Friday, June 26, 2015


It's Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails day in Blogville!   We love these events, even though Mom forgets to do them for us sometimes.

Okay, this month's inclusion is:   I knew I needed a good excuse for...
Here I go:

Well I faught and faught and faught and finally realized "hey its Friday, and I need a good excuse to go through some old pictures...and share them wif you!"

Grab some popcorn and relax.

Me at my first pug rodeo.   Remember that day Ms. Ellen?

Looking for a reason to wear my pretty hat, so Mom had a tea party for me, we invited 9 little girls, it was a blast.
Macey was three and the day before the party, took the scissors to her hair, her mom had to fix it the best she could....bol.......

Sometimes a girl just has to rest, to stay beautiful.

The next best thing to tearing up a stuffie

Can you find me in all the pumpkins??

This woman is mine all mine.  Take it back.

Yes, I am in the kitchen sick wif a pink sock monkey hat on.  Who has a sense of humor at our house??

Here is Gussie's scary picture when we brought him home.

Here he is when he realizes we are never taking him back.

His first driving lesson.

Have a great day
stellie rose

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Where's that woman at??

Maybe if Isa looks out the udder window?   Wheres you at woman?

Maybe if Isa wait wif Mag she will hurry home???   Is she home yet Dad??

Do you fink Stellie looks like a crazed bat?

How about now?


Gussie Boy

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Yes, friends it is raining again, and again, and again.

See KEOSAUQUA that is where we live, three blocks from the Des Moines River, UPHILL, thank pugness!!!!

Here are some pictures of the river Mom took this morning on her way to work.

 See the marker from the floods in the past, the park beside the River.
 There are signs all along the river, for the canoe races that we hold yearly....
 Bridge coming into town, it is only a few years old.  The river was moving fast this morning.
Mom thought this corner in our town is pretty.

 Two sleepy visitors we had Friday night and Saturday....later they helped work in the yard, and never complained.  Gussie of course made sure they were looking at the camera correctly.
 This little sweetie came by to see us on Sunday, she is scared of us.  One day Mom said she will like us.
This is her big brother.  We wonder just what he is thinking

Have a great I paddle away.......Stella Rose

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Yesterday my mom went to take my grandpa to the dr.  Here is a picture of me and him out on the porch last year.  He likes me the best.

Mom told me she was a little frustrated at the Dr. but didn't say anything to grandpa cos he likes his Dr.  Mom said the first thing she noticed is the nurse talked to grandpa with her back turned to him so grandpa had a hard time hearing her, and there was music playing so that did not help.  The second thing was the dr. was on his computer looking at grandpa's information more than listening to my grandpa, Mom said she could feel herself getting a little pissy inside...(sorry for the HBO word but that is what she told me)  Finally the dr. explained that grandpa has TWO drug resistant bacteria's that contain a lot of super powers and the drug he was on to kill them, did not work, so he is sicker than he was in the beginning, which was two weeks ago!!!!  So the Dr. went back to an old standard, that hopefully will work, if not grandpa may have to go to the hospital and have IV is worried.

Then her and grandpa did some errands for grandma and picked up his super med's and went back to their house.  On the way home Mom noticed some storm clouds coming in.  BY the time she got home, a tornado had touched down about an hour away and was making it way toward grandpa and grandma's house.  They have a earth home, so they were very safe, but mom was still worried, about them and her kids out on the road.  YOU know all the things moms worry about.

Mom drove by this building on the way did not look like this at 5:00pm but at 6:30 it did.

Its an Amish Furniture Store.  Lots of wind damage in the county grandma and grandpa live in.  Our county just got rain, we were lucky.  

Luckily no one was injured, just structural damages.

We are supposed to get more rain tonight.  Wowzer.
Stella Rose

Monday, June 22, 2015

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Friday, June 19, 2015


What are some of my most favorite special moments?
So our friend OZ is holding a as a thank you to one of his recent sponsors. 
He asked that we post a special moment to share with everyone...(we are not good at this linking thing)
Mom and I talked long into the night about this post and we went one direction and then another......for some reason this was a difficult post for us to do.  Maybe because it is Friday and we are all tired, maybe because I fink to hard about stuff. Maybe because when the lights go off and the stars come out, I can see my brudder Sammy J. Simpson and my sweet auntie Ms. Trudie, and even mean ole cat Dietzman playing among them.
Me when Momma saved me---now that was a special moment.
We have learned special moments are not always "good" moments.  Often they are the kind of experiences that leave our hearts looking like our momma's cakes when hers bakes them,...cracked.
Sammer and Me.

He was the best.

Aunt Trudie loved us more than anything in the world.  She was 6 when Dad saved her ...really saved her from a horrible person.  She was so happy wif us, even if it was just a short time.  A special moment, .......we tell ourselves to always celebrate her life and what it stood for, but truthfully, Mom doesn't open that memory door very often, sometimes special moments are moments you wish you could change.  They hurt.

And of course we always have these memories:

Mean Maggie Mae......lollllllololll..........hers is still a pickle..


Baby Gussie..........these special memories lighten our hearts and make us laugh.  Did you know laughing helps heal cracks, even deep one.  Issa just loves him so much.

And of course:

the best prison guard in the world. Do you see his big smile?  You don't... well you haf to look real close.  Sometimes we finks we still hear him meowing in the hallway, and when momma feeds us our breakfast, she starts to get his bowl out also, habits are hard to unlearn after 18 years........

I suppose there are those moments that eventually we move on from and forget and then there are those other kind of moments, the wonderful and the not so wonderful that forever stay in the photobooks within our hearts.  It must be a gift we were given from the heavens, way up in the stars.

Stella Rose


Thursday, June 18, 2015


Dear Higgins:
Isa need to introduce myself, I is Margaret Mae Simpson, I take my Dads last name, cos he belongs to me.  I is the 2nd pug girl who lifs wif our mom and dad, my older and decrepit sister, Stella Rose, and my little brudder and best boy buddy Angus McConnell Long.  He and Stella Rose take our Moms last name cos they own her.  It is very confusing but apparently in the lower southeast hills of Iowa that is how they do stuff.  Or else it is just our home.

My Brudder

Anyhoo, I is Maggie and I read your blog last night and noticed that you are pushing drugs that help a dog stay calm.  I Nose they are all legal and stuff ...cough...cough...and you even pledged that they made you all calm and lovey dovey like...wells maybe you just said nicer....when you went to see the Frankenvet so I was finking that maybe my mom should get Stella Rose some of that stuff so hers doesn't lose her goose wif us like hers did the udders night when Mom said it was time to go outside and pee.

(Maybe her snapped at mom cos of the headgear......and stroller......bol...bol.....)

NOW, I know all her friends here said hers probably had a migraine headache, and just didn't see Mom bending down to pick her up but friends, you could here the creaking of Moms bones in the other room, so I NOSE hers knew what was going on.  So I am finking hers needs drugs so hers will be happier and ONLY if I notice her eating more than usual will we stop her from taking them.

So what do you fink Higgins???  Will they work magic wif her?

P.S. I is at a rodeo camp right now so I will haf to set up the dropoff when Isa gets back home.  Yeeehaaa........Maggie Mae

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


(This is an email that I sent to my special friend yesterday)

Hey my Sweet BFF:
It is your twin living in redneck woods in Iowa.  I wonders if I must have drawn the short straw at birf cos you get to live in a beautiful place and I is living in deliverance country?????   How did that happens??  Mom said Isa cames from the Mills of Missouri which is a shameful place and I nose you did not comes from that place so I finks mom is a lyings since we are twins.

I likes your idea about us going with the cowpokes on their camp time....I finks they need watchin cos there will be BIG bulls and GIRLS running around that place and not enuf I is going to call up the campmaster and suggest he let you and me be camp counselors for those kids.  do you fink that is a good idea??  Mom said it was, and I fink she just wants a few days break from me but won't come right out and say it.


last night she toles all of us, including her special love, sweet stellie rose, gag gag, it was time for ALL of us to go outside and potty before Dad got home from work.  Now it was already dark outside, cos dad worked till after 9pm so I was figuring there was zombie's and bats hiding behind the I was a little slow running out to the porch, and when I don't run for the steps, Angus just stands there and looks at mom, cos I is the leader and he don't have many brains, I haf to do his finking for him, and then mom reaches down to pick up her stellie rose, cos stellie has to be carried down the steps cos supposedly she cannot see, and guess what perfect smelling stellie rose did to mom.   Guess my twin???????

HERS SNAPPED AT HER!!!!!!!!  AND GROWLED!!!!!!  Mom was shocked ....I snickered and Gus was shocked also, but Isa was still snickering.  So NONE of us ended up going outside to pee or kill the zombies, until Dad got home, and then we all went out like we normally do, even Stellie .......sometimes I fink her is batcrap crazy..........Maggie mae
SO after I sent Princess Leah my sweet twin this email I called that bullriding camp and found out they were a little short of help.  I got right on the stick and picked our favorite rodeo clothes...
looked up the camp on the map

Princess Leah and I decided we would turn all the heads if we RODE into CAMP instead of driving in the regular way.........



Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Mom is always trying to build things in her garden, last year it was stacking stones her brother had sent her from Alaska, some of the towers survived the winter and some fell down.  Such is our life.

Last year. 

This year, it is more filled in with plants.  It is one of mom's prettiest flower gardens this year, we need to take a better picture for you though.

Mom started noticing people building them with other objects found laying around their homes, more glass instead of stones, so Mom has been working on some, of her own, to keep and give as gifts.

She collected old vases, plates, and then found in the 80% off aisles of Hobby Lobby several small decorative bottles, with crystals on the top, and even one little crystal weinie dog....his ear was missing but you cannot tell in the tower, all you notice is the beautiful light that bounces off of him.

If you look real close you will see him under the bell jar on the bottom.  WE are drying them on the steps before sitting them outside in the different gardens.  That is an old medicine bottle on the top.

We still need to find some plates to put under a couple of them.  Mom is going to the goodwill store cos they often have older plates and dishes, .....

They are not everyone's cup of tea, but we kinda like the unusual in the yard.  The color.  Mom enjoyed putting them together.....the one at the very top that is all clear glass is for her sister, Mom is looking for a beautiful butterfly to put on the top of it....the vases used are heavy old crystal.
A closer picture of it. It is made up of two vases, two candle holders, and a small decorative cut was the first one mom made.......
This is what she does instead of cooking.........................its safer that way.


Tomorrow our grandmonster boys are going to their first ever Rodeo Christian Bull riding Camp.  They are very excited.....our mom and da are not so sure.  They remember when they were like this..

Marcus -3 and Micah-5.......And Now.....

Marcus -12

We wish Maggie Mae could go wif them, cos she would protect them from the bulls they are riding....she is tough like that!!!!!

Look at her just sitting up there wif her BFF on that big ole bulls head!!  Not scared at all.

Mom says sometimes she wishes she could see these little guys....its a grandma thing.

Stella Rose