Thursday, January 31, 2013


This every is drinking her coffee, sitting in the recliner, watching the news before she gets ready to go to work.  I always lay right beside mom in the chair, and maggie lays on top of me, with her chewie.  It called our routine. Well, today we were in the middle of our routine, when all of a sudden mag's jumps up and her hair stand's up all over her little neck and this deep growl comes out of her throat.  First, I thought she was just trickin us by acting like her mentor Puddles, but she kept doing it, and Mom and I could tell she was acting fierce for a reason.  We looked all around the room, and all we saw was the television and Dad sleeping.  Then it dawned on us, Maggie was growling at my mom's blue and yellow striped footies!  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stella rose

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Maggie: How come you got to leave the house with Mom this morning? I thought we were grounded?
Stella: I had an eye appointment at the Dr.

Stella: Does it look like something is WRONG with my eyes, Maggie?
Maggie: Bahahhabahhhahha.......
Stella: This is what the Vet man said.  First, he told me I was beautiful, and I only weigh 16.5 lbs so that is good also. I shared my secret diet of frozen green beans and a variety of fruit.  He was very impressed!! He is just fresh out of school and Mom and I think we know much more than he does about puggies, so we always try to teach him a little something each time we go.
Maggie: Did he give you a sucker? A treat? Anything?
Stella:  Then he checked my eyes over, and put paper in them, and checked them some more..  He said I should have had a score of 19 but one side was 0 and the other side was 5. He pushed and pulled, and I was rather uncomfortable but I stayed brave.  He told Mom that I would need to start on this medicine twice a day forever and ever BUT that it might help with the brown covering over my eyes, and maybe I might even see a little better.  Mom was so relieved it wasn't worse.  She is a hypochondriac when it comes to us!

It is snowing and blowing here.  Mom hopes she can go home early and play in the snow with these two little snow bunnies.  The third one is to little to go outside today.
Stella Rose

Still GROUNDED........

My Mom says No means No...when it comes to us becoming matter how much we whine, and pout or give her our saddest little look.  She is one tough momma, remember she raised three daughters!  We even offered her all our treat money to help with that hole in her bedroom wall, and Mom's response was, "what treat monies!!".  Ump!!   Today we had to do lots of chores, like help shovel snow, dry the dishes, clean the bathroom, mop the porch and the damn dang list goes on and on.  Did it help our cause for early parole....NO!!!  Mom says its what a family does together...WHAT!!  Mom has been taking to many Excedrin Migraine pills and its warped her way of thinking.  Even Stella the perfect smelling rose doesn't know what to think cos she has never in her perfect life been grounded.  She even asked me while I was busy coloring my picture of Puddles my BFF to hang on my bedroom wall if I thought Mom would ever stop being pissed peeved at us. (She didn't say that bad word, I did)

Well, I don't have time to worry about all this nonsense, I am getting ready tomorrow for my photo shoot for the Valentine Ball. 

This is my picture I am coloring for my is number reminds me of beautiful puddles munching on her breakfast, ....bahahhahhshshahahhabahahabahh....
maggie the moose

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Saying Goodbye

2nd tour.

Yesterday the National Guard 833rd Engineer Unit from Ottumwa, Iowa left for Afghanistan.  A mirage of emotions was flooding my heart as I watched the families say goodbye to their loved ones.  One of the hardest things to watch was children who had said goodbye not once but twice already, here again saying it for the third  time.  I remember on the first deployment watching a little boy struggle to stay strong and not cry as his dad hugged him and got on the bus.   A few years later, I looked for the same little boy when the second deployment came as a surprise to the unit, and again he stood tall, never crying, shook his daddy’s hand and watched him get on the bus.  This time, that little boy is now 16 years old, and could no longer stand nearly as tall and brave, and broke down holding his father tightly.  I am proud of everyman an women in this unit, I am even more proud of the tremendous sacrifice the families who wait at home are having to make once again, for the third time.   Prayers are sent to them each and every day.  Please remember if you know someone whose loved one is deployed even the smallest acknowledgment to that family means alot!!  
Stella Rose's Momma

Monday, January 28, 2013



STill GroundED

We are still grounded so while mom is vacuuming I am sneaking on here to let you all know that we are okay but BORED!!!

Mom made me tear down my beer can tower I had built on the coffee table from the empties that I found outside in the trashcan...I wonder where those came from?  I cannot believe her and Dad said NO to the sledding event and the circus. Meanies!  I am starting a Diary today just to keep me busy.
Dear Diary:
I really miss my bestest friend in the whole wide world!  Do you think she will ever come back and see me?
"The Moose"

Saturday, January 26, 2013


it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that everyone including even Dietz is grounded for two weeks.  mom said we aren't, gonna talk about it and we are banished to our room the weekend.  Maggie is going through puddles withdraw and marking the day off till the ball.  I am just glad we survived and moms car is unscathed.  p and p are on there . way to the next adventure.

Friday, January 25, 2013


We have just heard due to the damage done to the little red car,( remember moms bedroom wall)  Puddles and Pip will be using my Mom's new car till they leave on Saturday. 

Hopefully the mechanic will be able to repair it quickly.....well that is what I overheard my mom tell my dad.
Stella rose

APB ....OMPUG!!!

My mom just got a message from Madi's mom that there is a APB out for Pip and Puddles due to some stuff,  laws they may have broke while in North Carolina.  Madi thought it might be best if they stayed ONE more night at the hotel.  My Mom turned 14 shades of green I swear cos she knows that Pip nor Puddles will ever ever ever be allowed back at Hotel Manning, soooooo that means they will need to stay the night at our house.   Of course there is one little problem.

Yep, it is a big ole hole in the side of Mom's bedroom and it is 20 degrees out!!!  Imagine this also, Dad's carpentry skills match Mom's cooking skills.....are you getting the picture?   So....Mom went up to the county prosecutor whom she works for and checked to see if they possibly could leave Iowa without getting picked up and hauled to the ho-scow.   All Mom said when she got back was that she may be working alot of weekends from now on.

Maggie of course was very upset cos she thought we would have one more night of fun with our friends but Mom said not this time.  Is Mom's teeth clinched?   So Mr. Pip and Puddles I guess you are on your way to the next little town to visit, terrorize.  Please come back to see us one day, soon, when Maggie is all grown-up.  We loves you both alot!!!
stella rose, mom and dad

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 friends it's four am in the morning and mom cannot get her post about pip and puddles to post so to read all about it please scroll back to Thursday and find it there.
Stella rose

Thursday, January 24, 2013




Early Friday morning we woke up to the sound of a car engine roaring in our driveway!  Dietzman ran under the table and hid, and Magpie and I started to shout, “They’re here, they’re here!!!”  Puddles and Pip had arrived in Van Buren County, Iowa.
After welcoming hugs and smooches we helped them get all settled into the hotel room Mom had reserved for them at the Manning Inn.  Mom had to pay an extra fee

because the innkeepers had heard about Pip and Puddles reputation and  they told mom she would need to provide a large deposit that would insure coverage for any breakage or damage.  I swear I heard Puddles say under her breath, “those Ioway people aren’t all that friendly….”


They slept most of the morning away cos they came from Goose’s house BEFORE arriving here, so that alone speaks for itself.  After some much needed rest, they picked Magpie and Myself up and we tooled around the county.  They had never heard of the "Amish" so we stopped by to see they they could catch a ride on the back of the plow.   Pip kept asking them questions about their lives, and Puddles kept shaking her head cos she just couldn't believe there was NEVER EVER beer in their refrigerator for company that might just show up.

Our next stop was the local airport, where Dad had secured a plane for us to tour the county above the highways.  He thought that might be a little safer.  Puddles and Pip both decided to walk on the wings of the little plane, it must have been on Pip's check off list.  Maggie had one foot out the window when I caught her just in time and I threw her butt back in the plane.  I mostly kept my eyes shut real tight cos I just knew something terrible was gonna happen!!!!  

  Puddles even thought she could talk the pilot into letting her steer the plane, she had her special smile out to help persuade him.  Thank the Lord it didn't work.  Those Iowa men are made of strong stuff!

Finally, we were back on the ground and driving around through the town.
Puddles drove us right down by the river, where the fireworks are stored for the 4th of July celebration.  Her and Pipster (Mag's name for Mr. Pip) thought it would be a great idea to provide a big bang later on in the evening so we climbed through the window and scooped up just a few big-bangers.  Maggie was laughing and giggling and I was just plain nervous. Just then my cell phone rang and Dad was calling us home, cos he had cooked his special cheeseburger, deer burgers for Pip and Puddles to try.  I tried to sound like we hadn't been breaking any rules, or laws or anything but my voice kept quivering.  By the time we arrived back home, the table was set and the deer burgers were a waiting.

After dinner we went for a long walk along the river and watched the sun slowly sit.  The next thing I knew Puddles and Maggie had cooked up a plan to climb up the water tower to ring the town bell.   Pip climbed onto the roof.

   Well, the wind started to blow…and the tower started to shake and I had to call 911 to help them out of their pickle!  

 Sheriff Danny showed up and started to write them out a citation but Mom and I begged talked him out of it.  Actually Mom whipped out of her pocket one of those “get out of jail free” cards she had made earlier in the week. The sheriff just gave us a warning and told Maggie that she knew better.  Mom shook her head and promised they would head back to the hotel. Mom went on back home to take a tranquilizer, to rest , cos I told her I would get them safely back to the hotel.....I thought I was telling her the truth!

We went back to the hotel room, to calm down Maggie cos she kept laughing and laughing and hugging Puddles cos she just loves and admires her.  We decided now was a good time to break open the snacks that our guests had brought us.  I told Maggie when our guests leave she is going to be in big trouble with our Mom and Dad!  She snickered and called me "an ole stick in the mud" and just ignored me the rest of the night.
Later on Pip looked out the window of the hotel room and saw the cannon that protects our town from four-legged terrorists  visitors and decided he would like to be shot out of it just one time across the river.  Puddles lit the fuse and away he flew, laughing all the way!  Maggie wanted the next turn and I told her ABSOLUTELY NOT!! ( I was exhausted!!!)

Finally it was almost midnight and Puddles got out her handy dandy lighter that she carries everywhere with her.. just in case......and she lit the little pile of fireworks, we had stolen  borrowed from the building where they are stored.  I wonder what the townspeople thought when they looked up in the sky to see that in the middle of January.
I will always remember Pip and Puddles every time I look into the heavens at fireworks or a January night sky.

Thank you for coming to visit Mag's and myself.  You have left us with wonderful memories nightmares and promises of seeing you again.  I am going to sleep the weekend away, but first I had better go check that Maggie didn't sneak into the Puddles suitcase.  Later I found laying on my pillow this note from Puddles and Pip.  I couldn't have said it any better.