Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Today I went to see Ms. Paige the Frankenvet.  Hers likes me a lot.  I can tell this because when I walked in the door she started to go out the back door, to pick me flowers or something like that.  Mom had also asked her to cut my nails, after hers checks out my eye problem.  See where the white should be wif my eyes, and how red they are???  Well, guess what after my appt. they are glowing green!!!!  I could not wait to get home and show Mags and Gussie.

Anyways Ms. Paige put these little strips of paper in my eyes, she checked for ulcers, she just checked them overs and overs.  She ended up giving me some new med's with prednisone and infection med's in them...I also haf to stay on my eye drops and optimums stuff, wow that is a lot.  She checked my eyes wif this special light to see if my sight had improved and she toles momma it was gone.  This made my mom really sad.  But I toles her it has probably been all gone for a long time, and I just handle it really well.  Mom said when I first cames to live wif them I could see a tiny bit and that was all. 

Then Ms. Paige and her helper cut my nails.  I was pretty good behaved for our house.  Mom was very proud of me.  We picked up our food, and got Gussie some special food cos his tummy is kinda upset these past days.  Anyway I just wanted to tells you I was back and besides the usual, and the glowing green eyes, I is just fine.   Mom says there are worst things in the world.

Stella Rose


  1. I'm sorry about your eyes, Stella. I hope they turn back to normal color soon.

    Puggy love,

  2. Stella Rose, I'm wishing and hoping your sight comes back-if even just a little bit. I do know that with any living thing, if we lose one sense our others are amplified-so I bet your nose works overtime. I'll say some prayers that the new medication drops helps.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  3. Stella Rose, SHE has worked with blind children and SHE knows how well they function without sight. So that's not the worse thing in the world. However, we hope there isn't any pain!

  4. That is too bad about your vision, Stella Rose. But it could be worse. Mom had a pup for many years who had to have both of his eyes removed due to uncontrollable glaucoma. He did quite well as long as the humans didn't mess with how things were arranged in the house. The big move from Connecticut to Kansas was too much for him, but all in all he did very well.

    Thanks for the update and we hope you got some yummy treats for good behavior.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. you can see with your zen inner eye gussie - they lets you see things that others miss :)

  6. You are adorable, Stella Rose, eyesight or no eyesight!

  7. Sorry Stella that the eyes have gone but we are so pleased you manage without them well and with a loving family like you have we know you will get on with life. You take care and rest up now and don't go scary and trick or treaters with the green eyes.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Green eyes, wow, thats some finks very special Stella, very special likes you are !
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. Hi Stella
    Your a brave girl today!! Your momma is right- there are worser things in the world. And who knows maybe your eyes will get better..
    But you know what? One of my very first blog friends,,, his name was Coco,,, and he was an inspiration to me because he had no eyes at all. That's right. They had to be taken out, and he was just fine with no eyes. He even knew how to go down and up stairs. Did you know him?
    I know that no matter what- you will be ok.
    Good job on getting your nails done.

  10. well how could anyone not love you! we are sorry to hear about your sight but you will get along just fine anyway. Our Ping is deaf and youd never know

    retro rover

  11. OH Sweet Stella Rose... We are broken hearted to hear that your vision is gone... however... let us say THIS to you... NO BUDDY KNEW... which means that you are doing Grrrrreat without it. THAT is such Wonderful news... You are getting along FINE... SO fine that the peeps did NOT know. Now that they DO... they will make sure to make your life as easy as PAWsible fur you... stuffs like not Moving the furnitures and stuffs...
    WE are So very VERY much Proud of YOU and your Peeps fur dealing with this in the BESTEST Pawsible way.
    OH and since you can't see it fur yourself... let us tell you... you look as Beautious as EVER.

  12. We are glad to her there is nothing new wrong. While you are glowing green maybe you should do some trick or treating?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. You are so brave, and we know us dogs use our nose a lot. Not being able to see allows you to get away with lots of stuff

  14. Good job at da vet. Bet ya got a real powerful sniffer since ya can't see.


  15. What an adventure! Glad things are okay and what cool Halloween eyes!! But tell your Mom that we've had 3 dogs that couldn't see either, and our girl Cricket I don't think sees really well either. But you see with your heart, and that great nose--And I love being a seeing eye human, and I'll bet your Mom does too! :-)!!!

  16. Miss Stella Rose as long as YOU don't think you are missing anything than you aren't! As long as your eyes don't hurt that is what is important :) I bet those glowing green eyes were super cool!

  17. I hate to hear you've lost your sight but it sound like you've been doing just fine without it. I know make Gussie be you seeing eye pug, he needs a good job to keep him in line.

    Aroo to you,

  18. Dearest Stella, sorry we are late getting around, You are as beautiful as ever. Hope the new meds will help your eyes feel better. You know we all love you no matter what.
    We will be thinking of you and Macey tomorrow
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  19. Crikey Stella Rose ... Green glowing eyes and just in time for Halloween, aye? You mightn't be able to see but I know you can sure feel all the love from your Family and friends. That's more important than looking at stuff, aye?

  20. Hi Stella... you are still beautiful even if you can't see... Doesn't matter how old you get, if you can't see or hear, your peeps love you no matter what. And the one thing I know the most, you will always be your mama's baby!

    Hugs from NJ, Patty

  21. gosh Stellie - we are sorry to hear this. My furiend Harry had to have his eyes removed and he gets on just fine. We hope the new medicines make your eyes feel better!

    Edgar and his mum

  22. You know, SOME dogs need vision to get by, but others are just so fangtastic that they don't need it at all! I love your attitude, Stella Rose!

  23. I'm sad with your mom and I hope the new meds will help that our eyes get their normal color back ... I hope Gussie feels better soon and his tummy will be no longer upset. You are a brave girl, I'm always a drama queen when they clip my nails... but please keep that embarrassing secret, oki?

  24. I think those green eyes would be pretty spectacular to witness! I'm sorry to hear about your eyesight. I am sure the rest of your pack will assist you with whatever you need. If you fooled them for awhile now, you must feel pretty comfortable in your world!