Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hurtful Words

Yes, you heard me right...words hurt.  Not hugs from the pugs, or licks from the pugs, or kisses from the pugs, but ...words.  Mom said she is so glad that we can't say human words to her cos someday when we grow up those words might hurt her.  I told her, "well Mom us pugs live in the now and not the "remember when".  Just think if we lived in the remember when all of us here at Moms house and lots of my bloggy friends would be sad, and angry cos some of us had to live in crappy places, mean places, around mean crappy people BEFORE we found our true heart homes.  So thats how we stay happy cos we live in the moment, in the now, for today.

Humans need to learn alot from us...and one of the many things are to think before they they let mean words, hurtful, tear your heart out words come out of their mouths. 

I think my Mom might have to take a little break, from one of the things she loves the most, she will be reading your blogs everyday, and when she feels better, (can you staple or hot glue a heart?)  she will be back.
Stella Rose

Friday, April 26, 2013


Thank you FINN, CHARLIE, and GIZMO for hosting this event.

Our local park is very small and is right since it is by the Des Moines River, which means in this past week it flooded. The water was past the swings and up to the slide, and since none of us puggies are good swimmers Mom told us we could not walk down to observe what all the commotion was all about.  Instead we had to contend with the baby swing in our back yard!

Mom told us that we were going to the great land of pretend and all I was thinking is "we are going to the land of the lazy!"   Geeze she could have put us all in the car and taken us to the real dog park but Mom said, "No" cos Gussie is still getting his baby shots.  My suggestion to that was to keep him at home!!

 Gus: Come on Mom lets go play in the yard, ahhhh what is a yard? 

Maggie: I am not going anywhere with any of you, cos I am still having my little 'woman" issue and I am a big crab butt, AND I have a pimple on my face!!

Stella: Look this is how you do a swing!!!
And this is how you do a park bench...yes that is my stroller in the backyard of the park LAST YEAR...remember we are pretending cos mom is to lazy busy to take us to a park.

Gussie:  No Stella Rose this is how you do a swing!!
Sometimes I wish I was the only child.
Stella Rose

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Last night we had our bathes....mom heated up the towels in the dryer just in case we would get to cold.  Now I need to climb back upon my pedestal....bahahahhahha
stella rose

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Mom has been very busy lazy and hasn't blogged since last Thursday.  She says her brain isn't working well, I think its just cos she doesn't have any new pictures of Brudder Gussie to show you all.  Well now we have some new pictures of the Grandmonster Girls Dance Recital...just a few and something else.

First the Girls.

These were taken by someone else and sent to Kylei per facebook.  It was sure fun to watch them a dancin and having so much fun with their friends.

Next Mom's oldest daughter, Kylei just opened up her very own photography studio.  She home schools her kids and this is a way for her to do both things that are dear to her heart.  You will always know which pictures mom posts that Kylei took, cos they are better than my moms.  She is calling it "Lemon Peony and Firefly"   She has some special memories with those things and this is a way she can keep them close.  We think she will do just great. She likes the old vintage looks.  We will be posting pictures for you to see as she does them.  Here are a couple that we like.  She was just playing around with the camera not being serious. Still better than moms tho.
And of course:

We are hoping since we are family we will get lots of cool pictures taken of us for our Mom's pug wall.  What do you guys think?
P.S. Maggies surgury (spaying) was canceled for two weeks cos she is STILL having her little problem.  Poor Maggie.  Gussie now weighs 5 lbs. and thinks he is the Boss of the Whole House!!
Stella Rose

Friday, April 19, 2013


Yes, we really do need the rain, but not 8 inches at a time.  We live in a small village right beside the Des Moines River.  Already they are saying we are almost at the same flood stage as "the great flood" in 1993. Rain came down to fast, for the ground to absorb.
This is what happens to pavement when the ground gives way.  Thank goodness no one was driving on it at that moment.
This is our local fudge store.  The river when it floods usually ends up right next to the handrailing.
And this is the rose garden where lots of people get married, or just enjoy walking through ...it has over 250 varieties of roses and irises.  After the last flood in 2006, most of it had to be replanted.  All you could see was the top of the stone wall, everything else was under water.  Lets hope it doesn't get that bad again.

Thankfully we live at the top of the town, so we haven't had to worry about the water, but many friends of ours do. 

I hope everyone stays safe and sound this weekend.
Stella Rose's Momma

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Yesterday Mom posted about the girl blessings in her life so today she is giving the boys their space on our blog. 

This is 12 year old Ty and 9 year old Jack.  They are brothers to Baby Bean.

This is Micah who is also 12 years old .....

And this is Marcus his brother who is ten years old.

Drake is our redhead in the bunch and he is four years old.


This is Angus, a/k/a Gussie, and he is our little baby boy!!!  We are so blessed.
stella rose's momma

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


MACKENNA-8 years old

MACEY-4 years old

PIPER-4 months old
STELLA ROSE-3 years old and MAGGIE MAE-6 months old

See all the blessings that I have in my life.  Tomorrow we will do the boys.

Stella Rose's Momma

Monday, April 15, 2013

Baby Blessings

This is Baby Piper at 3 months old.  I want to borrow the headband for stella rose's picture but I wouldn't hold my breath.  I will just have to buy stellie her own.  Piper is one of my many blessings she just doesn't know it yet.

Here is my other baby blessing.  Angus a/k/a Gussie.  He doesn't know he is a blessing to us either, but he is.  Saturday was Gussie's one week at our house.  Butch and I were talking about the difference one week can make to someone.  That little puppy that we saw that night in the back of an old truck is gone, or maybe he was really there in spirit we just couldn't see it beyond the look of suffering.  Gus is so funny now, and finally Maggie is playing with him.  Those of you that have pugs will understand when I tell you on the porch yesterday he was playing with Mags when all of a sudden he started running in circles doing his pugtona run! It was so funny.  He is handling not being able to see with the gumption that I need in myself at times. I notice if we introduce new experiences to him, (such as going outside) he does run into things, but it never stops him from exploring etc.  He knows where the water bowl is, and where he eats at.  He knows his toy box, and the beds are at, and he has figured out where the recliner is...lol......He is feeling much better now and hardly ever coughs (wish i could say the same for me) The vet gave him very strong antibiotics to stop it from going into pneumonia. Thank you all for your support!!
Stella Rose's, Maggie and Gussie's Momma

Friday, April 12, 2013

Good News!

Well Momma is picking up Baby Gus from Dr. Frankenvet's over her lunch hour and bringing him home to us.  The vet said he has an upper respiratory infection, which could be kennel cough.  We caught it fairly early so that is good cos it could have turned nasty with him being so little.  Mom thought so, cos he acted like he was feeling fine, but just sounded horrible when he coughed.

Mom thinks she has kennel cough also cos all she does at work is cough and cough and cough.  People are gonna start calling her Typhoid Mary behind her back.
Stella Rose


First and most important Mom had to take little Gussie to see Dr. Frankenvet this morning real early.  She noticed last night that he was coughing like he had something caught in his throat, but by the middle of the night he was really coughing and gagging.  Mom is worried it could be kennel cough or worse. He acts fine, and ate fine tho so that is good.  When we first got Sammer about a week after having him, he developed kennel cough and they gave him antibiotics and then he was fine.  Mom is waiting to hear back from the vet.

Second, Mom was home sick yesterday with the human version of kennel cough...cough..cough...cough and thats all she did.  Her throat hurts, her chest is icky and she coughs. She stayed home and tried to rest, but today went back to work.  She is still cough..cough...coughing.

We hopes everyone else out there is feeling much better than our household.
stella rose

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


For some reason momma calls me "maggie's karma"...ummmmmmmm I don't understand.
Baby Gus

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby Gus

Kylei my big sister took this picture..its better than mom's.  Baby Gus got to go visit the grandmonsters with our Dad yesterday, and I guess he slept on little Macey's lap most of the morning.

Of course he had lots of energy when he got back home, and Maggie and I paid for that nap!!  Mom says he is a really good eater, and is using his puppy pads really well.  He does have a cold so we are keeping a close eye on that.  He only hit the cabinet once yesterday when he was running around. Mom did notice once we are more than 6 inches or so away from him, he can't find us as well.

Mom had to get up with him two times last night cos he whined around to tell her he had to go potty.  Once again, she is really impressed.  Just wait till the day he chews up her favorite shoes, or worse......

Maggie plays a little more with him, but she is having a hard time understanding why he keeps trying to bite or play catch with her.  She is even afraid to take away his toys, at least for the time being. I don't think he will ever back down from Maggie tho.  He didn't listen very well to me either, when I told him nicely to stop biting my back leg.  Mom says I need to be more firm with him and show him who is boss, I just don't think that is ever going to happen.

Did you notice he is a silver pale black color...weird huh.
Stella Rose

Monday, April 8, 2013


P. S.
We forgot to tell you in all the excitement that Mom was able to do a very good thing this weekend.  She got hold of the Dog Sanctuary and talked to the wonderful lady named Melody that runs it.  It is five fenced in acres with woods and a big pond for dogs who are on their last chance of finding a home. Melody rehabilitates them and sometimes they stay there and sometimes they go to another furever home.  Well guess what not only did Angus find a new home, Mom and Melody got together and the french bulldog who has always been a breeder and a one year old cavilier male dog went to live at Melody's the same day Angus came to our house.  Is that great!!!!  Sometimes when we can't do huge things, we can do it in a smaller way!!!!!
Stella Rose and the gang


Mom had to take these pictures with her crappy crackjack camera thus they are blurry and hard to see.  My big sister Kylei will come over this week and take the good pictures.

This is Angus "Gussie" Long-Simpson

He is smiling at mom, even though he is wrapped up in a pink blanket.  He weighs a whooping 3.5 lbs. just like Maggie when Mom brought her home only he is more cobby built like me.  Did you know his mom is my mom?

Here he is showing Mom a bit of his attitude.  If you look at his eyes you can see the centers are all white instead of black.  Mom started him on three different eye medicines and we can see a big difference already because most of the blood is now gone. 

In this picture he is smiling and asking for kisses...DON'T I REPEAT DO NOT let that sweet baby face fool you cos he has shown us already we should have named him TERROR and not Angus. 

Mom said we need to learn a life lesson from him, cos once we got him home that scared forlorn lost and broken little pug left and was replaced by a tail wagging smiling -running all over the house pug.  We gave him a bath twice cos he has really bad smells all over him, and showed him where to potty.  He wanted to show us girls up by only having two accidents all weekend.  He uses his puppy papers everytime mom puts him on them. Mom thinks he is a genius...we think he is just kissing butt. 

When Mom brought him in the house, I welcomed him and wagged my tail. Although I am still a little nervous around him, Maggie is freaking SCARED of him.  Yes, SCARED and MAGGIE in the same sentence.  For the first two hours she did nothing but bark at him, and then for the rest of the weekend she mostly ran and hid behind the recliner from him.  He tried to run around her and jump and play but she would have nothing to do with it!  Hopefully each day will get better, cos Mom says they are gonna make really good zooming buddies.  I am a little worried cos today he bit my back leg.

He also sleeps all night and never gets up in the night to go potty...once again mom thinks he is a genius.  We are amazed that he runs all over and doesn't hit the walls etc. You would never know he cannot see. He eats out of his own food bowl really well, and now knows where the water bowl is. We are so glad to have a brother back in our house.
Stella Rose

Friday, April 5, 2013


Well folks tonight when Mom gets off of work, she is going to go pick up our baby brother.  We don't know what our weekend is going to be like but we will keep you posted, and send pictures as soon as we can.  Mag's and I are very nervous.
Last night my big sister came over and took our LATE Easter pictures.  You will notice I am the only one with large pink ears on.  Maggie tore hers off and ran off.  I just stayed in the basket.

Stella Rose

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Teeter Totter

When Mom was a little girl she would always end up on the playground on the Teeter Totter with a kid who didn't play fair. It seemed she spent hours UP in the air or smacking the ground hard instead of balancing the board between two people. Somehow even when she grew up she has measured her life by seeing that teeter totter in her brain.

Mom says she has SOOOOO many blessings in her life, her girls, her grandmonsters, dad, us, her bloggy friends and on and on...and we sit on one side of the totter so to keep it even and balanced she tries to do good things in life, like be a good listener, send cards and good thoughts, donate when she can, and so on. Not huge newsworthy things but the little things behind the scenes.  Sometimes that teeter totter has not been very balanced and she has hit the ground hard but it always found its way back to even.

Mom is a believer in signs and all week she has been wrestling with something. Yesterday she read words that Mother Teresa had written and basically they said, "to do good even if people laugh, to care even if they don't understand why you do it...."  So basically Mom took that as "be true to yourself even if people think you have cobwebs for brains...."  So this is our story.

Mom has been thinking and thinking about getting a senior boy pug.  She misses having a boy around the house, she misses Sammer and her teeter totter is not balanced with two pugs only with three.  She has put it off cos she worries about ..is it fair to us, to the grandmonsters, does she have enuf monies, will her friends laugh, will..will..will....she has even came close a couple of times and called about a senior in a shelter but they were always gone....so she keeps putting her thoughts back into the memory box until a few days ago....she found out that a 8 week old black male pug was born blind and will live the rest of his life probably in a basement in a cage if someone doesn't give him a home, or worse.  She told Dad the story and they went to see him. (Mom had already named him Angus on the way just in case..you  know how it is....)  Well they met baby angus and he looked just like me only silver grey which is strange for a pug and he had a cute smooshed in face, but one of his eye pupils was bright red, and the other eye cloudy white. He was shaking and scared. Mom and Dad wilted on the vine.  Mom made herself tough tho and told his owner the ONLY way she would take him is if she took him to the Vet on Wed. (yesterday) and got a clean bill of health, and proved to Mom he was not in any pain.  She can handle blind but not a suffering puppy. The vet called Mom late yesterday and said Angus is fine, just blind. So Mom and Dad talked it over, with us, with the vet, with God and decided that even tho he isn't the senior pug that mom wanted, he is a pug in need.

We don't know if we are doing the right thing, we just know that it is going to be alot of work, and take alot of love, and thank the Lord those things are free.  So ...this is what has been keeping Mom up late at night. Balancing the teeter totter.
stella rose

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We Do What We Can

Mom and I were up early this morning like at 3 AM and talking about our home. Mom has this weight on her shoulders and she wanted to share it with me, cos it has always worked for her in the past. Mag's was passed out in her bed a sleepin so I could actually just sit and listen for once.

Mom told me she has come to realize We All Do What We Can in Our Own Way.  The trick is to let it be enough and to not judge what other's are able to do.  Well she sure has me confused, but I just did my famous head tilt and listened to her.  I guess we will see where this will lead.
Stella Rose

Monday, April 1, 2013


My Mom couldn't blog over the weekend so we are late wishing everyone a Happy Easter.  In fact, we have no Easter pictures of Maggie nor myself cos my mom was so busy TRYING to make hot rolls, and noodles and food for Easter ALL weekend.  We should have took pictures of that fiasco and posted them today cos you all would have thought for sure it was a April Fool's joke.  Anyway here are some other pictures to share with you.

My Mom and one of the boy grandmonsters on Easter.  He was hunting eggs and said "isn't this just wonderful!!"  Mom hates getting pictures of her taking cos she is not never ever photogenic but the grandmosters are!

Today is April Fool's Day and will ALWAYS and FOREVER be a very special day in our family.  Well, here is the story, first came all these BOY grandmonsters then Mom found out she was gonna be a grandma again, and then she found out it was gonna be a GIRL...she was so happy....this baby girls dad was doing his first tour in Iraq but thank goodness he got to take leave and come home ONE day BEFORE she was born...
Isn't she BEAUTIFUL! 

Then she grew up even more and now she is eight years old and Dad is home for good...what could be better!!!!  Happy Birthday McKenna we love you!!

Stella Rose and Maggie and even mean ole cat dietzman