Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Wesa really sorry we have been gone for so long, butt our mom is still knee deep in paint, and cleaning and taking care of us while Dad is on the highway to hell.  We promise next week we will do better.

Today is an exciting day for us cos we have a special visitor coming to our house.  It is our friend "Mrs. Flea" from Tulsa Oklahoma, and she works for Jones Treats.  Hers ALWAYS brings us a big bag of all kinds of wonderful treats, they last us for months, and we evens gives some to our doggie cousins, and the doggies at the Sanctuary.  WE are good puggies like that.
Here is a picture of Mrs. and Mr. Flea.  They visited us at Christmas time two years ago.

Speaking of Flea's.  Well, Mom tried to kill me off again. She went to the Vet on Saturday and decided to go back to our ole SAFE standby Frontline, she said we have never had a problem wif it, so it is much easier than trying to get those  *#* pills down our throats.  So Sunday morning she lined us up like an execution squad and put that crap on our backs.   Well, we ran around like crazy and then we settled down, Mom was glad.   WELL, two hours later after hers went to Walmart, and sent Dad back down the highway.......................I, Margaret Mae started to puke.  I puked and puked and puked, white foamy stuff.  Mom was horrified. 

Does this look like a face that enjoys puking.

So Mom gaves me a bath, and that sorta helped, and after a few more hours I settled down.  I still itched but mom was afraid to give me any medicine to help the itchies.

On Monday I puked a little more, and itched, and a little bit on Tuesday.  Last night Mom gave us all bathes again, and even Gussie was itching off and on.  So him and I bof had a reaction to it.  Of course Stellie Rose did not because I finks she is part cat, cos her legs are so stubby and hers is round and fat like angel dietzy. 

See the resemblance.........

So Monday Mom called the Vet and said "what the hell???" and the vet helper said "oh did you not know that frontline is now frontline plus and it is new and improved with a better ingredient in it......." WE DID mom is calling the company today to tell them, me and gussie got sick and they need to send her $10,000 back to her so she can fill the treat jar.


Today Gussie goes to get his nails cut.  Mom is super nervous cos they gave her drugs to knock him out, and remember last time that worked sooooooo well............that he screamed and yelled and carried on so bad even the staff was a crying and wished we would find a new vet.   Mom hopes he doesn't react to this medication and he is alert enough for our special walk around the lake tonight.

I toles her just frow him in the stroller along with weirdo stellie cos I is walking wif Mrs. Flea around the lake.    For some reason hotter than hell August has turned into "you might need a jacket Sept. "  just for the day..................whooooohooooo........

We will be back.
Maggie Mae


  1. I get the Trifexis pushed down my throat and everytime I puke. The vet says if I don't puke for an hour I have enough of it in my system to protect me. But what is going to protect me from the pill.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Sco

  2. OMD..Maggie that NEW stuff really sent you into a tail spin, huh? I thinks these drug companies like to see us all hiped up on weird drugs. Good luck with the nail stealers, Gussie!

  3. Wow, sure is lots of excitement going on there! So sorry about those evil itchies and sickies. Yikes.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  4. My dearest BFF I is going round to those Frontline peeps and giving them a piece of my Princess mind! How dare they try and poison my BFF!!!! I is not happy wiv thems at all.
    Paws crossed fur you Gussie, TRY and be good !?!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. OMD, Maggie, so sorry you puked and puked, that is not fun at all.
    It is so hard to know what is OK. Hope the nail cutting goes OK - paws crossed
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. Oh you poor little ones! Too bad we are not all stubby chubby like Stella Rose
    Lily & Edward

  7. Oh mannn, why they have to change all things and at the end they are not better and efurrything goes wrong with that new stuff? I hope you feel better soon and there is a way to find a treatment what works without such horrible aftereffects.... Hugs to Gussie for the nail-clipping, hope efurrything is fine. btw: we rather don't use the new "plus", we only have the new frontline too... do you think we have a chance to go home "flea-free" without using frontline when I met 800 pups at the show?

  8. Puking is no fun! We are sorry you puked and that Gussie will be knocked out with a date rape drug while his toenails are ripped out of his paws. Is Stella gonna be eating all those treats while the 2 of you suffer?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Oh yeah did you know puke? You should have saved it for them! Ugh! Thanks for that heads up. Maddie and Bells have pretty sensitive puggy stomachs.

  10. You guys make our lives boring. We are sorry the meds made you so, so sick! Hailey use to scream like that with nails, so Lady worked hard to systematically de-sensitize her to it and it isn't great but it 1000 times better!

  11. don't you hate it when they change things and don't tell us - that happened with out favorite food - we are allergic to poultry and found our favorite bison/venison food changed their recipe and added chicken meals - mom was so not happy with out upset stomaches

  12. OMD...Sounds like you deserve a nice walkie Maggie Mae!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  13. Oh dear, that is not good. We used to use Frontline but it always bothered Phantom. We get Vectra now and Mom thinks it is much better. Hope you are feeling much better.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  14. When Misty put flea medicine on Lazer cause he was outsides all the time, he hads the same reaction! He was all itchy and itchy and itchy and loss some hair on his neck. We put Frontline on him just like you puggys. I hope the itchy goes away and that Gussie is okay at the vet.


  15. That sounds terrible. Sorry for all your problems. Maybe you can get a collar or something that doesn't need to be applied. Good luck with getting your nails done

  16. Dat stinks dat da new meds made ya sick.

  17. Oh nooo,, not the pukes!
    Moms give me Advantage,,, same stuff I have had for years.

  18. Well crap! That's not good!!!! Ma had to switch me back to a topical because I wouldn't and couldn't keep the pills down..puke, puke, puke!
    Just like you guys. Not funs at all! butts the topical is good so far. It's a heartworm and a flea (but no tick). I wish these flea meds wouldn't make us sick! I hopes your Moms give those Frontline peeps a piece of her mind!!! (oh, not the piece that gives you treaties, butts the piece that gives your baths....☺)
    Hopes you guys are feelin' betters, and you find a flea med that works for you!
    Ruby ♥

  19. OMD, you guys just don't have good luck with medicines!!! I hope you're doing better now.

  20. Oh are allergic to Frontline...bless your heart some times the cure is worse than the illness
    hugs madi your bfff

  21. The new improved Frontline made you sick...that's no good at all. It's so nice that Miss. Flea is there visiting..and bringing treats! Maybe she'll give you EXTRA even due to feeling bad about you feeling bad?

  22. Sorry you guys were sick! Our Maggie had a seizure, lost bladder control and cold barely use her back legs the last time we used a spot flea & tick treatment. Our vet recommended a new kind of flea & tick collar, which won't work since Duke & Maggie chew each others' collars off. We've been using big repellent vests (from ll bean) all summer & they have worked so far!
    We used lots of small cheese pieces to get the dogs used to nail trimming. Now Duke runs in into the bathroom & waits when we start trimming the cats' nails in there because he knows a cheese party is next. :)

  23. Oh goodness! Makes you wonder about some of these flea/tick meds, doesn't it?! And doing my Angel's nails? it used to take two vet techs to hold her down while the third did the nails! She had almost nipped the doctor and vet techs twice, so they had to start doing them in another room away from me cuz they thought she was acting up becuz I was in the room! She sure showed them the next time we came in just for a nail trim, she howled and had a ruckus going on in that back room!

    Happy Friday!

    xoxo Patty

  24. Hi Maggie! I'm so sorry you got sick from the frontline. That sounded awful. I hope you are feeling better now. Also I will my paws crossed that Gussie's nail trim is pain-free. Oh, they'd definitely have to knock me out to get my nails trimmed. I put up a heck of a fight earlier this week when my dad tried to trim just my dew claws.


  25. So good to see the beautiful Dietzman again! :-)

  26. We get that stuff put on our backs too but so far we don't have any bad reaction to it. Sorry you got the bad itches from it. We hope your mom can find the right thing to keep the fleas off because being full of fleas is no fun either.

  27. Our mama gives us Revolution ...

    Hope you had a nice visit with Mrs. Flea

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty, Whitney & Jaxzyn

  28. I had SUCH fun visiting with you all! THANK YOU!!!