Friday, June 29, 2012

This is a picture of me that Mom is putting on Dad's nightstand so he never forgets to feed us again.  Mom is smart!
I am very nervous about 4th of July coming up.  Sam hates noises so he is going to be a big pain in the butt , barking in all our company's faces..running around like a crazy pug.  Trudie is very scared of any noise or movement so she will probably be hiding under the bed, or in mom's lap.  Me, though I am a red, white and blue puggie.  I enjoy the picnic with all the fruit, cos I love strawberries, blueberries and banana's.  Here is my picture with a big yellow ribbon around my neck...cos I want people to remember freedom isn't free.  Mom's grandkids gave up their daddy twice so he could protect our country!  I am giving them a special big hug on the 4th!
This is Trudie our big sister.  She thinks she is the momma of the bunch cos she always tries to clean my ears at night.  I asked her politely to stop but she ignored me.  Mom says to be kind to her cos she had to have all her babies given away for several years.  I think she has sad eyes but she has a beautiful smile when she lays on her back and mom rubs her tummy.  Sam dispises Trudie cos he always knocks her off of mom's lap when he is laying up there sucking on his giant duck head.  Sometimes he growls at her when mom puts her on the bed.  Sam needs intervention but Mom is in denial.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wow I am so excited to see people actually reading my little just made my day!  Wait till I share this with Trudie and Sammer...heck I am even telling ole mean cat Dietzman about it!  Ha that will prove to him cats drool and puggies rule!
I am so proud of my Daddy today.  He put up the pool for us cos it is almost 100 degrees outside.  Mom thought she might take us out in the water after the sun goes down!  I actually think he put the pool up for mom cos he is in the DOGHOUSE bigtime.  This is the story!  Mom never goes anywhere at night except home to us.  Dad works in the evening so it is usually just us pigs and mom.  Well last night was Dad's night off BUT friends of Moms whom she hadn't seen in one year came down to go out to supper with mom.  She didn't get home till very late and I personally think Dad had a burr up (well where the sun doesn't shine) so he doesn't have much of a conversation with poor Mom when she got home.
Today on her lunch break from work she is feeding us our lunch and Dad comments to her, that we might be very hungry cos he FORGOT to feed us last night (cos he is not use to doing it)!  Boy oh boy did the fourth of july sparks fly!!!  I bet Dad NEVER forgets to feed us again.  I am sure I saw him sweeping out the doghouse, and putting some bedding down in it.  Poor Dad! 
This is me relaxing on the couch.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We have a mean ole cat named Dietzman that lives with us.  I have told mom many times its time to send him a packing but she just tells me to "straighten my attitude up"  I have tried to be friendly with him, but all he wants to do is scratch my eyes out!  Mom says he has lived with her for 15 years and he is a staying.  I tell her he is confused cos for some reason he thinks he is the alpha pug around here and I am supposed to be it!  Mom just takes a deep breathe and walks away! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Daddy's lap is where we spend most of our time if Mom is at work...See Trudie big old smile...that was right after she came to live with us and realized she could stretch out as far as she liked on the bed!  She loves Dad but Mom is her heartmate!  I am not even jealous cos i know mom loves all of us the most and there is lots of room in there.  Sam, doesn't see it my way tho and always has a throwdown with Trudie when she trys to sit by Mom.  Sam is the Biggest Baby I have ever seen, next to old mean cat Dietzman!

Daddy's Lap

I am hoping at PugFest 2012 that it does not involve a saddle and cowboy hat.  I do look like a baby gorilla in a maternity shirt!  GEEZ!

pug fest 2011

It has taken mom months and months to figure out how to start my new blog.  I am so excited cos today is the day and I think we might actually have a blog page.  Until today I have been writing on facebook my stories of what it is like to live in a house with two pugs and a mean old cat named Dietzman.  Some of my stories I even chuckle at and sometimes I am downright smart about things in life.  I have had complete strangers come up to me and rub my little velvet ears just so they could calm down and sleep better that evening. Life as a pug is rather exhausting at times. 
I came to live with mom and dad after their little minpin zeus went to stay at the rainbow bridge.  Mom decided NEVER to get another furry kid and then someone took her to a puppy mill (back then she called it a dog kennel) and they showed her me.  I was living in a little cage with three big dogs and was losing my eyesight cos of them scratching my eyes.  She picked me up and laughed cos i looked like a baby gorilla. But after that she couldn't put me back in there.  So I came home with her.  I was VERY VERY naughty for about 4 months cos i didn't know how to behave in a real home, and Mom tells me back then they sprayed LOTS of BiTTer APPle spray all over their hands and feet just so they could move around the house.  They thought I was a true devil dog!  One day tho on Thanksgiving they came bringing home my little brother (Sam) and after that I straightened up and started realizing they were never ever gonna hurt me, or Sammer, and just how much they loved us.  About 6 months ago Dad came bringing home another pug this time a fawn little girl who they named trudie.  She is 6 years old and was a breeder dog.  At first mom was ferious cos she thought she only had a big enuf heart for just me and Sam and then after Trudie spending about one minute on her lap, her grinch heart cracked and trudie became her little girl also.  So there you have it in a nutshell.  Mom is gonna try to learn to take pictures so she can post them on here with my stories.  Gosh how long do you think that will take?  S. R.