Friday, June 29, 2012

This is Trudie our big sister.  She thinks she is the momma of the bunch cos she always tries to clean my ears at night.  I asked her politely to stop but she ignored me.  Mom says to be kind to her cos she had to have all her babies given away for several years.  I think she has sad eyes but she has a beautiful smile when she lays on her back and mom rubs her tummy.  Sam dispises Trudie cos he always knocks her off of mom's lap when he is laying up there sucking on his giant duck head.  Sometimes he growls at her when mom puts her on the bed.  Sam needs intervention but Mom is in denial.

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  1. Trudie is a beautiful girl ... and even though she might be older than you ... she MUST remember who was there first! Keep reminding her, Stella, so she won't forget!

    Love Zoe (and the others ... Peyton, Webster & Liberty)