Friday, November 15, 2013

Dear Santy Claus

Well this is the last day of my posting and Stelly Rose will be back on Monday.  I sure has enjoyed sharing my book wif all my friends and readin your feedback to help me be a better writer, mostly it was about those guts and where theirs moms could buys them at.  My Mom is gonna find hers camera over the weekend and takes new pictures of us and start on her Christmas cards.

My Dear Santy Claus:
Isa named Angus McConnell Long and this is the first Christmas that I have been alived.  I am very excited about the holiday approaching us cos the girls have tolded me about the presents that you will brings to us ifs wesa good pugs.
I am just wanting to clarify a few things my dear Santy Claus, okay one thing is ifs the girls are bad Isa will still get presents..right and ifs mom and dad are bad isa will still get presents right?

Now that’s my concerns are out of the way I have to ask you some more personal type of questions like do you evers give the reindeers “guts” as treats, and do they have to sit and laydown for them?  Isa was kinda wondering abouts that cos I foughts if there wasn’t a rigorous training the deers went through or a special deer collage then I could apply for a sub spot in case one of thems would get sick or wanna take a vacation day.  I know some of those deers must be getting pretty old by now.  Would you please keeps me in mind if that happens, cos  Isa will gets my cellphone number to you this morning.

To tells you the truf my Santy Claus I had a nice long list for yousa to bring me like bully sticks, binkies, stuffies and this and that and that and this BUT my list has changed and this is why.

I knows you are magical I just knows it and I knows you live deep in all our hearts with your special ways so I is only gonna ask for one things from you my Santy Claus and that is this….could you get out all your special medicine in the world and all your magic and just make my friend little Tweedles better cos hers is having a hard time with it all right now.  Could you sprinkle magic dust all over hers momma’s also cos I knows they are plum wore out.  I was readin the others day that Christmas is really about giving to one another things that you can’t buy at the stores, so that got me to thinkin about sweet Tweedles and what you could give her.  Maybe it is a miracle and maybe it is just time to heal but hers needs some help. 

 Heres is hers picture so yousa can find her easy.

Okays I gotta get this in the mail this morning and send it one day delivery, Isa hoping you read mine first cos it is really important.  Stelly Rose and Maggie said you can forget their toys also..cos its okay wif them cos they have all they need, and mom and dad said they have all they need also.
Your Friend
Angus McConnell Long (sub reindeer)


  1. Aw, Gussie, that is a wonderful letter to Santa Paws. We sure hope you get your Christmas wish. And about the training thing, well we don't know for sure but out "gut" feeling is that ti would be rigorous and VERY cold.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Ah Gussie, you are such a sweet boy! I love your letter to Santa. I hope Santa gives you your Christmas wish. The thing I used to tell my daughter back when she was a little girl, was that Santa has a magic snowball so he can see who is naughty and nice; so I can tell that you have earned major points with Santa!

    Hugs to you, Stella and Maggie from NJ.


  3. Dear Angus,

    You have truly grasped the true meaning of Christmas and it is so kind of you to ask for Tweedles health instead of gifts. We would trade all of ours for her health too. We hope Santa still leaves you a little something, cause you deserve it or at least lets you be a sub reindeer.
    Lee and Phod

  4. Awwwwwe Gussie, your hoomans sure did raise you and da girls right! I knows ya'll just made da good list.



  6. Gussie, you made us laugh and then made us cry. You are a special boy. We too would give all our gifts to help our Tweedles get well.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  7. Angus McConnell Long you are truly worthy of such a splendiferous name! Well done Little One!

    Love, Gampy

  8. Awww Gussie! I enjoy you and your mom so much! I too am saying prayers for Tweedles and his family!
    Charlie the Pug

  9. That is an excellent request for Santa!


  10. Lovely gesture Gussie and we know Tweedles will be touched. Nice one.
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. That's a grreat letter, Gus, and Santa Paws can work WONDERS. I bet Tweedles will get all better. And WOW, you would make a grreat reindeer. I just know Santa will take you up on the offer.

  12. Angus McConnell Long, you are the man! This may be your first Christmas butt you are thinking of your friend Tweedles before yourself. We love ya to bits and pieces. We have paws crossed for your friend Tweedles and more paws crossed that Father Christmas will try his best to make your wishes come true. We loved your blogs, little mate. Take care. No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella

  13. My friend sweet Baby Gussie.
    We know you have been thinking about your letter to Sandy Paws for a long time,,, and with all that thinking- your little heart has reached out and touched my heart and my moms too.
    To ask Santy Paws to help me get better- with some magic or whatever-- I know you mean this from the tip of your little toesie.
    I do want to get betters so moms and me can be happy again-- and your wish,,, I just know Santy will help; He has lots of stuff in his bags-,
    We did not know it was almost time for the reindeer to fly-- we did not even know it was halloween- or fall
    where has time gone.
    , Oh Baby Gussie- we love you so much,,,
    and I do think you could be the cutest little reindeer of all.
    Thank you baby Gussie for thinking of others- for thinking of me,, your momma teaches you to love one another..
    your tweedles

  14. You made us cry over here Gus! That is the bestest letter to Santa that we've ever read. We're gonna keep our paws crossed that Santa reads your letter first and get's working on that magic dust for Tweedles.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  15. Gus, I've been catching up on reading your book and your letter to Santa. You are wise beyond your years, Gussie. I hope that Santa gets your letter and grants your wish. Rita and I will keep sending our best pawsitive thoughts out to Tweedles and her moms!

  16. Angus Mac.... you may be YOUNG butt you are WISE beyond your Days...
    We pray that Santa Paws is able to make your Wish come true.

  17. Angus, it's just wonderful that you will give all for Tweedles, you are one fine Pug!

    Its been fun reading your articles!

    The Mad Scots

  18. You are such a sweetie. We love Tweedles too and hope she gets well soon. Her moms mush be exhausted!

    Millie & Walter

  19. Baby Gussie
    I had to come back one more time- because your loving heart has touched mine. You care so much for others,, and when I think about what you asked Santy-- to help me-- well it brings tears to my eyes,, I love you
    nitey nite
    your tweedles

  20. Oh Gussie what a selfless thing you have requested from Santa and I believe that Santa will answer your request for Tweedles and also make you a sub reindeer.

    Aroo to you,

  21. That is a wonderful thing for you to wish Gussie! We hope he grants it for you!

  22. Wee Angus,
    You've become a great writer now! I'm sure if anyone else is naughty, Santa's gonna bring you the biggest present of all! Oh, and I'll look out on Christmas Eve to see a handsome little pug pulling Santa's sleigh!
    Also, how caring you are to think of Tweedles!
    Pippa :)

  23. Hey Angus, tell your Mom Dad sent our Christmas info over by email, had some problems sending it, let us know if yous got it, OK


  24. Now that is the sweetest Dear Santy letter we've ever read, Angus. We hope you get your wish and Santy sprinkles magic dust over Tweedles and her mom so Tweedles gets well.

  25. You have just made us believe again Gussie, you are such a cutie pie. Did you get my email? I'm off too write my letter to Santa :) xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie