Monday, March 17, 2014


Kick back in your recliner cos this could be a long winded story...first fings first....


Yes, Stellie's is blurry and Maggie was not in the mood, cos hers tried to eat the boa right off hers neck.  SO ...being the good natured little pug that I am........... I am once again the spokesperson for this grumble.  Did you know a group of pugs are called a grumble??

I NOSES you seen both of them before but I wanted to tells you that YES my Mom put those pictures on facebook and YES, the newscaster from KTVO seen it and hers sent me TWO emails telling me hows cute I am and what a star I am and how much hers loved me.  Now at first I had stars in my eyes, but then I had to break her heart and tells her that I already had a girlfriend named Liberty so all we could be was JUST friends.  See her picture??

Hers name is Ela Sourka.....Hers is pretty isn't hers.

Speaking of girlfriends, this came in the mail for us on Saturday.  I tells you what i is so impressed with Liberty's and Peyton's momma. Hers is always...always ...on the ball about sending us presents.  I finks hers needs to have a talk wif our momma about some things to calm the revolt down here at our house.

GREENIES!!!!  Fanks Ms. Ellen from us three pugs here in Iowa.  Mom said hers would give them to us tonight when hers gets home from the sweathouse for us to have on this special day.

THEN yesterday we had big plans to go to the Lake and just spend the day in nature and the sun beaming down on our faces instead we got this....
4 inches of snow and ice.  No trip to the lake for us.  Everyone was grouchy at ours house.  Because of the bad weather Maggie and I is forced to stay home also instead of completing ours trip to see PUddles.  Hers is waiting on us, but Isa gotta send hers an email today and explain the circumstances of our travel plans.  I admit I may need to be anonymous cos Isa don't want the feds to be a looking for me, so once I get to Puddles house I will go by the name of SALLY and wear that green wig for awhile. Yes, guys I nose it is a girls name but its my only chance not to get noticed.  I is now just waiting on Puddles mom to say we can come and live wif her for awhile.  THAT may be a problemo tho cos PUddles girl has lots of homework and I hears they are tearing down the walls literally so we may haf to wait till summer...IF we ever have a summer.

Angus McConnell Long  a/k/a SALLY


  1. I keeps on sayin dat Spring be just around da corner! :)

    You look so good in green. HAP-PEE SHAMROCK DAY TO YA'LL!

  2. Happy St. Patty's Day from our home to yours. Love how cute you all are.
    Stay warm; spring isn't here yet!
    Noreen & Hunter

  3. Oh no not more bad weather over there. We think you must have cabin fever by now. We will send you some of our sun.
    Have a marvellous Monday and Happy St Patrick's Day and may luck be with you.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Wishing you the luck of the Irish today. You all look smashing!

  5. oh I love those greens :) Happy Paddy's Day and youz all look'z terrfic. Hope the weather gets better for you xxxxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. You're going to move to Puddles' house and wear a green wig? This should be interesting!

    Happy St. Pat's Day.

  7. We must find something that aggravates the peeps as much as flashy beasts and clothing aggravates us
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. You all look so cute in your green finery! don't know if spring will ever show up. Today we have high winds, when Mom was driving to work stuff was blowing all over and coming right at her. She was waiting to see the Wicked Witch go by on her bicycle.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  9. Hey there SALLY/AKA... Angus Mac... WE think that you all look super duper sportin' your KELLY GREENS... and speaking of GREENS...OMD Liberty sent you GREENies fur St. Paddy's Day. THAT is SUPERB we say. PERFECT gift fur the Chewin '0 the Green.

  10. You all look adorable ... But we have to admit that Gussie looks better than the girls in the feather boa and orange braids! BOL

    We knew we had to send you a green treat and Greenies are our favorite green treat! We hope you like them as much as we do!

    Love, Peyton& Liberty
    (Zoe, Whitney & Webster, too)

  11. Oh dear why won't that bad weather just go away
    Retro rover

  12. Oh Gussie winter is hanging on for ever. Maybe it is those mischief causing Leprechaun that is messing with the weather. I think you could have two girl friends. Why as cute and sweet as you are I bet you have enough love to spread around to a whole dozen girl friends.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day
    Sweet William The Scot

  13. Pawsome and Adorable. Hoping to Spring to come soon ... winter winter go away. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Golden Woofs

  14. Cannot BELIEVE the SNOW!! It's NOT FAIR that you can't go to the lake.

    SHE think you're wonderful Gus to be the model for the family. Daisy was our model, but she's gone and we're not very cooperative.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  15. Wow, gotta love getting lots of pressies! Greenies are very tasty. Oh, boy I'm sick of snow and ice and I'm sorry you got more of it. Drat.
    Happy St. Pat's Day!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, O'Furiend

  16. You all look super cute in your outfits. We're glad our mom didn't dress us up in anything.

  17. Now we're just wondering how this is going to affect your standing as a member of the Blogville Police Department? Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Your O'Doodle Pals,

    McMurphy & McStanley

  18. Happy St. Patty's Day.
    Stella Rose….. I did not see your card. I must have missed it.

  19. We missed the snow and ice, well, we did get a tiny bit of snow. But it was gone in no time at all.

    If you go to live at Puddles' house, please tell her hello from us, we miss her.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day from all of us.

    Woos - O'Phantom, O'Ciara, and O'Lightning

  20. Happy St. Patrick's Day and I hope Spring finds it's way to y'all soon.

    Aroo to you,

  21. Happy St Pattys Day my friends!
    When even we come here- we know were going to get a good laugh- and we sure do- every time!
    We love your adorable photos,,, their just too cute-- all dressed in green!