Thursday, May 28, 2015


Isa just finking back when my bestest BFF in the whole wide world and Isa was sitting on that bull in Texas.  bahahahhahah........anyways.....(we see you SULLY)

Dear Mom:
Tuesday Stellie Rose wrote you a rather whiney letter about TREATS, bahahhah she wrote about is that for a typical stereotype of a PUG.....well NOT this PUG cos Isa writing you about somefin much more important than our food,>>>>> PROTECTION.

Yes, Mom you must recognize by now that I am the bravest pug in our house next to mean ole cat dietzman, and he isn't to reliable anymore since he lives in the heavens above our house.  Anyways I fink you should tell the world how proud of me for being such a good guarder of you and dad and stella rose and gussie.   Instead I get in trouble for barking last night!!!!!!!!

I saw a cat under the bird feeder and I went into high alert, cos eyes luvs those little birdies that fly around inside of Alcatraz, I dos not luvs that cat.  You told me to stop!!!! 

Then I started barking at that little dog who lives down the hill froms us, cos I finks he was looking over at our house....You told me to stop!!!!!  

THEN, I started to bark at this monster on our porch, he was huge and dark and very scary looking, and you again TOLD me to stop, that it was your shirt a drying on the hanger.  YOU laughed at me AND toles me to STOP.

I fink you need to get your priorities in order and realize how valuable I is to this household and quit loving on Stellie Rose all the times, and loves on me more or else Isa gonna go liv with my BFF across the ocean.  Just saying.  And Isa taking my Gussie Boy wif me!!!!!

Margaret Mae Simpson

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Thank you for the message yesterday, I could tell from all the comments you received that your four legged friends completely understood your need for treats.  I am sorry I was at work all day but the reason I work is so I can take care of you and your sister, and brother.  Remember I have to buy your food, pay your vet bills, buy new toys, treats, and buy new beds because your brother and sister pee on them all the time.  Apparently I work for you three.

I always buy  you most of your treats, you know the healthy ones, that clean your teeth, or make your coat know the ones that says they are made for DOGS and then there are the many other kinds of treats that DAD gives you that you all think I know NOTHING ABOUT.

Such as:
1. sips of sweet tea
2. sips of pop
3. bacon
4. sausage gravy poured over your food after I leave for work
5. jerky
6. mashed potatoes

Oh I have to stop making this list because NOW I am worried because DAD has the day off and I have no idea what you really will be snacking on. 

I left you each two little treats each, for after lunch they are on the stovetop.  Please make sure that is all you eat until I get home.

I love you all ----Mom

Dear Butch:
Do not feed them any junk today!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015




Monday, May 25, 2015


Sometimes we all need a little help in remembering what this weekend is all about.....

That's Macey when she was little baby.  Abe's 2nd tour to Iraq.

Abe's first tour in Iraq, he surprised Micah when he was five years old and got to come home on leave. 

We remember.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, Angus McConnell and Momma

Friday, May 22, 2015


SOOOOOOO yesterday Sully who lives in Texas sent us a message to tell us OUR grandma invited him to their 61st wedding anniversary last week,......and apparently the mailman screwed up our address because NO invite arrived for us.  Here is his exact words. BOL Your mom just told y'all that dogs from Oklahoma came to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa's 61st anniversary, she didn't want y'all to know that I got a special invite cause I'm her favorite.


This is Sully who lives in Texas far far far away from OUR grandma??????

This is us who lives an hour away from OUR Grandma??????????  WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE AT YOUR PARTY????

Stella:  do you finks our grandma hates us, and luvs Sully more?

Gussie: no, I finks Sully is fibbing and telling big lies.  I finks I need to talk to his commanding officer because he is breaking the Code of Ethics book for officers of Blogville. 

Maggie: I finks Grandma's hormones are messing with her brain.

Stella: Maggie that is mean.

Maggie: Humph!

p.s. we called our grandma last night SULLY and hers toles us the truf!!!!!  You big fibber.

The Conversation went like this:
Maggie: Grannie did you invite that Sully Boy from down in Texas to your party but FORGET to invites us??????   Your favorite hairy grandchildren???????

Grandma: Oh my sweetest and not mean at all Margaret, I would never do something like that.  cough..cough

Grandma has a bad cold.

Stella Rose, MargaretMae and Angus McConnell

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Today we are joining in the Fuel for the Cure with Oz and Sugar.  You can find all the information on Oz's blog and Sugar's blog.  Just remember that Zukes will contribute $5 to the fund for each post written.  Although we are not smart enough to get on the blog hop....we are hoping one of our friends will take pity on us, and add us.

Loving life.......

Momma calls this my sweet face.

Maggie's sweet face...cough...cough......(hers probably finking of mean fings to do to me)

Gussie's sweet notice he has his treats in his paws, this is before he has his surgery on his red bump.  Do you see his smile.

Stella Rose


Last Saturday was grandma and grandpa's 61st wedding anniversary.  It was a nice party, wif lots of food, and cake and stuff.  Of course we had to stay home cos there was other dogs from Oklahoma visiting, probably was not fair but Mom says life can be that way.

Macey and Charlie --I fink he is telling our Macey his troubles.
Grandma has her third biopsy this week.  The shrinking has slowed down which the Dr. said that is normal and they are planning on doing the lumpectomy late in August.  Our grandma is pretty tired every day from the hormones and they also give her hot flashes that rate on a scale of 1-10 about an 210.  We bought her a cooling pillow hoping that would help.
Macey is still going to PT every week. She is STILL waiting on the magic leg hose to come it seems the elves that make them, are stumbling and bumbling around trying to figure out the correct measurements and gradients.  We have no idea what any of that means except she is still WAITING.  A few times over the past week her foot got" much bigger, but then it went down to the size "just big" her PT lady said she is doing well though.  We want different than "well"..........sigh.
Mom's legs are getting better now.  She has stopped taking the pain pills, and is still going to PT.  She is walking better, but still cannot do the steps in front of the office.  The problem she is having now is the fall has tightened all her muscles in her legs, so she has a big problems with cramps, so much so she cannot sleep well at night.  Yesterday they started working on that problem at PT, they suggested LOTS of water, and stretching, ....Mom is a poor liquid drinker, so now she has a big bottle of water in front of her, .....they also said some walking would be she is on the road to recovery.

This is Layonna, we call her Nonnie, she is our youngest grand child...doesn't she have pretty eyes.

Have a wonderful day....thank the stars above it is almost the weekend.
Stella Rose

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


So on Wednesdays my boss Officer Bites, and Commissioner Sarge wants us to turn in a report as to what we have been doing all week.

Well as you can see from this pictures Isa been very busy stuffing naked squirrels in trunks...(there were breathing holes in it for him) Dad wanted to keep him, cos he loves those terrible terrors but he had to go to the clink for awhile. 

Isa was so wore out wrestling that squirrel that I had to nap the rest of the afternoon.

End of Report.
Angus McConnell Long

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Today is the famous Barkers game against the Slayers.....see our team picture. 

Lets Go Barkers Lets Go.....Lets Go Barkers Lets Go!!!!

Everywhere we go (crowd repeats)
People wanna know(crowd repeats)
who we are(crowd repeats )
so we tell them (crowd repeat)

Hey boys, hear us out!
Gonna show you what soccer is all about!
Gotta want it! Want it real bad!
Gotta bring it! You got it in the bag!
We`re gonna win it! I know we can!
You're  the dogs!!

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and her BFF Princess Leah

Monday, May 18, 2015


Tomorrow is the big game and we girls decided to practice at our house.

Princess Leah
Stella Rose
Margaret mae

Friday, May 15, 2015


Hey folks this is Margaret Mae Simpson (I have dad's last name not mom's cos he belongs to me) doing her job guarding Alcatraz against any visitors, grandmonsters and Dad's squirrels he loves more than me.  As you see I am the only pug earning her keep at our house.  Gussie is laying around on Mom's lap and Stella the perfect smelling rose is laying beside Mom...gaggaggaggag.............

So these are the ways I help around the house, and then I will tell you the horriblest story you have ever heard.  Horrible!!!!!  You might want to get the puke pan its that bad.
1. Guard the house, ...I do an excellent job and have lots of photo's to prove it.
2. Jump on Mom's hurt knees every day when she comes home to make her muscles stronger.  It is a proven fact if your dog jumps on area's of great pain, they will start to heal.
3. Start fights with Stella Rose just cos she looks at me cross-wise, this is also a proven fact it helps to keep her strong.  She is kinda lazy.
4. Go wif my Dad to the little gas station to buy beer.  I drive him home cos we can't afford any tickets because Dad spends all his monies on squirrel food.

So friends the list can go on and on but you get the general idea, I am the work horse of the household, the other two are just window dressing.  So why in the name of all dogs did my mom do this to me......She tried to KILL me!!

You read right, KILL me!!!   This is a true story and you may watch it one day on 48 hours.  I am waiting on the producer to call any day with a monetary offer.

Okay, it all started on Sunday.  Rainy, muddy, dreary day.  Our mom could hardly walk but for some reason decided it would be the day that we NEEDED our flea treatment.  Thankfully Dad was home to help her hold us, so she could put that crappy stuff on us.  I look at this moment as Dad was an accomplice but we have already worked it out ---him and I ----he is taking me on more beer runs ....hehehehhe...unknown to our mother....and a little beef jerky thrown in on the side.

So we get the treatments, and Mom notices my hair where she put it on us is really sticking up a lot, like a little Mohawk where Gus and Stella's looks normal.  She toles me later, after I had oxygen and the ambulance left ( I may have dreamed this part) that she thought there was more liquid in mine than theirs.  I admit I did accuse of her drinking more liquid than just her water, but hers promised me she did NOT!!

SOOOOOO about 30 minutes later I start scratching and itching the spot between my shoulders where mom poisoned me.  I itched and gagged....itched and gagged, itched and puked.  Repeatedly.  Mom got all worried and looked on the internet under---STOOPID MOTHER POISONS PUG and found out some pugs, THAT smarter more beautiful ones sometimes react to certain flea poisons. 

Last month Mom used it on me, so she thought we were in the clear.  WELL she forget I am Maggie Mae, who swelled up like a balloon after my shots last time. 

Anyways after puking and gagging and itching Mom calls the Frankenvet....Remember it is Sunday.  He answers unwillingly and she tells him what happened and he toles her to give me a baf in Dawn Dish Soap.  Luckily that is what Mom uses so we had it on hand, and then if the puking did not stop to bring me in for a special SHOT that will cost her 200,000.00 cos it is Sunday and he will haf to drive 1/4 of a mile to the clinic.

So Mom gives me not one baf in Dawn but three good washes in Dawn until my fur is clean and shiny.  Then I puked big time.  Even Gussie was impressed.  Mom grabbed Gussie and Stella Rose and gave them each a baf in Dawn just in case they started puking so we all ended up wet, and clean on Sunday.

I puked two more little times, and then Mom and I was exhausted.  So the three of us, wet, pugs climbed up in Mom's wet lap and we laid there for a few hours.  Mom was really enjoying the wet tshirt, and perfect wet dog smell.  IT WAS MOTHERS DAY AFTER ALL.

It took me most of the afternoon to stop being restless and finally sleep but I did.  I lived, but Mom is still on the bad list.

I toles her we did not need that crappy stuff, that we don't get fleas and ticks cos I am a good guard at Alcatraz. 

So Moms and Dads everywhere let this be a lesson to you, if you have blog your dog will tell on you if you mess up and we live to tell the story.

Maggie Mae Simpson

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Did you know that every night when my mom gets home from work, I jump up on her lap, while she is resting and I first nibble her ears gently, then I kiss her ears, then I wrap my two front paws around her neck and put my face against hers.   Every night.  I luvs her and her luvs me.

Angus McConnell Long

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Today is Wednesday and my superior Officer Bites likes to know what I have been doing all week, so I am getting ready to turn in my logbook to hims.

Friday:  Suspicious phone call received from eating establishment...caller ID blocked..........

.......I felt it was important to do a drive by and check and make sure everyone was safe.................................................................................................................................................................


Saturday: Same suspicious phone call received from Same eating establishment.................

...once again caller ID blocked.  I felt it was important to do a drive by and check to make sure everyone was safe.  Concerned about my own safety since my sister Maggie will not come wif me.
(she is to busy playing Army girl)

Sunday: Same suspicious phone call received from Same eating establishment...once again caller ID blocked.  I felt it was important to do a drive by and check to make sure everyone was safe.  Took two undercover agents with me this time.....Maggie is not cooperating.


Monday:  Day off, went to favorite eating establishment on a date with Liberty.

Tuesday: Suspicious phone call received from eating establishment...caller ID blocked...I felt it was important to do a drive by and check and make sure everyone was safe.  By now any suspicious acting criminals are aware that I drive by this eating establishment every day.  I feel it is safe to say, I have taken care of the problem.

Wednesday: Payday.

Job well done Angus McConnell Long

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Some of you remember that foggy horrible night that my brudder Sammy J. Simpson jumped out of my momma's arms and decided to go live at the bridge.

Sammy is on the left....he always looked crabby.  It is not something we talk about much cos Mom cannot breathe when we think back to that night.  Mom and I were so mad.  Mad at Sammer, and Dad cos of the crappy fence, and even mad at God.  Mad, mad and more mad.

One night about a week later Mom wrote Goose's mom a post about how mad we were and told her about everything we were feeling...and then we waited.  It was almost like we thought Goose and his Mom had some special power that would make our hearts feel normal and heal right up.  We wanted them to do the impossible cos after all he was Goose.

Not long afterwards a private email came our way.  Mom read it first, and then she read it to me, and then Mom read it again.  For awhile Mom read it a lot, and then she put it away, and we both started to heal.  There has only been one time that we ever went back and read that email, and that was the day that Sweet Greta went to live at the bridge.  Until today.  

We wanted to share some of the words that Goose and his Mom said to help heal our hearts, and we are hoping that they help celebrate what a wonderful life and insight that our special Goose had.  Michelle, I also want you to know that I knew that email came from your heart, and that helped us heal and I hope they help you also.

(This is just part of the email)

I can't answer why Sammer ran in to the foggy night.  There is just something about dogs that make them so passionate about what they are focused on.  And for the most part that is a beautiful thing; when that passion is focused on us, or their friends, even treats.  I often think what a beautiful world this would be if we as humans would have that much passion for what we love, and for one another.  We can learn so much from them.  

Even as a pastor I find that words are poor tools to express the thoughts, which you feel within your heart with the passing of your beloved Sammer.  The gap is always wide between our love and our words, our feelings and our speech.  But I believe God has given us two special gifts for moments like this.  One gift is memory, that quality which enables us to look back over happy scenes and pleasant memories of yesterday and yes even treat stealing, chair hogging and taking your lap from others.  The memories that you have and will share and the memories that family and friends will share in the future will help and encourage you when the light grows dim, when the pathway darkens, and when the day seems hopeless, you will remember Sammer's life, like a diamond in the sunlight, sparkling with beauty and dignity at every angle.  The other gift that God has given us is hope, the vision to know that the shining sun is behind the heavy clouds of sorrow and loss, which hang over you right now.

 I am not sure if I have helped in anyway.  But please know I hold you close in prayer and thoughts.  And this night Goose and I will light a candle for each of you and pray that the light that flickers so dimly right now will find it's way through the darkness to bring you hope and comfort.



I know you are running with your friends Goose.  We will miss you.
Stella Rose, Maggie Mae, Angus McConnell and Momma

Monday, May 11, 2015


Dear Puddles:
Last week you askeded me to send you a personal email and Isa was afeared it really wasn't you, but some Chrissy/Alisha trickster so I decided to put my private personal email on blogville for the whole wide world to see.

I fink you are still vacationing in some wonderful private island wif Mr. Howard Hughes and you do not have access to any puters over there.  In fact one of my police friends in high up places took this picture of you just last weeks!!!!!

Did you NOT see that drone above your head wif its camera on?????????

Until you send actual proof to me that you are the REAL PUddles Rainwater, then I am keeping my nose in the sand and refusing to BELIEVE you.
Angus Long a/k/a Gussie Boy a/k/a Baby Gussie


Mom keeps seeing Walgreens advertise "red nose day' to help children in poverty.  So she decided we should help also.

Do we look like little clowns??

Mom is going to work on answering your blogs today....catching up is hard.  She is still hobbling around and started PT last week. 

Here are a few pictures of our yard, it is raining a lot so Mom says Dad mows and then the grass grows overnight you fink that red nose make's me look chubby?  Maggie was to embarrassed to show her actual face, and Gus is stunned ......he has a image to keep....but its for the KIDS I tell them!

 Poppies going wild.

Hostas are coming back

Close up of one of mom's "live forevers" from last year

A tiny portion of the succulent bed along of Alcatraz.

Have a great Monday.
Stella Rose

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Saturday night my MOM went to the little girls dance was are the pictures....

Macey in the kitchen showing us what she can do.

The girls waiting to go on the stage, in front of one of the chapel windows.


This year we decided we would sit up in the big balcony because their momma had to run up on down several flights of stairs each time they would need their costumes changes. 

Their dance recital is held at Iowa Wesleyan Collage in Mt. Pleasant Iowa.  It is held in a very large, and beautiful chapel with a huge stage perfect for dancing.

The girls did just wonderful and you would never realize Macey did not have her shoes on when she was doing her tap routines. It was great.

UNTIL we decided to that I would leave a few minutes before the show was over, and just wait outside on mom and the girls.  All I can say was it was very dark where we were sitting and I remember taking two steps down and looking over at the EXIT door where it was well lite, and then the next thing I knew I was falling and it seemed like forever, and landed on the door jam with both my knees.  Well, of course that caused a big embarrassing commotion and people are around me, telling me they were a nurse etc. etc.....finally I was able to stand up and get to the elevator and Kylei helped me to the car and went back to get the girls.

Long ER story short, no broken bones, just messed up muscles and ligaments.  Today is my first day back to work, without pain med. so it will be a long legs are all wrapped up like a mummy and tomorrow I start physical theory.....No steps etc.....I

I will not be on the blog for the rest of the week, as I am playing catch up at work.  I will be checking in on yours though......hugs deb

Friday, May 1, 2015


(You may not want to eat before you read my story....Maggie Mae)

SOOOOO my BFF Leah gave me a calls up on her special walkie talkie and informed me that ole TATTLE THE TAIL Stella perfect smelling Rose toles the whole world and Mars that me and Gussie pees on our bed, or beds depending on the day.  (WE have NEVERS peed on MOm and Dads better)

WELL, fanks so much Leah for telling me cos I only feel it is FAIR that I tell a story on hers also.  To be fair though we must first remember when Stella came to live wif MY mom hers came from the crualella deville puppy mill....a most horrible place that should be outlawed....and hers had no manners or knew nuffin at all.  Hers was older than I was  (4-6 months old) when I gots here so she had already developed some nasty habits one of which was being a POOP EATER!!!!
Don't let that sweet face fool you, she ate POOP!  Something Gussie and I have nevers ever done.

So anyway it was a few weeks of her living wif Mom and Dad and one day Dad started cussing and yelling about somefin.....well he saw her eat POOP.  Mom came a running to see what Stellie had done again, like ripped up the bottom of Dads jeans, or tried to bit his hands, and ankles....fings like that....but nope it involved poop.

Is there poop in that bowl?????    So Mom freaks out and gets on the internet cos she always looks stuff about us and dogs more stuff and more dogs up on it, and looks up "dog and poop".    Oh the wealth of information she found. 

Would you let her kiss you NOW on the lips???????  Bahahhahahah..........

Anyways mom found out there is a big word of it that starts with a C which just means poop-eater, and that there are many reasons.  The one that fit Stella the best was she was from a puppy mill, lived in a cage with big dogs, and probably never got enough to eat.  SAD but TRUE.  So she compensated.   YUCK!!!!! 

So mom ordered stuff to put in her food, a big fail, then she tried pineapple...a big fail, she tried this and she tried was actually losing weight from running with the poop bag as soon as the deed was biggest thing she tried was patience, and love, and Stellie started to trust that Mom and Dad were really going to take care of her in all ways, and she would never be hungry again...and folks believe it or not about 6 months down the road Stella stopped.

That is not poop in her mouth, it is a dried up apple.  I fink cos she could not see she must have thought it was poop....bhahahahahahah.......

So now we are even Sister.   Next time you tattle on me and Gussie boy you better hope I can't find anymore skeletons in your closet.

Maggie Mae