Friday, February 28, 2014


I wanted to tell you the story behind this video and what happened last week only 20 min. from where I live.  A call came into a rescue agency here in Iowa ...the caller was concerned about animals outside in this freezing cold weather and she thought the neighbor had to many animals.  The local sheriff's office went out to his house to find the WORST hoarder situation Iowa has ever seen.  I am not trying to be morbid or graphic but it has affected us deeply.  There were over 200 animals found, some were wild, some were exotic and others were domestic.  Dogs and cats.  Most were frozen to the ground, while the live ones laid upon them. The house that he lived in was full of animals running around, there was no heat available. It was tragic and heartbreaking.  I also think it shows that humans can shut their eyes to others suffering no matter if they two legged or four legged way to easy now days. So I wanted to make or say something that showed how incredibly BRAVE those animals are, and how strong they are to come out of this still forgiving and loving the next human that comes along.  I think Rescue's give us so much in our lives for the little that was given to them.

Mollie helped me put the song on here that I originally wanted to post.  So I am sharing it once more.  Thank you.  Deb

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


My Mom has been working on is a huge work still in progress.  We wanted to put the song Brave with it but cannot figure out how to do it.


I put this on here AGAIN so our MOMMA would remember whose her baby is....NOT mean ole cat Dietzy who gets to sleep in the bed wif them whenever he wants!

So Mom was able to dig herself out of the pug abuse hole yesterday when a box arrived for us pugs and MOST of the stuffs in it was for me!  She ordered from some Kong dental chewies for me and Mag's cos wesa like to chew on stuff like our chewie toys and the bottom of Dad's dresser.  Stella never chews on anything so hers didn't get no new toys.  (the vet says stella's teef are clean but really really
Here is a picture of what we gots but I don't know who that big black dog is might be my dad cos he is black and I am black (Maggie is on hers back laughin at me)
Thank you Goose for telling Mom about these chews cos hers trusts your judgment.  So anyway later in the evening after our grouchy ole DAD got home Mom gave these to us wif chicken flavored toofpaste on them, and guess what HAPPENED...yep Stella got in a big ole tear your eyes out fight with My Maggie over that chew.  OUR DAD was so MAD at OUR MOM that she only bought TWO of them, that he grouched all night about it, so MOM had to put them up.  She redeemed herself this morning tho whilest DAD was sleeping cos hers gave them back to us.  Stella didn't even try to take them...I finks hers just like to stir up trouble when DAD walks in the door.

She also bought ME and only ME a new one of these.

See that BEAUTIFUL light blue one.  Well that is mine.  She had to buy my vest in X-Large cos I am getting a nice manly chest.  Hers is taking a picture of me in it tonight after my supper of LIZARDGIZZARD chicken thingys.  Mom toles me hers is running to the store on hers lunch hour.

AND we all three got new collars.  Now Maggie and I have never worn a collar cos we don't really have necks just rolls so Mom always just puts the harness/vests on us when we go outside BUT we have gotten some presents lately from our girl/boyfriends and mom wanted to put them on our collar.  Mom toles me it would be like wearing a pretty necklace all the time but we still have to wear our vests when we go a walkin.  Here it is.

See those penguins on it...yep hers is a cheapie and bought them on clearance cos supposedly WINTER is over.  Well right now ours weather peoples say it is 0 outside with a wind chill of -15 BUT the sun is a shining and wesa thinks these collars are just what we need.  Tonight Mom is going to put them on us.  She hopes it doesn't turn into a big feeassco like last night.  WE wondered if hers shouldn't have bought our Dad a present to so he wouldn't be so a 6-pk or something like that..

Anyway Momma and I had a long talk and I toles her I know hers has cabin fever AND I will start making her a to-do list everyday (thanks for all your suggestions on that )  just so she remembers how to take care of us appropriately.  She gave me my big boy hug and I evens let her call me baby gussie again.  I loves my momma dearly.
Angus McConnell

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Yes, folks we have resorted to posting OLD pictures of me whilest perfect smelling stella rose had new ones taken over the weekend.  Isa don't understand the hierarchy of this household. I thoughts cos I am the only boy pug and the cutest pug that I would get most of the pictures,and treats and new toys.  Its not that way at all.  Our Mom is SOOOOOO  WRONG!!!

So I have wrote her a letter and taped it to the door, but I forgets it locks fast and now Isa stuck out on this cold porch until Maggie hears me a banging on the door.  WAKE UP MAGGIE!!

My dearest Mother:
I tried to overlook the fact that you took perfect smelling Stella Rose to see our grandparents and left me at home with Maggie and DAD.  I tried to overlook our weekend walks were only in the yard and not at the fairgrounds as promised.  I have tried to overlook that you have forgotten to buy us our chicken livergizzards at the store the last three times you went shopping. BUT I think I have been enabling you to behave this way and I need to point it out to you.  This behavior needs to stop or ELSE!!!!!!   See my pitiful face in these pictures..have you forgotten all the love you have for me??????  Does this look like a face the camera does not love.  Help me understand Mother.
I hope from now on your will try to do better.
Angus McConnell, Margaret Mae and Mean ole cat Dietzman.(he said we could use his name)

Monday, February 24, 2014


So its Saturday and Mom tells me I am going to go wif her to see Grandma and Grandpa.  No rain, snow, sleet or ice today...yayayya! 

I was so excited cos that meant I could play wif my cuzin Charlie the Cheweinie!  He is around 7 years old and came from a shelter down in Oklahoma.  Sometimes Charlie comes see's us but it has been awhile since Grandpa hasn't been feelin well.

First Mom says we are stopping by the "Good" Vet where she gets all my eye med's.  The frankenvet doesn't carry it.  Well, hers tricks me cos the next fing I know I am sitting my little butt on the cold cold table whilest the Vet looks into my eyes.  My Mom was soooo happy that the vet could work me in cos they take a lot of time wif their patients and seem to be in the KNOW about puggy eyes.  (This is the good vet that Charlie goes to and my udder cuzin Bear)  Anyway Dr. Dave tole's me I have beautiful big brown eyes and that I am the sweetest little pug he has ever seen ( what he really said was he was surprized I was so happy because my eyes had to hurt like HELL)  So he gives mom more medicine and a new medicine for pain called Medicam (?) and it just goes in my muf with an eyedropper. (Well its Monday Morning and Mom still hasn't been able to put one drop in my muf cos I fight her so bad!!)  He never said anything about my weight, and he also said after he did some tests he did not think we had to worry about glaucoma.  We would just keep an eye on things.  Gussie goes next time to see's him.  Oh yeah he was really surprized how strong I was cos it took my Mom, him and another vet to cut my nails.  I tried to tell him I just wasn't in the mood for it but he wouldn't listen to me.

THEN we drove on the road finally to my Grandpa's and ma's.
They live a long ways out in to the country. I looked all around for lions, tigers and bears but all I saw was these cookie cows.

Their real name is Belted or Belties.  They are a scottish beef cows but Grandpa and Grandma keep them as pets.  They have a real hairy coat kinda like me.

Finally we arrived and Charlie was so excited to see me he could barely contain his excitement.
It was just wonderful!  No one was biting my ears, or pulling on my back legs or being mean to me.  It was like a vacation!

 Then mom took us outside to run around and I didn't even haf to wear my leash.  I ran all over and Charlie and I chased each other around.

What is that over there?  Let me investigate?

Mom can't a girl have any privacy!!!!  I just know in the morning this is going to be all over Facebook!!

See Charlie's cute little butt.....

Anyway I had a sure fun weekend.  Grandpa is still on the mend.  He mostly napped while Mom visited but she still was glad she finally got over to see them.  Mom thought I would nap on the way home, cos we were picking up two the the grandboys to stay all night, but I mostly threw a fit cos I wanted to sit on hers lap. 

Stella Rose

Friday, February 21, 2014


When peoples comes to our house they tell my mom hers is CRAZY!  WE agree....hers is CRAZY in love wif us!!!

BUT they mean CRAZY in a different way.  HERE is THEIR definition of CRAZY.
1.She has 3 dogs..
2. She lives in town and has 3 dogs.
3 She lives in town and has 3 dogs and they stay in the house.
4. She lives in town and has 3 dogs and they stay in the house and try to sit on their laps when they visit.
5 She lives in town and has 3 dogs and they stay in the house and try to sit on their laps when they visit, and they try to kiss them.

Five reasons my Mom is crazy.  Here is five more.

1. She has three dogs with health issues.
2. She has three dogs with health issues, and she spends money on them at the frankenvet.
3. She has three dogs with health issues, and she spends money on them at the frankenvet and she doesn't have enough left over to  go get her hair cut.
4. She has three dogs with health issues, and she spends money on them at the frankenvet and she doesn't have enough left over to go get her hair cut so she cuts her hair herself.
5. AND now It is to short.


Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell


OUR friend Sweet Daisy went to the rainbow bridge yesterday after her battle with oral cancer.  I can only imagine how much brighter the sky is at night with her watchin from above.  We are sending our hugs and prayers to her family.  Please stop by their page.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, Angus McConnell and Momma

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wanna Come Play??

Does anyone wanna come play at our house....????  Mom is at work. Dad is at work.  Mean ole cat Dietzman is asleep in their bed.  We are all alone?  We have food and toys?

Stella Rose, Maggie Mae and Angus McConnell
P.S. Thank you Goose for showing our Mom that Kong Dental Chewy Toy cos hers ordered us two of them!  Yay!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Yay yayayayya...our box from Andrew at Mr. Chewy arrived and we couldn't wait to see what was in it! 
We tore open the box and sat down like good little pugs that we are.
First Maggie looked at Mom asking for a treat with her best manners.....


I looked at Mom with the most pleaddddding face with my best manners.......

Gussie tried to use his magic on her..(yes the crappy floor is still crappy)


Canidae Grain-Free PURE Heaven Biscuits with Salmon & Sweet Potato Crunchy Dog Treats

CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Heaven Biscuits are deliciously nutritious treats for adult dogs! When CANIDAE's nutritional specialists created these new grain and gluten-free recipes, they didn’t stop at the basics. This unique salmon & sweet potato recipe also features wholesome quinoa, nutritious extra virgin olive oil, and savory cinnamon. And they easily snap in half so you can treat dogs of all breeds and sizes or use as a training reward! Healthy CANIDAE biscuits also clean teeth and freshen breath. Spend some quality time with your best friend and give them these great-tasting 100% grain-free snacks from CANIDAE.
Key Benefits
  • Grain & Gluten-free treats for adult dogs
  • Crunchy texture helps clean your dog’s teeth
  • Easily snapped into smaller sizes to treat dogs of all sizes
  • Resealable pouch keeps treats fresh tasting and crispy for the crunch dogs love
  • Made in the USA

MOM liked them cos they help keep our teef clean and also you can break them in half easily.  We loved the taste of them.

So we give these treats a big ole 5 Star!!!!!!

Cute pug butt......bahhhhhhahahahha!
Stella Rose

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


(this was supposed to post on saturday but my browser on my laptop is not working)

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Stella Rose, Happy Birthday to me.  OURS mom is nutty.  She is posting this late, cos of hers computer.  My birtfday was Saturday.  Wesa were so tired at ours house after dancin the night away, that Stan and I celebrated quietly while everyone else slept.  He gave me a beautiful pug birthday card and some treats from England.  Later on in the day he had to get in his pugcopter and fly back home.  He promised me he would be back soon.  I can't believe I am 4 years old.  I love my momma and daddy so much.

The bad news is this....I had to share it.


Yes, thats right folks, stellie is blessed to share hers birfday wif me and i am blessed to shares it wif her.  Did yousa know we have the same momma but different dads....we don't talk about that dads issue much cos its kinda embarrassing about our momma...we thinks hers must have went on a little toot one night and ooppps....i came along...bahahhaha  ANYWAY wesa was just to tired to celebrate much, except we did have cake before Peyton and Liberty left to goes back home.  My feets were tired from dancin and keeping the ball safe from all those expected invaders.  Isa just plain tired.  My momma said hers cannot believe I is one now, and Isa getting to be a big boy.  Hers members when I was just a little tiny guy.  I toles mom the secret to growing is all the love hers sprinkles over me each and every day.

(p.s. Grandpa is home and doing a little better, momma wanted to go see him yesterday cos hers had the day off BUT we gots like 100 more inches of snow all weekend, and yesterday a bunch of it is supposed to be in the 50's...mother nature is a wicked woman sometimes.)

Stella Rose and Angus McConnell

Friday, February 14, 2014


LAST night after our own private party we woke up to 5 inches of new snow!!! Holey Manoley!  The police car was stuck in the drivesway but Stan the Man stepped right up , and refueled his pugcopter up and we took off for the party.   We took along extra blankies in case it gets real cold.  Of course Peyton and Maggie are sitting between the young love birds so no hanky panky goes on.  Mostly tho Gussie is talking about all his police duties he must do as soon as we land.  He finks if he does a super good job he will get a big accommodation for something.

Yesterday we heard this loud noise in our driveways and we looked out and there was Peyton and Liberty driving up in this!
Everyone in the little town of Keos mouths dropped open cos they nevers seen anything as beautiful as this.  Gussie was a little peeved tho cos he thought Peyton was trying to outshine him with his girls.  After all he and sheriff dan had worked out a deal on him using that police car for our dates.  Guess in the end the oldest man took over the show though with his pugcopter.

Peyton brought Maggie these presents.
And Liberty brought Gussie these presents.
Stan brought me a special treat all the ways from across the pond and a beautiful birthday card.  Thats right folks my birthday and Gussie's birthday is tomorrow.  We will write about that later.

So on to the party....we are so excited.
Stella Rose

Thursday, February 13, 2014


FURST Stan the Man landed in his handy dandy pugcopter late last night.  There was icicles hanging off the blades and snow all over his face, but he flew across the pond just to be wif his sweet Stellie.  I toles him later in confidentiality hers ain't so sweet if you had to lives wif her. You know as one mans to another.  Stellie was all worried her red eyeball would make her ugly (i toles her she could borrow my policeman sun glasses but hers wouldn't listen to me) but Stan brought her presents and toles her just how beautiful she is, so that made hers happy.  Its a miracle how nice words can make a girl feel great!  I wills haf to try that next time, cos words were cheaper than postage...ah..ahhh. Mom you did remember to mail that package to Sweet Liberty ..right?????? MOM!!!

We heard a knock on the door and heres come Mr. Peyton and Sweet Liberty  a running through the door.  I wasa so happy to see her that I gave her a big ole hug and kiss on the cheek, wells the next fing that happened to me that ole big brudder of hers gave me a HIYA chop right to my butt and sent me a flyin across the floor.  He helped me up and said I had best mind my manners wif his sister.  I muttered under my breath "that this is gonna be a fun night." I assured him I had taken the OATH to keep his sister and my girls safe from harm.  I also muttered unders my breath that hims is pretty old so he had better stay out of my way.  I finks he heard that mutter tho cos he scowled at me.
Liberty wanted to go outside first thing to see my cop car that we were all going to drive to the dance in.

 I had been workin hard all day a spitting on it, and polishing it up.  The girls were acting all giggly and funny and us men stood there looking over the motor of the car.  I read in a magazine thats what mens do when they get together, you know look at motor and talk shop.  I don't know what shop is so we just talked about how cool Stan's pugcopter was and how nice of Sheriff Dan to let me borrow that car.  I toles them at the stroke of midnight Isa had to have it back up the hill or ELSE.....Isa not real sure what the or else is.

Maggie was all funny acting and Isa asked her what was wrong wif her.  I asked her why she wasn't doing pugtona's like normal and playbiting my face, but hers whispered to me that she couldn't do those KID kind of things, while Peyton was a visiting.  Cos after all he is a MOUNTAIN LION (isn't that what you call a older pug boy instead of Cougar ?)  So here was Maggie pretending hers was grown up...well holey moley!

MOM had a nice spread all fixed up for us, and she made it all romantically like, candles, and food..and sparkling apple juice.  Hers gave Stan the matches to hold cos he is the oldest in our group.

Later when the stars came out, we all went for a walk down by the frozen river.  We looked at the stars, and then I pulled a special little white box out of my pocket, got down on one knee (and my sisters starting yelling at me to stop acting like a fool and get up!!) in front of my girls, and the guys and Sweet Liberty.........I opened up on the box and showed her................................................................................................................................

My Badge....I had it all polished up just for hers to see...well what did you think I had in that box...holey moley I is just turning one on Saturday, not old enuf for that other stuff.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


ITS Wonderful because I, Dietzman Long took over the Blog this morning.  The pugs are running around all wild and Mom is at work.  I think Dad is still sleeping but he will be up soon.  Okay, so the reason I am wasting my time blogging is cos of my love SocksLucyFur.  You all know hers is in Heaven watchin down over me now, whispering sweet nuffins in my ear, (or it could be that nasty infection I have been takin med's a little Dietzy humor) anyway I have a short story for you.

Last week a package came in the mail.  The Pugs started jumping up and down cos they know that EVERYTHING that comes to this house is THEIRS.

 WELL, guess what was for ME from my one and only Ms. Socks and this is what was in it!!!

PRESENTS...lots of PRESENTS all filled with catnip (hehhe) and for just ME.  There was also a wonderful letter from her filled with lots of loving words, that start with L....well maybe I read more into than what she actually said, but I know her heart and how she feels about me.  (Thank you Momma Mindy for thinkin of me cos no one in this house does!)

SO Mom put ALL my new TOYS in a pile in the living room for me, FAR AWAY from those stinky pugs.  I rolled around all over them, and then I went to sleep.

ONLY to find them the next morning in the PUGS toy box!!!!!!  I do not understand the hierarchy in this household!!!   Now they have pugs slobbers all over them and I will have nuffin to do with them.  They on the other hand love laying their chins on those little hearts while they sleep!!!!!!!!

I also wanted to show you a few pictures of our snow last weekend.  I stayed inside most of the time because I am intelligent.
Big icicle hanging in front of the dining room window.
Finally one parting Valentine gift to my sweets.  Thank you for the wonderful presents, and private letter you sent me.  Forever Yours  Dietzman Long

Tuesday, February 11, 2014



 I am home but Grandpa is not.  Apparently yesterday I, Stella Rose Long threw such a fit (screaming and sobbing) that the Vet called my Momma and said she thought my blood pressure would get even more better if I could go home and rest.  Momma rushed right over, and since Daddy was off from work, he got to spend the rest of the day wif me.  I fell right to sleep beside Dad until Momma got home.  I have to have steroids in my eye for awhile and go back today to make sure my blood pressure is back to normal.  At first they thought it was something really serious, but Mom prayed a lot for both me and Grandpa, and we know all of you and your friends were a praying, and now they think for whatever reason I broke a bunch of blood vessels in my left eye and bruised it badly.  Maggie and I were having a little fun go round so that could have done it, OR it just happened.  We don't know.  Anyway, I have to take some pain pills also and they make me really sleepy so I am signing off in a minute.

Grandpa has to stay awhile longer, until his fever goes away and they figure out what is going on wif him also.  I fink they should just let his doggie Charlie go up and sleep beside him, and I finks Grandpa would be better in an instant.  Momma says she is a little wore out.

Dietzman toles me when I got home that his one and only SocksLucyFur went to Heaven yesterday.  He had never in his whole lifetime had a friend (I wonder why) but hers and him were a lot alike, so they were a match made in Heaven.  He will miss her.  I toles him I bet Grandma Teri who loves kitty cats is a holding hers on her lap right now.

Wells my eyes are getting real heavy........I loves all my friends so much.

Stella Rose and Momma

Monday, February 10, 2014


This post is for you my Sweet SocksLucyFur from your Dietzman....Forever and Ever Yours.

Our relationship was simple wasn't it Sweet Socks, we didn't need a lot of treats, cards or presents to keep our friendship solid, we just needed each other.  Now, I know the big dance isn't till the end of this week, but Socks you and I are gonna dance the night away today, watch you don't trip over the stars, and isn't that moon just a shining down so bright.  Course nuffin in my world is as bright and beautiful as you are Ms. SocksLucyFur.  I know you will be lookin down at me each day....watchin....I am so glad you were my friend.



Grandpa had a setback the day of his surgery and has not gotten to come home yet. It seems he started bleeding in his kidneys and developed an infection along with a very high fever.  Because of his age, and history with his heart etc. we have been very worried.  He hasn't been able to eat much yet, and is getting shots to help clot his blood and for the infection in his stomach.  He cannot even have a phone in his room so we can call him.  We will let you know what they find out today after the Dr. comes in.

Stella Rose had to go back to the Vet this morning.  Her eye is swollen and has lots of blood in it from all the broken vessels.  The vet is worried that it could have more to do with an artery that dogs have in their eyes.  Her blood pressure was up again today and that is a concern.  They are doing blood work on her this morning and I will go back over on my break to check on her.  When Stella was born her soft spot didn't close like it should have and that is one of the reasons she is rather short and stubby, the Vet now wonders if it ties in with what is going on.  He is also worried about the build up of pressure in her eye and the pain.  They gave her pain med's while I was there with her.   Thank you for your comments on facebook.