Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Dear Friends:
I know we have not been on here very much lately, but without much explanation other than life is hard right now, we would really just like to talk about someone else much more important.  Time is of essence so we are pasting this from our cousins facebook page for all our friends to read.  If you would like to send her a card her addy is in the story.  Just let them know you are friends of us three pugs.

Thank you so much
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus Mac

What did you want for your 11th birthday? What would you have wanted if it might be your last birthday celebration? What wish would u make when you blew out that candle on your beautiful birthday cake? These are questions no one should ever have to ponder let alone a 10 year old girl. These questions are what a little 10 year old girl has thought about, these very much real questions. Her name is Ava and she lives in Bondurant, IA. Ava, is a warrior like most warrior kids who are fighting the unfair & cruel battle against Cancer. This warrior isn't shy to the battlefield, she has fought this battle once before as a toddler. Cancer picks our bravest children our brave loved ones to go to war. We have no choice w...e have no volunteer to take their place not even a time out. It's you, you have been chosen so the war begins sometimes before we even know we are at battle. And sometimes the risk of the tactics to win the battle is that we might get chosen again. As cruel and heartbreaking as it is, it happens. Ava has been chosen to battle again and she is showing how brave she truly is, clear down to her soul. The bravest warriors always do. Since there is nothing most of us can do but send our positive thoughts, our pleading prayers for her to fight & win, her family has decided that this year her golden birthday will be the party any brave warrior deserves. So what does this brave warrior want? A pony? A day being treated as a real princess? An easy bake oven? Nope, none of these things...
She wants just a simple birthday card, okay she wants lots of birthday cards. So since no warrior should ever receive just one birthday card, we are asking for anyone, any grandma, any parent, any child, any office, any school, anyone and from everywhere just to send a birthday card to this brave little warrior so she knows we all wish her the best birthday ever ... A birthday unlike any warrior has ever seen! Mike Graves, a friend of the family will be delivering any cards he receives for Ava at her birthday party on Sept 11, 2016. Can you imagine getting birthday cards from across the city, the state, the country, or even the ocean? So please join us and send a birthday card to Ava @ Mike Graves -cards for Ava 104 9th ST SE Altoona, IA 50009 . I honestly hope that they we receive so many, that we have deliver tubs of cards to her! To see a warrior smile is truly the best smile on earth. Cards can be homemade or store bought, Ava just wants birthday cards :) please send them soon as you can!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Today is my Stan's 12th Birthday, I wanted to give him a special present.  Even though we live across the big pond, he will always be in my heart.  Stella Rose

Monday, August 15, 2016


Little Cotton.

We are never sure if the M on her forehead stands for "marvelous" or "monster".
So the other day Cotton received a special stamped telegram for the "big guy" himself, yes all the way from the Heavens above.   Since I am her dad and must monitor all her internet action and mail I opened it first.  Well imagine my surprise when he was offering her a special job of welcoming all the new kittens onto the rainbow bridge.  Playing wif them, hugging on them, batting them around, you know making them feel at home.
Well I discussed this telegram wif Maggie and Stella Rose and we decided that just would NOT work for us, and we threw it in the trash without telling anyone.  After all Cotton was our family and we loved her even with some of her rather annoying traits.
I. Forgot. About. It.
Then Sunday morning at 10:30 Cotton came and told me she had decided she was going to lasso that rainbow that was over our house.  I told her no, it was very dangerous, and so dangerous it had never been chosen even as a PawOlympic event.  I put my foot down.
 The next thing I knew she was swinging her rope in the air, and away it flew right on the most beautiful blue part of the rainbow.  I ran into the house to grab our mom to make her get Cotton down and when mom and I came back, running, she was gone.


I know that telegram had something to do with her leaving, and we three pugs and mom and dad are super sad, and mad, and sad. and MAD. and sad.

So late last night I went out to my special tree in the back yard to wait to see if Little G was coming to see me.

I waited a long time, and pretty soon I heard her whispering in my ear.  She told me that its hard for two leggers and four leggers to realize they have nothing in this world called 'control" as much as they wanted to believe they do.  That there is a much higher power with a plan for each of us, four and two legged.  And sometimes that plan breaks our hearts, and that is when we learn to trust more, and believe more and hope more.  Well for the first time ever I just wanted to shove sweet Little G right out of that tree.  She is a smart little pug though and she knew all my feelings.  So she just held my hand for the rest of the night.  And right before the sun was coming up in the morning, she handed me this paper. And then she was gone.

I will be watching you my love.

Angus Mac

Friday, August 12, 2016


We are always seeing beautiful pictures of Lily and Edward running in the sand and the water in sunny California where they live, and of course we are a tad bit envious.

Yes we do only live a few blocks from a beautiful river BUT there is no sand and ocean, no seagulls bomb diving your head, no kids making castles ................we have people fishing off the banks.........

So we asked Mom if we could go to the Iowa Beach and although we used our whiney voices that usually irritates her to the point of not listening to us, she said YES!!!!

So we packed up the car, and drove across the bridge to the Iowa Beach.

WE don't know WHO that other little dog is but he is having a good time.   We think the name of this beach is REDNECK IOWA................we love the sand dunes....................

What do you think???
Stella Rose

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Did you know my brother was in this part of the pawolympics........geeze Gus you could have least ran and flapped them a little harder....did you see his competition....wowzer there are some great ear flappers out there.  Maybe those cats should have stood in the background and blew in the wind, now that would have made his ears flap.

Speaking of Gussie, well he has been getting in trouble lately.  A LOT.  Like 123 times an hour, wif our DAD for chasing after Henri and El.   This is how it works at our house, furst, Gus spots Henri and El, peeking through the opening in between the gate, which is just big enough for them to walk through, for at least another week or so.  Their bellies are getting rounder, so then they will have to CLIMB over the gate, and that will end up being a whole nother story.

So they are peeking, and Gus starts watching them with his trusty telescope.  Then they decide all is clear, and run into the TV room where DAD is cos they like him.  Gus and Maggie sprint across the floor, sliding on the hardwood leaving peel out burnt marks, like tires on the highway, all across the floor, then Henri and El run under the recliner and Gus and Mags bark at them until either Dad loses his temper, or the kittens make a break for it to the kitchen.  AND then the whole show starts all over again, except they are under a cabinet.

When Henri went to the vet last week, he had to get a shot and ointment for his eyes, and EL had to have ointment also.  They are looking real good now.  They have gained 3 oz.  We think they would have gained more if they did not sprint up and down the stairs, and all over the house.

Anyway Gus is always in trouble now.  Mom calls it his teenage years.  Maggie is his follower and sometimes jumps in on the kitten action and other times wises up and just watches.

Cotton is growing.  LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGEEEEERRRRR.  She looks like a rope with legs.  She is feeling good and likes to run outside to visit with all the wild kittens, that have somehow found their way to our back porch to the "land of the kitten food".    Mom found a program that will spay and neurter them if mom can catch them and deliver them to their program, but the catch is they bring them BACK to you.  It is called feral cat catch and release program.  They also give them all their shots.  Mom was hoping they would find them homes, but I guess they already have an outside home.............................yeah that is a whole nother story also.

We are trying to get caught up on all your blogs ............trying.   Stella Rose

Monday, August 8, 2016

Yes KITTENS can be in the Pawlympics.........................see I am in the pole jumping event.

And I won a medal.

Mom said I should have worn a bra and panties.................................what!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

NOT MUCH ................

Its going to be hot...hotter than yesterday...hotter than those little peppers that dad grows that no one likes........I asked him why he does not grow something that we all like and he growled at is his new normal noise.     Growling.

Last night mags threw up after her flea treatment.  Poor Mags, hers is hyper-sensitive to treatments.  She got a bath before bedtime to help get it off her skin.  Back to the pills.

Cotton is feeling so much better.  She is still taking her medicine but this morning she up the apple tree with one of the wild kittens that live at the church, they were racing to the top.  Mom had to get her down and put her back in the house before she left for work.  Its always exciting at our house in the mornings.  Mom wishes it was a little less..............exciting.

Today Henri (black and white) will need to go to the Vet.  All week his left eye has gotten worse, and even though mom went and got him medicine it is not healing up very well.  So instead of the $65.00 a tube med working Mom imagines it will take the $897.00 a tube med to do the trick.

Isn't that just how Thursday go!

Hope you all stay cool today.
Stella Rose

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Monday, August 1, 2016


Cotton is doing better.  It seemed like the shot for the fever, and the combination of the antibiotic worked very quickly.  She was up and running around in no time and back to her regular funny self.  She is to stay on the meds for two weeks, then we will find out if we actually treated a bug she had picked up or are just treating the symptoms of something bigger.  We vote for a bug.  She did have one episode yesterday of vomiting but seems fine this morning.

On a sadder note we are so sorry to read about our friend Joey over at he will be missed.  He was always so friendly and loved watching the squirrels and birds in his yard.  He had a dear sweet spirit.  Our hugs and tears go out to his family.

Stella Rose and Momma