Thursday, June 30, 2016


I know you are all probably sick of hearing about the new monster at our house a/k/a Cotton but I really want to share something that happened to me on Tuesday night.

It was bedtime for me and my momma, so we were all snuggled down in the bed, Mom was a reading and I was starting to dream about apples.  I love apples.  When all of a sudden this jumped up on MY bed.

At first I didn't know what it was, cos you know I don't see real good but then I swear I saw two red glowing eyes, and I felt these long skinny arms wrap around my neck, and the next thing that happened to me was out of a bad vampire movie.

FANGS IN MY NECK........................EEEEKKKK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I scrambled up the bed, on top of my moms head, which is no easy feat cos moms head and my butt are not the same size.  Mom was yelling for Dad to come help her, and Vampirella, was chewing on my foot!!! 

The next thing we know she leaped up into the air, like 1,000 miles high, did a back flip and tried to land on my head, wif her sharp teef showing, I just knew she was going to bite me again.

I fink reform school is in her future.

(p.s. Dad called Mom this morning and said he looked all over the house and porch and could not find Cotton, later he looked in my crate where I was sleeping peacefully, and SHE was asleep right beside me..........heaven help us all!!)

Stella Rose

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


So my mom told me if I do a monthly review for Ms. Sydney at Mr. Chewy I can pick somefing from the newsletter.  Ain't life just grand at this house!!!  Who hooo........

Mr. Chewy comes once a month, and even thoughs we don't make any monies for saying all these words we get to try all their great items.  I is so excited!!

Oh NOSE that is my baf picture, I fink someone is playing a mean trick on me!!

Anyways Mr. Chewy delivers right to our door and he is one fast deliverer. WE order and in a few days its right outside our door a knocking.  This month I ordered me some WHOLE EARTH FARMS REAL SALMON cat food.


Mom figured there were enough little cans in that box to last me the whole month.  24 cans.  And because I am just a kitten, and only at a few spoonfuls at a time, I agreed wif my mom.  The problem was we forgot to tell our Dad, know Dad and taking care of the poor cats wif no homes....lets just say my cat food only lasted a few weeks.  Every cat in the neighborhood was lined up at our house for as far as the eye could see.  Mom was MAD at DAD.  See I am doing good at rhyming. 

Mom liked this product because it is made in the USA.  No ingredients were from China.  Everyfing is all natural and it has a high protein content.  Good stuff.  You could also smell the salmon all over our kitchen every time they put some in my bowl.  I faught this was a good fing. For a 2.5 oz case of 24 the cost of this product is 25.88.  If Dad would just follow moms rules mom would order me another case, but since he feeds a million cats, mom said at this moment we just can't swing it.  ( I am finking about getting rid of my DAD.  Don't judge me.)
Anyways I loved this.  A lot.  And so did the other million. 
Cotton Mac


HELLO friends its Gussie Mac here today to tell you all about the parenting video that I am offering online at no additional cost to you.   Now I am sure you are wondering how I, Gussie Mac can offer a parent video to you, when I myself have never been a parent.

Well friends it is a long drawn out story, that ended in a random DNA test, ...........well use your imagination.......and as the famous Forrest Gump once said, "and that is all I am going to say about that".

So...........I have been working hard with Cotton my little girl to teach her how to be a well behaved girl.  My parenting skills are so superb that I decided to share it with millions and millions of peoples on the internet.  It is called the "catch and release parenting style"    First I catch her then I release her.

For example you must always provide stimulation and activities for a young growing mind.  Here in our hallway which has been turned into a kitten activity room, you will see many items for her entertainment. 

You will also notice some pink pipe cleaners if you look close enough to her toy box.  Often Cotton sneaks upstairs and drags down Moms wreath items, and plays with them.  Each day she adds a new item to her box.  I think she may be working on  her own special wreath. 

This is not allowed in my parenting manual so I will need to figure out an appropriate discipline technique to use wif her.  So far I have not come up wif one. (Mainly because I have not mastered the art of CATCHING)

Do you see the new scratches on moms floor......guess what did that.
Often Cotton likes to go out on the porch to play.  She has a big gray furry buddy that she likes to play wif and he is very good to her.  We thought he could be her Dad but the DNA results proved differently. And once again, "that is all we are going to say about that".
Dad feeds him everyday, he will not leave.  Dad does not see the correlation between feeding and leaving.

Mom has a small jungle on her porch, and she takes very good care of her plants. Some of them are very old and WERE once very beautiful.  Now that Cotton has arrived, they have become her personal playground.  AS you can see I am telling her in a firm and fatherly voice to get her a## out of the plants, so far using profanity is not working on her.  Maggie suggested slapping her once or twice, but I told Maggie that would bring Sheriff Dan to our house, and we don't want to go that route.  Plus it may take my upcoming video on parenting off the best sellers list.

I think she just said "nannynannybooboo" to me. 

Can you find her....she is like a ninja, blending in and hard to find.  Do you see my mean stare at far it is not working.  Do you think if I offer her candy she will come out of the plant before Mom sees all the damage?

This is Cottons cat tree.  This is just one more obstacle that I must overcome if I am ever going to perfect my "catch and release program"  so far there is no catching.  Just taunting.
"Do you see me now DAD.....Do you see me now DAD.."

I may need a step ladder to get her down in time for her bedtime.  Maggie is laughing in the background.  I have no parental support in this household. I am on my own.  Learning as I go.
I may pee my pants I am laughing so hard!!!
Everyday she slips outside into Alcatraz, which would be a safe place for her to play accept she is small enough she can get out of the fence and venture into unsafe territory.  I am wore out.
Because Cotton is smart like her Dad she has figured out her Dad has very poor eyesight.  Right now she is hiding under the pool and I am trying to figure out a way to CATCH her and bring her back into the house.   I am wore out.
At the end of the day she is back on the porch resting in Dads old chair, while I am still outside looking for her under the swimming pool.  After reviewing these pictures I realize I still have some work to do before releasing my "Catch and Release" Parenting Video.  First I must catch her.......and so the story begins.
Angus McConnell

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


See the M in the middle of her forehead.  We think that means MONSTER or perhaps it is the sign of the DEVIL.  By all the behaviors we are seein this week we are leaning toward the latter.

Stella Rose

Friday, June 17, 2016


Saying goodbye is hard even in the best situations, but saying goodbye when you barely got to say hello can even be harder. 

What are we rambling all about, well the +3 and their momma have found new homes.  Are we happy about this fact?  NO.  We are even more unhappy that the person who Weinie belongs to never gave her the proper care she needed, gave her shots, and spayed, and basically just let her wonder all over the neighborhood until she ended up on our porch.

Four kittens later, they are now old enough for their new forever homes, and our momma is mad and sad. 

We are making sure they are going to the best forever homes we can find, where they will be safe and well taken care of, but that does not make a goodbye any easier.  One kittens new owner had just lost her older cat. The woman was so excited that she had already went out and bought food, toys, litter, and a cat tree.  We think little climber is going to be very happy with her. 

Then we have some friends who just bought a new farm here in this county.  They have a eleven year old daughter who loves kittens and they needed some good mousers for the barns.  They wanted two kittens, but when they saw momma with them, asked if she could go also.  They are very kind people,  and today are making an appt. for momma to go to the vet next week to be spayed.  Mom felt better that the kittens will have their momma with them, but she also felt horrible about letting them go.

Mom told me this is why it is important to make sure you take care of YOUR dogs and cats, that you are responsible for their care and well being and why you don't just turn them lose to fend for themselves. 

I told mom I faught we were going to keep them, but momma said we couldn't keep all of them, because they have us, and she knows her limit.........and we have dad.  Enough said.

We have sure enjoyed these kids, and you can bet we will be checking up on them, to make sure they are happy and well. 

She stayed.

Stella Rose

Thursday, June 16, 2016


(This is our own opinion we were not compensated in anyway)

So a few days ago we began our review on the Stella and Chewy Dinner Patties, that Ms. Sydney sent to us right before we began our trip to the BAR.  Mom started us out very slow and just crunched up a few on the top of our kibble mixed with liquid that she uses when she cooks us our "Chicken hearts and Gizzards"....thank you very much Mrs. Carol!    Mom has been giving these to us since Gus started Kindergarten wayyyy back as his first training treat.  Well, we liked them so well that mom mixes a few everyday into our food cos WE ARE PICKY EATERS.

So step one.....add one patty to each of our bowls.  Now for our weight we would need around 5 patties EACH a day which would take us no time to empty out the bags we received.  Mom decided to stick solely with it being a topper and not a total food choice because of the cost.  So each day Mom would slowly up the patty number to our dry food and chicken.  WE LOVED IT.

That's Gussie Boy eating his food under the table.  AT our house everyone has their designated spots to eat, mainly because I , Sweet Stella Rose turn into a evil demon from the bowels of Hell when I eat.  Although momma was shocked that I totally behaved myself around food at the BAR. 

 Maggie enjoying her breakfast, she is a slow eater.

And ME behind protective glass on the porch.  I pick out everything I want first, then I eat the rest IF I am still hungry.  Sometimes Maggie cleans up after me.

Now this Stella and Chewy food had some good things in it: Pumpkin Seeds, Blueberries, Spinach, Beets, Apples and they are all organic.  It also had stuff that we have no idea what it is.  OH OH had chicken livers and gizzards we were getting a double dose.

The best story I have to tell you is about our friend and traveling buddy Jester.

See he sneaked over to my bed, when his momma ran over to KFC.  He liked me and everyone else a lot but he would not eat any of the food his momma brought for him SOOOOOOO My mom gave him the chicken patties and he ate them right up.  His momma was so happy she went home and ordered him and his sister Lily there own bag right from the Mr. Chewy store online.

Here is a picture of him eating the patties we sent home with them.

Last night Mom put less kibble and more patty in our bowl and of course we ate it up. We do like these patties A LOT!!!

Mom layers it for us, first the patties, then our chicken, then the liquid.  YUMMY!!!!

Here are some of the things we liked about Stella and Chewy Patties.  Well first of all they are named after ME.  Second of all, they were easy to travel with, Mom put ours in a big ziplock bag along with my kibble and we were ready to go. We also like the organic ingredients, and as a food topper how easy it was to just put them with our regular food.  You can also buy it in three different sizes for your household needs.

Now for three small dogs though it would get a little pricy but if we just used them as a topper, and for those special travel occasions mom said we could swing it.  We did have broken ones in the bottom of the bag, but since we are just using them as a topper it worked out for us.

Thank you Mr. Chewy for letting us do this review. 

Stella Rose

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


You know what happens at the HIVE when the QUEEN BEE  is gone????  Well, the worker bee's party down.   Here are some things I learned while the QUEEN BEE was traveling to the BAR.

1. Dad and Moms bed is really comfortable.  For once Gussie and I got to sleep ALONE with OUR dad.  We were very well behaved and never once peed on the bedroom floor.  SO THERE MOM!!!!

2.  DAD loves SWEET TEA and he has a very generous heart when it comes to sharing it wif Gussie and myself.  Eagle eyed MOM was no where what happens in Keosauqua stays in Keosauqua. 

3.  DAD fried bacon every morning when MOM was gone.  The 3 of us gathered around the little plate and shared every single piece.  BAhahahahhaha..............

4. The +4 escaped from BABY ALCATRAZ and started to play around in our ALCATRAZ.  Its amazing what 4 little kittens can do to MOMS hostas.
5.  Here is more evidence of their outside adventures.  We are not sure if that is +1 or +2.
7.  So we had a great 4 days--- for once the worker bees were really the queen bees, and Dad and us pugs did exactly what we wanted to do, we stayed up late and watched scary shows, we ran around the yard unattended (mom flipped her cookies when she found this out) and we ate what we wanted when we wanted.  The good life.  Then Stella Rose walked through the door, and life went back to the OLD NORMAL.    GEEZE LOUISE.

Maggie Mae and Angus Mac


A few weeks ago Mr. Chewy contacted us about doing a 30-day review on a dog food called STELLA and CHEWYS-only the good stuff.   Of course we jumped on the idea, and Ms. Sydney said she fed her little dog the very same food.

It wasn't long before three packages of the food arrived.  One for each of them.  In each package was several patty shaped chicken dinners.  The thing that caught my eye was it said Limited Ingredient Diet, Grain-Free, Gluten Free.   I told Ms Sydney that the pugs are very picky eaters so we would have to see how they liked it.  She was still willing to send it to us to try.  I did some reading on this product and found out it is made with raw, farm raised cage free chicken.  It is also good for all stages of your dogs life. You can also buy the product in 5.5 oz. 15 oz. or 25 oz. bags.  In our next review we will discuss all the other food items found in the patty, and if the picky pugs really liked them.  Deb

Monday, June 13, 2016


HI, friends this is Stella Rose Long, blogging to you from my home town, in my own livingroom, in my own chair...........ahhahahahahh............home sweet home.  Now I can PEE.

I learned a lot more than 10 fings, but I need a nap and so I am making the list small today.

1. Jester my little buddy friend who went wif me, is a better traveler than me.  By the end of the trip mom and Ms. Mary Ann called him the bestest traveler in the world; they called me "Little Satan".

2.  Hotels that are beside Kentucky Fried Chicken are the BESTEST.  The only way mom could get me to drink any water is if she would mix in a chicken breast from the white bearded guy himself.....yummy. I am one SMART girl.  I did not need to eat my kibble one time on this trip....bhahahahah.

 3.  If you pant hard enough and act like you are going to die, your mom will rush you back to the air conditioned hotel room so you can stretch out and sleep.  I swear I heard Jester whisper to me "good job Stella Rose".

 Are you getting me more chicken mom?
4.  That good friends don't care if you have wet towels on your head when they take a picture wif you.  That's Casey and me. and mom........geeze, she must have thought I needed a chaperon. 

(These pictures were not taken by my momma.)

5.  That Mary Ann is part cat.  Sometimes Mom had to peel her off the ceiling of the van when we were driving through the beautiful hills and valleys.  Mom started calling her +5.

6.  Also if mom goes around the curve to fast in Brown County State Park that Ms. Mary Ann yips just has high as I do when I am  the back seat................

7.  I also learned if I planted my feet and refused to move mom would carry me like a sack of potatoes all over the place.  Being carried by your mom is nice. 

8.  That air conditioned cars are worth 900 million dollars when it is 851 degrees outside.  I loved Ms. Mary Ann's van.
9.  That rest stops are for RESTING, not peeing and pooping.  If I was supposed to pee and poop there they should have been called Pee and Poop stops.

10.  That I am the luckiest little pug alive to get to meet up with some of my blogging buddies.  It was one of my bestest weekends I will ever have.  I know I will have wonderful dreams of you all at night, of us enjoying being around each other, and your parents.  Did each of you feel the hug I gave you as we were walking away, I squeezed real tight and I whispered one special word to each of you, to put away close to your heart until we meet again.  Yours Always
Stella Rose Long