Monday, December 30, 2013


THIS  is Mean Ole Cat Dietzman and he lives with us Pugs here in Iowa.  Some of you may not know anything about him, but others of you have heard our terror stories of him.  We don't usually write a lot about him cos he scares us to death and we just like to pretend he isn't roaming around our house.

We would like to be friends wif him but he hates us and every chance he gets he tries to hit us in the eyes.  Mom says its cos we are to rough and rowdy wif him  and it hurts his old bones.  Well, last night wesa were tucked in our beds, alone, wifout our mommy and daddy and guess who is sleeping in their warm bed, yep Mean Ole Cat Dietzman.  He NEVERS sleeps with anyone, he sleeps on the back of the couch so that ways he can scratch our visitors necks, which probably explains why we nevers has company. 

Yesterday it was below zero all day long, so Dietzy decided if hes wanted to be really warm he was gonna haf to compromise his morals and sleep with the humans.  Now Moms black comforter has orange hair all overs it but hers said that hers didn't care. 

See Dietzy's onliest job here at our house is to be the prison guard whenevers we are outside in our Alcatraz. He does a really good job impersonating the most horriblist prison guard there is also.

Mom said we needs to remembers that Dietzy is 17 years old.  She said he was a gift to her baby girl at a when their life was having some hard struggles.  Dietzman's littermates had been sold and he was the only kitten left.  Dietzman is a purrshun so he has some weird little characteristics. Anyway someone heard about moms baby girl and called up to see if she would like this kitten for FREE.  So mom drove to get him.  He was a terror from the moment she put hims in the car, and he still is.  They got him right around Christmas time and Mom came home from work and all of her glass ornaments she had brought back from Germany were broken on the floor and Dietzy was a sitting in the tree like a little owl.  The girls were laughing and laughing and mom said that laughter was the best thing she had heard in a long time.  When Mom moved in with our Dad Dietzman came wif her so he was the first four legger kid at Dad's house.  It took Dietzy about one weeks to like Dad  and afters that it was okay.

The others cats in the neighborhood hated Dietzman cos he was snotty to them and often beat him up.  Mom tried to tell him to be more kinder but Dietzman didn't and still doesn't understand that word very well.

So anyways last night he was laying down by OUR mom and hers was petting him and he was a purring, and she could feel how fragile he felt.  She petted him for a long long time, cos she could tell he was enjoying it so much.  This morning when hers got up for work, Dietzman always jumps off the couch for his breakfast, cos he finks he needs to eat before us pugs.  No Dietzy.  Mom panicked and looked all overs the house for him, upstairs, and behind the couch, and just when hers was getting real worried she went into theirs bedroom to wakes our Dad up and there was MEAN OLE CAT DIETZMAN laying right beside ours dad a sleepin away.

Mom smiled.
Stella Rose

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Favorite Gift

We closed our eyes, and took a deep breath of the winter forests in Oregon.  Thank you Tweedles.
Stella Rose and her momma

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Cold. Snow. Ice.  We will never get to go on long walks at the fairgrounds again.  Mom is missing spending time alone with us, on our walks, but hers can't walk anyway so even if it was sunny and warm we would have to stay at home.

Angus's first Christmas.  Remember how he waited each and everyday for Santy to call him so he could help and be a sub reindeer, and remember how Santy nevers called him.  Well, we girls noticed he was pretty sad and upset about it so wesa all sit down one night and had a family meeting.  We were cooking up a plan so Angus could see his dream come true.  So here is what we did.

Remember that big ole stocking on our wall that was filled with surprises from mom and dad and presents from Santy.  Well, it had treats, chews, stuffies, and all that stuff in it, we just knew it did.  AND we also had that big ole bag of chews from Jones Natural Chews that Flea and her Hunny had brought to us.  So we told Gussie that Santa needed his help with one more thing.  We toles him Santa was running behind on his schedule and that he needed Gussie to do a special delivery from him.  Well, little Angus perked right up and ran into the closet and got on his winter coat.

He hauled that big ole stocking off of the wall.

And he picked up that sack of Jones Natural Chews

It was sooo heavy for him, that he ripped it right down the side.  So we just loaded all those treats up into our big ole stocking.  Well it was so heavy us girls had to help Gussie take it out to Moms little blue streak.  We all put our warm coats on cos it was actually 17 degrees BELOW zero and the wind chill was 25 below.  

We turned on the Christmas music, got in our seatbelts, and Mom shouted on Stella Rose, on Margaret Mae and on Angus McConnell.  We were all a laughing and Gussie was a beaming.

We drove through the night and came to a gate that said Dog Sanctuary. We beeped our little horn and this lovely woman came out and open the gate for us.  We saw big dogs, and bigger dogs, and biggest dogs.  They were barking and running and happy to see us.

(These are old pictures cos it was to dark to take new ones)

We told her that Santa left a package at our house and Angus needed to do his job and deliver it here at her place.  Angus recognized her right off the bat as his teacher when he was going to puppy college and he showed her he still knows how to SIT and LAY DOWN, he even listened really well to mom when she called his name.  He also told her all about his mission and how he and his girls wanted to bring their stocking to give to these doggies, who are waiting on their forever homes.  Ms. Melody gave us all a hug and told us thank you.  We also told her that not only was Angus doing a job for Santa he was doing a job for Rory.

On our way home, Momma shared that  little secret with us also.  Remember our friend Rory the Great Dane, who lost the use of his back legs, and how much we all really really wanted him to get to come home for Christmas.  Well, we tole his Momma once we found out that he got to come home, we wanted to do something really special in his name.  Mission Successful.

We slept all the way home, and listened to Christmas songs playing in our hearts.  Angus told us this was the best first Christmas evers!!!
stella rose

Monday, December 23, 2013


OURS Momma is a klutz.  A real big klutz.  All hers life hers has been one.  An just when yousa thinks that hers has STOPPED being one, hers turns into one hers has really done it and hurts herself and messed up our New Years Eve plans.
Hers didn't want to put her real picture cos it was so ridiculous hers put this silly cartoon instead.

  Friday night it was storming and snowing and we decided we really needed to go outside, and check out the weather.  SO momma went out to the porch in her pj's and house shoes, opened up the back door, started to take a step outside on the steps, and promptly took a bite out of the concrete. First she was up then she was down!!!!  IT happened soooo fast.  Usually it is her face that connects with the ground, but this time it was her knees.  OH THE PAIN!!!

 We were barking all around our momma, and thankfully her little grandgirl had stayed the night.  She is nine years old.  She heard Momma calling her name, and ran out to help.  OUR klutzy momma was stuck on the icy steps.  Kennie had to run back into the house and get momma's boots so she could put them on her feet and get off the steps.  Her right knee was all swollen up and hers couldn't even walk very good. We know its not funny that hers fell down and we knows her could have froze to death laying out theres on the steps but holey moley Momma now hers has messed up our New Years Eve plans!!!

We aren't pointing fingers at anyone but wesa were a wondering just where PUDDLES evil elf Chrissy was on Friday night?

Hers had to rest all weekend and bees lazy cos her couldn't bend her knee and walk and hers didn't get any pictures done wif our dates.  Dad said we had better just stay home and takes care of mom cos hers can't get up to get her drinks or foods or anything.  Although, hers HAD to go to work today so she could have tomorrow off.  So we are so sorry Stan, Liberty and ......Maggie's date,  but Dad said we haf to stay home and take care of Klutzy.  Wesa really disappointed.  He did say though if hers started to feel better he would drive us over to the party, just the three of us and we could stay for a little while.  We will haf to see.

This is Margaret Mae:
I am so sorry to haf to inform you that my date night with my special guy is now cancelled.  We are blaming (evil Chrissy) but Mom says that could turn into a slander suit and we can't say those kinds of things out loud.  Thank you to all the guys that sent me special emails. You made this girl feel so wonderful. Mom said when the weather warmed up and there were no more icy steps that she would plan a special picnic for all of the boys that sent me a New Years Bash invite.  Each and every one of about that?   OUR dad looked over the invites and read each of your responses, and he really liked the idea of me going with a real POLICE DETECTIVE...oh you know how Dads are, but in the end he choose Peyton from the for my DATE......only to find out now we cannot go!!!  I am so sorry.  But the contest will still go on, and you will be receiving your prize from Jones Natural Chews.  Sigh..............

We will be back after Christmas.  We hopes each and everyone of you has a very special day.  Our cards are to many for mom to count, except theirs is only 4 was wonderful.  We will also be posting some pictures later of a very special gift sent from one of our dearest friends. 

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, Angus McConnell and MOMMA and DADDY

Friday, December 20, 2013


First we received a surprise package from a very special blogger friend that we treasure.  You will notice that there are 3 toys.  One for each of us, BUT we all want the green one for some reason, and this causes some spats at our house.  Mom says she is ashamed of our behaviors and we had better knock it off or there will be no New Years Bash for any of us.

She sent us these little goodies also. Wesa really likes them, and had nevers tried them before.  Thank you Sweet Friend for this surprise.


I received my gift exchange package from Daisy at  I was so excited about it!!!!

There was a eatable Christmas card which we had nevers seen anything likes that before.  And cookies, and bone treats, and even a DEER STICK, which wesa nevers had before.  See that cute little gingerbread boy stuffie, well as soon as Mom gave it to me, Maggie stoles it from me cos hers a meanie and then Gussie grabs it away from hers, Mom finally got it back for me and I laid on the couch with it safely under my chin.  Mom is going to take a picture of me in my new scarf so Daisy can see me.  Isn't that little pink tree just adorable. We had a very special place to put it.  It is beautiful!  Thank you so very much DAISY.

Mom got hers box that she won in a contest from Jackie Bouchard and her dog Rita. She writes these really good books and Mom won the book Rescue Me and these other things.

You can't see it very well, but on the book is a beautiful bookmark that Jackie's sister made for us.  It has blue stones on it and lovely little doggie charms.  There is a card with Rita's picture on it, a book with recipe of Scones, (no comment about my momma's cooking skills needed) and a tin of Peppermint Paws candy. We actually had to email Jackie to see if they were for us, or our parents.  We lost.  Thank you Jackie and Rita for the lovely gift!!!

Now just one more important thing.  Maggie's date.  We need to move the date for the contest enterers to let us know if they want to take my meanie sister to the bash, up to Sunday.  So on Sunday we will go over the list and choose her date, and let you all know on Monday.  Cos we gotta get our pictures sent to Sarge.  We have had some lovely gentlemen ask for Maggie's hand to the Bash.  It is going to be very hard to choose.

Merry Christmas
Stella Rose

Thursday, December 19, 2013


OUR friend Flea at JONES NATURAL CHEWS has agreed to sponser a contest for our Blog.  She will be giving away one of these:

One of the really cool things about these scrumptious treats is the container is a Frisbee so not only can you eat the treats, you can play with it when you are done.

Here is a little bit more about JONES NATURAL CHEWS:
Jones is all natural, all grown and made in the USA. Y’all know that. The treats should make all dogs smile.Here are some other interesting facts about Jones Chews...
1)  Are Jones products made in USA?
All Jones Natural Chews products are grown and made in the USA. The entire manufacturing procedure from start to finish is on the American soil. It is a great honor to have the American Flag on all of our products.
2)  Are the animals organic/free-range/caged?
All Jones products are purchased from USDA inspected meat plants within the US. The plants are not certified organic or free-range; however several of our sources are from ranch areas and not feed lots.
3)  Where do I purchase your products from?
Jones is in the process of updating the website. Eventually, we aim to have all the stores that carry our products listed on our website. There are many already listed at under retail stores, click on your state and the towns are listed alphabetically. It is still being updated, if you don’t find what you are looking for you can always e-mail us at or give us a call at 877-481-2663 and we will assist you as best we can.
4)  Are Jones bones safe? We are afraid of splintering.
We test all of our bones for splintering. We conduct pressure tests and moisture tests to ensure the best bone strength. Because of the all-natural process we put our bones through, they will not splinter any easier than a raw bone. As with any food or treat supervision is always recommended, all dogs have different chewing habits. We at Jones’ give all of our own dogs our products with confidence.

Pretty Cool huh!

 Flea, where is my Windee you promised me?

I just loved Hunny, and I think he loved me too.

OUR Daddy is very proud of us.

So now onto the contest, well you know the big NEW YEAR'S BASH is coming up on Blogville and Stan is coming over from England to spend it with me, Angus has secretly asked someone to be his date, and he will post about that soon, but Margaret Mae is are hosting a Dating Game Contest....Would you like to win a date with Maggie to go to the Bash....anyone can enter, dogs, cats, pigs, ....the only EXCEPTION is the evil elf Chrissy, she is not allowed to enter our contest cos we dislikes hers a lot.

Okay answer these few questions, and we will choose a date, or friend or good buddy for Mags to go to the party with.
Question No. #1
What would you do if you were with Maggie at the party, and you noticed Puddles putting inappropriate fluids into the punch bowl?

Question No. #2
Our Mom told us when she was a teenager wayyyyyy long time ago, her mom always told her to put a quarter in her shoe in case she needed to call them to come get her when she was out on a date, what do you put in your shoe on a date, and why?

The winner will be chosen on Christmas Eve and the Flea will send you the prize.  And of course you and Mags will go to the Bash together.
Stella Rose

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I wanted to share this story with all my friends on here.  It has been in the back of my mind since Sunday, and I finally decided to put it into words.  If you already have a pug living in your home this may come as no surprise to you at all, and it could be to my surprise that  a lot of breeds out there, do these kinds of things also.

WE have always known that Stella Rose was a little bit different.  In a good way, but different.  We had seen evidence over and over at our home that makes her personality stand out, it makes our children shake their heads and our grandchild burst out laughing. 

On Sunday we were getting ready for our blogging visitors.  Of course the atmosphere was charged with excitement and I know all the pugs picked up on that fact.  I noticed how excited they were when I told them it was bath day, and they actually sit in the kitchen waiting their turns, for fear one of them could get something different that the other one didn't.  We also talked to them about please behaving them selves, etc. etc.  we don't have a lot of people come to our home so we were a little concerned.  It seems by adding onto our family with 3 pugs we lost guests.  It took us awhile to notice that.  Um....

Anyway about an hour before Flea and her Hunny arrived I told the girls in about an hour they could put their Christmas dresses on.  I didn't want to dress them to soon, cos sometimes they like to take off each others outfits and run around the house with them.  Maggie and Gussie went over to their toy box and started looking for the binkie.  NOT Stellie, she got off my lap and sit in front of me, looking up at me.  I repeated to her, she could get her dress on in a little bit, but we wanted to wait.

She backed up, a few steps, sit down again, and looked at me and stayed that way for a few more minutes.  I told her NO Stella it is not time.  She looked at me with that sweet little face and started making her grunting puggy noises.  I ignored her.  She grunted louder and louder.  I ignored her.  Then she went over to the corner and laid down with her face looking at the wall and not me.  The next thing I heard was the sounds of a tiny child whimpering and crying as if lost in the dark.  It was Stella Rose, was the most pitiful sound!  Butch was sitting on the couch listening to her as well, and finally said, lets just let them get dressed. 

 She heard him, and jumped up out of the corner, jumped up on the ottoman where I put her harness on her when we go for walks, and started to smile big.  She was so excited and happy when I put her dress on her.

I thought about that all night long, and it just proved even more to me how much more our furry loves understand us, and if we slow down in this busy busy stressful place that some of us are, we would also understand them.  We are so blessed to have our three little pugs.


No Words Necessary.
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gussies Post--VISITORS

Okays we has a surprise for yousa and NO my Santy Claus has not called me to assist him with his most important job...isa just don't understand hims at all.  I blames that Chrissy for spreading bad rumors about me.

Okay heresa the surprise....

Sunday evening we had visitors from Tulsa Oklahoma. OUR parents prepared us alls day cos wesa aren't socialized real good ....meaning mom and dad don't have any friends that comes to their house much.  So Mom and Dad had the "please be good" talk wif us.  Us three just looked at each other, thinking, "wesa always good....".

Wesa had to have bafs and everything.  We evens ate our supper early so we wouldn't need to run in and out whilst visitors were here.  Later, Mom tole's the girls that they could get on their Christmas dresses, and hers put a purty little scarf around my neck that Mollie had made me with puggies all overs it.

My beautiful Stella Rose (hers one of my girls)

My beautiful Margaret Mae (hers my other girl)

Isa don't understand why hers always got her tongue hanging out.  Isa needs to explain to hers that boys don't always find that attractive.

See my purty was off on her picture taking skills.

Anyway our friends were a coming and they is from Oklahoma.  Hers name is Flea..yeah you see something a little different well....odd abouts that.  Okays, so anyway hers has a Blog at and hers works for a company called Jones Natural Chews...hers blogs about it and that is how our mom met her.  So Flea told my mom her and hunny that is her husband were coming through Iowa on Sunday on their way back home...yay...our mom got all crazy excited and hers starting planning what to fix for supper and cooking and all that.

Yes we had to be the meanies and reminds our mom of the hotdog/firemen at our house disaster so wesa just talked her into ordering pizza and buying snacks.  Whew ....we saved the day for sure.

Then hers was still so excited and so was our Dad....finally they arrived at ours house.

 Isn't this table arrangement they brought mom and dad beautiful!

We took pictures, they took pictures.  They ate pizza and ate snacks.  Mom said she felt like they had known them for years.  It was a great visit.

Maggie was on her best behavior and didn't bark at them for hours on end.  Stella Rose loved Hunny and spent most of the night on his lap.  I toles her later there are names for womens that do that...Mom made me to stand in the corner for time out.  I myself loved the beautiful Flea.  I sat on her lap like a perfect little host.  Well, the truf is Isa mostly kissed her ears and eyes, and gave her little love bites.  Isa sorry Flea if I got a little carried away.

Oh and the most important thing they brought us JONES TREATS....tons of them!  Mom said we would share with the less fortunate puggies in the world...isa toles her I finks I falls under that catagory and hers sent me to the corner again.  Hers has been real strict with mes lately!  I reminds hers Isa not even one year old yet.    

AND my FLEA toles me she would sponser a contest on our blog and send the winner a prize!!! So wesa thinking up a contest and will let you know by the end of the week what it will be.

SADLY my FLEA and her HUNNY had to leaves on Monday Morning and head for their home cos they have a duck named Jimmy who needs them back...and they have dogs and kids.  But they promised they would come see us again, or MOM said we would go see thems.  You did mean WE as in puggie right mom???

 Stellie and a "windie" treat

 Card Count-51 to 2   Bahahhahahahhaha

 See OUR big stocking beside OUR card door, we are greedy!

Angus McConnell Long

Monday, December 16, 2013


On last Thursday this came in the mail.

Notice it said Maggie Mae, not Stella Rose.  I whispered in Mags ear that Santa was watchin our house very very closely and he likes it when little pugs share.  I sniffed the package, and Maggie sniffed the package and Gussie just looked on in amazement that Santa had shown up at our house, through the post office.  We had to explain to him that talking to that sticker on the front of the package was not the REAL Santa.

Maggie was shocked that she had gotten her own special package and it was her CHOICE if she shared one thing inside of it or not!

She started tearing the paper off the presents...but Gussie thought she was wayyyy to slow so he jumped in to help her.

It became a free for all....

Finally Maggie got them all open and this is what was inside....

Binkies, a snoopy stuffie, a bully stick and a really good snackie!!!  Mom gave Mags the binkies and stuffie and put the treats up in our stocking for hers to have later....she grabbed her binkie and ran to the couch.  Gussie grabbed the other one and hid behind the chair, I just shook my head in amazement.

Maggie relaxing with her binkie..nom..nom...nom.....

Then on Friday in the afternoon this happened.....

And tomorrow we are gonna tell you about the big surprize we had on Sunday.
Happy Monday Everyone
Stella Rose
P.S. All our doggy gifts are being mailed out today.