Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Or in other words, the other items in the box that did not belong to us.  So after being very very disappointed that crinkle tunnel did not belong to us, we at least thought the next item did.  We were WRONG!

CAT FOOD.  Okay well we like cat food, but me and mags pukes it up so Mom keeps us out of it.  So that can only mean one thing.  IT IS NOT FOR US.  Oh Mr.Chewy what have you done?????

Have you forsaken us for cats, and ferrets, will goats and mini-donkeys be next????????????

So Mom ordered this Halo cat food for Henri and Ellen.  They are really really picky cats, so the big question mark is will they like it, or will me and mags sneak into it later and snarf it all down??

So mom gives them each a tablespoon so they will get use to it.  They also like to have it mixed into their dry food.

Yep I am licking my paws it was so good.

Where is my plate to try Mom?

Good to the last gulp.

If your good Gussie you can lick the plate.  Not!  heheheheheh................So this Halo food is really good.  We are trying Grain-Free Spot's Pate, this company is a Holistic company that makes food with only organic vegetables, fruits and range free meat.   You can purchase this cat food for 12 cans for around $20.00.   Each can lasted us several meals because we ate ours with a combination of our dry food.  We loved Halo cat food.   These are our words, and we were only given cat food for the review.  El and Henri

What about me can I try some???


  1. OK, enough is enough. We are going to send a note to Ms. Natalie and tell her to be sure the next review package is ALL for you pugs!!! No goats, no ferrets, no donkeys, no cats - JUST PUGS!!!

    Seriously we are happy the kitties liked that food because rocks and tries to do something nice for everyone - cat, ferret, goat, donkey, AND PUGS!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. You had us scared. We thought Dad was going to add MORE cats to his little hobby farm....we are so happy it was just for the resident cats. BUT, there should have been a little something for the Pugs-in Charge! Just our opinion.

  3. sorree ewe dawgs but de catz gotta eat grate two....

    el N henri....we iz buzzed happee ya likez yur new foodz......bee in catz we noe all bout pick N chooze.... ☺☺☺

    grate ta see ya guyz again; dont let de dawgz hog de blog all de time !!! ☺☺♥♥

  4. First we hope next month goes to the right house and second it better have amazing dog treats!

  5. Hari OM
    Well this is what happens when a menagerie appears in your home!!! Everyone has to get something and share and share alike and all that... Your turn next month pugglies! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. When I see cats in the yard I will bark at them about this food

  7. Well next month, it has to be all about the Puggies! I feel bad for you guys! At least the kitties got treated royally.

  8. Two things from Chewy and nothing for you pugs!!! We sure hope that the next order is just for you pugs and not for any other critter in you house. It did look like the kitties enjoyed it though.

  9. Good to know. My best friend has 6 rescue cats (dumped at their country home in the winter) and sometimes I need to cat sit on short notice, so I need to keep up with the preferred kitty foodables. LB

  10. We let the kitties do a review from time to time, it's only fair. But we don't have to be happy about it! ;)

  11. and there was nothing for pugs in the second parcel? oooh how can chewy furget the bestest pugs ever? maybe the postman is on the way with parcel n°3?

  12. Chewy better make it up to you next month! But we guess you gotta let Eddie and the kitties have some good stuff once in a while
    Hazel & Mabel

  13. OMD...It might be time for a Puggy Strike!!! So not fair!!
    Arty and Jakey