Wednesday, August 8, 2018


SO...we really wanted to do a lighthouse story cos we saw that blog going around, and even though the closest thing we have ever seen that would/could resemble a lighthouse is this.............

We told our Mom it was an Iowa Lighthouse and mom said NO, it was a porta-potty in a cornfield where a big bikers rally was held a few years back.  So technically it was a beacon for someone in distress but mom NO ........and she has a firm way about her when she says that word.

I guess then we will tell you what happened to our mom on her way to work this morning.

So she is driving along on Hwy. 1 which is a pretty busy highway in the morning.  Peoples are getting to work, semis are going to the interstate, farmers are going to the local gas station for coffee, or maybe a porta-potty.  We are not really sure.

As mom is coming across the bridge she see's a truck alongside the road with their blinkers on.  At first, she thought maybe they were on their phone but then she saw a little tiny pig run out in her lane of traffic.  Luckily she was the only person on the road for that very moment, and she hurried and pulled off the side of the highway.

The guy said the little pig was going to get hurt running along the highway and he was trying to catch him.  We think he fell out of his farmers truck cos he had a yellow ear tag.  NO ONE ELSE WAS STOPPING TO HELP so Mom just stood in the middle of the highway and they were sorta forced to stop.

We don't know if this was illegal but probably the semi drivers were getting ready to call our local sheriff just to get mom off the highway.  Finally, the electric guys drive up and pull off and one of them gets out to help. They corner that slippery little pig on the bridge and grab him up so he is safe.

Mom gets out of the middle of the road, people wave at her, people flip her off, but Mom is happy. 

Hopefully that little pig goes to a really nice farm, where they will take care of him the rest of his long long life.

So thats our Wednesday story about mom and the pig.  We always thought mom would rescue a Golden not a pig.  You never know.

Mags and Gusser


  1. Bless your mom for helping out that piggy! It was a very gutsy thing for her to do. Thank goodness nobody got hurt!

  2. Hari om
    OMD what an adventure to start the day!!! Good karma accrued by mom and the truckie. Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Mags and Gus wonder if there is a light in the potty house?

    3 great big cheers for your sweet mama to help the piggy.
    Thank you for your compliment on my header...if mom was a paid employee I'd give her a raise
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. Hooray for Mom! My ghostwriter remembers a long time ago, she saw a whole family of ducks trying to cross the road at the exit of the Thruway. There was no way she could stop and get out of the car at that spot. She always hoped those little duckies made it across safely!

  5. mags N gusser..... we think thiz iz WAY will bee blessed for helpin de wee one; de otherz will get salmon ella... sum one named karma werkz like that... ♥♥♥

    N frank lee we thinkz yur lite houz iz awesum...N functional still ☺☺☺☺

  6. Your lighthouse is what we call a dunny.

    Hooray for your Mom trying to help the little pig. We thought maybe it would have come to your house to live.

  7. What a wonderful thing your mom and those other nice people did for that little piglet.
    Hazel & Mabel

  8. At first we read "pig" as "pug" but either way it was scary to have one running on the highway. We also were sure you were going to say your mom brought the pig home to live with all your other critters. We guess you dodged a bullet with that one. BOL!

  9. OMD, your Moms ROCKS!!!! I bets that piggy sure thanks your Moms! Oh, and I likes your Lighthouse! Who says it can't be a beacon?? If you really gots to go, it is!
    Ruby ♥

  10. YAY! for your mama,she is simply da best. it is sad that we often have the : NO ONE ELSE WAS STOPPING TO HELP case, I think our society is on the way to land in such an iowa lighthouse...
    we hope with you that the little oinker has a long and good life...

  11. That are the bestest Lighthouse!!!!!
    Big HUGS to Momma fur being SUPERWOMAN and saving Mr Piggie,
    LUFFS you Momma
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx