Wednesday, June 20, 2018


105 here the last four days...........we are sick of it.  At least I have found a way to stay dehydrated.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


In the quiet of the morning, moms brain isn't yet full of work stuff or family stuff, or stuff stuff, it is just quiet.  On her drive to work, Mom tells us she enjoys that quiet, and calls it her thinking time.  Her remembering time.

She remembers on the day that Stella went to the 21st step of the bridge, she stopped by the office to share the news with her friends here at blogville.  When mom came out of the office in town, there stood a young doe right by her car looking at her.  Her heart wanted to believe Stella Rose sent her to Mom to let her know she made it there ...just fine.

This morning, all the wildflowers were blooming on the sides of the road, blue, and was beautiful, and Mom remembered how much Sweet Dory loved her flowers ...........she believes she has them planted all over the place..up there in the heavens, and maybe even tends to them down here.......

Last week when Mom got to work, early in the morning, that same doe came out of the woods by the office, it is strange to have a small woods right in the middle of town but they do, and there beside her was a small fawn.  Mom watched her, and they watched Mom. 

I imagine even our friend Easy is laughing it up, thinking about TWO brothers tearing through the house, running and jumping keeping his parents busy...............laughing it up.

And of course Casey, working on finding Mom that foster, that needs her more, and wants her more than most.  He is working hard, it will be perfect.

Quiet of the morning.

Mags and Gussie

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


(Two Boys)

(Three Girls)

(Time flies.....but my love for them will always stay)


Tuesday, June 12, 2018


On Sunday moms friend came over with little Oakley to play wif us.  Unbeknown to us, hers also brought along her many tortuous devices one of them known as nail clippers.  Now, hers is a groomer so we should have figured out somefing was going on, when mom went in the house and left us outside wif her.

Our mom has a hard time dealing wif simple fings when it comes to us.  One of them is nail clipping.  Evers since Gus showed her how he reacts hers hasn't been the same.  Remember when we went to ours old vet, and I believe that as soon as mom would call and have them put his name on the schedule staff would start calling in SICK.   Just think of the most awful screechy noise, break glass in a room noise, nails on the chalk board noise, and you would understand Gussie's powerful voice when the clippers come out.

EXCEPT wif this darn friend.  She lassoed him down with zipties, you know the kind they use on prisoners and then she should him a picture of bread and water and told him, his life was gonna change, and she may have even took out a pair of pilers to show him what could happen to his teef, AND OUR MOM WAS IN THE HOUSE CUTTING UP DAMN CANTALOUPE FOR SUPPER.

Well Gus tried is best, but the only thing that would come out of his frightened voice box was a squeak and a squawk, and before he knew it she stole his toenails.

When it came to my turn, I gave her the pug glare, and tried to hypnotize her with my "smarter than you are pug brain" but she had on these special glasses and somehow they were able to deflect anything I sent her way.  She hogtied me, snipped my nails, and threw me to the ground.

Later, after she left and we were in bed wif our mom we told her the whole story.  Do you fink hers believed us.  Hell, no she was just glad our nails were cut, and she got to hide in the house. 

Karma mom, Karma.

Mags and Gusser

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Here is Petey and the backside of Louie, also Rusty, and Little Bill.  The dirt is just by the gate, they have a nice grassy pasture.  Mom brushes them each and every night no matter how damn hot it is.  Louie is a long haired mini and has not shed his hair yet.  We even feel sorry for him.  Of course not sorry enough to share our treats wif him.  They weight 100 lbs now.  which is not much compared to a horse.

Speaking of treats, mom bought THEM a whole big bag of peppermint treats for mini's.  They look like tiny vanilla wafers but smell is like peppermint.  It is her way of tricking Louie into letting her brush him each night.  Louie has trust issues.  Mom is trying to help him.

I am going to start having trust issues so I can get my own 8 Lbs. bag of mints........holey pug.

We will be back on Monday.


Tuesday, June 5, 2018


THESE cats do not understand BOUNDARIES, this is my bed not theirs.   Plus El has a problem with decency...................geeze louise!
Mags and Gussie

Monday, June 4, 2018


It has been so hot at our house, all Gusser can do is sit.  Mom says we cannot stay outside very long cos we get to overheated.  Gus looks like a frog with big feet sitting like that.

Mom and grandboy worked in the yard all day Saturday.

Part of a rock bed mom started last year.

New bed by the garage.

She used 9 bags of mulch and still has one more bed to finish.  She should be playing wif us, not the dirt.

Mom loves these little drift roses. 

Is that cat under the deck?

Mags and Gusser

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Stella's Planter.

Patio Tomato
Stellies Roses
Cucumber among the flowers

I am not smiling for you mom!

Don't look at her Gussie.

Ed likes to read.

Ah peace and quiet.

Early this morning after the rain.

Mags and Gussie

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


On Thursday Stella Rose came home.  Mom says this is part of our closure.  We like knowing she is with us. 

Thank you again for all your kind words, and comments.

Mags and Gussie

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Its me Maggie Mae, smiling at you all with a bully stick in my mouf.  Its the first time we have got to get a special treat in a LONGGGGGGGG time cos Stellie Rose used to way lay my butt thinking that she did not have one.  Sometimes she was just nuts.

We don't have many routines at our house anymore.  Stella made routines for us, some of them were good and some of them were not.  We miss them, no matter what.  Our house is quiet.  We cannot figure that out, Stella was not a loud little pug.  We looked for her all weekend, and finally Gussie and I just gave up and found a corner in the diningroom to lay..........and chew on our treats.

We are a little confused cos we are not sure how two fits into a pack of three, but we will work it out.  Today Mom is bringing Stellie home from the Vet.  Mom said we would understand when we see the little box.  Confusing and quiet.

We will be okay though, I know that.  Stella taught us lots of things, someday I will share them with you.

Thank you for all the kind words, messages and comments.  We love you all.

Maggie Mae and Gussie

Monday, May 21, 2018




I asked Andrea (Casey and Jessie's Mom)  if I could release this private letter that Stella had sent to Casey the day before he went to the bridge.  The letter is a part of Stella's story and how strong friendship can be.   Deb



My Dearest Casey:

I am writing you this letter instead of sending you a message because I think it will be easier for you to read this way.  Plus selfishly I get to practice my computer skills just in case in the future mom quits sending texts for me.  Anyway, I have a whole bunch of words I want to say but I don't want this to be ten pages long so I want you to know I am doing my best to not ramble on and on.

First of all do you remember you and Cinderella were one of our very first friends we made on Blogville.  I don't really remember which of us joined first but you have always been in our family.  I had never had a friend that was not a pug but instantly I fell in love with your kind eyes and loving face, and of course I admired those lonnnng legs of yours.  I was so impressed that your mom fostered you and then kept you, and that showed me also how much kindness and love she has in her heart for you.

I know I never got to go to any of the Blogville events with you as a date but we were always there as friends weren't we…and sometimes friendships last a whole lot longer than dates. Plus you were the first one I got to meet in the real skin at the blogville retreat, you and Jessie came running out to see me!!

So, I know that you are sick now, and from what momma tells me tomorrow you will go to the bridge to be with your sisters.  Casey I have this story I want to share with you and that is the reason I am writing this letter to you.  I hope when you and your mom are done reading this you will feel better cos that is what my pug heart wishes more than anything.

You know that I have had some health problems also. I tell you Casey between being blind, half deaf, a little crazy in the head, bladder stones and my back legs not working right, life can sometimes get a little tough, at least for mom, cos she loves me and it hurts her on the days that are hard for me.  Some days are really good and on those days I see her have hope in her face, and then on the days that are hard I see mom suffer.  So I had a long talk with her about a month ago.  I have my best talks with her in the middle of the night, when she is asleep cos then in the morning when she wakes up she thinks it was all a dream, but it really wasn't.  I bet you do that also.

I made a decision and I talked to mom about it that night.  I also sent a special email to River Song (remember his mom does the blog about the rainbow bridge--Marsha) because I needed his permission and apparently the "Big Guy".  That is what River calls him.  I shared my plan with them, and at first the only response I received was a ugly unhappy emotion face; but I really didn't care cos I am a stubborn little girl, but then the next day I received an email from River Song and even though they really did not like my plan they agreed to let me do it.  So here was the plan I presented to them.

On the day that I leave for the bridge, I am packing a pup (lol) tent, my favorite blankie and toy, camping chair, several boxes of graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows, and extra long sticks for roasting.  I have heard through the rumor mill that the bridge is 22 steps long.  Now I am not sure this information is factual and maybe when you get there you can let me know the truth about that.  So I decided I would take exactly 11 steps, which is halfway across the bridge, put up my tent, get my chair out, fix me a few smores, wave at all my family and friends from the rainbow bridge and then wait on my mom.  For however long it takes.

River told me I was strong to make this decision, but I really think that is a lie and he thinks I am stupid cos the rainbow bridge is so much better living, in a pup tent. Oh well.

But, once I found out that you will be waiting at the edge of the bridge, I decided instead I would walk 21 steps across the bridge, and set my tent up.  That way I am only one step away from you, and all my friends, and Sammy J., Trudie and little Cotton.  Also, I researched it and in human time 21 steps is still real close to my momma. 

Every day you can stop by cos I am only one step from you, eat a smore with me cos your legs are long enough to reach those extra long roasting sticks I brought, and we can have some good talks and laughs. 

I hope you are not upset with me cos of my decision to sit on the bridge, but it is something that I MUST do until I am absolutely sure my Mom has learned the lesson that I was sent to her to teach.   Once I am positive that she has, I am sure you will help me pack up my tent, toys, chair and blankie and walk me that one step over the bridge.

I knew from the very moment Casey that I met you that you and I were going to have an important connection at the end of our earthly lives, and now I know what that purpose is.  I know everything has a plan and that even as dogs we don't always know what it is, but now I understand why we were destined to meet through our moms blogs.

I am not sure when you will see me on the 21st step, but I bet when you get to the bridge you will know the exact day.  I do ask a favor from you that you not share that information with me as of yet. 

Until we meet again my dear friend, I will look for you each night in the stars, and on the days that are a little rough here on earth I will feel you by my side.  I have been truly blessed to have known you here on Earth, and in the future it will be a true celebration when we are together.      Your Friend, Stella Rose Long

On Saturday May 19, 2018 Stella Rose Long went to the Rainbow Bridge. I knew all week that something was off with Stella, and by the end of the week, her quality of life was slipping away.  On Saturday we had an appointment with her vet that I had made earlier in the week and I knew in my heart what the vet would tell me.  Stella Rose though was very strong, and calm, and relaxed.  She never had rode in the car very well, and on that day she lay on her blanket, and just calmly looked at me.  It was like she was telling me everything would be right in the world.  We did have one last special talk though before she crossed over from this world to the other, and I reassured her she did not need to wait for me on the 21st step, that I figured out about a month ago just what her lesson was to me, and I promised her I would fulfill it.  I told her I wanted her to cross over the bridge, and become healthy and happier and to be with all her family and many friends.   I told her I loved her a million times a million, and said all the words that she already knew.  

I do want to share this with you.  When we got to the vet and was in the waiting room, suddenly a big boxer came running through the door, with his mom.  Apparently he had run all over the parking lot, and she was all out of breath.  You could tell he was full of lots of energy and excitement.  When he saw Stella he came running over to her and just looked at her.  I knew in my heart, that Casey had found a way to let me know she was going to be just fine.  I will always remember that moment.

Now, in the quiet moments grief hits me hard, and I hear her quiet voice tell me it's okay to feel all the emotions I am feeling and all the tears will help heal the hurt.

Thank you all my friends here in blogville and on facebook who have let us into your lives and hearts.  Deb, Maggie and Gussie.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Today is my birthday.  I am FIVE years old!!!!  Mom took pictures of my last night and SHE wanted to share them with you.  Mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her I have decided to become the GD of this farm.  For you city slickers that means Guardian Dog of the animals that live with us.  It is a very important job, protecting them from predators, and the UPS guys and Trash truck guys.  Mom said she would give me a 90 day trial, so tomorrow I will start.  I will do just great!  Maggie Mae.

First I was a pissy bumblebee.  Geeze.

Then I was so ashamed of being a damn bee I hide my face from the world.

Then I was some old woman with a headscarf and halloween wrap around my neck.  Can you see my scowling??

Now I am a troll.  Its hard to see my little cute face but I am not smiling.

Stella's stupid monkey hat. I ripped those socks off my feet.

Here are my new charges.  I can hardly wait to take care of them.
 First the four quackers.  They give us 3 eggs a day, they make super good cookies, and cakes...yummy.

Then sweet little Bonnie, she is everyones friend, kinda like me.....heheehhehehe.

This is "little Louie" he just came to our farm a few days ago.  He is a baby mini like our Petey. 

Petey, Louie and mean ole Ethel.

And Lucy.

Mom forgot to take a picture of little Bill cos he lives in a little pen on the other side of the house, he is just a little guy.

So Happy Birthday to me.  Margaret Mae

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Our next item we are reviewing this month is called Hartz No Odor Cage Wipes for Small Animals.
Mom got it to try on Eddies tower.

Ferrets have been known to have a musky smell about them, and of course if their cage is not cleaned on a daily basis then everything starts to smell. 

Eddie is excellent about using his special ferret litter box, and never has accidents out of the cage.  Everyday dad cleans his cage, by wiping it down with the Hartz wipes.  The wipes leave a soapy residue on the cage, but with paper towels it wipes off easily.  The wipes contain Nodor which traps odors on contact.  It also comes in a handy pop up container so dad can just grab the wipe and go. At a cost of $4.22 and only using a few wipes each day, it would be a good purchase.  There also is no lasting strong smell to the wipe.

Mom always worries that people who visit our house can smell Eddies tower, but company will comment that there is no smell.  Ferrets are just like kids, you gotta keep them clean and you have to keep their home clean, or it will smell.  Every week Ed's blankets and little rug gets washed in the washer, and his whole cage gets wiped down.  He also gets new kitty litter, and new shavings which are in the bottom of the tray of his cage.

Ferrets can be a lot of work, and that is why people end up letting them lose, or putting them outside in their barns to live.  These are crappy choices for ferrets.

Eddie is part of our family, and if you have ever had the pleasure of meeting him, he leaves a lasting impression with you.  He is funny, and smart, and of course teases us pugs everyday.

We give Hartz a four star review.  We were not paid any treats or money for this review.
Stella Rose


So we told mom she had better get in gear and do our Chewy review, or Ms. Natalie would come a knocking on our door next time instead of this guy.

We just love when he pulls up.  He always gets out the the brown truck and comes in and sits for awhile, while we give him a glass of sweet tea and cookies.  He tells us all about working for Mr. Chewy and how much he loves to watch our faces when we see what is ACTUALLY in the box.  We are not to sure just WHAT he means by that comment.

So this month mom picked an item for bof us pugs and those two cats of ours. 

It is made by WERUVA and it is called Pumpkin Patch up for dogs and cats.  It is a food supplement made of pumpkin that you can add to your dogs or cats food.

Mom loves to give us 100% pumpkin and she tries real hard around this time of the year to actually cook us real pumpkin and freeze it.  So she was excited when she saw this on this months review.

So we tried it.

First the cats, Mom mixed their dry, and wet food with some pumpkin.

Henri is enjoying it.

Then it was our turn.

Dry, wet, and a little pumpkin.

We loved it also.

Here are the benefits of pumpkin.  The only two ingredients are pumpkin and water.  Eating pumpkin has lots of good benefits for our tummies and mom likes putting it in our food.  The feeding instructions for this product is you are to feed in conjunction with our regular food and refrigerate leftovers.

At our house there were no leftovers.

We reviewed a box with 12 pouches and each pouch contained 1.05 oz.  This morning each of us received just about a tsp. or so in our food and we went through 3 pouches.  So in our case this would not work for a family our size.  Although the price is reasonable at $7.44.

Another thing that mom did not like was this product is made in Thailand.  Mom tries really hard for us to eat USA, and to play with items made in the USA.  So another reason for mom to cook our own pumpkin.

We would give this a 3 star product.

We were not paid for this review, this is our own feelings.
Stella Rose and pugs

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


This is just a picture post.  We had some friends asking what our new house looked like so here we go:

This is our living room, see me laying in the sun puddle??

Mom has been doing painting with Annie Sloans chalk paint.  She still has to paint the old rocker.  We still do not have our new flooring down it.  Mom is excited about the fake wood floors.

Mom painted this old desk

Another view of the livingroom

Little dining room, mom painted the table and chairs...can you see the red, on the table top and top of the chairs?

Part of the kitchen.

So this is part of our house.  We really enjoy it.  We will show you more of it later.

why do those ducks have a pool and we don't mom !!!!!!!

Stella Rose