Friday, January 31, 2014


OUR momma is so glad it is Friday.  She is sure hoping she can get caught up on our posts on Saturday.  We are supposed to get snow, sleet, and ice for the next few days so she doubts she will be traveling around much.  Anyway today I wanted to write about my friend close to my heart named Stan.  Some of you know him, but some of my new friends might not.

This is Stan:

He lives in Morecrombe England with his momma, daddy and new brother Bentley.  Bentley is a big pain in his butt, just like my two crazies are mine.  He often bites poor Stan on the back of his legs also. I keep telling my love that I feel his pain, and I mean that

Stan and I have been best friends for almost 4 years now.  We met when our momma's met on a pug site.  We realized we had a lot of things in common, so we became pen pals first, and then friends of the heart.
Stan often wins at the dog shows he is entered in.  I am proud of him whether he wins or not.

Here is Stan last year at our Valentine Ball right here on Blogville.  He flew over to see me in his vintage plane.
Stan: Hunka Hunka Burning Love.

Stan and Me last year at the dance.

WE tried to send Stan and his family a really big package from Iowa loaded with things they can't find where they live.  Well the first time we tried that we found out the postage to where they live is a little to high for our mom's pocketbook so instead of 20 things we could only send 2 things.  Its hell to be poor.  Oh well as the old saying goes, "we are rich in love and friends."

This year Stan is going with me to the Valentine Ball again.  I can hardly wait to see him.  He is my best guy friend.

A few days ago this came in the mail for me.
Mom says I have to wait till Valentines Day to open it up.  I am so excited.  Of course our mom is late sending Stan his card from me.  Sigh.....

Stella Rose

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Angus McConnell is very proud of this.  Mom says she feels much safer with him in the house. We are sick of hearing about it.
Stella Rose and Margaret Mae

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Watching Mom Vacuum.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell.

Friday, January 24, 2014


THIS  is Macey.  Hers is five years of old.

THIS is Micah.  In a few weeks he will be the big 13!

HERE is Marcus who just turned 11.

AND HeRE is McKenna who is 9.

Peoples has been telling our mom this week that these kids are NOT grieving for their Grandma Teri.  That kids are sad, but they don't know how to grieve.  This has upset ours Mom so I is gonna sit a few things straight.

Grownups ALWAYS finks they know more than little kids and us four leggers.  THEY finks because they have went to school, and college that they are really smart and kids ...well kids are kids and dogs are dogs.  That is the farthest from the truf. 

I finks kids, and us four leggers are smarter when it comes to loss and grief.  Most kids talk about the person they lost, sometimes a lot, while adults do not...they just buck up and go on, and shove it all deep down inside, and then later on they start to get a belly ache.  Kids, well they cry about who they have lost and wish they were beside them once again.  Grownups thinks they gotta be strong, and hide their tears.  Pretty soon you start to see big headed adults walking around with a head full of tears they need to cry.  Little kids well they hug you when they need to feel close and grownups don't.  Little kids are honest and show their emotions all over their little faces.

Last night little Macey toles my mom that hers was sad cos it was her turn to stay all night at Grandma Teri's and now Grandma is gone.  How honest is that.  And Kenna said to my Mom, "Grandma it has been a bad bad week." 

So please you-know -it -all grownups stop assuming that you know kids, and their hearts.  Start listening to them, without interjecting your opinion, just listen to them.  You may learn something.
Angus McConnell Long

Thursday, January 23, 2014


THIS is us.  See our sweet little faces.

THIS is BERNICE....see hers mean ole stinky face!

So who would you believe if a catastrophe happened in your kitchen.  HERS or US???  I, Angus McConnell swear to tell the whole truf and nuffin but the whole truf!!!

Mom came home from work last night and when hers walked in our kitchen her noticed torn up paper all overs the floor along with various items from the trash can, our blankies all thrown around the floor, and stuffies wif their heads torn off.

HERS was speechless and  couldn't figure out what had happened, where had the trash came from, WHO had tore the stuffies up and what was that paper that was torn up, so hers picked it up and started making OUR supper when hers noticed on one of the pieces she could see a picture of two of the little boy grandmonsters and our momma.  THEN she realized it was a picture from her WALL of FAME on the refrig.  THEN she even mores realized it was her FAVORITE picture from hers WALL of FAME. 

Oh hers was so mad steam was rolling out of her ears and mouth.  We ran into the livingroom for various safety reasons, and tried to make ourselves invisible.  I kept yelling IT WAS BERNICE and our Mom was a roaring so loud hers couldn't even hear me!!!  We were afeared hers would refuse to feed us our supper and we would haf to wait until Dad got home late at night and beg from him.

Finally Mom calmed down and I slunk out of the foxhole.  I calmly explained to her that BERNICE came into the kitchen after hers went to work.  Hers started to throw our blankies all around teasing us wif them.  I told her, "BERNICE you nevers ever tease a pug about his blankie cos we loves them almost as much as sausage gravy!"  Hers just pushed me aside.  Then hers opened hers mouth real big big you could see Niagara Falls in there and hers blew the picture off the refrig.  THEN BERNICE GRABBED IT AWAY FROM ME and TORE IT ALL UP!  I looked up at MOm wif my big brown eyes, and hers could see right away I was telling hers the truf.

Isa explained to her that BERNICE grabbed us by our fat wrinkles and was pushing us around, and THAT is how the trash can got knocked over!  I also tole her we three might have nightmares for awhile cos wesa never seen so much violence wif our stuffies.  Fur and inside were a flying and heads fell off.  Wesa are so traumatized.  We are hoping blogville steps us and provides us with new stuffies.   Oh, Mom said I couldn't say that in my blog I forgots. Sorry.

So OUR mom stomped into the kitchen and grabbed hold of meanoldBERNICE  and threw her right on her big a** (sorry for the HBO words but isa mad) out the door.  You do know folks that we had -35 below last night so this morning Mom just propped FROZEN BERNICE against the trash can outside for the trashman to pick up.

The three of us was watching this morning when the big truck picked up BERNICE and now  her is on her way to the landfill and wesa are back in our Moms good graces.  

Fanks for listening to our story and believing us.

Angus McConnell Long

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This is Angus McConnell writing today.....ALL about his SWEET her is all dolled up for the big Valentine Bash.

 Hers is so beautyful that it makes my eyes water......I asked my Mom if I could buy her a big box of tootsie rolls but Mom said NO CHOCOLATE and I would just have to send hers a card instead.  I toles Mom that is not what the girls like!!!  My Mom is kinda old and hers has forgotten what the young girls hearts wants from their Valentine Beau's so Isa made a list for her.
1. Pig Ears
2. Bully Sticks
3. Jones Windees
4. Unstuffed teddee bears
5. Their own cell phone-so Isa can call her late at night and whisper sweet nothin's in her ears.

Some of you have asked JUST who this BERNICE  that has comes to our home and camped out.  WELL, our Mom heart is hurting for her grown up kids, and little grandmonsters cos their other Grandma Teri went to the Heavens to live.  SOMEHOW and SOMEWAY crazy Bernice(depression) snuck into our home when no one was watching, she likes to make peoples feel blue and sometimes they cry and are just plain tired.  Hers is one mean ole Heifer.  Well Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and myself talked to her while Momma was at the dr. yesterday about her gimpy knee and we toles her we have our Moms back and hers needed to leave the premises.  Do you know what hers did to us, hers locked us in the closet and then just sit in front of the door and laughed at us!!!!  She said she likes hanging out in our home.  Maggie Mae suggested RAT poison next.

OUR Momma had lots of bloodwork yesterday and they gave her new medicine for the other problem with her legs.  As far as that gimpy knee, well they are giving it one more month to heal....hopefully it will and Mom will be ready to take us all for long, sunshiny walks.  We think by then we will have figured out how to get rid of BERNICE.
Angus McConnell

Tuesday, January 21, 2014




Bernice joined us last night while we watched a show that Dad and Mom had been waiting to see.  We all had to sit with Dad on the love seat cos she was sitting right beside our Mom in OUR recliner.  We asked her nicely to pack her bags and hit the road, but she just snarled at us so then WE BIT HER .....BUT hers has bigger teef then we do so we ran back over to our Daddy.

We can sure use your prayers.  Mom has a Dr. appt. today to see about her knee that she fell on 6 weeks ago.  It still feels the same way it did and is not getting any better.  She decided she had better just step up and go see the Frankenvet.  She also has been having some bad trouble with her legs.  Our Mom has bradycardia (her heart beats reallllllllll slllllllow sometimes, ) and we are wondering if it is affecting the blood flow to her legs.  So she is talking to the Dr. about that also.  She never see's the Dr. so she has a whole list of stuff ....she is sure she is going to sound wacko for sure.  We are hoping she puts BERNICE in the car and dumps her in the ditch along the way.

Stella Rose

Monday, January 20, 2014


I had to remind my Momma today that we are pugs!!  For heavens sakes, those cute, smooshy, wrinkled face furry four leggers that follow you around melting into your very existence.

NOT pigs...we do not wallow in anger, guilt or misery.  And neither should you, Mom.  Stop staring at the ceiling from the couch trying to make people clouds out of the texturing.  Its just not the same as going outside, into the fresh air and looking at the real clouds.  Get up off the couch. 

TODAY our Mom gave her sadness its own name, ...Bernice.  Mom says Bernice can be a real bi**ch and at the moment just wishes she would buy a one way fare out of our house.  Bernice just sits on the couch beside our Mom eating the last of the ranch know the ones we really like but only DAD sneaks us some.  Mom ate cereal instead, while laying down on the couch.  Bernice started to laugh thinking Mom would probably just choke to death on a dehydrated strawberry and one of us Pugs would have to do mouth to mouth.  Can you only imagine all the fur a flying and Mom a yelling. 

We don't like Bernice much either.  We think she is very opinionated and oppressive.  We want her to leave.  We also want the sun to come out and dry up the swamp littered with ice and snow so our MoM can take us for a walk.  Bernice isn't EVER EVER invited on our walks.  We tried sending Bernice to live next door with the mean dogs, but her big a** isn't budging.  (thats what our mom said)  I looked in the phone book under 1-800-COME-GET-BERNICE ...but no one else in the world wants her. 

We hate Bernice.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell

Friday, January 17, 2014

We will be back

We will be back next week and catch up on all of your blogs.  We are just taking a little break.  Some of you know that I lost a dear friend and fellow-grandmother to four of my grandchildren this week.  She was talking with a couple of her grown up children at the kitchen table and then she was just gone.  This is the first time my grandchildren have had to deal with a loss and actually this is the first time I have ever lost a friend.  We shared rides to birthday parties, dance recitals, and rodeo events. Most importantly we shared the common love of our grandchildren.  She will be missed by many but never forgotten.
Thank you for being our friends.

Stella Rose's Momma

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


You know those television shows where people go to Alaska or South America or Timbuktu to try to find gold and make themselves rich?  You know where they spend millions and millions to make a hundred say they found gold.  Isa was a thinking about that last night and it befuddles me.

See I think God drops down  little golden nuggets in our path, but humans are so busy not really looking where they are walking to see them.  You dive in and out of the day so fast, getting to where you are going, and planning then on how to get back to where you were.. that, you miss them. 

I talked to my Momma about this last night and I told her that golden nuggets comes in all forms.  Wesa pugs are golden nuggets, cos we bring our parents so much joy and laughter in their lives.  The grandmonsters are golden nuggets, cos they also bring joy and laughter, and so much love in their lives. And then there are the friends who come into their lives all along the way.  They are shiny golden nuggets also.

 We read somewhere that people comes into your life and leave your lives at different times and for different reasons.  Sometimes they are in your life for a long long time and sometimes just a short while, their to teach you a lesson that is important for you to learn or to help you through something you are struggling with.

See we three pugs think those "short timer nuggets" can be the most powerful influences and leave you the most empty when they are gone.  They must have a clock ticking and their goals for you all written down, so no time is wasted.  Their the tricky ones also, cos you don't even know you are learning a lesson, or making a memory, and then poof.........THEY. ARE. GONE.   Only then do most of us just stop and sit and let the quiet cover our souls, and we become open to what they have left behind.

Look around today and truly see all the golden nuggets that are in your life.  Take time to enjoy them and laugh with them, and hug them.

Stella Rose and her Momma

Tuesday, January 14, 2014



Me: Stella Rose
6 months old.  That is about how old I was when Momma got me.

Here I am at 3 1/2 years of age.  Living with the crazies has made me old!

Here is Maggie when we brought her home at 3 months -
And now at a little over 1 year.

And last but not least my little brother: Angus McConnell Long
Gussie at 3 months of age

Gussie at 10 months of age

Momma cannot believe how big we are all getting.  It makes her eyes all misty.
Stella Rose

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Sweet Liberty from Illinois said yes..her said YES!  My girls are already sick of seeing me dance all around the house and sing my little song:

Her said yes to me
Liberty my sweet little bee
Fiddle fi fee
She said yes to me!

Nashville will probably be calling me this afternoon to ask to record that song.  I fink Alan Jackson or Tim McGraw would do it best.  My girls are a laughin at me but I is used to it by now.

Here is a picture of Sweet Liberty, some of you haf asked about hers.  I guess you all wanted to make sure I wasn't going down the wrong path, or somepin like that.
 You see that shirt that says DADDY'S GIRL well, my Dad toles me last night that means I had better be on my best behavior with Sweet Liberty or her Dad and Brothers will kick my butt.  I am confused cos WHY wouldn't I be on my best behavior....later Stellie Rose (cos hers my big sister and gives me the bestest advice) toles me no humping Liberty's toys like I dos my girls sometimes.  OH>...........

She lives in Illinois with her 4 pug brothers and sisters.  She is the same age of Stellie Rose which would make her a cougar..bahahahahahhah!

She was gonna be my date for New Years Eve Bash, but you all know how that turned out, remember, broken water pipes, breakin Mom out of prison, and a mad Sheriff Dan.

Liberty's Mom writes a blog called and she takes the best pictures of all her pugs together.  My mom admires her cos nevers do they tear each others clothes off while she is snapping those pictures.  We think she may be the pug whisperer.

I can tell by those clothes that girl is gonna want me to spend some money on her!!!!  I is askin my Dad if he has any chores for me to do.
Angus McConnell

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


(How embarrassing that mom has me on top of the washer.)
Dear Liberty:
Will you marry me?  Wait, no I jumped the gun Liberty Isa was just supposed to ask you....okay Isa just gonna haf to start all overs okay....

Dear Liberty:
Will you be my Valentine Card this year?  What, Isa still don't haf it right, But Stellie Rose that is what you said to say....oh.......Isa supposed to say Valentine not card...oh i faught we were exchanging Valentines like we did Christmas cards and Liberty was coming to my house for supper....oh....okay.....

Dear Liberty:
Will you BE my VALENTINE?
There Isa finally got it right?  Well, Liberty if yousa decides to be my love, well my Valentine then I guess that means we are like that as in going to McDonalds and getting a Kids pack with a cheeseyburger and fries, and apples, well isa hates apples but I can give them to Stellie Rose, cos hers loves them unless yous loves them then of course I would give them to yous instead.   Oh an Liberty that means Isa will needs to buy you a present...well Maggie toles me that, is she right?  Well, I could give you signed autographed picture of ME but my girls toles me NO that you wanted a better present than Liberty Isa confused cos I don't know what is betters than that.  Can yousa write me a letter and just tells me what you wants.  It would help a boy out!
Angus McConnell Long

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


WE are sooo excited when we found out there is going to be a auction to help out our friend Tweedles.  Gussie is doing handstands cos first he asked his Santy Claus if he would make hers better and now all our friends in Blogville are planning an EVENT to help hers out.  Little Tweedles first had a bad bout of pneumonia and then right afters that had to have surgery on hers lung!  That Twee is our hero cos hers is so strong and of course her mommy's deserve an award all by themselves just for making sure hers followed the doctors rules and regulations.  Now here is what is going on:

Introducing a new auction blog in support of our PETZ in NEED, those with health and medical bills that need extra help.
Under the management of Ms Marg, of Marg's Animals, the blog premieres this week and will feature TWEEDLES as the first auction recipient, her auction running from January 8 to January 18.
We hope you'll bookmark the page, become a follower, tell your friends, share the news on your Facebook and Twitter pages ... this blog will be devoted exclusively to the needs of our beloved pets.  Cats, dogs ... furry creatures great and small.
Attached to this email are a number of badges and images.  Both permanent sidebar badges for PETZ in NEED; and badges specific to Tweedles auction.  You are welcome to use - and share - any of these images (without credit), we only ask that you include LINKS to the new blog please!
Right now, donations of items are needed for Tweedles auction ... please contact Ms Marg (email address below) if you have items to donate ... and please visit the blog for further information and details!  Thank you!

Blog Link:

Mom went home last night and found some items for the auction AND hers got hold of her friend FLEA at JONES NATURAL CHEWS and she is going to donate something special from their company also.  YAY!!!!

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, and Angus McConnell
p.s. yes, it is still cold here....pee pads are our friends.

Monday, January 6, 2014


Today - Partly Sunny
Hi -6° | Low -11°
Wind Chill Warning still in effect. Partly sunny skies on Monday. The coldest air of the season so far with temperatures only reaching -6 degrees as a high. Wind Chills from -30 to -35 degrees. Bundle up and stay warm.

This is what our local news station said to do. (Bundles up and stay warm) To bad they also didn't say, and STAY HOME FROM WORK.  All the schools, and colleges are closed around us.  Thank goodness those kids didn't have to go out in this weather.  Thank goodness the bosses got to stay home and the minion moms had to go to work.  Yep, that makes Mondays even betters.

We live right below Ottumwa, on the state line ...and it is really -13 below out with the wind chill of -36.  Thank pugness Dad didn't have to drive to work todays either.  He works in Fairfield.  See it on the map. That way he can stay home wif us, and we can all enjoy our warm home, and wait for our Mom to get home.
Stella Rose

Sunday, January 5, 2014


The wind chill for the next two days is to be....=47 below....our mom said thank the Lord for pee pads.  We are praying all the humans that have to live outside, and all the animals will be well cared for.  The news this morning said it will be the coldest in Iowa in 30 years.
Stella Rose

Friday, January 3, 2014


Today is our Beans first burfday and her is one years old.  Just like Maggie and Gussie.  Baby Bean was the New Years baby here in our town.  Her's is special cos of that but mostly hers is special cos she is our baby and that means hers is family.

We think on the day that hers was born the angels were so busy that God himself reached out  and handed her to all of us.  We promised to always love her and to take care of her, no matter what, cos that is what a family does.

Happy Birthday Sweet Piper Ryan Hamburg.


Have you wondered if wesa fell off the face of the earth, or worse????  Well, the truf of the matter is our Momma was held in "Work Prison" and won't be set free until today at noon. 

She worked late every night this week AND on NEW YEARS DAY, breaking rocks in the chain gang.

Wesa thought hers was never coming home.

SO we thought instead of digging our way out of the house to go to the NEW YEARS EVE BASH we three pugs had better go get our mom instead.  So we stoles this piece of equipment and fired it up.

Not only did we did we TRY to dig her out of the "work prison" we also dug up most of the water lines in our little village.  Now we have a lovely ice pond to go skating right in the middle of the little town  and just as soon as Sheriff Dan calms down we will be able to enjoy it. 

Of course we may have to pay the City Clerk 150 million dollars which means there will be no TREATS for a very long time.  So Mom says she has a lot of catching up to do on the blogs, and our posts.  We have missed everyone a lot, and mom promised she would make sure when Valentines Day rolls around we would get to go the the party.  So its a LATE HAPPY NEW YEARS from all of us here in Iowa, also known as the frozen cold wind blowing tundra!
We have missed all of you.
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell
P.S. Mean Ole Cat Dietzman is NOW sleeping with mom and dad every night, when I questioned her about the fairness of it all, she said they have no choice!