Monday, August 31, 2015


WE love when the little truck pulls up with our CHEWY box in it, but sometimes we wish our MOM would let US pick what we want to review.  We would take the time to look at all the selections Ms. Sydney gives us, and read each and everything about each product.  We think our MOM just closes hers eyes and picks somefing for us to try..................and sometimes the treat is great but not for us.

We are small dogs..................MOM picked a treat for large dogs, ................MOM you were not paying attention!!!!

So our box came.....ayayyayya........

and inside it was these wonderful treats..................

remember when we turned into wolves when we were visiting our ancestors...........???
WELL apparently down through all ages, our teef has shrunk from the original size of our ancestors the wolves, and these treats were WOLF size not PUG size..............

They were hard and crunchy and I could not eat one, but Gussie and Maggie chomped away cos they did taste really good!!  So if you have big teef try them!!!!

There are 3 in a package which was the perfect amount for us..............

They are all natural beef tendons , cleaned and sealed for all doggies protection, AND they help keep your teef clean.  We still give them a 4 because it was our MOM'S screwup............and they were good.

We were not compensated wif any monies for this review.

Stella Rose

Friday, August 28, 2015


Today is Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails, day.

The topic is "the most embarrassing moment............"  Oh us Pugs have just a few but our MOM has several.  There is an old saying that pictures are better than words.

Our Supper.  Mom was to busy talking to a friend outside and she forgot the hotdog treats were on the stove.

We live in a small village................everyone could smell the smoke.....................sigh..........

Stella Rose

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Last Wednesday was an exciting day at our house....................

FURST Mom only had to work until noon....whoooooheeeeee..................

AND when she got home she had to make Gussie take one little pink pill so he wouldn't go all NORMAN from Psycho on the FRANKENVET.  We have been hearing A LOT about a little pink pill on the World News for womens but I toles Gussie not to worry it would not hurt hims.  So we waited an hour and he was still running around crazy  playing wif Maggie Mom gave him another one like the VET said to do. 

While we were waiting on the special magic this pill promised---- Mom was doing some last minute cleaning up before our  guest...blogger, Mrs. Flea from who was coming to stay at our house for the night.  And wherever Mrs. Flea goes so does a big bag of treats just for US.

Mom worked hard on making a healthy salad for supper.  She figured anything where she would not need to turn the oven or stove would be the safest route to take.  WE three little pugs worried about the sharp knife wif her, but she did just fine!!!

Four O'clock came and it was time to load up Gussie for his special magical tour of the FRAnkENveT's office to get his toenails cut.   So far he was still just Gussie which meant he was not ASLEEP......................

" Why did I need to take those pills mom, Isa not sick or anyfing"

Once Gussie Boy saw Mom turn left instead of right he started to cry, and Mom said a big prayer that he would not spaz all out, and break the windows from his screaming.  She had already decided if it was to traumatic she would just bring him home, and he would look like Edward Scissorhands the rest of his life.

This is how it went.  Mom held him like a newborn baby and he hid his head and the Vet snipped and snipped and then Mom turned him over like a newborn baby and he hid his head one more time, and the Vet snipped and snipped.  AND then it was done.  Only then did all the peoples in the office realize they were holding their breaths.   Gussie does have a new ulcer in his eyes, so we paid the bill, got new med's for him and Stellie and hit the door running.  Whooweee..............fanks the Lord for little pink pills.

Tomorrow we will tell you more about our WEDNESDAY................

Stellie Rose

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Its been ONE week since we have blogged, I threatened our MOM last night if hers didn't get to the computer we would advertise tomorrow for a new MOM...............she just looked at us, .................then I felt sorry for MOM cos we three little pugs realized MOM always blogs so if hers isn't blogging there must be a multitude of reasons.

When we asked her......she said the wind blew her off balance.............

She lost her mojo.......................she was like a uprooted tree....................

WELL you get the picture.

Sometimes humans plates are so full, it runs down the table and onto the floor, and then they are stuck, ..............stuck................stuck....................

We know a lot of our friends here in Blogville have big plates, wif a lot of stuff on it, and running onto the floor, bigger and messier than ours plates so we toles Mom we loved her but she MUST stop whining and moaning, and moping............and put the pedal to the metal....and in her case the fingers to the keyboard.

We hopes hers listens to us.....maybe she will listen to the meantime here is a picture of Baby Gussie telling one of the grandboys at our house last night, who is in charge while Dad is missing on the highway to hell.

" I is the man of the house now, Marcus.....are you listening to me?"

P.S. We are so happy that Easy's daddy is going to be alright.....his angels were a watching out for hims.

Stella Rose

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Wesa really sorry we have been gone for so long, butt our mom is still knee deep in paint, and cleaning and taking care of us while Dad is on the highway to hell.  We promise next week we will do better.

Today is an exciting day for us cos we have a special visitor coming to our house.  It is our friend "Mrs. Flea" from Tulsa Oklahoma, and she works for Jones Treats.  Hers ALWAYS brings us a big bag of all kinds of wonderful treats, they last us for months, and we evens gives some to our doggie cousins, and the doggies at the Sanctuary.  WE are good puggies like that.
Here is a picture of Mrs. and Mr. Flea.  They visited us at Christmas time two years ago.

Speaking of Flea's.  Well, Mom tried to kill me off again. She went to the Vet on Saturday and decided to go back to our ole SAFE standby Frontline, she said we have never had a problem wif it, so it is much easier than trying to get those  *#* pills down our throats.  So Sunday morning she lined us up like an execution squad and put that crap on our backs.   Well, we ran around like crazy and then we settled down, Mom was glad.   WELL, two hours later after hers went to Walmart, and sent Dad back down the highway.......................I, Margaret Mae started to puke.  I puked and puked and puked, white foamy stuff.  Mom was horrified. 

Does this look like a face that enjoys puking.

So Mom gaves me a bath, and that sorta helped, and after a few more hours I settled down.  I still itched but mom was afraid to give me any medicine to help the itchies.

On Monday I puked a little more, and itched, and a little bit on Tuesday.  Last night Mom gave us all bathes again, and even Gussie was itching off and on.  So him and I bof had a reaction to it.  Of course Stellie Rose did not because I finks she is part cat, cos her legs are so stubby and hers is round and fat like angel dietzy. 

See the resemblance.........

So Monday Mom called the Vet and said "what the hell???" and the vet helper said "oh did you not know that frontline is now frontline plus and it is new and improved with a better ingredient in it......." WE DID mom is calling the company today to tell them, me and gussie got sick and they need to send her $10,000 back to her so she can fill the treat jar.


Today Gussie goes to get his nails cut.  Mom is super nervous cos they gave her drugs to knock him out, and remember last time that worked sooooooo well............that he screamed and yelled and carried on so bad even the staff was a crying and wished we would find a new vet.   Mom hopes he doesn't react to this medication and he is alert enough for our special walk around the lake tonight.

I toles her just frow him in the stroller along with weirdo stellie cos I is walking wif Mrs. Flea around the lake.    For some reason hotter than hell August has turned into "you might need a jacket Sept. "  just for the day..................whooooohooooo........

We will be back.
Maggie Mae

Friday, August 14, 2015


Today we are doing a blog hop with Sugar the most beautiful Golden Retriever.  Mom loves those big doggies, I have been doing stretching exercises so I will grow bigger, and have searched to order hair color a beautiful shade of blonde/ will be a very big surprise for her.

I was finking about all the beautiful fings in the world, and all the wonderfulist friends I have on my Blog.  Some of them  I talk to almost everyday, and others, live in the heavens above, so I talk to them a little differently.

I have a old tree in my backyard, and almost a year ago I started going out there, sitting up on the branch with the squirrels and robins.  I tried to blend in, but usually I chose a branch that was to small and it bent its way back down into the yard. 

I didn't want to show you a picture of me hanging upside down on a branch with the squirrels digging through my pockets so I picked this tree off of Pinterest, and hopefully Mom won't get a letter from the government saying she has to go to jail cos I stole it.  I would haf to tell them we are down to a one parent family and it is already like Alcatraz around maybe this one time they could just pretend to not see this.

Do you see me??????

Look real close.....I get up high in the tree so that way I can just whisper to the heavens, and my friend always hears me. 

It is beautiful.  Goodnight little G.

Angus Mac

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Go ahead and giggle cos I is laughing my butt off at my silly sister that would go out in public like this............

So I is so fankful today is fursday cos my dad will be home late tomorrow when it is real dark from working on the highway to hell.........have you guys watched for that guy with the bright fluorescent green vest on, holding a sign that says SLOW THE HELL DOWN.....yeah that is hims.  He probably has a grouchy, look on his face cos he is hot and it is against the law for him to sit down, although he can smoke all day long, go figure.   Anyways here is a picture of a flagger, we know it is not him, cos this guy is smiling, and dad doesn't hold a mallet cos that would be dangerous for the cars that do not slow down and try to kill him everydays.

Anyways I is planning on laying right in front of the door so Isa will be the furst one of us pugs he see's.  Angus says WRONG cos Dad will trip over me, and hit his head on the table that mom has moved around while he has been gone, can see where this is going..........not good.

We miss our Dad.  We miss bacon, sips of sweet tea, and sausage and biscuits everydays.  Now we are eating actual Alcatraz food, and water.  Our mom makes a good warden.   Just to show us she is in charge, she took me and stellie to the frankenvet last week, The girl that cut my nails made every nail bleed, and most of stellies.  They never broke us one time, we never cried or screamed.  WE know Gussie will take care of all that on FRIDAY.

You may want to wear ear plugs tomorrow around 2 pm.  They are trying a new knock out pill on him, and I am going to ask him to a few licks before he gobbles it down.  A girl has to get her beauty sleep before her dad gets home.

Maggie Mae

Wednesday, August 12, 2015



MY best friend in the whole widest world is going to be 11 in a few weeks.  His name is Stan.  Some of you have met him at parties we have had here in Blogville.  He lives a long ways away from me and it is so expensive to send him presents, so Mom and I have been working on something else....we wanted to share it with you.

All My Love
Stella Rose

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


We hate Cancer.  We hate it an awful lot.  We could go on like for 100 pages as to why we hate Cancer, and all the negative, awful things it does to a family.  We. Could. But. We. Are. Not.

Instead we want to share something personal with our friends.

Most of you know our grandma has cancer, and she is fighting a good strong fight.  It is uphill at times, but she is just like that little train, who just kept trying and trying and finally reach's the top.  That is our grandma.  We never told her we are comparing her to a train though, cos we fink she would rather be compared to a rose, or something pretty.

Our grandma has three daughters.  They are very much alike, and they are also very much different.  Somewhere along the road twenty years ago-- different became more important than alike, and one of them left.  So then there were two daughters.  Left.  Mom though mostly helped with grandma and grandpa, sometimes it was hard, and she felt like three was really one.  Hard.

Somehow though through this whole Cancer business one started to  become two and two started to become three.  Last Saturday all three of grandma's daughters spent the afternoon with her and grandpa taking funny pictures and telling funny stories about when they were all little girls.

Later grandma said it was the best day of her life, to have all three of her girls together.............I think evil Cancer gave her that gift.  Apparently, Cancer is so powerful it can rip hearts in pieces, AND it can heal them back again.  Cancer makes you look at the little things that are really big......and the other stuff just ends up in the trash. 

Three is stronger than one. 

Stella Rose's Momma

Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy Birthday SUGAR!

Happy 14th Day Sweet Boy!!!  We hope you have a day filled with love, and treats, and treats and love.
We three pugs in Iowa.
Stella Rose
Margaret Mae
Angus McConnell

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Well, project day two has come and gone.  Finally the hallway is dry and Mom decided to wait until the humidity is gone before she applies a second coat.  The utility room floor dried last night, it only took 3 days or!  Again, she must wait to apply more.  It does look nice and shiny and clean.  Mom said the real test will be us and Dad.

The kitchen walls are painted and so are the cabinets.  Mom took yesterday afternoon off and the grandboy who is 11 and a better painter than Mom helped.  A LOT!!!!  He climbed the ladder to the high high heavens of our walls to get in the corners, he sat on top of the refrig. know all those dangerous things Grandma's are not supposed to let their grandchildren do.  As it has dried we see area's that will need touch ups but at least she has made some headway......Mom might try to paint the kitchen floor tonight or mow....its a toss up....only one more day and dad will be home ...whooohehehheh......we will post pictures tomorrow....maybe.

We are so upset about some if you don't want to hear gripping just turn our post off now.  First an update on our Macey.  Still waiting.............yes she is still waiting on her compression hose...........all these months..............tomorrow she see's her Doc. again to be re-measured and hopefully re-ordered through a different company!!!   The first company bowed out about three weeks ago, after she has waited and waited...because of the size etc............fitting a child is apparently something no one on Earth or Iowa is talented enough to do.  Of course Macey doesn't really care because she is little and doesn't understand the importance of them.  So things are at a standstill for her.  No PT because without the hose it can be more dangerous for her with the movement of the fluid.  Apparently even good insurance isn't worth much.  We ARE disgusted.

Yesterday Mom had her follow up checkup after her surgery last week.  Apparently when her Dr. came and told Dad and me that everything was fine and they removed JUST the tumor she mistakenly told us INCORRECT.  I am still trying to spin my brain around how a Dr. can walk out of surgery and tell us things that were wrong?????  Mom did have to have lymph nodes removed because they found more cancer ....................we were told NO lymph nodes were removed because they were cancer free.  So now her plan of action has changed and the worse thing is the Dr. that Mom felt so safe and confident in, has made her feel less.   We are still just shaking our heads.

Its not good when you lose all confidence in the people you trust to take care of the ones you love....................not good.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Mom bought yellow paint for the cabinets in the kitchen, she is painting the kitchen grey and yellow with new curtains that will be Navy.  Dad is working on the "highway to hell" for the week so now is the time to destroy any similarities to normalcy at our house.

This is NOT our kitchen.  This is a kitchen Mom found on Pininterest.....Mom says "Pin" is a lying, cheating. ..&^#*& cos nothing she does turns out like this........I told her, "mom our kitchen doesn't even LOOK like this.????"    Instead our "Pin" picture should have been this.

Mom is also putting polyurethane---sticky stinky stuff on our hallway.  She says she will never haf to wax those old floors again, AND she is covering some new paint on the utility room floor also. 

Mom didn't realize how fast that stuff gives you a headache, and how LONG it takes to dry.  It says 3-4 hours on the can, but the hallway took a good 10 hours and the utility room is still sticky.....looks like no clean clothes for us today.  Mom better have it dry before Dad gets home on Friday with a crap load of dirty clothes.  She may have to use a hair dryer.......................I suggested that, .....she suggested other inappropriate things to me.

Day One a failure to the paint store to buy new paint.  We all had to wear sun glasses cos the neon yellow paint was to much in our small kitchen...........

Off to the tub to wash the grey paint off my tail, and ears, Mom says I look like a skunk.   Where is our Dad?

Stella Rose

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Sisters-----nice sister, and mean sister.

We will be back later this week, Mom is doing one hundred paint projects while our Dad is gone.  We are trying to stay out of her way................we will be checking in though to make sure everyone is doing okay.....Hugs Stella Rose