he is more AMISH....baahahahhahah......
Stella Rose

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Well Mom got whiff of OUR plans with OUR DAD and she reminded him of the time I had to stay in the vet overnight cos of my tummy, and How I am supposed to not have any fat in my food....well that put a big ole kabosh in our plans for a Hardee pig out and Dad said to heck with it, and we stayed home and watched him mow, and ate our kibble. 

Later Gussie peed on Mom's new rug under her table as retaliation.

P.S. this is mom's update on the puppies...gussies brother and sister, they went to a big ole eye specialist yesterday and the little girl has dry eyes and will need drops, the little boy tho eyelids doesn't close all the way when he sleeps and so he will need a minor surgery when he is a little older.  The vet said they and gussie must have an eye infection before they even opened their eyes.  We are so lucky that Gus is getting better, but you know what, it never mattered to us!! 
Stella Rose

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


MOM is at work and DAD is at home, well does that tell you what kind of day it is going to be.  Yep, a "lets all get in the car, and drive to the nearest Hardee's so we can get the new GIANT BACONATER sandwich for us.

DAD loves Burger King and Hardee's, Mom is not a fan.  SO.......while DAD is still SLEEPING and MOM is at WORK, we are getting gas in the car, and getting baby Gussie's car seat in place, so as soon as DAD opens his peepers we can hit the road.

I think we all need BACONATER Days, in our lives, "yes we know its not good for us, and yes we know we will have to share the wonderful mouth-watering experience but sometimes that is EXACTLY what life is all about!"

I am also going to work on my driving today, and I thought DAD would be a WONDERFUL teacher.  After all anyone who can drive down the road going 80 Hundred miles an hour on two wheels and not end up in the ditch should be a pretty good driver.  RIGHT!!  Well, except that time, that MOM was with him, and she ended up with all those broken bones, and DAD wasn't even moving, AND she still blamed HIM!!!  Anyway if you guys are out on the road today, give me a shout out, I will be wearing the bicycle helmet (just in case)....bahahahahh.....
Stella Rose

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This weekend blogville lost one of its own, Wienie.  He was stung by over 60 bees, and although he faught a courageous battle, it seemed that God had other plans for him.  I would like to think that as soon as his little paw stepped onto the rainbow bridge, my brother Sammer, and aunt Trudie were there to welcome him home.  I bet they are showing him all around, and explaining to him just how things work.  I know heaven received a new star this weekend.  Run on little on.  Please stop by their blog to share a few words with his momma.
stella rose

Friday, May 24, 2013

Angus Eye Exam Visit

Today I had my Dr. Frankenvet visit to get my eyes checked out.  My prescriptions were running out and Mom thought we needed to go back and see just what was going on.  Remember this picture, it was just a few days after Mom and Pops got me....

WELL the very first time they saw me, Mom told me that I was pretty scary looking, nothing like the picture above.  I had lots of blood (sorry for being so graphic) in my eyes, and my pupils were even bright red with blood.  Mom thought I was probably going to have to wear sunglasses when the Grandmonsters came around so they wouldn't have nightmares. MOM DON"T SAY THAT!  But you know what....they took me home anyway cos they fell in love with me, and started giving me medicine for my eyes.

The first vet visit he said, I was blind, but needed this medicine to TRY to help heal what was making them bleed...ewwwweeee....I hated the med's and wiggled and squirmed all over.  But now.....6 weeks later.....I am back at the Vet, and he said I AM NOT BLIND, ( I could have told him that from the start dummy) even tho there is some sight loss, and that my peepers look much better. Yes, Mom has to continue with the medicine. 

Dr. Frankenvet said if I would have stayed where I was with no medication, I would have lost both of my eyes, and probably ended up not keeping them.  WHAT ....!!!!  Don't tell a baby gussie that...didn't you learn compassion in Vet School!!  Did you get your diploma from the vending machine???  Mom, lets get the hell heck out of here and go get ice cream. 

I love my Mom and Dad and they love me.
Baby Angus

Thursday, May 23, 2013


My mom loves to read, it has always helped her wind down from a busy day.  Yesterday she finished a book called "Suspect" by Robert Crais and she plans on reading more of his books.  In the middle of the night she woke up thinking about this book and she told me her thoughts went helter skelter in lots of directions. "Mom go back to sleep its 1:45 in the A. M.!"  Instead, we went out on the porch to listen to the silence. "Actually all I heard was my stomach growling cos I wanted a late night snack."

"Alright Mom lets talk, that way we can get back to bed."  So Mom was telling me about this Suspect book and how it is about two hero's.  One has two legs and is a police officer and the other has four legs and is a Marine. " What, I could have been in the Marines?"  She went on to tell me that they meet up and it is a story about how they both suffer pain and loss in their lives, and only through each other do they start to heal. "What MOM I could have in the Marines?"  "What about the USO Mom, do you think it is to late for me to call them?"

Then we got to talking about her son in law, Abe, I call him Uncle Abe, I am not sure he appreciates my sense of humor. Anyway on Memorial Day he is going to give a speech about Veterans and remembering what they do for us. Almost four years ago he came home from his second tour in Iraq. A few months later Macey was born.

 Now she looks like this.

So alot of time and not much time has passed. I think he was the pack leader in Iraq and when he came back his pack was changed forever. He has been asked before to give a speech but we think he just wasn't ready.  Now, Mom is hoping that by saying his words out loud they will help heal what is inside.

I think the moment our soldiers step off the plane they should be handed a pug. It doesn't matter if it is a baby pug or a young pug, or an oldster pug.  Just a pug, cos you know we are the clowns of the dog world. Just look into our faces and try to stay sad, or can't cos you laugh.

 Heck, we are always on our peoples laps, and staying under their feet. "Maybe they should deploy pugs so we can be carried around in their rut-sacks...what do you think Mom?"

I love my Uncle Abe and am so proud of him and all the soldiers all over the world.  I tell him that everytime he comes over and I lay on his lap.  I hope he has his listening ears on.
Stella Rose

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Yes, Mom knows it is Wordless Wednesday but she just wanted to share something real quick with you.  First, isn' this a great ole picture of Baby Bean and her brother Jackson, it probably would have won an award though if I, Stella Rose would have been in it.


Maggie ate a whole bowl of dog food last night and this morning!!  Mom called the Vet yesterday and after work she ran over and bought this little tiny tiny cans of A/D dog food that had both a picture of a cat and dog on it.  Mom was confused right off the bat. Sometimes tiny little things, cost a whole lot of green papers whew!  Anywho Mom took it home and realized it smelled just like ground up baby food meat that she used to feed her girl monsters. Well she gave us all a taste, and mashed it up in Mags food, and she ate it all.  It took her awhile but it was finally all gone!  yay yayayayyay.....this is good news cos Maggie had dropped a whole pound when she got home from her surgery and she didn't need to lose anything.  Good thing Mom bought 5 cans of that stuff. 

Stella Rose

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families, children and pets in Oklahoma.  We have family that live an hour south of Oklahoma City and we were able to talk to them last night, and they are fine.  My niece had just started her job yesterday as Nurse Practitioner in one of the hospitals in Oklahoma City so I imagine it was a very hard, stressful day for her.  They will stay in our prayers today.

I talked to the trainer concerning Stella Rose.  First, we never feed Stella with Mags or Gussie.  She has always eaten in another room separated by a baby gate.  She charges the gate, growls, just misbehaves until she begins to eat, and then no one had better get around her until she is done.  So at least all stay safe that way.  As soon as she see's the food bowls come out her boxing gloves come off, and she starts creating chaos with the others, its really bad if she see's me get out her favorites, apples, green beans or strawberries.  The trainer told me to always take into consideration of where she came from, even though we have had her almost three years.  She said she feels as long as there has not needed to be any trips to the Vet, or blood then she didn't see a big issue.  She also wondered if she could be part show on Stella's part for me.  I may have her come to the house and see what I am talking about....what do you guys think?

I am also going to call the Vet today cos Maggie has lost weight since we have brought her home.  She barely eats her food.  I am hoping he has something that I can get her to start to put some weight back on her. She is so thin looking.  She is feeling much better tho, and running around playing as usual.
Stella Rose's Mom

Monday, May 20, 2013


Remember this picture of Maggie, gosh its hard to believe that she is a big girl now of 7 months.  This is Stella Rose's momma today, Stella handed me over the computer.  Maggie is doing better. Angus had a very hard time figuring out that Maggie didn't want to play with him, when I brought her home on Friday.  Finally, on Sunday she started running around and acting like her old self.  Now the trick is to watch her stitches and make sure she doesn't bet to rowdy.  All her bloodwork came back okay, at first her blood sugar was low, but they retook it later and said it was fine.  So, no explanation as to why she is so thin. I would say it has something to do with the breeding.  Oh well, we will just feed her a little more than the other two little tubbies.

Stella pretended she didn't miss Maggie but I know she did.  We are working with her on not being so food aggressive.  It's like a switch flips in her head when she sees the food bowls come out, and she starts mowing down any pug around her.  I am going to get hold of the trainer at the Dog Sanctuary to see if she can give me some help on this one.  I have a feeling I may have created this, without meaning too.  We will see what she has to say.

Angus is growing and just finished up his second round of baby shots.  You could hear him screaming down the hall BEFORE they touched him with the needle. I had to step out cos it was pretty horrible listening to the little rascal. He sure loves his Maggie Mae, and they play all the time.  He likes Stella alot also, but they have a more grown up relationship.

I must admit I stalked the facebook pages of Jay Grant and Marianne this weekend looking at the pictures of Gussies brother an  sister. I saw lots of positive comments, and people fell in love with them.  Right now they are with Jay and on Wednesday will go to the eye dr. then on to the Vet and then adoption.  I put on Stella's facebook page this morning that sometimes the brain and the heart go two different directions and that causes some turmoil.  We are working now on getting out some oldsters cos they deserve a great life also.  I just need to toughen up ........
STella Rose's Momma

Friday, May 17, 2013


(First Momma wants everyone to know that Mags did fine with her surgery yesterday and will be coming home tonight after she gets off of work.  Stella was pretty upset last night trying to figure out what was going on.)


 Mom will be posting more pictures of this story once she figures the camera out.  Until then here is a picture she got from Marianne's page.

Since they are my brother and sister mom let me tell the story.
So you know Mom loves dogs, and you know Mom loves pugs, and you know Mom loves pugs that need out of the "crualella deville puppy mills" so this is our story.

Thursday afternoon Mom was able to get my brother and sister away from the Mill and transport them two hours away to meet a person coming from Las Vegas so they could go and live in a great home!  This person is part of a Pug Rescue Organization and she was on her way to Milwaukee to a big ole pugfest.

Here is my brother, (we secretly called him Bennie)
Here is my sister, (we secretly called her mouse)

Mom wanted to keep them, but knew she couldn't so the next best thing was to find them super homes.

Mom cried not cos her heart was breaking but because it was joyous.
Angus Gunther Long

Mom's notes:
I was so excited when I found out I would actually be able to save these little guys from living the rest of their lives out in the cruddy basement.  I couldn't stop smiling all week, unknown to me though was the actual day that we left not only was I happy and nervous, I was sad.  We really wanted to keep the little boy, but knew three was enough for us, so it was somewhat of a internal struggle.  Even just driving them, I got to know them better and their wonderful personalities.  As we waiting for Marianne to get there, my stomach was doing flipflops and I had so many emotions.  When they pulled up beside us, I actually thought about just driving away.  How silly of me, and then I cried some. I am so lucky to get to meet Marianne and Barbara and I could tell they loved the babies right away and would keep them safe from harm.  That should have made it easy to did not.  So this is the life lesson on rescuing that I learned.  Sometimes even happiness can bring sadness into your heart.
I will post more on Monday.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Maggie Mae

Today Maggie Mae has her big girl surgery, (spaying) and Mom is really nervous.  She sent her blankie with her, cos she will have to stay until tomorrow night when mom gets off of work.  We are also having some extra blood work done, cos Maggie is very thin and for a pug that is just about unreal!  She eats alot so mom is a little concerned.  Please keep Maggie in your prayers today.  We will try to get back on here before Mom leaves work at noon ....

Hopefully the camera is now working and we will be able to show you in pictures what is ALSO going on today.
Stella rose

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Mom is working on her camera so she decided to show you some of her most favorite pictures from since we started blogging almost a year ago.

Okay Okay, Mom is not posting these I am cos you can tell 98% of them are me.  There is one of angel Sammy and Angel Trudie also.
We can't wait to tell you the big news on Friday.  Mom will be gone tomorrow but watch for our post.
Stella Rose

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This is a picture of ME that MOM took last year AFTER DAD forgot to feed me one night.  We put it on the nightstand so he will NEVER EVER EVER (we are stuck on Taylor Swift for some reason) forget to feed me again.

Now, we have big bloggy news this week but we don't want to share it with you yet, (no for heavens sake my mom is NOT going to have a baby!) anyway we are worried if we get all excited about it and spill the macaroni then it won't come on Friday we will be posting all about it and maybe even pictures if Mom gets off her behind and buys new batteries.
Stay tuned.
Stella Rose

Monday, May 13, 2013

Belated Happy Mothers Day

Grandchildren are always a blessing on Mothers Day aren't they.

Yes, we are still finding those BLOODSUCKERS at our house, I guess its the rainy weather.  Mom is freaking out and calling the vet today.
Stella Rose

Friday, May 10, 2013


FIRST..of all thank you to my big sweet sister for letting me take over her blog the last few days, it has been refreshing to be able to share my utmost secrets and adventures with our bloggy family.

OKAY so last night mom gets home from the chain gang, work, and decided we all have WAY to much ENERGY to settle down for the evening and says we are going on WALKS tonight.  Well Maggie does flips and Stellie starts whining and smiling and me, well ....lets get this show on the road.  Maggie gets to go first , and of course Mom doesn't take her darn camera to help take care of some of those bingo spots, so you will just have to use your imagination.  Mag's still gets nervous, cos her tail goes flat, but she enjoys her walk down to the river, and around the park.  On the way, right across from the Bar & Grill they saw one of these in the middle of the street.
Yep a big ole snapping mean turtle.  I wonder if it crawled out of the cooking pot at the Grill?  Anyway we hurry by it just in case it wants to follow mom and maggie home.

Then it Stella Rose's turn.  She walks all around the yard, sniffing out her favorite places and checks out the flowers to see if they are growing.
She thought she saw one of these monsters hiding behind the tree but it was just her imagination.  BAhhahhaha.....Mom tried to take Stella out of the yard, but Stella locked her little legs in place and stood her ground.  So Mom walked her around the yard some more.

FINALLY after 150 million hours it was my turn.  Now picture this.  Little Angus in his little red harness prancing around the yard, ready to go..Mom has only walked me in the yard so far, but tonight she thought she would try a walk around the town to see how I would do.  Well I loved it, although the last couple of blocks she had to carry me cos my little short legs were tired and its all uphill.  Never one time did my tail come uncurled and I listened really good to mom.  Mom thinks because of all the medicine I get for my eyes that I now can see a little better.  She notices even in new situations like the walk, or visiting grandmas I do not run into things.  Just sometimes.  I loved my walk, and when it was bedtime fell right to sleep.

Oh yeah, when Mom was holding me later, she found ANOTHER BLOOD SUCKER on my little boy parts!!  When I heard her say that I FREAKED OUT!!!!   Watch those tweezers, woman, and that alcohol!!!!  At least I didn't scream this time, I was a big boy and let mom get him off of me.  I hope they are all gone now!!!!!  Dad blames the grass, and we blame DAd!!
Angus Gunther Long

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Yesterday while Dad was supposed to be spending quality time with us he decided to go to the woods alone and hunt mushrooms.  I asked Dad what mushrooms are and how many legs they have....Dad did not answer me, cos I thinks he didn't know.  I will call Mom later on the phone, cos she isn't STOOPID.   Anyway, he came back with 6 mushrooms, gee Dad good thing you and mom aren't starving AND 153,000.00 WOOD TICKS!!!!!!

When Mom found out she freaked out and told him to get in the shower, and throw his clothes in the washer, those are not exactly the words she said, cos if I say them, I will have to go to solitary confinement.  Well, all night Dad kept finding those pesky TICKS and MOM keep yelling.  Poor Dad, and Poor Mom, where is a good bottle of wine when those humans need it.

Right before bed time mom was holding and loving on me, and ONLY me, when she was petting and rubbing my beautiful little ears, and OMPUG there was a tiny tick attached to my sweet little ear!!! Once again BAD BAD words came out of her mouth, she ran and got hand soap and covered it to kill it, cos she had just read on PININTERST that it would work, and she waited, and waited, and didn't work, so she got the tweezers out, cos she didn't know what else to do cos none of us have ever had a tick, and with DAD (who is in big trouble) who held me in a tight grip Mom tried to get that horrible BLOOD SUCKER out of my tiny ear.  I SCREAMED, LOUD, and CUSSED, and sometimes I even SCREAMED Before Mom was touching my ear just for effect.  Dad said he never ever heard anyone scream like I do, Mom said you should have been with him in the front seat of the car!  After 10 hours, they got the tick out, and we all went to bed.  Mom told Dad to blowup the air mattress cos he wasn't sleepin with us, ....he didn't listen to her...he never does.
Angus Gunther Long

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I KNOW it is Wordless Wednesday but puppies don't understand rules so this post is going to be all about ME!  I have a cool story for ya! Let me introduce myself.  I am Angus Gunther Long.  I am 12 weeks old and I am in charge.  Okay enuf said.

SO....last night Mom and I go for a drive to get my nails cut.  First, Mom puts me in my car seat, and I start shrieking cos I want to lay on her lap and help drive.  I shriek for a solid 20 minutes, and Mom just keeps talking to me louder over my shrieks.  I also try barking loud like a big dog, crying, and pretend bawling. I tell you that woman is tough as nails cos I never once got out of my seat!

WHEN we stopped the car, Mom let me run around in some yard, while this weird woman came out to cut my nails, Mom was proud of me cos I didn't make a peep, but she did notice I mostly ignored her and gave her the "stink eye".  YOU WILL PAY WOMAN!!!

I played around with some other little dude puppies that looked like me, and then it was time to go home.  "Come on Mom let me drive back, ....."  NOPE....back in the baby car seat for Angus!  I only screeched half the way home, and then I just thought WTPUG and went to sleep.

Dad is home with us today, so I am planning on making his day a living hell heck!

Baby Gussie

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This is what I read about the real Alcatraz. The United States Disciplinary Barracks on Alcatraz was acquired by the United States Department of Justice on October 12, 1933, and the island became a Federal Bureau of Prisons federal prison in August 1934. Alcatraz was designed to hold prisoners who continuously caused trouble at other federal prisons.[22] At 9:40 am in the morning of August 11, 1934, the first batch of 137 prisoners arrived at Alcatraz, arriving by railroad from the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas at Santa Venetia, California, before being escorted to Alcatraz, handcuffed in high security coaches and guarded by some 60 special FBI agents, U.S. Marshals and railway security officials.[5][23] Most of the prisoners were notorious bank robbers and murderers. 

 Now Alcatraz is closed and you can take a boat to tour it...I am not sure Mom could find her way off the island?

This is the Iowa Alcatraz-THE ROCK.  Notice one lone prison guard patrolling the yard.  Here is a close up of the guard.  He is not known for his friendliness to any of the pug prisoners.  He accepts no bribes.

This is the true story of how the Iowa Alcatraz came to be, you can either read it now, (it may be rather long and boring) or wait till the movie comes out.  Sooo...Mom and Dad get these two unruly pugs, a/k/a Sammy and Stella.  Every time Mom would take them outside for some exercise they would refuse to listen to her, and take off running towards the highway.  Mom would have a tizzy screaming fit, but they just ran anyway.  She talked to the warden a/k/a our Dad, and he said NO fence in the yard cos it would look crappy.  Well, you guys know how well the assistant warden our Mom listens to Dad so she decided if he wouldn't help her she would build it herself.  Kinda like that movie with Kevin Costner, about the baseball field only no one has called mom yet about a movie contract.  Sooo she went out to the local lumber yard, and realized how high fencing was, and in the end had to settle for a cheaper version then what her original blueprints were drawn up for.  The Warden, a/k/a our Dad threw his own version of a tizzy screaming fit, and again refused to help her.
Well, folks you know the old saying about "you can't keep a good woman down" Mom got right on the phone and called up one of her son-in-laws, Cody, who is married to Kody, (no comment please) and after he got off work brought over steel posts, and wire. (Mom hadn't figured these important items into her budget) Well, dangit Dad happened to be home that night, and Mom got busted.  Soooo being the manly man he is he went outside to help Cody rearranging Mom's blueprints right of the bat! He cut down the size to what it is today. Mom was pissed, steam was rolling out all orifices, but she lost that round.  So, because he messed with Mom's dream fence, they now have to carry all prisoners out to the prison and put us in the gate, instead of just opening the porch door and we would have went right into the prison yard.
Mom says one night when Dad is at work, she is calling her son in law back and they are gonna do it the right way.  Hopefully, it won't be dark when Dad gets home cos he could fall right into the fence. (Mom is rolling her eyes.)
Last night Mom came out to check on us while we were enjoying our nightly walk around the yard, and she noticed one of the smaller prisoners had broken out through the fencing.  There was little Angus standing outside the fence as pretty as you please!  No prison guard was in sight....I am sure our ears were bleeding from all the shrieking Mom was doing about Dad not getting the fence gate closed right. We think gussie just dug a tiny hole with his tiny spoon, and that is how he did it.  He told us later, the next time he will take us with him.
P.S. Mom's cooking is just perfect for us, cos you know what they say about prison food.  Enough said.
Have a grand day!

 Me, and angel Turd standing on her head, looking out the gate of Alcatraz.
Stella Rose

Monday, May 6, 2013


My Mom was packed for a little trip this weekend and I stood up and told her NO, NO WAY, NO HOW, just plain NO.

You know how you humans slip back into yesterday instead of looking at the sun shining today, well that is where she wanted to go, right down the rabbit hole into "should of, could of, would of" land.  I took her aside and said Mom, " look around you, there is me, and Maggie and Gussie and even "mean ole cat Dietzman" this is a trip you do not need to pack for, just stay home with us.  She just cried, but at least she didn't slip down that darn rabbit hole.
Its exhausting sometimes to be loved by humans.
Stella Rose

Friday, May 3, 2013


My mom says she would make a great weatherperson, cos she has all the credentials.  
You must be able to stand up in front of people and be wrong, what you believe to be true is apparently wrong and sometimes people think you control things only God knows.  Weatherpeople must be able to take alot of criticism and still get out of bed everyday to smile into the camera.  People like weatherpeople when things work out for them, like sunny weather, and nice warm days, ......and they don't like them when they don't.  Right now in Iowa weatherpeople are in alot of trouble cos its snowing and its the 3rd day of May.

 I wish Pugs had the power to make it snow and rain, and make the sun shine like we think the weatherpeople do.  Or is it that they really don't, and they just do the best job that they know how?  I don't know cos I am a pug and life is much simpler for me and my sibs. I know everyday Mom is going to feed us first, and we get to go outside, and we get to lay on her lap 187 times in the recliner, and she plays with us, and hugs us, and at night we snuggle next to her.  I would say she is a pretty predictable weatherperson in our life.  But then people aren't pugs and so life is sometimes cloudy and unpredictable and very stormy for them, even when the sun is shining outside.

I miss Mom blogging for us, I told her no matter what in a million trillion years we will always and forever love her, and that you guys care alot about us also. So she needs to get to blogging cos we got some funky pictures to show you.  Kylei says they are not her best cos we were moving all around, but mom said she wanted them anyway cos they are still better than her camera here you go.

 Me, Maggie (who is trying to jump out so its blurry, cos she hates the paparazzi)  and Gussie.  This was his first time in the stroller and he likes it. See his little smile, and see mine.  I thought we were going on an adventure but Mom foiled us and we didn't go nowhere.

This is Baby Gus outside in the little tyke car.  He is driving down to the store to get us some new treats, but Mom forgot to put gas in the car and he really is going nowhere.  Notice Alcatraz the world famous pug prison in the background.  From this angle it is hard to see the guard towers, or the moat around the pen.  Today it is full of water cos it is fake snowing at our house.  Gus turned out to be a good driver for such a little guy. 

This is gussie contemplating life.  Really he is thinking that this would have been a better picture if mom's foot wasn't in the background.  He is really contemplating if he should use the puppy pad or just pee where he is at.

Well its Friday and Mom will be home from work pretty soon, so that makes a great ending to a day, where we have stayed in our beds, cos its rather rainy/snowy outside.  THAT DARN WEATHERPERSON!  LOLOL>>>
Stella Rose, Maggie and Angus