Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gussies Post--VISITORS

Okays we has a surprise for yousa and NO my Santy Claus has not called me to assist him with his most important job...isa just don't understand hims at all.  I blames that Chrissy for spreading bad rumors about me.

Okay heresa the surprise....

Sunday evening we had visitors from Tulsa Oklahoma. OUR parents prepared us alls day cos wesa aren't socialized real good ....meaning mom and dad don't have any friends that comes to their house much.  So Mom and Dad had the "please be good" talk wif us.  Us three just looked at each other, thinking, "wesa always good....".

Wesa had to have bafs and everything.  We evens ate our supper early so we wouldn't need to run in and out whilst visitors were here.  Later, Mom tole's the girls that they could get on their Christmas dresses, and hers put a purty little scarf around my neck that Mollie had made me with puggies all overs it.

My beautiful Stella Rose (hers one of my girls)

My beautiful Margaret Mae (hers my other girl)

Isa don't understand why hers always got her tongue hanging out.  Isa needs to explain to hers that boys don't always find that attractive.

See my purty scarf..mom was off on her picture taking skills.

Anyway our friends were a coming and they is from Oklahoma.  Hers name is Flea..yeah Flea...do you see something a little different well....odd abouts that.  Okays, so anyway hers has a Blog at http://dogtreatweb.com/ and hers works for a company called Jones Natural Chews...hers blogs about it and that is how our mom met her.  So Flea told my mom her and hunny that is her husband were coming through Iowa on Sunday on their way back home...yay...our mom got all crazy excited and hers starting planning what to fix for supper and cooking and all that.

Yes we had to be the meanies and reminds our mom of the hotdog/firemen at our house disaster so wesa just talked her into ordering pizza and buying snacks.  Whew ....we saved the day for sure.

Then hers was still so excited and so was our Dad....finally they arrived at ours house.

 Isn't this table arrangement they brought mom and dad beautiful!

We took pictures, they took pictures.  They ate pizza and ate snacks.  Mom said she felt like they had known them for years.  It was a great visit.

Maggie was on her best behavior and didn't bark at them for hours on end.  Stella Rose loved Hunny and spent most of the night on his lap.  I toles her later there are names for womens that do that...Mom made me to stand in the corner for time out.  I myself loved the beautiful Flea.  I sat on her lap like a perfect little host.  Well, the truf is Isa mostly kissed her ears and eyes, and gave her little love bites.  Isa sorry Flea if I got a little carried away.

Oh and the most important thing they brought us JONES TREATS....tons of them!  Mom said we would share with the less fortunate puggies in the world...isa toles her I finks I falls under that catagory and hers sent me to the corner again.  Hers has been real strict with mes lately!  I reminds hers Isa not even one year old yet.    

AND my FLEA toles me she would sponser a contest on our blog and send the winner a prize!!! So wesa thinking up a contest and will let you know by the end of the week what it will be.

SADLY my FLEA and her HUNNY had to leaves on Monday Morning and head for their home cos they have a duck named Jimmy who needs them back...and they have dogs and kids.  But they promised they would come see us again, or MOM said we would go see thems.  You did mean WE as in puggie right mom???

 Stellie and a "windie" treat

 Card Count-51 to 2   Bahahhahahahhaha

 See OUR big stocking beside OUR card door, we are greedy!

Angus McConnell Long


  1. What a fun visit! You looked very dashing in your scarf, and WOW, girls, you were so pretty in your Christmas dresses!

  2. Wow that was a wonderful visit. We sadly have also not much visitors, not all people are brave enough to enter my crib. Butt you got the tastiest treats I ever saw and you looked super great in your dresses and in your scarf. I have a Mollie-scarf too, I will wear it on christmas

  3. You got snow and a present WooHoooooo ( we are behind so going back over post'sBOL ) You had Flea come to your pad , how cool is that and look at all those treats, you can start your own shop BOL, just love your dresses and scarf. You are all just too cute xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. How cool of Flea to have a contest. Whoooa

  5. FURST we are SORRY about the BAFS. BUTT HAPPY about your Card Count and this super VISIT.
    OMD the Girrrrls looked STUNNING in their Dresses... Not at all like the Floozie you made one of them sound like... and Angus Mac you looked DASHING in your Scarf. Flea and Hunny must have thought they had come to a FASHION SHOW of EPIC Pawportions.
    They brought you Foodables and Snacks and Stuffs?? WOW that was so very thoughtful of them.
    PeeS... WE have furends who live in TULSA, OK also. They are the Schnauzers that we talked about being HERE on OUR HILL fur ThanksDeerMas... SO we KNOW that Tulsa Folks are GRRRRREAT.
    THIS was just FABULOUS. We are so glad that you had a FINE time.
    PEE S Remember that Santa Paws IS watching, so you might want to avoid making "reMarks" about Stella and Margaret... and saying stuffs about them sitting PRETTY on Hunny's lap. HE may take exceptions to that.

  6. Well how totally cool is that....you got to meet them in the furs and they bought goodies.....wow lots of goodies. We were jut checking out their website early and drooling.

  7. Nothing nicer than visitors bringing gifts this time of year especially when they are treats. No card yet but we a sure it is in the snail mail system somewhere.
    Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Gussie, you are a GREAT lap dog. Make sure you give Stella Rose that hoof to chew on, and make sure she chews on it while laying on the bed, m'kay? Mom and dad will love you for it. ;) We had a fantastic time with y'all! You're very hospitable Pugs.

  9. Angus McConnell Long, I think you should be very pleased with you and your girls! It sounds like you were perfect hosts and allowed everyone to enjoy themselves!

    I would have added to your card count, but alas I don't have your mailing address.


  10. We admit it - we are jealous! You sure are lucky pups!!!!

  11. Shiloh here - just saw the comment u left on our blog - 'bout MY prezzie bein'here on FRIDAY - oh I due hope I can git tue it B-4 mom cuz she INSISTS we Beaglebratz WAIT 'til Christmas morning
    B-5 we open our prezziez.

    WOWZERZ - u had VIZITORZ? An'they brought FOODABLEZ? I guess that makez the bathz an'bein'really good all worth it then.

    PeeScan't wait tue c what the contest is.

  12. Such a great visit ;) you look so good on that scarf

  13. Ohhh.....can't wait to see what the contest is!!
    "Love is being owned by a husky"

  14. Isn't it just great to meet blogville friends. And even better to meet one that brings loads of treats!!! You all look wonderful in your Christmas finery.
    BIG LOve and HUGS
    Mr Bailey, Hazel, Greta and Mom

  15. What wonderful company and how well you all behaved!! You did deserve treats for that!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Es - Please visit our POTP page. We added Rory cuz he had a bad emergency.

  16. What a fun post full of friends, food and lots of loving
    Hugs madi your bfff

  17. So SWEET that you dressed up for Flea. I bet you can smell her Jones Chews delish treats right away. Enjoy! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  18. We don't have visitors much either and when we do, we get banished! Now, the second we heard they were from Jones Natural Chews we just KNEW something exciting was coming! That's what we call a fantastic visit!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  19. Guests are so much fun!!!

    Stop on by for a visit

  20. Gussie, this is the BEST post ever! You had such a good time and you all looked so nice... I'm so glad you enjoyed your new friends, and it's probably good that your mom got pizza! I'm glad you had such a good time!

  21. Glad Mom & Dad had some visitors so they could show you guy off, betcha they thought you guys were wonderful, after all who wouldn't like licks and love bites!.

    The Mad Scots

  22. What a great post-looks like fun and you know what pizza is the best! Our mom loves to cook but often a good pizza tops her creations, honestly we wish she would just order more pizza

    retro rover

  23. WOW ... that is pawsome! We love having visitors even if we do bark at them.

    And look at those treats! We never tried them. We'll have to see if mama can find 'em!

    You look so pretty in your green dress, Stella! Maggie looks really cute in her red dress! And Gus ... you are so handsome! We are so sorry that Santa hasn't called you. We told him you were waiting for his call when we saw him. Guess he wasn't listening ... NOW we're scared! Did he listen to anything we said?????

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  24. I think you had the bestest day ever! How wonderful to meet blogger friends and share foods and treats, and make more memories!
    Each of you is so pretty or handsome in your photos-- and you all had a nice bubble bath-- so you smelled so good.
    I can tell you all had a good time!

  25. Wow! What a day! So jealous that you guys all got to meet up. Or maybe I should say "meat up", judging by all the goodies you got from Ms. Flea!

  26. That looked a wonderful visit! I am glad everything went so well, but I am sorry that you had to spend time in the corner. That kind of stinks, but otherwise it looked real fun.

    Loveys Sasha

  27. Wow, Gussie, you sure looked handsome in your scarf! Stella and Maggie looked beautiful in their dresses too! I'm glad you had such a nice time and got lots of treats!

    Your friend from NJ, Patty

  28. Heehee, your superb behaviours really payed off then! Mmmmmm, those treaties looked lovelyyyy, and that table centrepiece was pretty too! You all looked so fetching - I must admit pugs are completely the best at dressing up!
    Pippa :)
    P.S. Tell Maggie that my friend Elvis, who is also a pug and very similar looking to Maggie, always has his tongue out, so I'm sure he'd find her very very attractive! Maybe she can have a long distance boy friend! hahahahaha