Thursday, December 20, 2012


Mom and I woke up this morning to the sound of rain at 6 A.M. two minutes after that, we heard ice falling and thundar, 2 minutes after that we heard wind, lots of wind, and saw it is 10:06 A.M. Mom is at work, listening to 40 mph winds blowing and lots and lots of snow...her little white car is almost covered. We have surpassed the 4 inch mark...and it supposed to snow until midnight.  Her boss that lives 2 blocks away didn't come in, he called and said for mom to call him at lunchtime and he would decide then if she could leave a little early today.  Bless his heart.

GUESS what I got more cards and two boxes in the mail yesterday.  Mom has started to decorate another door with cards cos we filled up one door and door frame and still they are coming.  The postperson asked Dad yesterday just what is going on, and Dad just shook his head.  Its called doggy and kitty love, its that simple.  Anyway Ms. Ellen and all her puggies sent me and maggie a box full of goodies, just cos they love us, and i am an honorary sista.  Maggie is not.  Mom is going to try to take pictures but that won't happen anytime soon, cos of the crappy camera, but it had a blankie for me, bully sticks, greenies, toys, nylabones, food bones some was mine and some was maggies. She promptly grabbed a bone, and ran to my bed, and left me alone to look at all our gifts.  Thank you Ms. Ellen that was so much fun!  Dad just shakes his head again!! (He is secretly smiling though)

THEN we got another box from Science Hills sending us some new treats they want to put on the market.  They sent a little card that we were chosen to try them out.  Mom thought that was really great.  It said we needed to be honest and to let them know.  Well okayyyyyyyy......they were made out of cranberries, and oat flour....they were to big for my puggy mouth and to hard for me to even chew.  Dad got the hammer (yep) and broke them into four pieces but I still hard problems eating them.  Mom said there was no way she was eve gonna let Mag have any.  So we want to say thank you to Hills for trusting us with our opinion, we just think they would work better for a bigger doggy.

LAST we were looking at Nola's pictures and reading her blog today.  We really loved the picture of two footprints on the sand, one a person's and one a furkid.  That got me to thinking, so I and mom are gonna go outside when she gets home and tromp around the yard, and then check to see if Turd or Sammer is right beside us.  Dad says we are nuts cos Turd and Sammer are way to smart to go out in this kind of storm! 
Have a cozy day!!
Stella Rose


  1. SNOW and what kind of boss does your mom have? I will just leave it at that, it is the season of good will and nice thoughts. There might not be paw prints in the snow when you and your mom go out and that's because angle Turdie and Sammer have really beautiful wings. They are there with you just flying above the snow. I also got the Hills treats to try, and you are right they are probably better for bigger dogs.

  2. Wow, snow!! We were going to maybe get a little for Christmas, but they've changed their minds and said we're just getting rain instead. Phooey!

    PeeS: You haven't responded to my email about your prize! Email dreagoddess(at)gmail(dot)com with your favorite kinds of toys and any treat restrictions so we can get something all picked out for you!

  3. The snow is coming our way as soon as it gets finished with you all. Freedom, Casper, Nikki and Twinkie say, "Thanks You!" for their Christmas card. Stay safe and sound.

  4. Did you cuddle up with a "Think Snow" pillow by chance?
    Sorry you don't like the treats, but we're glad our friends at Hill's let you give them a try!

  5. Hi Stella Rose!
    Yousa lucky to get the snow. Wesa got ice...YUCK!
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

  6. We were supposed to get alot of snow Mon-Tues but we got rain, a little snow and alot of wind. Now it is just very cold and windy. Please stay safe and warm!!

    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  7. We had rain, wind, and snow here, and now the snow stopped but the wind is still blowing! Ranger, Lilly, Gertie and Abby are all safe and sound inside where it's warm.

  8. Hope that snow stays far away! (Well, ok we actually like to play in the snow, but Mom hates to drive in it!)

  9. We are so happy you like the presents we sent you Stella! You know we had to send something to Maggie ... even though we knew she would steal everything!

    Stay inside where it is warm! Hope your mama gets to come home soon and snuggle with you!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty and Whitney

  10. Stella Rose that is some swag you got today. We bet Mr.Postie is confused. Have fun with all your goodies. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. OMD OMD.... SNOW... We do NOT think much of snow...
    BUTT we hear that you might be sending some of it OUR way... Tell your mom to be super CAREFUL out there.
    WOW you got some SUPER STUFFS in the mail!!!

  12. Were they there Stella????? I am itching to know. I really believe our FURiends over the rainbow are always right beside us and watching out for us.
    Love Noodles

  13. Snow pictures! Snow pictures! Take them! I'm so jealous of your snow!

  14. It is truly a white Christmas
    Benny & Lily

  15. I sure hope your storm keeps coming our way.
    Merry Christmas

  16. Oh Stella, you are a sweetie!

    Stay Calm And Bark On,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. I love snow too,, I hope you have some time to play in it.