Monday, March 31, 2014

Quiting is easy....

Sometimes my Mom says she just feels like quitting.  I told her quitting is easy, staying is hard.  I asked her why she wants to quit and she said, I wouldn't understand.  I toles her over and over and I understand everything about her.  She is to tired to listen.

I thinks its cos of us pugs...yes US...that she wants to just Quit. Although, I am not sure just what she would be quitting cos we and you know she would never quit on US. 

I finks she needs her friends, YOU,  help with stuff going on at our house, and I am part of that stuff.  So is Maggie and Angus.  See, Mom is tired when hers gets home from work, and worried about stuff that we can't really helps her wif ( you know stuff like work, family and just crap in general) and then WE cause even more worry in her life by doing this................

FIGHTING.   We fight over nothing, fuzz on the floor, three pieces of rice and air.  It is usually Maggie and Me that starts it and sometimes gussie jumps in and sometimes he is smart and just watches.  Mom rushes over breaks it up and is upset UPSET with all of us.  We calm down but her heart is still racing.  Sometimes we do it three or four times a night ...sometimes only a few times a week.

Mom talked to the trainer, and she came to visit this weekend.  She says one of the problems is because I am blind AND food aggressive (I do eat out on the porch away from everyone but sometimes I find a crumb on the floor) I am always on high alert and I think I am the alpha dog at our house.  Maggie also thinks she NEEDS to be the alpha because of my blindness and she doesn't feel secure with me being her alpha cos of my blindness.  So Maggie tends to always be more anxious. Plus we all have residue from living in the icky places we were all borned at. Gussie just goes along with whatever is going on.  The trainer was relieved that there has NEVER been any blood just tussling but she said two females who fight are never safe together.  She suggested that she may have to find another home for one of the girls, well folks no lie I fainted dead away and Mags ran and hid under the coffee table. 

Mom is very upset....Mom has to figure out how to become the only alpha in our house.  Heck our Mom can't even run the stove or sew....she is worried ......she doesn't know what to do...she just wants to hide her head under her pillow and QUIT.  Moms heart is beat up!

We need your support and help friends cos Mom says we are all her kids and we three are gonna stay her kids.

Stella Rose 


  1. This is a very tough situation. Wish I had some good advice to share. Lots of love and prayers.

  2. Of course you three will stay together! Goodness. How skeery. We do have some boxer ladies who don't get along with each other, and they have to be kept separated. One will be in one room with Mom, the other in another room with Dad, and they alternate. It's not the best solution, but it can be a way to let all the bad stuff die down a little.

  3. nope, nope, nope! you tell your momma that she can't quit! you three are all relying on her! my mum is disappointed that the doggie trainer would just jump to that conclusion that Maggie or Stellie has to go, without even trying anything or giving your mum some tools to help her first! my mum says that she found caesar milan books helpful in becoming the pack leader. when i was a baby she was also told to feed me by hand so that I would learn that she is the source of my food and respect her. tell your momma not to give up! maybe she could consult with another trainer, someone with experience in dog aggression...those are just me and mum's thoughts...

    edgar and his mum

  4. I wish I had a helpful idea for your mom. but sadly here we have that alpha-war too. I sometimes make her sad when I mark the bathroom or when I refuse to share my bed with her or dad. Please give your mom a hug and I would be sad when she would quit, I hope she will get a lot of helpful comments what give her some power to stay.

  5. Hi Stella... you know what? That is one person's opinion. Maybe your mama should talk to another trainer... or as Edgar and his mom suggested, the Cesar Milan books.

    Sending hugs and prayers from NJ. xoxo

    Your friend, Patty

  6. Oh dear poor mum. That is not nice when gals fight. We send mum hugs and hope she will feel happier soon. We have never had that problem so we are probably of no help. I am sure some one will be able to. Our paws are crossed. Love to mum and play nicely gals.
    Best wishes Molly.

  7. Tell mom never give up. Me and fatty Edward are separated by a see through fate when moms not home but yet we lay down together. Nutty
    Lily & Edward

  8. Oh dear me I wish I could help but we don't know too much about alpha dogs. We will send you a ton of purrs though
    Hugs madi and mom your bfffs

  9. WE think your mom SHOULD give up... ON THAT TRAINER LADY..
    We don't LIKE that crazy ladies words... NOT ONE BIT...
    We don't think that this is such a bad thingy at all... Ernie and I have a Fight every NIGHT... we just do... THAT is how WE like it... we don't HURT each other... we just Growl and Chase and stuffs.. We think it is OUR kinda FUN... and how we Relieve the Stresses (all 87 of them) of the day.. And THAT is what you girrrrls are doing. Stress relieving.. It is Cathartic we say...
    YES... tell your mom to give up on the crazy lady... and let the GOOD TIMES ROLL with the THREE (3) of You. ALL three (3) of you fur EVER until the Bridge calls... and we hope that is like 87 years from now.
    Tell your mom to tell the Crazy Lady... "WE are a THREE PACK" and "WE are not gonna be split up". Nuff said.

  10. Alpha dog never in this home. Lee taught all of her Scots the only alpha was her. None of us ever enter this house first. Lee always comes in the door first. Lee always eats first then I get my food.
    Yep you just want to quit the crazy world sometimes. Hope your Mom feels better soon.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  11. Well, gosh I don't know much about alpha dogs or training ...only that I guess I need some, I guess. Please tell your mom that we are all sending lots of love and support across the miles. Just hang on and it will be Ok!

    Ruby and Angel Pip

  12. I will cross paws for all of you!! I just know it will be ok, but I am sending a batch of magic bubbles just to be safe. Go out and watch for them and tell everyone so you all get some.

    Loveys Sasha

  13. two alphas isn't going to someone is going to have to give up that position.

  14. No quitting please! We all love you too mcuh, we love hearing about your adventures. Blogville loves you! We has no advice to give but stay storng and true.

    Dina Mom

  15. Oh dear. We're having a few alpha problems in our house between Roxy and me, Bella. We get into snarly fights, too. But SHE yells at us and then ignores us (we hate that). We never thought one of might have to GO! That's scary. Sounds like your mum needs LOTS of pug cuddles at the moment.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  16. Never had the problem here either but, the other day, I had to pin Stella down by the neck cos the kids were around and she starts to get too bossy then... besides everyone knows I am the boss, well, everyone except the cat... could send the cat over to you to help out.... If not will send his healing paw to Mom cos i think Mom needs it most,,, behave guys.... mom luv's you... Luv's Cat Flap Cavalier X

  17. OK, here's the poop, we all go through that stuffs, Dad is always saying I just wanna quit and take a rocket to Mars, and Mom, well she just says "well crap, thats a mess". They get around us and the world become alright, tell Mom to slow down and enjoy the bunch of KRAZY puppers more! Times short!

    The Mad Scots & Mad Scot Peeps

  18. Dear Stella, I have had two females that would get into a fight when they were barking and running the fence line, but they loved each other. The would occasionally draw a small bit of blood but I would never get rid of two females who only argue and tussle but don't bite hard. Feeding you separately is a good idea. Your mom needs to show you all that she is boss and not any of you. Of course, that is easy to say-Hunter owns me. BOL.
    Hang in there, you guys be really good o.k. Love up on your mom, sounds like she is stressed.
    Hugs to her.
    Noreen & Hunter

  19. Our heart is breaking for you (enough for lady to one hand type this comment). We wish we knew what to do to help cause we want everyone to be safe and happy. Lady doesn't believe that nothing can be done. She says find another trainer. Big hugs!

  20. Wish we had some magical wand to wave and make this all go away. We would suggest another opinion from a trainer too. It may take a lot of hard work, but your Mom can do it - we just know it. All paws crossed for all of you.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  21. Wow, I hate to hear your Mom is having a rough time! Sometimes life just piles up on us. Blogville is the bestest cure for that! Yes, we will all help each other to vent and to laugh and to give support and to love each other. I say forget splitting up your pack. If there's no blood, it is all okay. Sometimes we just gotta mix it up a little and if no one gets hurt, it's okay. Hang in there everyone and please stick with Blogville. Lots of love and hugs to all of you.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  22. We agree that a second opinion might be good. We have confidence you will be able to bring harmony to your house.

  23. I think its like a storm blowing through, and things just get messed up.
    And like my friend KB says,, we all have good days and bad days,,
    and I think right now its a storm,,,, and I wish I knew how to make the storm pass

  24. Oh, this is a tough one, very hard on the mind and the heart. The number one thing is that you are all three safe so maybe extra precautions might help with that? We're not sure since you all came from a horrible place that must continue to give you nightmares. We have no idea what the answer is but we think that the more exercise you three get the better things might be. We better cross our paws for you to find some answers on this one.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  25. Dont'z even mention quitting, things do get on top of us at times, we haven't been blogging much. You do need some professional help with the training. Mom has got to get someone to help her with me.. I have decided I don't lie strangers, so I run at them and bark, Mom gets all worried in case I bite someone. She just hates taking me out now. Just remember, everything can be sorted. Always here for you xxxxxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

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