Thursday, June 26, 2014


WE have heard through the blogvine that it is Jan's birthday......(hands clapping, pugs jumping,) Happy Happy Birthday Jan, we are on our way over for the cake!

We have had some emails this week from our friends here asking how Mom's friend Cindy and her family is doing.  So with Cindy's permission we are updating you.

Last Friday night Cindy came over to my Mom's to visit and have supper with us.  We, mostly sit on her lap and licked her ears, cos we knew that a visit with our Mom and US were her best medicine.  She has several furry kids of her own, so three pugs on her lap was nothing for her to get upset about.  She shared with us, that Julie has now started physical theory at the University Hospital which is almost a two hour drive for them.  She had to go that far, because their is only one therapist that close who knows what to do with a woman who developed HELLP Syndrome caused by preeclampsia.  HELLP Syndrome is very serious and it affects your platelets, blood, kidneys etc.  The statistics show that 1 in 4 woman do not survive if they develop it.

In Julie's case it affected her left side, her vision is very blurry, and her speech.  Cindy knows they are blessed that Julie survived.  She also sadly told us that all evidence says if Julie would have had the C-Section as soon as she arrived at the ER instead of three hours later, that Peyton would have survived.  It was a terrible sad heartbreaking medical error. 

Right now Cindy and her family are just concentrating on Julie getting well.  That is where they are focused, but we know sometimes her heart drifts down that lane of What If's....and that walk is filled with big pot holes, just waiting on you to fall in.  It is hard as a human not to travel that road when you are in pain.

We want to leave this post on a happy note though and it is this.  When Cindy arrived at our house, she had a stack of cards in her hand.  We were sooo excited when we saw them, cos we knew they were from all of you, our dear friends and they WERE!!!  She shared them with us, and let us read them.  Each and every card was so beautiful, but Cindy said, she could not believe how far some of them came from, that you had each taken the time to write something every special inside, and how she found herself each day after a few started to arrive, looking forward to going to the mailbox.  So whenever we doubt that something small we do will TRULY affect another being, remember what she said.  Bless your hearts.
Stella Rose and Momma

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blog is BROKEN

ISA wanted to let you guys NOSE that crazy blogger isn't working at our house.  None of your blogs show up for us to read.  SO no bedtime stories for us last night. 

Isa has a real quick story to tell yousa before my mom catches me on here, and then Isa gotta run and get her paperwork ready for hers ....she is getting home really late, and leaving really early...its a work...

OKays so Momma decides instead of taking us to the good groomer girls to get our nails cut this freakazoid friend of hers would come overs and do it.  Apparently hers cuts all her dogs nails, and she is like a super cutter. Plus hers is free.  So Mom tells us what is going to happen BEFORE freaky gets here, so we are like prepared and everyfing.  Hers even gets the chicken out for our treats AFTER we are done.

So we meet freaky and Maggie has to go first.  Mom runs into the house to hide but leaves US there watching.  WELL MOM that was STOOPID cos we shouldn't have watched, we should haf been eating our chicken instead.  SO pretty soon freaky hollers at mom to come HELP hers.  UM????  Guess what hers only had ONE nail cut on MAGS back foot.  So Mom picks up mag and holds her close and starts to tell her the story of how she came to live wif her.  Maggie calms down until she hears the noise of the CLIP whenever she cuts a nail.  It was a battle but finally Maggie was done and got her chicken.

Stella was watching from the rocking chair, and MOmmma was watching hers, thinking OH MY PUG cos wesa all know Stella is crazy when hers gets her nails done.  Even wif the good groomer girls.

So I step up cos Isa the man of the house, and as soon as Momma picks me up a scream comes out of my mouf.  I screamed and screamed even befores Freaky touched me.  Mom was upset and I fink freaky was terrified.  So she cuts one nail and I scream and scratch my mom on the arm.  She starts to bleed.  She cuts another nail and I scream even louder and scratch my mom on her leg and this time hers really bleeds bad.  I tell Mom she needs to refink this freaky cutting my nails, or it is just gonna get worse.

Mom puts me down and says YOU WIN GUSSIE.  So we stopped cutting nails, and freaky left defeated.  Mom is making our appt. at the good vet.  Mom still gave us chicken as a treat cos SHE was so shook up.  I toles her later, she should not have rewarded us for our behavior, but hers just shook her head.....I is still a little mad at hers this morning, and refused to eat my breakfast.  I finks she will go buy me a present today for sure.

We will keep checking in on blogger to see wheres you guys all went.  We can get comments, just can't read your stories.  BUMMER!!
Angus McConnell

Monday, June 23, 2014

We will be Back

Momma has to get ready for an upcoming Trial....we will be reading your posts, and checking in....we will be back next week...hugs and love

Stella Rose, Maggie Mae and of course Angus McConnell

Friday, June 20, 2014


To HOT to HUMID we will nevers get to go outside again.....sigh....

Today is Friday and wesa won't be back until Monday but we wanted to leave our friends wif our good faughts for the day.  About treasure. 

Some people fink this is treasure

BUTT we finks different.  We finks you, ALL our friends here in blogville are the treasure in our lives.  Oh I nose we have toles you this like a trillion and one times but we really need to remind you again.  YOU ARE OUR TREASURE.  

You have shown us just what we found in many have helped my momma when her heart was broke, you have laughed wif us and not AT us, (well maybe my friend PUddleS laughed at me but that is okay) you have shown us the power of peoples when they all worked together because of love and recently you showed someone who is not even a neighbor here in Blogville your love.  My moms friend Cindy. 

She called Momma yesterday just crying cos of all the cards our friends have sent to her.  She is taking them to her daughter and sharing them with her.  You stepped up and helped her heart. 

Blogville has a lot of kindness to give, we are a family, and as I toles someone the other day, my family is like a bowl of nuts on our table, all different and mostly cracked.  BUTT we are family.

A treasure for anyone who finds it.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thoughts of Frankie

TODAY our dear friend Frankie is at the eye specialist getting his eyes all checked out.  I nose his momma is concerned, but she also nose all of us at blogville are keeping her strong!  We are sending our good thoughts, and prayers their way.

Hugs across the miles buddy!
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, Angus McConnell and Mean Ole Cat Dietzman

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Dear Spammers:
Fank you, Fank you , Fank you for commenting on our post each and everyday.  We three so enjoy reading all your interesting thoughts and comments.  So much that we thought we would do a question and answer Wednesday.  Okay here goes....

The furst and second question is for Maggie
1. I really like the colors of your blog.  Did you design it yourself or hire someone.  Well, fanks, as a matter of fact I did design it myself along with my big sister Kylei who did our header. See Mr. Spammer, I is the brains of the bunch, just think of me, as the Wizard of Pugs, I is the quiet, often unheard from, hidden behind the great curtain of life , but apparently the smartest in all the land.

2. Wow , ​​tо jest to, czego szukam za сo materiał ! obecny tutaj, w tym strona , dzięki Admin ego strona.  I totally agree with this comment.  Not only am I the most beautiful pug you have ever seen but I also wonder how I can live with these two trouble makers.  Yes, I truly do have a heart of gold.

The next two questions are for Stella Rose.

3. Hair Regrowth and Hair Clinic and looking the best Solution for your all hair problems.  I actually do not have any hair problems.  I have a beautiful double coat that is very thick. The only person in this house that has hair regrowth problems is my DAD and he does not like to discuss it with ANYONE.  I do shed a little and have offered to DAD any that falls on the floor.  He is not appreciative of my efforts.

4. I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my trouble. You're wonderful! Thanks! Stop by my page   --I nose I have lots of relatives all over the place but I don't fink I is your cousin.  For one thing the only HIM that writes in our blog is my brudder Angus, cos our Dad nevers writes for us.  I fink you must have us mistaken wif another blog that is written by your cousin, I would suggest you type in "Blogs written by my cousin" on goggle and see what you come up wif.  I am sorry you have so much trouble but maybe your cousin shouldn't be sharing it all overs the world on his blog.  Just a thought.

And the last two questions are for Angus McConnell

5.It's a shame you don't have a donate button! I'd definitely donate to this brilliant blog! I guess for now i'll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.  I sooooo agree wif you.  I toles my momma over and overs that we need a donate button on our blog but hers is not paying attention to me.  I figure if you will donate monies to me to it wouldn't be very long before I could buy my own construction business and be in charge of my own road crew boys.  That is one of my dreams in life, as I have several.  Furst to free all the poor little animals that live in people mill hell, second to go visit my dear friend Puddles, cos I toles her I would come down and bring my Dr. kit, third, to be a famous writer, and last I someday want to be president or just take over the world, although I have heard they are basically the same fing.  Mom said all of these reason is WHY she does not have a donate button for you to sends me money.  If you want tho I can give you our moms email address, cos hers is always getting offers to send her monies on there.  Fank you for your offer.

6.I have been browsing online more than three hours these days, yet I by no means discovered any attention-grabbing article like yours.  Oh fank you.  I imagine on the day you read our blog that was my day to post.  See Isa don't really haf my own blog, we three share this blog.  Stellie Rose is the sweetie of the bunch, and Maggie is the brains, and I is both and more.  I is real sorry it took you three hours to find us though.  My Momma can probably relate to that cos one time it took her three hours to find something she was looking for, and hers was really mad while hers was looking.  I suggested in my little pug way that hers puts stuff back where they go, and hers suggested fings to me that I had nevers heard of before.  I am sure my ears were bright red. 

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell-Have a great Wednesday

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


These things arrived in the mail for us on Saturday.  My Mom was so excited about getting them for us, but wesa didn't nose what they were, AND there was ONLY two of them which meant we HAD to share.  Sharing is a class all of us must haf misseded cos wesa don't share well.  I usually gather everyfing I want like...greenie, stuffie, bully stick, and lay my chin on it...that tells my girls they had better stay away from my treasures.

They do not always listen.

So anyway these are Natural Elk Antler Chews, Made in USA, not China, cos Momma said if we ordered them from China they could be made out of anyfing BUT real Antlers.  The little booklet said they were a great source of Calcium, Zinc, Potassium and I just fink they tasted good.  Nobody paid us a dime to say all these nice fings either.

Mag and Isa wondering whose antler this is?  Hers or mine.  I toles her I is the other man in the house and I need more muscles than hers does.  Hers is not buying it.

Stellie Rose is being a good girl and just waiting on her Antler.  I wonders if she has figured out theres is only two and three of us.  And Maggie is mean about her treats.  I finks Mom is gonna haf to settle this.

Maggie is a little scared of it at first.  Hers is weird like that.  Isa protecting her, cos that is my job.

Notice who ended up with the Antler.  Any minute now Maggie is going to go all WWF on me and practice her wrestling moves....MOMMMMMMMMM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Fank you for all the nice comments about my writing skills.  Isa finking hard about it.  Between my officer training with Sgt. Bites, and visiting my girlfriend Ms. Liberty, and well just being a cute little pug, Isa onlys haf so much far I is just drawing pictures wif the pencils my momma gots me.

This is for my buddy Puddles.

Angus McConnell Long

Monday, June 16, 2014


Its MONDAY...sigh....BUSY WEEKEND...sigh....MOM is at WORK...sigh......

I am allowing Angus to blog a little in my place off and on from now on.  He needs the writing experience.  Last week he put it out there on facebooks that he is going to be writing a BOOK about who nose what and 20 peoples told him to DO IT so now he thinks he is a writer because of 20 peoples.  Doesn't he nose that there are millions, and billions, and trillions of peoples in the world and ONLY 20 peoples told him to DO IT. 

This weekend Mom took him to the $ store to buy paper and pencils....MOM why are you participating in this farce?????  He finks he is going to make lots of money and give it to the doggies that need it and buy us some deer antlers with what is left overs.  Oh Angus.........

What do you fink about Angus's idea?

Stella Rose

Friday, June 13, 2014

See Beautiful for Goose


Today is the SECOND ANNIVERSARY of Sweet SUGAR's    See Beautiful thingy....      it is being DEDICATED to our Furend GOOSE...  and there will be some Green Papers...$$$  going to him fur all the posts that  SEE BEAUTIFUL.        Congratulations to you SUGAR.

We are seeing so many kind and wonderful words from YOU ALL...    THANK YOU.     



Wells today is my last day of blogging this week and my Stellie Rose will be backs next week, I love to blog so I might asked her if Isa could do it more.  Okay so today is ADVICE day for Dui.  My momma finks he is almost as cute as me, (I fink hers said almost..Isa sure she said almost) anyways I is the perfect little pug to gives him advice.  Why you asked???? WELL cos I is Angus McConnell Long and my name sounds Scottish evens tho I is puggish AND cos I is little like him, and beautiful...oh yes, we have already discussed the cute aspect.

Sooo Dui my first advice is to get hold of a good photographer like my big sister Kylei and get a picture that you can send to all the womens you are gonna meet when you finally get to step out into the world.  I haf met millions, or three Isa not sure and give them each a signed picture of me.

Second you MUST go to puppy school cos that is where you will meet lots more womens.  I had several fall in love wif me on the spot.  Some were even two legged, and I fink I told my Momma one was a stalker and wanted to steal me everys time we went to class.  My Mom ignored me.  But I knows hers wanted me cos she kept saying, "gussie I could just take you home!'  MOM how much clearer could that be!!!

Here is me on my way to class in my Harley Motorcycle Sweatshirt.  I found out womens like bikers.

Third, nevers I repeat nevers go hunting wif someone who does not take the adequate supplies wif them.  I went hunting for a turkey wif my Dad last fall and he did not take, my jammies, extra water, or even treats.  I asked him repeatly to give me more sweet tea and he kept telling me to be quiet cos I was scaring the turkey's away.  I reminded him repeatly Isa was only fursty cos he had brought beef jerky and Isa ate it all.  Finally I had to frow in the winning card by threatening him to call my momma to come and get me.  He took me to get a drink.  Always threaten to call your momma!!

And last and most important loves your family each and everydays, my family Dui is a bowl of nuts, and some of them are a little cracked but they loves me more than the green earth loves the sun, and my little heart sings each time I looks in all their eyes.  I is the luckiest boy in the world, and I nose you are too.  Plus it is always good to remember when fings happen like...well....for instance someone poops on the couch cos they are mad at mom for going to work, doesn't get as mad, cos hers loves you to much.

I is so happy Dui yousa are my friend.  (oh yeah one more fing, you might want to make friends wif the local sheriff cos yousa nevers nose when that might come in handy)

Angus McConnell Long

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Furst there was Stella Rose

This is Stellie furst Tea Party hers had ever went to.

Then Margaret Mae

Her is a baby here.


Isa so Beautiful.  See my little tongue sticking out?????  I used to do that all the time for my momma when Isa was a little boy.  Now I haf learned the womens don't like mens who goes around wif their tongues hanging out.  Mom says who cares, she will always love me.

p.s. Today my momma is going to a special service for Peyton.  His momma finally got home from the big hospital on Monday night.  She wanted me to tell you again, thank you for all your comments, prayers, and cards.

p.s.s. Wesa also so happy our buddy Frankie is feeling better!!!!

Angus McConnell

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Worthless Wednesday

Mom is at work, Dad is at work, I is home wif my girls.  Send me positive faughts!!!
Angus McConnell Long

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


My sister, Stella Rosey is on a sabbatical all week so she told me I could be the blogger this week. Whoohooo.......

So I decided to share my email with PUDDLES wif all you guys and girls just in case yu might nose where hers has went to.

Here it is.  P.S. I gots in big trouble early this morning cos for some reason my brain was tired and addled and they think I mistakenly faught the purty red rag rug on momma's couch was my blue pee pad and I peed and pooped on it.  Mom and Dad were shocked at my behavior and so was I!!!  I told them I fink it was evil Chrissy back to her tricks cos I wrote that post about her yesterday, Momma just glared at me.  Sigh.....

Jun 5 at 3:18 PM
Dear Puddles:
I asked my momma if isa could write you today just to tells you I is still finking of you and haf nevers forgotten youse.  Yousa don't even haf to answer me back cos its okay if yousa are busy, or asleep, I just wanted you to know Isa miss you.  Isa was finking that your evil sister, Chrissy,...was she your sister?  or terrible visitor that came into your house, cos that is how Stella Rose still finks of me and mags most times, well anyways I was finking how mean chrissy used to tie you up to that sleigh and how means she was to me impersonating a Good Santa Elf and not her normal devil self.

Since Christmas is onliest 6 months away I faught I had better start working on a plan wif you to keep her away from us, like maybe we could package her up and send her to someone else that we don't like, like my dads boss....just an idea......fink on it ....I will check back wif you in august .....

I wanted you to know that even though we don't hear from you, I still hear all your funny words in my brain, or else I have mad cow disease...isa not sure....

I love yu much.
Angus McConnell Long

Monday, June 9, 2014


I miss my road crew boys now that they are digging up someone else's back yard, I is hoping there will be a road crew reunion and isa gets invited.

So Mom hasn't taken any new pictures of us cos hers is busy...lazy and I is growing real big.  Tonight hers promised to take some so you can see my muscles.  Anyhoo Isa needed to talk to you about my girl Maggie.  You know who she is.  Anyway hers finks I belong only to hers and she won't let Stella perfect smelling rose play wif me evers.

As you can see by her picture hers is not normal.

I tried to talk to hers about the concept of sharing her little Gussie buts hers refused to take my advice.  So anytime Stellie tries to play bitey face wif me, Maggie turns evil and tries to kill Stellie.  Well then Mom and Dad jump in and holey hell breaks loose, all because Maggie finks I is only her toy.

Mom says its because Maggie and Isa grew up together, cos wesa were both little tadpoles when hers brought us home. So we are best of buddies.  But I still tole Maggie that we should play wif our big sister sometimes also.  I is torn between playing wif Maggie cos her runs and zips all overs the house wif me, or playing wif Stellie Rose, cos hers plays nice wif me also.  Its hard being the onliest boy besides Dad in the house, and he don't count.

I is also worried cos it is only 6 more months to Christmas and I just nose evil Chrissy is already making her plans to wreck my life like hers did last Christmas.  Remember when I called up to talk directly to my Santy Claus and some elf named Alisha (chrissy) toles me I was to ugly to be a reindeer.  Well that about brokes my little heart.  I sent my friend Puddles an email last Friday explaining to hers that Christmas is right around the corner and that we need to come up wif a plan for evil Chrissy.  So far I haven't heard back from Puddles, Isa a little worried Chrissy may be holding her hostage, or her is having to work in the coal mines somewhere.  Isa may haf to go find her.

My Momma also wanted me to tell you fank you from the bottom of hers heart, for the emails sent to her asking for her friends address.  Hers says there are no words.

Angus McConnell Long

Friday, June 6, 2014


Good Morning Dear Friends:
I am letting my momma have my blog today.  She wanted to update you on her friend.

I talked to Cindy last night as she was on her way back up to the University Hospital in Iowa City.  Julie is still in intensive care but is slowly getting better.  After Peyton was born, her magnesium levels went wayyy to high and that caused huge problems with fluids and her kidneys almost stopped working.  Thus leading to all other kinds of problems.  They have started to get that under control and the bleeding is better.  Julie had to have a transfusion yesterday, but they could not find any veins so they had to bring in the ultrasound machine to find a deep vein so she could get her transfusion.  When I was talking to Cindy they were waiting on him to come back because they needed to take more bloodwork and again needed the ultrasound.  Julie is talking now though and can raise her arms, and move her legs.  Slowly getting better.  They are saying Julie had Placenta Abruption and I still haven't asked her what happened to Peyton.  She will tell me when we can spend some quiet time together.

I asked her last night what I could do to help her.  We humans always ask that, and for some reason I always think food, or help with her dogs etc.  Something within MY comfort zone, but guess what....being a friend, especially a friend since we were five years old,  comes with some "not so comfortable requests".....she asked me if I would go over to Julie's house with her this weekend and help her take the crib down.  I am finding out as I grow older, that being a true blue friend is not always the easy stuff, but something that we need to do to help and show our love.

I was thinking last night about when my daughter was sick and one day we started to get all these wonderful cards in the mail.  It went on for a few weeks.  It gave us something to look forward to and enjoy.  I will always remember that, I think we received around 50 cards.  Later I found out a church in another town heard about us, and decided to send cards.  I will never forget that act of kindness. 

I wanted to ask you, my friends, if any of you would be interested in sending Cindy a card, as one grandmother to another, or woman to another, or dog lover to another, or just kind person to another.  I know it would be something she would remember forever, that would have a special meaning.  If you want to here is my email address....I will then give you her address.  You can let her know that we also are friends.  I told her about asking you for prayers and she said to tell you they are helping so much.

Thank you again
Deb          simpson_longatyahoodotcom

Thursday, June 5, 2014



Thank you for all your lovely thoughts and prayers sent our way yesterday.
Stella Rose and her Momma

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


First I wanted to tell you UNCLE ABE is doing just fine.  He had his surgery and this time they were able to get rid of that rock in his kidney. My momma collects rocks but hers told me this is not the kind of stone people want to collect.  He is off the rest of the week, so he can rest up and start to feel better. Thank you friends for all your good thoughts and prayers.

My Momma has another request also.  It is a sad, heartbreaking request but it is a simple request.  My Momma has a dear friend named Cindy that she has had since Kindergarten.  They have shared many happy and sad memories as longtime friends often do.  They were military wives together, and raised their kids together.  Cindy and my Momma have very different personalities but in some ways similar ones also.  (Cindy is the one who brought Margaret into our lives.....grrrr....)

My Momma found out that Cindy was going to get to be a grandma next month.  We were all so excited.  See Cindy got to be a grandma 13 years ago the same time my Momma did for the first time, but her little grandgirl went to live in heaven.  Cindys daughter has struggled with that loss for several years now, and only a few years ago started to enjoy the light in the world.  And then they found out they were having a little boy.  Things were going just wonderful, and he was going to be born next month.

Last Friday Cindy's girls blood pressure went way to high but the Dr. said hers was okay and put her on some medicine.  Cindy and her girl finished up the nursery on Sunday cos they just knew Peyton was going to arrive a little early.  Well he did.   Sunday night he decided he would be born, and both Peyton and his momma was in critical condition.

Peyton lived for a moment, just enough time to tell Grandma Cindy how much he loved her, then his sister took him by the hand and he went up to heaven.  His momma is still not doing very well physically nor emotionally.  Cindy of course is staying strong for the whole world cos that is her way.

Would you please keep her family in your prayers today, because I believe it will help make even a small difference in their strength that they will need this week.

I am so blessed to have you all as our friends.
Stella Rose's and Momma

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I looked in the Webster's Dictionary under Saturday and it said, "the day of the week mom spends the whole day wif you".   I could hardly wait cos I had plans for us and our MOM.  But apparently so did my big sister Kody and it was called BABYSITTING BABY BEAN.

I sadly watched Mom get in the little blue streak early Saturday morning and leave us at home wif our DAD.  That dictionary is outdated apparently.

Remember when Baby Bean looked like this:

Well now hers looks like this:

And apparently because Maggie and I tend to jump up on peoples...... we don't get to play wif her yet cos her is only 18 months old.  Well Isa tole my Mom hers is older than me so I should get to play wif her!!!!!


Our Mom also asked for some prayers for my Uncle Abe, my big sister Kylei's husband.  Last week he had to have surgery on his kidney, and we found out yesterday that it didn't work so he has to have surgery again today.  So the four grandmonsters will be coming to stay all night wif us again, whooppeeeee....we loves playing wif them.  The Dr. said two tours in the desert was hard on his kidneys, cos he didn't drink enuf water etc.....we hopes all goes well today.

Angus McConnell

Monday, June 2, 2014

May Mr. Chewy Review


SOOOOO when ours Mom got home our favorite UPS boy left us this box.  We know a Mr. Chewy's box when we see one and we knew that delish treats were waiting for us inside.

See it says, SHIP TO: Deb Long and STELLA ROSE LONG, in Keosauqua, Iowa.  IT DOES NOT SAY  SHARE OR SHIP TO MARGARET MAE OR ANGUS MCCONNELL.  I am sure the Iowa Code Section is on my side IF the crazies try to steal any of MY and MOMS treats.

  Well we were all jumping for joy,(the crazies still thought they were getting some) but apparently MOM wanted us to NOT jump but sit.  Well Isa nevers sits.  I am above sitting instead I ballet twirl.  It is a talent in our home that only me and this little girl has mastered...

So the crazies sit and I twirl and Mom lets us try not ONE but TWO of our CRANBERRY LIVER TREATS that hers has picked out for us this month.

We likes these treats first cos they are from WISCONSIN which is only a skip away from IOWA.
Here are some fings about these treats.

Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Cranberry Liver Low Fat Dog Treats

Fresh Wisconsin cranberries and liver with a touch of garlic.
Key Benefits
  • One calorie per treat
  • Wisconsin cranberries
  • 100% USDA-inspected ingredients
  • Made in Wisconsin in a USDA-plant

Mom was impressed about the one calorie, hers told DAD maybe SHE should be the one munching one these instead her peoples treats.
  • All Stages
  • Adult
  • Treats
Country of Origin
  • United States
Special Diet
  • Weight Control

WHAT!!! Weight Control.....Mom we are perfect in our roundness.

So try some of these treats, they are better than popcorn when yousa watching a movie.  Mr. Chewy didn't make us say any of these fings, we said it cos we liked it!
Stella Rose