Friday, August 30, 2013


My Dad is addicted to sweet tea.  Sweet tea at our house means tea with 87 cups of sugar in it.  My Dad loves loves loves it and my Mom hates it.  She likes tea with no sugar.....WHAT!!

Well ever since Mom first brought me home she has caught glimpses of Dad giving me a quick drink of HIS SWEET TEA out of the corner of her eye.  She was ALMOST sure she was seeing things, cos no Parent would give their Pug a drink of tea with 87 cups of sugar in it. The first time it happened Mom dismissed it ....the second time it happened she SCREAMED at my DAD and asked him what the H-E-double L he was doing, he said "oh I just give her a little sip".  Mom told him to stop!  The third time she saw it she SCREAMED AGAIN at DAD and Dad told her, "oh I just give her a little sip".

Mom sat Dad down and told him all the evil things SUGAR can do to a little pugs body and even told him that is probably why I got sick that time and had to stay at the vets overnight. (Mom lied to Dad but she was desperate!)   After that Dad stopped giving me sips of his sweet tea for about 87 days.  Mom won...until the other night.......this is what she came home too!!!


Now all of us pugs LOVE our SWEET TEA even tho Dad "only gives us a little sip."  Mom threatened all kinds of cruel things if he didn't stop.  Things, we can't even write about on this blog, things a pugs ears shouldn't even have to see in their lifetime.

We think Dad will just become a sneaky closet SWEET TEA DRINKER and he will hide the glass before Mom gets home.  Mom is beside herself.  I, Margaret and Angus McConnell are hooked on the stuff!  Now she knows why we are so wild and wooly in the evenings.

Stella Rose


Its supposed to hit 100 degrees here today which means it will be wayyyyyyyyy to hot for MOm to take us out on any kind of walk, which means we once again will be all wild and wooly tonight when our folks get home!!!!  Mom worries about Dietzy cos he is so old and he hates to stay in the house even when it is hot.  He eats a little and wants to go outside. 

Remember our wall of fame (otherwise known as the refrig) where Mom puts pictures that our bloggy friends send us.  Well guess what we got in the mail a few days ago.

Yes, its Greta from the Idaho Pugs and all her ribbons.  She even signed it for us.  Isn't she a cutie.  Thank you Greta!!!  And congrat's on your accomplishments.  We have been practicing at our house sit, and ....well sit for awhile....after that its just about the cheese.  Hopefully on Tuesday it will be cooler and we can go back to our classes.

Remember Leo, our cuzin that is at the rainbow bridge. 
Well this week they brought a new kitty to their home to keep Bear company and for the kids to love.  His name is Teddy.  We haven't got to meet him yet, we don't know if he will even like us.  He is a ragdoll cat also, whatever that means.  His eyes are really really blue.

I think he will have alot of love in this home .....

Here is Baby Bean getting her picture taken by Aunt Kylei....she doesn't look to happy does she.  We heard later that she annihilated that headband.

Mom's flowers are about all burnt up.  Its so hot outside Mom is ready for the fall time so she can clean up her gardens to get ready for the Winter.

This is made out of a leaf plaster.

We hopes everyone has a safe Labor Day and is able to stay cool.  We don't know what we are doing yet.  Probably just staying home with mom and dad and sleepin on their laps.

Stella Rose

Thursday, August 29, 2013


No not this Bear but this Bear.
Remember awhile back all the problems Bear at the the Frankenvet's office. How sick he was after his visit and how angry we all were that they gave him a drug AFTER we said DO NOT GIVE HIM THIS DRUG. 

Well it took him awhile, and even tho he had several "stroke-like" symptoms he did get better.  We wanted to send out a very special thank you first to the Idaho Pugs cos they got hold of Amy Swartz at EPIC  PET HEALTH about her all natural supplements and Amy sent me an email asking how she could help.  I explained what had happened and she sent Bear the supplements for "Repair" and "Calm" to try.  She didn't send a sample either but the regular sized bottle that you would purchase.  I talked to her on a Wednesday and by Friday the box was delivered to our door.

  So Kylei started adding drops to his food and over time she can see a difference.  For one thing she notices he isn't as snappy with the kids, and just seems lots more CALM, and he is up and running around now like a youngster that he was before the DRUG REACTION.  I sent Amy an email recently to tell her how well Bear is doing and we also talked about Stella's eyes and how concerned I am about it going into something very serious.  She generously is sending us her EYE'S to try to help with her dry eye issue.  Stella has NO tears at all so she often has muscus forming in her eyes and she has a brown pigment all over her big eyes.  This contributes to her blindness.  So we are thanking AMY at EPIC PET HEALTH for being so helpful to Bear and Stella.  We wish everyone who invested in pet health were as kind and thoughtful as she is.  We will be letting you guys know how it works with Stella's eyes.


Awhile back Stella won from Jan's ( blog) a bottle of
We were pretty excited about getting this cos SOMETIMES there are still accidents at our house.  We like it cos it is all natural and doesn't have a bunch of additives.  We used it this week on our bathroom carpet ....we are not sure WHO had the accident but the Pugs all pointed at Dad!  It left no after smell and did a good job cleaning it up.  Thank you Jan.

Stella Rose, Maggie and Baby Gussie's Momma

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


 Lets just go to bed Mom!  (You will notice the year is now right but the month is wrong cos I wasn't even borned yet)

Baby Gussie


Friday, August 23, 2013


Here is the list of names that we are dropping into the hat:

Judge could you close your eyes and draw one out please.........

Here is the Mystery Box all packed and ready to be sent this afternoon....

DrumRoll Please...............................................................................................................................................................

Mary Ann Yoder of   Mary Ann and her husband Keith live in Kansas on a farm.  They have goats, chickens, and some dogs.  One of the dogs is a pug named Abby and she has her own blog.  Mary Ann is one of our bloggy friends.  Go over to her page and check it out.  Thank you to everyone who donated to Benny's Fund....thank you...thank you....thank you..... Mary Ann we will be putting the box in the mail today.
P. S. We sure wish we could have sent each and everyone of you a box!
Stella Rose


The BIG DAY has arrived and the JUDGE will be choosing the names from one of Dad's hat's at noon Iowa time.  We are so excited to see who wins our MYSTERY BOX but what we are more excited about is how everyone here on blogville and even beyond came together for our furfriend Benny....that just goes to show you folks that there are still people out there that take care of one another.

Here is the Peach Jam that we added to the box yesterday AND

Here is the last item we are adding to our box
Remember the Queen Anne's Lace bowl ...well this is a little pitcher that goes on the wall as a decoration.  We wanted to keep it but Mom said NO it had to go in the box.  One of Mom's good friends donated to our cause.  Just remember folks you have until NOON today to buy a raffle ticket.  Lady Caroline left me a message that her Mom also bought a ticket so we now have $240.00 raised.  Bless everyone's heart! 

As far as the last mystery gift well ...this is what didn't arrive at our house yet.  So we will have to send that out later to the winner.  We thought we had better tell what it is cos we don't want you to think its a really big item but it is more of a personal item.  It is an autographed picture of ME--STELLA ROSE.  We thought we would have it back from the developer place but we don't...sigh........See you back this afternoon.
Stella Rose

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Folks, only ONE MORE DAY until  Judge Westercamp  will draw the name out of the hat.  We were gonna have my Dad but decided if we ask the Judge in the Magistrate Courtroom it would be fair 100% cos he doesn't know any of you. I did research on the internet and found that this method is the most concise and fair way to choose using the hat.

Our batteries are dead for the 100th time so we are gonna have to go buy some more tonight before we can post the picture of today's item.  We will tell you that it is sweet, goes on bread and is made from Peaches.  The Amish have a fruit stand outside of town and Mom paid them a little visit today.

Here is the list of names that we have so far, please let us know RIGHT AWAY if we are missing anyone.  We will be picking the name out of the hat at NOON on FRIDAY which is TOMORROW so you still have a little time.  Don't forget there will be a mystery gift in the box that only the winner will see and then can share with blogville.
1. Frankie-Ernie-1
2. Janice Webb-1
3.Idaho Pug Ranch-1
4. Finn-1
5. Casey-1
6. Cinderella -1
7. Sarge-1
8. Ruby C-1
9. Ellen G and her 5 Pugs-1
10. Mayzie C.-1
11. Sasha-1
12. Zooperson-1
13. Slimmer Pugs-1
14. Mary Ann-4
15. Anne Miller-1
16. Sandy Loey-2
17. Terry Martin-2

Grand Total SO FAR of monies raised for Benny's Kick C to the Curb fund is ...$220.00   WHOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!

This is Maggie:

Mom has been working with us on our homework.  I, Margaret and Gussie are doing just great.  We listen to Mom and we sit, and make eye contact with her and sit some more. AND WE GET CHEESE. We are learning that class is over when Mom says OKAY.  That is sorta hard.  BUTT STELLA ROSE is a dummy.  Mom tells her to sit and she twirls around like a ballet dance, Mom tells her to do this and that and she twirls around like a ballet dancer.  Either her elevator is stuck or she only speaks Chinese from our native motherland.  Mom is going to check on the computer today to see what the chinese word for sit is....I think it is "dummy"...bahahhahahah

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We didn't post yesterday cos Mom has had a very rough week  at work.  We can't say alot about it but Mom went home and called all her girls and told them how much she loved them. You never know what your grown up kids may be going through.  Then a good biker friend of our Dad's passed away Monday night.  His friend was on the liver transplant list and was waiting but didn't make it.  Dad loved riding his Harley with him, and often when Dad was off work for the day you would see the two of them tooling all around the villages.  They were rough looking fellows with kitty--kat hearts and often joked about being home at 5 PM instead of 5 AM like in the old days.  He was a good guy and we will miss him.

ITEM #4 AND #5

We have a doggy scarf made by a local woman that sews, a little pretty bag full of catnip, a pig magnet and a beautiful ornament that has things from Van Buren County on it, and it says Keosauqua Iowa....and that is where we live.

We are almost done filling up our box.  We still have a few goodies up our sleeve yet...we are really hoping that we hit $200.00. So far we have raised $185.00.   I checked into sending this box to Canada and the shipping would be $45.00  whewwweeee alot of monies.  Thank you to all the doggies and their parents out there who have helped with our Mystery Box funding!

Well last night was Margarets first night of puppy classes.  Mom rushed home to get her bag packed and make some delicious treats for her.  She rolled up pieces of cheese into little balls, and then Murphy and Stanley's mom told her that she heard some dogs like nuked hot dogs cos they are rubbery and fun to eat.  So Mom nuked TWO hotdogs for her and cut them up in tiny pieces. Cos she knew MARGARET would need all those treats for everything she was going to learn tonight. Mom was so excited and Margaret was excited cos as soon as she saw her harness she THOUGHT she was going for a walk at the fairgrounds.  Gussie and I were snickering behind the chairs.

Why do I need to sit in the car seat and where is Gussie?

Thank goodness for air conditioning cos it was an hour drive to the school and it was almost 90 outside.  As soon as we got to the school we saw other puppies all around.  There was a Golden Retriever, 2 Huskeys, Basset Hound, Corgi, Boxer and two little dogs and MARGARET.  They were all jumping around, and playing and friendly but MARGARET turned her face into Mom's shoulder and hid.  As soon as she did that Dad's words ran through Mom's brain about Maggie not having the personality to handle class and that she should take Gussie instead. 

The teacher came over to meet Mag's and told Mom just to take it slow with her and try to get her more comfortable.  So Mom walked around with Mags (she kinda had to drag her) and she carried her around, and finally she just sat down and held her.  Class started and they worked on eye contact....everyone got a turn to work with their parent and the teacher EXCEPT Margaret cos its rather hard to work with someone who is lying UNDER the chair.  Finally Mom joked with the class and said, "well she sure does  the lay down and stay down really well!".  MARGARET spent the whole class under the chair.  She never came out to go pee or drink water and when it was time to go Mom carried her back out to the car.  Mom kept hearing Dad's words over and over.

Mom brought a big bag of dog food to the teacher cos she runs the DOG STAR SANCTUARY and right now has 19 dogs on her 5 fenced  acres.  Its a beautiful place for dogs who this is their last chance to live out their days.  Mom ordered us some good food from Mr. Chewy but the pieces were two big for us to eat, so instead of bringing Ms. Melody an apple we brought dog food instead.  I know every little bit helps her and her dogs out.  Plus Mom thought it might help Mag's get a star for the night. (lololol....a star...lolol....maybe a blanket and a pillow....)

Well, Margaret slept all the way home cos she was EXHAUSTED from laying on guard under that chair for a whole hour, and then when she got home she zoomed around like only a pug can do and played with Gussie for over an hour.  Mom sorta glared at her.  Mom talked to the teacher and she said we could try it one more time, OR we can bring Gussie next time.  The teacher said the class is really about Mom learning things and then working with us at home, and is a social time for the dogs.  She also said something that stuck in Mom's brain.

She said to imagine that Mom was in class and someone said they turned a rattlesnake lose , but that Mom had to stay there and attend class and learn everything the teacher was saying.  Well, my Mom hates snakes so immediately just the thought of that made my mom's bones hurt, she said that is how some dogs feel when they are brought into a new situation, Mom thought alot about that last night with MARGARET.  Mom should have taken me, cos when it was my turn to go out there with the teacher and Mom and the teacher wanted me to SIT I would have did my twirly dance for her just like I do my MOM!!!!  I would have gotten two stars!!!  Mom says my brain is wired a little differently.

P.S. Mag's was so scared she didn't eat one treat that Mom had fixed her, or even a yummy treat the teacher tried to give her.  Mom gave her treats to the dog beside her.
Stella Rose

Monday, August 19, 2013


First lets get to Item #4.
This is a small bag of lovely smelling lavender and a big crystal to hang in the sun. MY mom loves the smell of lavender and sometimes on those rough days holds the bag up to her nose and sniff's just to calm herself down.  She also has these beautiful crystal's hanging all over.  We thought the winner would enjoy both things.  Mom always tells the grandmonsters that the lights dancing around the house from when the sun hits the glass are fairy lights the little girlmonsters love hearing that story.  Our list of rafflers is growing ....if you have paid your monies to FUND ME at the Two French Bulldogs page and you are not on this list please let me know.
Frankie & Ernie, Janice Webb, Idaho PugRanch, Finn, Casey, Cinderella, Sarge, Ruby C., Ellen G., Mayzie C., Sasha, Zooperson-Lady Caroline, Slimmer Pugs, Mary Ann (2), and Ann Miller.  Have we left anyone out?  We received a post asking if someone wanted to pay the postage and they lived in another country if they could enter, what do you think?  I think it would be just great!  Mom would sure like to reach the $200+ with this Mystery Box.  Everyday this week we will be putting new items in it and showing it to you, then on Friday we draw the name!

Saturday was my Gotcha Day and alot of my blogville friends know the story of how Mom went with a friend of a friend to a breeders farm to deliver newspapers to her.  Mom was appalled and very sad when she saw the conditions of this farm.  She didn't even want to get out of the car.  The first thing this person asked mom is if she was from USDA and we guess she was worried she would be in TROUBLE for the conditions Mom was seeing.  Once she realized Mom was not and was basically held captive she showed Mom around. Mom said later it took her days to get that smell out of her nose and hair.  Mom and Dad's little minpin had just went to the rainbow bridge and they were not looking for a dog yet. She kept showing Mom old breeder dogs that Mom could just have, but Mom said no, and it broke her heart to do that. Mom said she was just in shock cos she didn't know about these places.  The nursery was in a creepy basement and as she showed Mom new puppies Mom said her eyes kept watering from the smell and her heart breaking.  They handed her a little black dog that was 4 months old-- that looked like a baby gorilla and told mom that she was almost blind and they couldn't sell her, so she would stay in the basement and become another breeder dog.  Mom somehow ended up carrying that stinky little dog around while she saw the rest of the place.  That little dog was living with 4 bigger dogs, so she was not well cared for nor well fed and did we mention she smelled really bad. When it was time to go, Mom got ready to hand the dog back to the devil woman, and the woman told her she could just keep her cos the vet bills for her would add up for the breeder. Mom said no they weren't ready for another little dog yet, so when it was time to put her back in the cage, MY Mom froze up and her eyes were wet, and she looked into that little weird face and said she would take her home forever. . On the way home stinky dog laid in the seat beside MY Mom and Mom said I think your name should be STELLA ROSE cos you deserve something beautiful in this world.  That is my gotcha story.  That was just a small part of my life, only 4 months  and now I am 3.5 years old I have many more wonderful memories and  those are  what I think about. My mom loves me with all her heart and I love her with all my heart.  I have taught my Mom so many lessons in life and my Mom has taught me all about having a loving Mom and Dad.  Here is a picture of me after I lived with my Mom for a month. I look much better!

See how cute I am.

Here are yesterdays pictures. 

Here is my before "my bath" picture with my shower cap on.

Here is my "Russian working in the potato fields" look. 

Maggie wanted to get her own picture...see how big she is smiling cos she jumped on the chair all by herself and took this picture.

Baby Gussie didn't want any part of that red handkerchief shot ...he said he wanted to look like a real pug.

Have a great Monday friends..remember we have to get through a Monday so we can get closer to Friday.
STella ROse


Friday, August 16, 2013


Mom was home yesterday with a hurt heel so we couldn't blog until this morning. She busted the little sack we all have in our heel to protect us when we walk, she must have smacked her foot against the concrete to hard and now she is paying for that, also she wears thin sandals. I keep telling her she is WAYYYY to old to wear skinny shoes anymore but she doesn't listen to me.

We are so excited about how well our little MYSTERY BOX is a doing.  Here is the list of peoples we have so far so if we missed you please let me know at our email...simpson_longatyahoodotcom.
1.Frankie and Ernie
2. Janice Webb
3.Idaho PugRanch
4. Finn-Marrianne Howard
6. Cinderella
7. Sarge
8. Ruby C.
9. Ellen G. Momma to Webster, Whitney, Zoe, Peyton and Liberty
10. Mayzie Carlton
12. Zooperson
13. Slimmer Pugs

Isn' t this just great folks. I feel really bad about all the peoples who don't live in the USA that wanted in on the raffle.  Mom may just have to make you all some fudge and mail it to you.

Pickle Creek Soap and Lip Balm.   The lip balm is lemongrass and the soap is Lime Basil. This is a family ran business and is a herb farm.  They do everything by hand from seed to store.  They also create oils, vinegars, teas, salves using family recipes that have been developed and refined over the years.

WE had a big ole surprize in the mail this week.  See us girls here in Iowa get the biggest kick out of Frankie and Ernie...and even our Mom laughs her head off when she sees pictures of them in their tighty-whiteys so guess what came in the mail for our own refrigerator.  Yep.....
This is the collage that Mom made for guys...the grandmonsters are gonna get the biggest kick out of this.

Wednesday night Dad went with us out to the fairgrounds and Mom is noticing that even I am enjoying going out there running around in the grass.  I have my boundaries tho and never walk near the gravel or trees.  Of course Mom is walking the Gangsta's all around to wear them out.  She is also practicing Maggie's first week of homework which is to get her attention when she says her name.  Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.  Mom has found out she really likes cheese.  Thanks to Murphy and Stanleys mom for the treats suggestion. We don't have any pet stores around here in lost in the woods Iowa so we will have to improvise.
Come on Mom lets get this show on the road!

After our walks.

And of course our final picture of our big college girl.  Yep, that binkie in your mouth Maggie really shows your ready to school next week...Bahahhahahha
We CAn't HardlEY WAit to show you next weeks things for the MYSTERY BOX!!
Stella Rose

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This is My Mom she is NOT Item #2 She is Way to Old for The Box.
LOLO....anyway my MOM was practicing with her camera trying to get that funky date off of our pictures...we don't understand why she can't but then she doesn't understand why she can't cook hotdogs without the firemen coming to our house so I guess it pretty well evens it all out....So here is Item #2

Yes, its homemade FUDGE from our local FUDGE STORE.  MS. Jennie Lee graciously donated this FUDGE to our MYSTERY BOX.  There is peanut butter, chocolate walnut and maple nut.  Oh we are drooling just looking at it.

This is last years picture cos now she has a beautiful deck built on the side so people can relax by the river and eat her fudge.  She is such a nice woman, cos she always asks my mom about me.

People are wondering if it is a MYSTERY BOX just why we are showing you the items inside.  WELL....its like this we figure if you see all the goodies then you will want to buy a chance to win the box, BUT there will be one mysterious item inside that ONLY the winner will see and share with you AFTER they receive the box!  So Folks keep on stepping up to help Benny.  So far we have heard from Frankie and Ernie, Janice Webb, Idaho PugRanch and Finn!!!! YAY!!!!  Just go to fund me and let us know or send moms the money and she will send it onto fund me.

Over the weekend my MOM did some furniture painting and she started working on her old dry sink.  It used to be white but now she changed it and rearranged the family room.  Dad doesn't like it but we don't care. He is still in the doghouse about the fence.

Mom still has to add the knobs and do some touch up painting.  It also looks like she needs to de-clutter her old

Last night she signed Maggie up for her college class, BEHAVIOR 101, Maggie has homework for this week.  Mom is to work on her recognizing that her name goes hand and hand with a treat.  Um,...............Next Week Maggie gets to go to class...Um......


Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Good Morning Friends.....we are sooo excited to begin filling up our mystery box for the big winner.  Benny our friend needs all the help he can get to get rid of the bad "C" that he has and it costs alot of monies to do that.  Everyone here in Blogville has been helping in any way that they can so we came up with this mystery box filled with items you can only find in IOWA.   Wesa really sorry but the box is to little to put a pig in there for sure!!!!  Ummmm bacon...oh...okay I am digressing.   Anyway without further adooo here is our first item, along with a blurp about the ARTIST.

(Ignore that date, we can't get it off the pictures for some reason)  Isn't this a beautiful little dish.  In the center of the pottery is a imprint made from Queen Anne's Lace that grows wild along our ditches in the country.

 This artist name is Betty Printy and here is a bit of her story.She is most well known for her signature line of Queen Anne’s Lace pottery, developed about 1986. She operates a studio and production shop which includes wheel thrown, hand built slab work, and slip cast objects located in Bentonsport, Iowa. She has done workshops and demonstrations of wheel thrown pottery in Bentonsport and throughout Southeast Iowa for many years. In 1989 she developed an interest in the Raku process and has given workshops in Raku and maintains a line of beautiful one of a kind Raku pottery pieces in her Gallery. She has operated, along with her husband Bill, Iron & Lace, a pottery and weaving studio and Blacksmith Shop for the last twenty years.

We will also include a brochure about Bentonsport where Betty has her shop. 

Remember if you want into this raffle just let my mom know on her email simpson_longatyahoodotcom or send her a message  on her blog.  We know $10 is alot of monies but folks this box will be worth it.  We are gonna put some food items from our local Dutchman's store that is found in the village of Cantril also, just all kinds of things.  The raffle will offically be over a on August 23 rd with us announcing the winner on that day.  We will pay for the shipping cost to the winner.  We are sorry but only our friends in the USA can enter cos of the postage...dangit!!!!

Please will you post this on your blogs cos we would like to get the word out for sure!!!  Thank you guys so much.

So far we have heard from Frankie and Ernie...they paid their $10 through Go Fund Me, you can do that or send mom the monies.  Sorry MOM doesn't have a paypal.  
Stella Rose

Monday, August 12, 2013


Over the weekend we were a checking up on Benny and saw that they have reached their halfway mark in their fundraising event.  We also noticed it was slowing down a little and Benny isn't done with his shots yet.  Its a good thing us four-leggers step up when the two-leggers get tired isn't it!  For instance in Alaska who is pulling  with those bob sleds...yep its the four-leggers pulling the two-leggers along the way.

Anyway Mom and I thought and thought and thought all weekend about what we need to do to help Benny, Lily and their Momma and we came up with a IOWA MYSTERY BOX.  See Saturday is my gotcha day and we decided to celebrate this by filling up this box with items ONLY found here in IOWA and mostly items from the LOCAL ARTISANS.  Did you know we live in VAN BUREN COUNTY IOWA and if you read Midwest Magazine we are often featured in it as a great place to go and relax, AND do a little shopping.  We have 7 villages with lots of local what the heck...we are asking them to donate an item to our mystery box and we will send it with us taking care of the shipping.  We are so sorry our friends that do not live in the USA cannot participate cos of the shipping cost.

Each day we will give you a peek into what item we have added to the box and some info about the artist.  Sometimes it will be a little item ...sometimes a bigger item.  Sometimes we will have a big story ...sometimes a little story.  We are raffling this box off at $10.00 and your name will go into a hat, and MOM said I Could pick the name out since it is my gotcha day present.  Folks, it will be well worth the $10.00!  So, put your starbucks money up for the week, and keep your treat monies handy and bid on this box for our friend Benny!

You can send the money to FUND ME at Benny page, or send Mom an email at letting her know you will be sending her the money directly.  We are going to be picking the winner on August 23rd ....stay tuned.

Please share this information on your blog also...i hope we have lots of bidders.

Tomorrow we will unveil the first item!
Stella Rose

Friday, August 9, 2013


Lately my mom has been getting emails from people who want to give her money.   Lots of money. They always start the email out by calling her by her real name Debra so since they know that information we must assume they also have real money to give us.

We are not really sure why they want to give us their real money or what we have to do to get their real money.  Maybe they like pugs so much, they think our mom deserves all the real money they want to give her; or maybe they like my Mom, or that we live in Iowa, or the fact she can grow tall butterfly bushes and/or have eight grandmonsters that come to our home a lot.  We have been pondering this for a whole week and still haven’t come up with an answer.

 We also wondered just HOW much real money they were gonna send to us as soon as we pushed this button at the bottom of the email and if it would pay for this weeks groceries or  a trip to Disneyland.  Also, Mom loves this house out in the country and she really would like to live there so maybe its enough real money to buy it. 

We wish they would be more open about their real money and why they want to give it to us and just answer all those questions burning in our brains but until they do we are just gonna have to live on the real money Mom earns by going to her real job every week, while we wait a really really  long time for her to get home.
Stella Rose


We don't know what terrible flu bug hit our blog yesterday and we thought we would have to notify the CBC in Atlanta Georgia like when Mom got bit by that weird little spider but that is a whole nother story AND  I guess it wasn't a great way to start our reviews out for Mr. Chewy...dangit!!!!

We think it could have happened because we saved our post from the night before cos we did it early, we notice that whenever we save a post and come back to finish it up we tend to have this problemo.....oh well its friday and my mom only has to work till noon...yeyayayyayay!  Do you like my little poster?

So on Wednesday Mom gets home and there is a package waiting for her on the table.
Its from Momma Mindy and the Slimmer PUGS!!!!  I were so excited cos anytime I see a package come to our house I just KNOW it is mine.  Guess what was inside????

Yep, little mini cheese bones for US and a new bag for my MOM.  Doesn't that look just like me on that side of the bag.  Here is the other side.

Isn't it beautiful.  There is this girl at PUGNOTES and she makes these. My mom looked it over and sure couldn't figure out how she did these beautiful pictures of PUGS.  All we know is she must have magic fingers!!!  My Mom told Momma Mindy she is going to use the bag to take when Margaret starts her college classes in two weeks.  Mom has already tried the bag out when she took Margaret and Angus out to the fairgrounds to walk this week.  It was very handy to carry her camera and their water and treats in.
I love the cheesie bones and Mags and Angus are starting to like them, they are very very very picky on their treats....which just leaves lots more for me!!!  Thank you so much Momma Mindy!!!!

Here are the kids on their walk at the fairgrounds.  Mom said she realized she needs to get a longer leash this weekend.  They like ALL the different smells but they NEVER leave any of their own.  Us pugs only pee in our own yard, OR on your carpet!  Did you notice that Baby Gus is almost as tall and big as Maggie???

These are the pens they use for the 4-H exhibits, they loved those smells.  WELL, we are gonna publish this now and hopefully it works.  We hopes everyone in blogville has a wonderful weekend and we will be back on Monday.  We always read your posts over the weekend but its hard to respond with our little tiny teeny keyboard on our ken doll. 

Not a good beggin for a little mini bone.

Stella Rose