Wednesday, September 27, 2017


This is an old picture of me I like it.   So today I am starting on some new medicine for cognitive dysfunction.  Even though I am only seven the doc thinks it could help with some of the problems. Of course mean maggie was laughing at my old doggie medicine, and I informed her to bad they did not make medicine for stooopid.  Mom said that was not nice of me.  I am blaming it on my illness...ehheheheheheh.......................stella rose

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


So here we are last night going to see the vet AGAIN, I mean I toles my mom over and over, we likes our new vet but do we have to go so many times!!!!!

So mom and vet Nancy was all worried about me so mom took me overs when hers got home from work, I kept telling hers I was fine, but you know how MOMS are!!!!

So friends this is the scoop...............Mom has noticed some different things happening to my body since the big move, and maybe even before Mom is not sure.  First of all and I am a little embarrassed to tells you all but if I don't mean Maggie will do a whole post about it and make it a big ole when I bark I poop, when Mom picks me up I poop, I don't evens know I do it, it just happens, Mom talked to the vet about it when I had my stone surgery and he said it was most likely a neuro thing and of course there is no meds.  Mom said we would just deal wif it, and we do.

Then my tongue started to get in the way of everyfing, sometimes I fink it is going to choke me, and I am not sure what to do wif it, ..........we are just dealing wif it too.   Another funnier fing I do is bark at dad, alot, sometimes I forget who he is and then I

And sometimes my back leg forgets how to work, and I have to walk around dragging it awhile and then it remembers.  Yesterday while mom was working I had a longer episode wif my leg and Dad called mom, so when she got home we WENT TO THE VET!!!

Oh friends, my mom was all upset on the ways over, and I had to have a long talk wif her.  I toles her over and over I was gonna do just fine, and I also reminded her no matter what wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the line, I was always gonna be wif her anyway.   Here is what I know and I am sharing it wif you friends.

When a human loses a loved one their heart just cracks and breaks and hurts, but somefing you humans don't realize is that those cracks and breaks is where we go to live, deep inside your heart forever and ever, healing the crack, and loving you just as much.  I fink when I reminded my mom of this, hers had her fingers in her ears singing so her didn't have to listen to me.

The xrays were fine, and my blood work was good , so no disc or spine problems. Vet Nancy agreed wif vet Dave, that it is more than likely a neuro problem, it could have been stress of the move in combination wif my blindness, my surgery, etc. etc.....stress does funny fings to us dogs to.  She said the best thing for me is to rest, and she gave me some special medicine that helps wif any pain I might haf.  Mom and her also agreed staying at the vet would not be a good fing for me, cos I cry real tears when mom leaves me all overs my fur, so Mom got to take me home!!

I am still eating well and drinking, and when I can I still run around and play, and I snuggle my momma.  Those are important good things for me.

So I am doing just fine, and I am home right where I need to be.

Love you much
Stella Rose

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Last night we got ALOT of rain.  Mom was super happy because southeast Iowa is in a severe drought and the yard is like concrete.  One of the things mom had to give up when she moved to the new house was taking her outside plants with her, it was to dry, and they would not have lived.  BUTT it is raining and storming now.  It started about 3 this morning.

Now I hates the thunder and lightening.  I bark EVERY TIME I hear thunder.  So last night and this morning I imagine I barked 156,000 times, more or less.  Of course I also stand on Moms head, because I have always heard to go to the high ground when ever high water is a threat.  I climb up on her pillow, and step on her head. Between barking and standing on her head, I don't think Mom got much sleep.  Hummmmmmmmm maybe you should think about those things mom when you order from Mr. Chewy.

Now Gussie boy doesn't mind the storms, he just snuggled up next to mom and tried to sleep.  What he does mind is getting his feets wet, so when Mom tried to take him outside at 5 this morning, and it was raining, and storming, he just locked his legs and stood on the deck, in the rain, refusing to pee.

Mags though ...well she is Mags.  She is like a little super hero.  ACCEPT when it is 5 in the morning ...EVERY morning and she needs to go outside to pee.  Rain or shine. So Mags is walking all over the bed, trying to get Mom up to go pee.  Gus is snuggling, and I am standing on her head.

Mom takes us all outside, I of course am like Gus and just look at her like she is nuts.  Maggie though runs through the storm, grabs her little soft ball, zooms around the yard, and does her business.  Just like every singe morning, rain or shine.

Later this morning the rain is supposed to stop and the heat will be back.  In the 90's.  When will fall ever get here??

Stella Rose

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Or in other words, the other items in the box that did not belong to us.  So after being very very disappointed that crinkle tunnel did not belong to us, we at least thought the next item did.  We were WRONG!

CAT FOOD.  Okay well we like cat food, but me and mags pukes it up so Mom keeps us out of it.  So that can only mean one thing.  IT IS NOT FOR US.  Oh Mr.Chewy what have you done?????

Have you forsaken us for cats, and ferrets, will goats and mini-donkeys be next????????????

So Mom ordered this Halo cat food for Henri and Ellen.  They are really really picky cats, so the big question mark is will they like it, or will me and mags sneak into it later and snarf it all down??

So mom gives them each a tablespoon so they will get use to it.  They also like to have it mixed into their dry food.

Yep I am licking my paws it was so good.

Where is my plate to try Mom?

Good to the last gulp.

If your good Gussie you can lick the plate.  Not!  heheheheheh................So this Halo food is really good.  We are trying Grain-Free Spot's Pate, this company is a Holistic company that makes food with only organic vegetables, fruits and range free meat.   You can purchase this cat food for 12 cans for around $20.00.   Each can lasted us several meals because we ate ours with a combination of our dry food.  We loved Halo cat food.   These are our words, and we were only given cat food for the review.  El and Henri

What about me can I try some???


SO finally Mom was able to start reviewing again and we are so excited, we waited and waited by the door for the UPS guy to come to our NEW house, only to find out he left the box at our OLD house.  Dang, ........Mom finally got it picked up though, and now we are happy.

Did MOM say the Mr. Chewy box is here.....whooohooo!!!!!

We tore the box open, cos we three are experts after all this time.....THANK YOU also Mr. Chewy.........

HOLD YOUR HORSES........Can we fit in this...okay lets breathe, calm down, calm down, okay it says for FERRETS...DWARF RABBITS....CHINCHILLAS and other small animals...NOT PUGS?????   WHAT the hell.......I mean is mom daft..............okay okay maybe it is for us.. and not that rat called EDDIE...........

Do you think you can fit in it Gussie???

Get out of it RIGHT now EDDIE its mine...all mine.  MOM!!!!   I think I can fit, yes, I can get my front leg in.....oh my ferret...Eddie is hiding in the tunnel.   I can't get him out MOM, he is hiding from me and laughing.  I am just going to tear it up.      I tried and tried, but it is just to strong mom, this tunnel must be made out of kryptonite ...........grrrrr.
Mom said this was an excellent buy for anyone with a small animal that needs exercise and play.  It was very reasonable priced at $8.29.    It is also made of cotton and polyester so it can be washed.  We always know when Eddie is playing in it because it crinkles so Mom can find him easily.  It is very durable, because we three pugs have dragged it all overs our house, trying to get Eddie out of it.  He laughs and laughs at us.  

There is even a side hole he can get into just to show off to us. We are just going to have to call up Ms. Natalie and tell her no more items for anyone in this house but us PUGS.   We were not paid anything for these comments, this is all our own words.   Gus

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


SO you all know about Eddie.  He is part of our family by his choice and not mine.  We have a story for you about Eddie, and how our parents got just what they deserve by allowing Eddie to live wif us.

Catch me if you can Gussie!

A few days ago while Mom was at work, Dad went out to do his outside chores.  Now that he is a hobby farmer he has fun chores he does everyday now.  BUTT before he went outside he let Eddie out to run all overs our house with SUPERVISION.

Its something that Eddie gets to do every morning and every evening. In between he sleeps the rest of the time, damn lazy ferret.

Soooo Dad lets Ed out, and forgets to put him back in his tower before he goes outside ...........he also forgot to move the dog crate from the wall in the kitchen.  That is another rule with Eddie YOU MUST always move the dog crate away from the wall cos he climbs it and runs all over the counters.  He is one smart ferret for sure.

So  here is Ed running wild wif no supervision, and the crate still against the wall.  Yep, Ed climbs the crate, and is on the counter.

NOW the day before Mom re-potted her favorite and ONLY spider plant hoping this miracle grow soil would make the plant happier and live longer.  Mom is known in these parts as the serial spider plant killer,but manages after each tragic death, to get another one, from her friend who is the spider plant whisperer. So the plant is one the counter, and the soil is still wet.

(not moms plant but this is what it looks like)

Yep it was a "ferret gone wild" moment for sure.  Eddie dug in the wet soil, he jumped and played in the wet soil, he uprooted the spider plant and threw it to the floor, and continued to roll in the wet soil.

Then just for the hell of it, he ran all over the counters, the kitchen and anyplace that he could leave muddy little paw prints.  WE pugs sit and watched in wonder, and once we realized what was going on, laughed our little asses off cos we KNEW Dad was coming up the steps any moment.

"He did WHAT???"

WELL, Ed went and hid behind the chair so Dad wouldn't see his mud soaked little body, but we had already made a sign for DAD that said, "LOOK WHAT ED DID!!!!"   Just to help Dad out cos we did not want him to think one of us had made the mess.  We also put an ad on Craigslist for a free ferret, saying we will deliver.  Just to help Dad out.

Needless to say, Ed got tossed back in his cage, Dad called mom at work and told her the whole muddy story, and Dad proceeded to clean it up the best to his ability, which really means when mom got home it took her another hour, to clean footprints off the wall, and counters, and doors, plus she had to re-pot that plant.

Ed was put on disciplinary action through the prison council and had to spend the rest of the day in his cage.  Only under guard watch was he allowed back out later that night.  Dad and mom made us take the craigslist ad off the site.      Sigh.................................Stella Rose

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Whooooweee..............did we have a summer.

FURST we moved.  ITS mostly a big blur but we moved from town to country.  We are now county pugs. And we cuss.

Corner of the back deck.

THEN we got new family members.  Is there a rule that you have to keep your family or can you sent them back to where they came from?  Just checking.

1. That damned Eddie, do we have a story about him for tomorrows post.

2. Petey and our dad.  Dad thinks he is smart but he's not.  We call them the "asses" under our breath.

3.  Our new mean sisters.  Lucy and Ethel.  They are the mean girls you deal wif in high school.  MEAN.

So that is our summer.  I had to have surgery and remove 24 stones from my bladder.  Mom is waiting still for the results to come back from Minnesota.  I finks she wants to put them in her rock garden.  I still have most of my stitches in.  Friday was a bust.  Thats a whole nother post for another day.

Stella Rose

Monday, September 11, 2017


May the families of 9-11 find peace as the years go by.
Stella Rose and family

Thursday, September 7, 2017


ONE of the fings we have learned since moving to the country is how to cuss.  We don't know if it is allowed in blogville for pugs to cuss but we are being up front and honest about it wif all our friends.  We are now cussing pugs.

We used to be nice citified pugs, but after living in the country for only two months we now have picked up some rather countrified habits.  Now we ain't saying just because we cuss that all pugs that live in the country cuss, it could just be us. AND we could just be using the move as an excuse to cuss.  We are not sure.

We blame it on DAD.  Don't feel bad for DAD cos we always blame him for everyfing BUTT did any of yours dads find a ferret crawling into his lap, and build him a big ass trump tower to live in right where we can see him everydays,  did any of yours DAD bring home not one but two fainting goats that hate hate hate pugs. OR did any of yours Dad bring home a miniature donkey that has fallen in loves wif your DAD and now he pays more attention to Petey (yes Petey is a girl).  WELL if any of ewes can say YES to that then we will stop cussing  BUTT until then we are cussing pugs in Iowa.

So back to those fainting goats. Ethel and Lucy.  Ethel is nice and does not let us know how much she hates us.  She has horns and is scary looking. But mostly she ignores us.  But Lucy who is moms goat has no horns, and is fat and not scary and hates us right out in the open.  Even when we go up to the fence just to say hi to her, she tries to butt us away from her.  We call her the old heifer, just to be mean.  AND yes we know she is not a cow but we haven't figured out a bad name to call her yet, or at least not one we can print in our blog.

WE love living in the country but when we signed on to go wif our parents to the country we did not know that would mean we would be living in a freak show......fainting goats, a tiny donkey, and a ferret that runs through the house hiding all our dog biscuits in the closet.  Last night Dad found 8 milk bones Ed had hid in the bedroom closet. Do you fink he knows about the hurricane? (No Eddie is not allowed out of his cage, only when he shakes it like an angry prisoner, then they let him have his time in the house. He is house broken just a thief)

So until life goes back to normal (ha, whatever normal is at our house) we will keep on cussing, loud or under our breath.  Cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss and cuss.

P.S. I have to go get my damn stitches out on Friday and meet the new "just got out of the marines" vet.  What more could a girl ask for.

Stella Rose

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I will pay you one million dollars Gussie if you will unlock my door.  Eddie