Monday, July 23, 2018


Thursday was my mom's Friday, so she was really excited when she left work.  The day wasn't as hot as it had been all week, and that made her feel better also.

When she got home though the TV was telling her about a storm about an hour North of where we live.  A bad storm. So Mom watched the weather news to make sure we were safe.  Mom is afraid of BAD storms.

Then the storm turned into a TORNADO and it hit a plant that makes windows in a town called Pella.  It picked the cars up and stacked them like little matchbox cars on top of each other.  Several people were hurt at the plant but thankfully all of them got to leave the hospital later that day.


THEN that tornado decided to drop down and head our way.  Mom watched it get closer to a town called Ottumwa which is about 30 min. North of us.....and the television was telling peoples to go to safe places. 

Apparently, TORNADO'S like to follow the path of the river, and since we live about a mile from the river, mom was a little concerned.  THEN she got really concerned when the news lady talked about towns that were closer and closer to where we lived.

See the sky?
Mom went outside and talked to Dad who was checking it out from the back yard.  It was getting darker and darker.

THEN the sky started to get really weird looking and Mom was getting more nervous.  Our house does not have a basement but our neighbors does .........Mom didn't want to leave us, and Dad said he was staying so Mom stayed also. 

THEN we noticed cars started to stop on our highway and peoples got out with their phones taking pictures of the sky.   THAT really made mom NERVOUS.

Then it started to rain, ............the news woman said it was called a "rain wrapped tornado" and they  were dangerous .........and weird and unpredictable.      Mom thought "great!"..........ugh.

(WE can't get our rain pictures to load for some weird reason)
So she made me and Gussie go into the bathroom closet with her, except Gussie kept escaping and mom would have to run out and get him, cos he wanted to watch the storm/tornado from the windows.  Then Mom heard on the TV the TORNADO was about 5 miles from our house.  GULP!!!

Dad was in the garage watching it, Mom was chasing Gussie around the house.  Our parents are not the smartest.  I was trying my best to round everyone up and head for the safe house under our parents bed.  NO ONE WAS LISTENING TO ME!!!

It rained, and hailed, and blew winds..............then the sun came out, it hailed again, and it stopped.  It was done. WHEW we made it through our first tornado. 

EXCEPT...............remember when we lived in Keosauqua all those years.  Its where my mom still works.

The county fair was going on.  Campers, Kids, and animals.............ugh.

This is what happened to the lumber yard across the street from the fairgrounds, and the county maintenance buildings.  (not mom's pictures)

Maintenance Building.


Earlier that day, local artists from the Village of Bentonsport had visited the Galloway Barn to paint pictures of it.  It is a beautiful old barn between 150-200 years old my mom goes by everyday on her way to work.  The artists planned to go back the next day, enjoying the nice weather and scenery.

As they often say.............People plan, God laughs.

When Mom drove by it today she saw old bricks, and old lumber and a pile of memories.  Soon, it will be cleared away, and cleaned up.  Not one person was hurt in the tornado that hit the county that we live in, for that we can be thankful.

Mother Nature is both wonderful and wicked.  Humans need to remember she is always in charge.

Something she left for us after the storm, at our house.

Mags and Gussie


  1. Oh, my gosh, I did not know about the devastation in Keo! And that beautiful old barn, I can't believe it. I am so glad it did not hurt any of you, or anyone you love.

  2. oh that is so horrible... hugs to you and all people and pets who had to stand that wild mother nature... she is mighty and my dad said we never should underestimate the power of an angry woman...
    I'm glad you all are ok and mother nature send a rainbow as compensation ...

  3. Oh dearest sweetest Twin, are you SURE you are okay!?!?
    What a nasty tornado coming to frighten you....I bet you weren't scared though, too busy I guess wiv your paws full trying to keep Gussie safe.
    What a beautiful rainbow...shall we trek to its end to see if we can find a pot of gold? Then we can go buy 87 million milky bones!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO Mags and Gussie my mom would have been in tears or having a hissy fit or maybe both. That is just so very very scary. We thought about you all when we heard IOWA but we didn't have your new address to check your city.
    The rainbow is gorgeous and Mother Nature is for sure kinda fickle. Thank goodness you all and the critters outside are safe
    Hugs and kitty kisses Madi and mom

  5. I remembered you lived close to Radar's hometown on Mash. When I head it hit Pella we pulled up the Google map and we prayed you had a hidey hole in the ground. Glad you are safe my friends. Thanks for the birthday wish.
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. Hari OM
    OMD I knows that terror that kinda storm puts into one's heart; went through a few in the Great Down Under Parts... am so very glad that you are all safe. Maybe, Mags, you can draw up plans for a bunker that dad can build in the back yard - like an Anderson Shelter. Jus' sayin'... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. We're glad to hear you are all okay. That sure sounded like a scary time.

  8. I am so glad you are OK. And Gussie, geez bet you scared your mom running out and refusing to stay in the closet.

    Mother Nature is always in charge!

    P.S.: This is Ruby from The Daily Pip. We changed our blog name to My Rescued Life - but wanted you to know, it's still us.

  9. We are so glad to read you are all safe and no one was killed in your area, but what a terrifying time. those tornadoes are so scary just to hear about on the TV or radio. We have a severe weather radio to alert us. We are also close to a warning siren. We don't have a basement either and our closets and bathroom are all facing the direction a tornado would come from, so Jan says no way would she go there!

  10. OMD....Sounds like your Friday was a bit TOO exciting!! We are so very glad you are all safe, sound and under a rainbow!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  11. We thought about you and your family as soon as we heard about the tornadoes in Iowa. We are so happy that you are all OK, but oh such devastation. Our human brother and family live in Texas where they have no basement, but when they built the house, they had a storm shelter built right into their garage. That made our Mom very happy.

    Stay safe.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. mags N gusser.....tornadoez iz scraree stuff; we iz thanx ful everee one iz aye oh kay; they can tern N head any directshunz two quik...when de food servizz gurl waz young ( 18,402 yeers ago ) her saw piecez oh HAY stuck ina tree just like they had been nailed in... frum a tornadoz :( ♥♥

  13. Oh WOWZERZ! So glad u'all r safe. Mom sez we had a sudden wind storm with rain on tthe same day butt it only lasted a few minutes here in Topeka, Kansas - our wind wuz clocked at 82 mph with a lotta tree damage - not us tho. Butt mom sez she knowz very well the damage tornadoz can do an'iz just so happy u'all wuz not hurt.
    Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie

  14. Thank doG that you're all okay and no one was hurt. It will take time for the towns to rebuild.

  15. Wow!!! This is quite a TALE! I have never never been in a storm like that. An earthquake, yes, but it was small.
    I am so so so glad you were LEFT ALONE by that crazy scary storm!
    Love Noodles

  16. We worried about you when we heard about the tornados and were relieved when we saw your mom posting on facebark. Glad you are OK!!
    Hazel & Mabel

  17. How terribly frightening. We would have lost our minds worst than your family did. We are very happy your pack and home escaped unscathed but sorry for the losses others had.

  18. We're so glad no one was hurt and your house is okay! You'll get used to the drill -- Pigeon's told me all about what we do when the tornado sirens go off. The whole family gathers in a closet, with lots of treats, and Momma listens to the radio.

  19. Wow! That was really scary! Glad you're all OK!