Monday, July 31, 2017


MOM is learning how to take pic with her new phone.  See the tiny prison we were in well its because I Margaret Mae smartest pug in Iowa figured out how to get my perfectly round little body through a small square shape in the fence and I ran the cornfields of IOWA.   Isn't that some kind of brilliance tests humans take.

Can you see the fence...and the big cornfields.....what a run I had. But Dad was rather pissed and went and bought chicken fencing to put at the bottom of the nice farmer fence, so now you know what an excellent escape artist that I am, it takes Two fences to keep this pug in.  I believe I will start giving classes to those humans that live behind the great wires, I plan on charging for my expertise of course.

Mom worked Sat. so with Sunday being her only day off, she was able to get some things done but she still have 150,0000 more to do.  We try to snoopverise and help her but she does not appreciate us being under her feet.

If EDDIE is not sleeping like this then he is raising the Daytona 100 all over all house. He is a super smart little guy, I think he must posses some of my pug genes.  Yesterday Mom found him n the garden tub with a large assortment of her necklaces .....I told Mom he was planning her wardrobe for the rest of the week.

Stellie and gussie say hi.  We are saying goodbye to the carpet next weekend and getting wood flooring.  Mom is excited, Dad is worried we will be piss heads when the men come to work.  Dad worries wayyyyyyyyyy to much about us.  Mom says if I don't quit cussing so much, she is shutting my blog down. Damn woman!

Here is the front of the house this has shitty camera skills.

Here is a little bit of our Alcatraz in the back.  We like it. Gussie especially loves it cos he likes to bark at the bigger than hell X-rated goats running around over there with the big horns.  Did you know goats have beards and they like to pee on each others beards and the goat with the most pee in his beard is the King of all goats?   I am thinking about growing a beard and becoming the queen of all pugs around here.   Just a thought.


Friday, July 28, 2017


Oh good morning my bloggy friends, it is me, Maggie Mae of the Three Little Pugs in Iowa.  I have missed our blog so much but I could not get Mom to sit down and blog for me, so I have been secretly teaching myself and it has only taken me free months to do it!!!

You can see how smart I am even as a tiny child.

So anyway I have taken over this here blog and ams going to try my best to become a better blogger than Stella Rose.   And I figure any pug who can type her owns blog will be showing up on the World News sooner or later and I figure that is better news than what we have to watch now...bhahahahahh.  Also, I expect the Ellen Show will be calling me, cos I am so smart and you knooowwwwwwwwwww she gives away some big checks, so be expecting new beds for everyone!!!!

I have lots to tell ewes but I will take it slow cos I don't want anyones brains to explode wif all my news.  I will just tell you a little each time eyes blog.  Forgives my grammar and spelling eyes hasn't had time to work on that yet.

Okay onto news from us.

We MOVED.  MOVED, MOVED and MOVED.  We no longer live in the oldest house in the world by the river, in town.  NOW we live in the country about 1/2 mile from the river through these corn fields, and our neighbors have big exotic goats and weird loud birds that have no sense of THEIR yard and MY yard.

Moving day was an experience that no pug will ever want to relive again.  Imagine this..close your eyes........................all our big kids and grandmonsters helping, that is good right, then there is our DAD who is NOT good.  Dad did not want to move to the beautifulest house in the country and he let everyone including most of the town know thats............change is hard for DAD REAL REAL hard.  So anyways close your eyes again and imagine this...........trucks are loaded, trailers are loaded and DAD is yelling and moaning and complaining, and he has us three pugs, henri and ellen, and EDDIE all in the little clown car, wif him, AND Mom tells us its a good fing he is in the CLOWN car cos he is acting like a CLOWN.

No, not the sweet clowns at the circus but that mean CLOWN on the movies that eat little pugs and scare humans.   DAD stayed the mean clown most of the day and night but then magically after everyone left and we sit outside on the deck the magic country air, cleaned out his brain and he became a new nicer clown.

Poor stellie rose.  She is having a very hard time wif the move.  At our old house she knew her way around inside and out, and would have fooled even the smartest person in the world that she was NOT blind.  At our new house, she is very lost, and can't figure out anything yet.  She mostly barks for MOm.

Our first few nights she was panting so hard mom was worried she would haf to take her to the vet and get Valium or somefing.  I toles Mom "heck get us that drug, we are sick of listening to her" but mom just glared at ME.  Finally though she is calming down a little and the only ALMOST catastrophe that we ALMOST had was mom sit her down on the back deck while she was shutting the door, and stella almost walked off the DECK!!!!   She would have fallen about 2 feet and gotten hurt.  I toles Mom"you had better learn how to hold a fat pug and shut that damn door at the same time!"   Mom did not appreciate my wisdom.

Wells folks I had better clear out.  Gussie boy, has figured out the big ass goats share the back fence of our alcatraz wif us, and he goes out there to push them around.  Of course they could kills him real easy and he is not smart enough to realize that.  I haf to watch out for that boy all the time.

I will be back next week wif pictures to show you our crazy zoo.  PS. El and Henri are okay wif being inside and Eddie loves running around all overs the big house, he loves Gussie and likes to jump on his back.  BAAAAHHHHAAAA

Margaret Mae