Thursday, October 31, 2013


Its dark and rainy here this morning so pretty fitting for a spooky Halloween.  Wesa hopes it clears off before the big weinie roast in the park tonight and the trunks or treating around our town.  We are all ready for the little ghosties and you want to see??

 I entered this in the local television contest...I lost.

This is me last year.  I think I have slimmed down just a little.

This is my first Halloween with my Mom and Dad.  I was 6 months old.

This is Angus McConnell's poster that will go on sale in all the girly magazines in December.  He is hoping he will make enuf monies he can go to Disneyland over the winter.  My mom just rolls her eyes at him when he is telling all his tall tales.  This is his first Halloween.  He didn't win in the contest either.

Here is what he looks like when he first gets up before his cup of coffee.

AND OF COURSE MARGARET MAE, she didn't win either.  We thinks they don't know we are dogs.

Hers looks like this whether hers has coffee or not. 
Well we are on our way to all the parties....Happy Halloween everyone!!
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell

P.S. Tweedles is home resting with antibiotics...we will let you know more after we talk to her mommy.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Now isa asks you does this look like a meanies face.....
Mommer (isa calls her Mommer cos hers calls me Gusser sometimes) had a long talks wif me and mags last night about ours behavior arounds our big sister Stella Perfect-Smelling Rose Long, and wesa as in Mags and myself are a little miffed about it.

Hers says wesa are mean to Stellie and hers wants us to knock it off or wesa not gonna getta go trick or treating wif the grandmonsters.

Isa tried to explain to our mom that wesa just funnin around with hers when we always steals hers toys right out of her mouth, and when wesa running around the table like the crazies that we are, well Stellie waits and waits and then her jumps right in and wants to play and we runs off into another room with out hers.

Maggie now hers does that rather horrifying pictures that is for sures, I told her to stop making hers eyes all squinty like that and get her big ole tongue back in her mouths but hers never listens to me.  I tole her I had experience with professional photograhers  cos member Isa was on the front of People Magazines as the Most Eligible Bachelor Pug in Town. 

Anyway Isa just wanted you to hear our side of the story cos wesa not the real meanies in the house wesa just a little snotty sometimes.

Mom wishes ours house was bigger so wesa could bring home a senior boy pug but its not so wesa just gonna have to let Stellie join in more when wesa playing.  I tell our Mom that wesa just kids and hers is a grown up pug but Mom is being real strict about this rule.  So what do you guys think dos we have to play with stellie or not???????????????????

By the way Mom entered us in two Halloween contests on Facebook.  One is our local television channel and the others is a Frankenvets office.  We don't knows what the winners get.  Maybe more candy.

Angus McConnell


Please keep little Tweedles in your thoughts and prayers today.  I saw where her Mommy had to take her to the hospital last night and they think it is pneumonia.  We are so worried.
Her Friends
Stella Rose, Margaret and Angus McConnell

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Yesterday we had such nice comments about our big sister Kylei's photograph's so  we decided to bombard show you some more.   This is what my Mom says about her : She is my first daughter-- born in Germany. She is a mom with four children.  Her husband has completed two tours of duty in Iraq while the kids were really small, or little babies.  She is home schooling her children. I love and admire her so much.  

She started taking pictures on a Walmart camera while Abe was gone, so she could send them to him. She found out that she was really interested in doing it and she enjoyed it. Pictures helped her work through the stress of raising the kids alone, and some of the worry and loneliness.

 This year she bought another camera and started taking more pictures. Pretty soon people started noticing how cool her pictures were and started asking her if she would take theirs.

At first she said no, because she was just doing it for fun, and I honestly don't think she thought she was good enough to do that.

In her neighborhood one of the Dad's was hurt in a really bad accident and it was a true miracle he even survived.  They have a son who is a senior this year and senior pictures are very expensive.  Kylei offered to take them at no cost.

It snowballed and she started taking more and more.

So far she has just taken them all outside, and with the weather getting colder she probably won't be able to take them much longer.  This weekend she took 3 families pictures, and two more this week.  I keep telling her to charge so she can buy a even better camera or to help with Christmas.  She is not listening to me.

She mostly says No to the money.  Every once in awhile she will charge a little. 

She says its a gift that God has given her and one she wants to share.  She is afraid if she takes money it will turn into a job and not just pleasure.  I roll my eyes at her, even though in my heart I am so proud.

I think she has a beautiful natural talent.  Of course I may be a little biased ....

(these picture are her children and of course Baby Bean)
Stella Rose's Momma
p.s. This is stella rose--last night mom started taking our Halloween pictures...guess what....her batteries died and she didn't have anymore!!!!  I said CALL KYLEI!!!!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013


WE spent the weekend like this with our MOM.

Then hers took some of the Grandmonsters to "trunk or treats night" in the daytime. ????
Mckenna, Macey and Drake.  Open your eyes Macey!  Momma Mindy do you see that bag that Macey is carrying...she wanted to use it for hers candy.

Here is Baby Bean's family pictures that our big sister Kylei took a few weeks ago.  We think she is really good.

 Ty, Cody, Kody, Jackson and Piper

 Jack and Piper

Cody and Kody and Piper.  When the grandmonsters are real little they get confused by the "Cody and Kody" so sometimes they just call them Aunt Cody and Aunt Kody.  Wesa thinks that is sooo funny!

And finally here is Macey with hers Owl hat on that Momma bought for hers at our fall festival a few weeks ago.

Mom says tonight hers is doing our Halloween pictures....wesa wishes our big sister should come take them cos you know how our momma is with the camera...and the stove............

We loves all our friends in Blogville.
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, and Angus McConnell

Friday, October 25, 2013


Last night I thoughts we were a sneakin to the river to finally see the monster that Maggie kept telling me about.  Wesa waited and waited for everyones to go to sleep but our Mom just was sitting in her chair..quiet.  Finally when it was really dark and I foughts hers was going to bed she surprized us all by telling us to get our coats on we were going for a walk.

My first thought was OH NO hers really gonna give me to the monster but then I realized that she never evers would do that.  So we all put our coats on, and Mom put Stellie in the stroller.  It was pretty cold out and really dark.

We walked down to the park and Mom then just sat down on one of the benches.  She was hoping we would see something like this....

but since we live in Iowa instead of Alaska that wasn't gonna happen.  Instead we saw something like this instead.

Which is just as beautiful.  Mom told us sometimes the quiet holds words that our hearts just can't say right now.  And we all need a little quiet sometimes.
We will miss you little buddy, our hearts are with your momma and sister.
Stella Rose, Maggie, Angus McConnell and Momma

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Yesterday we toles you about our walk to the river AND the river monster that Mom was gonna sell me to.  Maggie toles me that... remember.  Well, last night I toles her what you guys said about thats not being the truths about mom selling me OR the river monster AND that Santa Paws is real AND hers said she was gonna proves to me it is the truth about the river monster.

She said I couldn’t tell mom or dad or big mouthed stella rose but after they fell asleep we would sneaked down to the river and hers would show me what hers was a talkin about.  I told her no way---- no how---- cos it would be dark, AND we would have to cross by the woods where those tree rats live AND Isa heard through the grapevine that theysa like little black pugs ALOT and might eat me.

Maggie just rolled her eyes at me and called me a "little baby gussie" …and it hurted my feelings so I toles her OKAY I would go and see the river monster but at first I had to puts on my stealth ninja clothes so he couldn’t see me in the dark.  Maggie kept rolling hers eyes at me, and I toles her she better stop doing that cos they would get stuck and she would end up looking like this!

Now ain’t that a purty picture.
Stay tuned for more of our adventure.

Baby Gussie


Well yesterday ours Mom was called a flake and today she was called a dumb ass cos of the way she spells words on OUR blog.  Some days are real downers. 
Stella Rose, Margaret and Angus

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Yesterday at work someone said OUR mom is a flake.  I heard hers telling dad last night.  Dad asked her if they were right...and Mom just looked at him and said well I must be cos I live here with you.......BAM!!!!  We looked to see if Mom was a smiling when she said it and hers was not!

Anywho me, mags and gussie doesn't know what a flake is so we stoled the dictionary from the shelf to see if we could find OUR mom's picture.

First we found the word "flake" and it toled us this: a small, flat, thin piece of something, typically one that has broken away or been peeled off from a larger piece.  Well, that got us to thinking about mom but it didn't sound like hers except she doesn't always stay with a group and goes off by herself...then we found this: come or fall away from a surface in thin pieces...well hers does fall down alot, but nope thats not mom either and then we found this: a crazy or eccentric person.

WELLLLLL........wesa heards peoples saying mom is crazy about us and wesa thinks they are right, and we heards people saying she can be a bit eccentric when it comes to how she takes care of us, and how over the top she can be sometimes about puppy mills she must be a FLAKE.

We asked our Mom if she cared if she was a flake and hers just looked at us.  Then hers said, no, hers didn't care cos there is a whole lot of flakes in the world, and each of them is different from each other, but each of them are same in the way they care about the two legged and four legged ones that love. Hers also said the world would be at a loss without the flakes in the world cos they are the ones that use their hearts more then their heads. 

WESA told Mom we love hers no matter what.  Cos remember we had that issue with hers being a robot awhile back cos she couldn't pass all those tests on your blogs and now we have the flake issue.  Mom tole's us if that is the worst thing she ever gets called then she figures it is a pretty good day. 

Stella Rose, Margaret and Baby Gussie


Last night Mom decided she was tired of us snarfing around at each other and we were all going to go get some exercise no matter HOW cold it was.  Dad just looked at her like she was a little CRAZY and maybe its true that she is but she needed some fresh air also!!   So since I am the oldest, most wisest and beautifulest I got to go first.

Yes, friends I am sitting on top of the washer cos the meanies kept trying to rip my little red coat off of me.  So, Mom and I went outside to the yard, and I walked all around my favorite places, like by the stone wall, and the crabapple tree and the real apple tree.  Several times I just laid down in the apples and inhaled their smell.  Mom told me to get a movin cos it was all about the walk and not the laying around.  I know she wanted to make me tired so I would behave once I went back into the house. I have to wear a leash and harness outside also, cos we lives right by the deadly highway.
So....after a short while we went back inside and this time Mom got her coat and mittens on, and put the two crazy meanies coats on them.  Wowzer, they were soooo excited!!!

Mom doesn't understand why when DAD has 3 1/2 days off that he can't walk them, but he never does.  He says we all get enuf exercise out in Alcatraz, but Mom does not agree AND by our behavior in the evenings I say she is right.

 Maggie & Gussie's version of their walk.
"Come on Mom..get a move on!"  Momster decided to walk us downtown to the river.  Its a first for us cos usually we go out to the fairgrounds.  Mom wanted to try somethings different this time and see if Maggie could handle the change.  She did gooder cos Isa was with her and hers was safe.

So we headed off and even Maggie was a liken it...
Hers was a little on guard cos we had heard about a battalion of tree rats that live in the woods below our house and wesa didn't want anythings to happen to our MOM.

WE were kinda pulling Mom to hard cos her hurted her foot and she walks all gimpy now.  Hers has to go to the frankenvet to get a big ole shot right in the middle of her foots but hers is a baby and won't go so hers is just suffering instead.  Hers is a REAL slow walker now.

Hey Maggie did you hear that noise over there by the post office?  No, Gussie Isa looking straight ahead cos the river is coming up and Isa heard Moms is going to give you to the monster that lives along the bank..bahahhahahah......

Mom yousa not gonna sells me to the river monster are you....Maggie is wrong isn't she cos i didn't mean to be a crazy all week long.  Isa worried that Maggie is right and hers is sick of me and my behavior.

Isa was trying to run away from the river monster and maggie was trying to drag mes towards the river. Mom told her to knock it off and then hers told me she loves me to the moon and back so not to worry abouts what Maggie is a telling me.

This is Hotel Manning on the river and Mom told us this would be Dad's new doghouse if he didn't start walking us on his days off!  Maggie thought it looked like a nice place to live.

The Trees in the park were real purty.

This was the first time isa ever saw a fire hydrant and wesa both just loved it.  I asked my Mom if Santa could bring me one for Christmas.  Later, Isa planning on writing him a letter that says Dearest Santa, please brings me a fire hydrant for my bedroom...Isa your friend and Isa loves you.....Angus McConnell.......Maggie toles me there isn't any Santa its just our Mom and Dad I toles Mom on hers for lying.

Later that night when we got home we brought Dad a present.  You remember how he likes feeding those tree rats that run around in our yard.  Well, looky what we brought him home.

And that is a whole nother story!

P.S. Thank you friends for all the comments about helping out our friend Tweedles.  You guys are the best!  Prayers are still going up to the heavens for our buddy Benny also.

Stella Rose, Margaret, Angus McConnell and Momma

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This is my friend Tweedles Tweed.  Hers had to have a really expensive surgery on her back and tomorrows hers goes sees the dogtor to make sure hers is getting better and better.  Surgery costs LOTS of MONIES and Tweedles needs a little of blogville's help with that monster bill.  Whether it is $1 or $5 or $7 every little bit helps. 

Sometimes Mommies think that they can do EVERYTHING all by THEMSELVES WITHOUT ANY HELP cos after all GOD made them the MOMMIES but there are times we pugs have to step in when life gets a little to hard  and say, "just ask...." cos there are times in ALL our lives that we cannot do it all, WE thinks that is why there is a blogville ....its for the MOMMIES or DADDIES out there that need a little help.  Sometimes here in Blogville we are the helpers and sometimes we may have to be the helped....its that simple.

OUR MOM cannot figure out how to post the FUND ME for Tweedles so you will have to go to Tweedles blog or Tweedles facebook page.  We are sorry our mom is not as swift as others with puters but heck she is our mom! 

We loves Blogville so very much!
Stella Rose, Mags and Baby Gussie (our mom says hers will never stops calling him that)


OUR Mom said we needed to get in gear and do our review for MR. CHEWY before the month became November.  For lots of reasons we have been OFF our game this month.  BUTT we wanted to share these luscious treats with you guys.

These are Lamb and Salmon Treats from Wellness, they are soft and chewy.  This is what Mr. Chewy says about them.

This semi-soft treat is free of corn, wheat and soy. It is ideal for training and has at least two different meat sources in each formula. With a limited ingredient list, this nutritious treat is perfect for a high reward treat on the go!

All we know for sure is that we LOVE them.  They are one of our most favorite treats offered by Mr. Chewy!  This bag has lasted the three of us ALL month also.  Sometimes Mom breaks them in half for each of us and sometimes we get a WHOLE treat.

  • Available from -
  • Cost $6.95 for a 8 oz. bag.
  • Company website :
  • We LOVED that the treats have a zip top bag so they stay nice and fresh.

  •  we give this our 5 paws rating.

Disclaimer : sent us a packet of the True Chews in return for an honest review.  We were not paid or compensated for our review in any other way and our opinion is  purely our own.

Stella Rose, Maggie and Baby Gussie

Monday, October 21, 2013


We hardly ever post over the weekend, but something kept telling our Mom that she needed to check our blog yesterday and that is when we saw that Mr. Pip went to live at the bridge.  We are all very sad even though we know we should be happy that he lived such a great life and has so many friends that will miss him.

We were so happy when Mr. Pip decided to come to Iowa to visit us on his bucket tour along with Puddles.  We planned all kinds of fun things for us to do together, and they even stayed over a little longer cos of some legal problems that came up.  Today we were re-reading that post and at the very end of our story there was a time-worn note that Mr. Pip left on my pillow after they sneaked drove away.  We wanted to share it again with you.

We will remember you always and see you in the nights sky.  Tell Trudie and Sammer hi for us, and that we love them always.
Stella Rose, Margaret and Angus McConnell