Thursday, May 25, 2017


Today is Red Nose Day.  Lets remember to help the children of the world instead of hurting them.  Humans need lessons to take from us doggies and catsies of the world.  They need to open their eyes and turn on their listening ears.

Stella Rose
Maggie Mae
Angus Mac

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


ONCE upon a time there were two little pugs whose purpose in life was to bring some human such special gifts that only a furry four-footer can.  THEY peeked down through the fluffy clouds and saw such a needy race of humans that it was hard for them to choose, whom will they love, where should they go.......then they saw  the MOM.

Loaded with their bag of love they packed their parachute, and dropped into her life.........two little pugs with hearts filled with joy and happiness.  An to this MOM they handed a note and it said.

Dear Mom:
We are pugs.  Gifts, that have fallen far from above, given to you, in these times here on earth to make your heart feel even more compassion, and more love that we know you do.  We will bring to your life new friends, and travels you never dreamed about.  Children in your life, will love us, and we will love them in turn.  As time goes by, we may cause your heart to feel pain and loss, and lessons will be taught to you that only we can teach.  We are true gifts because the only thing we expect back from you is the very same feelings we have for you.   We are a gift of love.  In these sad times here on your earth MOM pure gifts can be hard to find and the lessons learned are hard.  We will be your comfort and we will bring you joy.
We are pugs.

Once upon a time there were two little pugs.......

Stella Rose and Angel Sammy J. Simpson