Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Mom is back to work.............blah..............Dad is back on the highway in the rain, flagging, watch out for him, he is guy who is saying HBO words under is breath..........we figure he will be home early to day since it is raining and then tomorrow off to another road adventure.  He comes and goes a lot at our house, .........its weird.

The cats did not come over all weekend. Their Dad came home.  We figure by mid-week they will be back, but we hope not.  We just want to be fed and watered and safe.

We had a busy weekend, just like everyone else.  Mom and Dad went to Grandma's for her birthday...Mom left her camera at work so we have no proof of our weekend.  Mom made Grandma a Deco Mesh October wreath, it turned out pretty.  It was mom's first try at one of those.

Yesterday I got lost in the family room.  I was snooping around looking for my rabbit and found myself in a corner of room and could not figure out how to find my way back to Mom.  I stood looking at the door, until Mom realized I could not see how to get out of the corner, and then she saved me and put me on her lap.  Then I ran into the recliner a few times...........Mom have you been moving stuff around again???   We are still waiting on my new medicine to arrive.  The new lub they are using for my eyes, just makes more green stuff appear.  Mom said she feels like we are in a boat with no paddle.  She is sad.

Mom went on a rant yesterday about poor breeders and them not caring about genetics and what it does to a dog and on and on and on...........she is mad.   Sometimes mad is really sad, ...............

Me when I was one year old.

Stella Rose


  1. We are sending lots of hugs to you and your Mama Stellarose cause we know too that sometimes mad is sad...and sad needs lots of hugs!!
    BIG HUGS!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  2. Stella Rose I hope you will find a paddle for your boat... or an engine to come faster to good things. I hope your new medecine comes soon and it will work for you... and we are with your mom for that kind of breeders... they have no clue what evil things they do to the dogs and to the people who love this dogs and have to go through so much sad things, just because of greedy breeders who only see the moneeh and not the dog... or cat. my mom would like to kick that folks in their butts in an endless loop... butt then she has to stay with your sheriff Dave... and that people aren't worth it, right? they only deserve our sovereign contempt.

  3. Yes we are on the same rant as your mom! Mom contacted the lady she got me from and told her about my problems and that it was most likely hereditary. She asked to please not have more puppies. The lady was very nice and said she would get advice from her vet and would probably not breed her pug again
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Omgosh you were SO cute at one!
    And my mommy feels the same way. I kinda wonder if maybe BabyBelle came from the same area you did, Stella. You see, she was born at a puppy mill up in Iowa. The mean lady who got here brought her around the area my mommy and daddy live. BabyBelle had her fair share of problems as a puppy (kennel cough, fleas, etc). She's doing well now, but she still has a few medical issues mommy takes care of. No matter what, you girls sure turned out cute!!

  5. Oh my, we're keeping our paws crossed that your eyes get better soon. It must be skeery not being able to see, but at least you have your momma to help you.

  6. big hugs to your momma - we hope that your eyes feel better soon!

    Edgar and his mum

  7. We are sad for you too, no little pug should have to go through all that.

  8. Stella Rose...bless your sweet little heart. We know what you mean about genetics. My sis had two Cornish Rexes (before Frisco, who is an SPCA special). Even though the breeders said gum disease and IBD was said not to be particular to Rexes we for sure think it might have had something to do with breeding. Both Rexes came down with IBD at 4 years old. Sending kitty kisses to your sweet Pug eyes
    Madi your bfff

  9. Oh Stella Rose what are we going to do with the humans
    Lily & Edward

  10. BIg luffs and hugs to you sweet Stellie Rose, those breeder peeps haf a lot to answer fur!!!!
    MM, you are a darling butts shoving Stellie in to a corner, then leaving hers and sniggering really isn't funny sweetie, it upsets Momma and we don't like that...finks treats!!!!! You nose what I mean!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  11. Stella, you are such a brave little girl! I'm praying the new meds work for your poor little eyes. My puggie nephew Bruno is blind, and while he gets around pretty good, he sometimes gets lost in the bathroom... his mama knows if he is not in his spot in the livingroom or settled on the sofa, she better check the bathroom!

    Sending hugs from NJ, Patty

  12. Hi Stella, Maggie, Angus.
    It is HOT here is CA but no rain. Dry dry dry - our grass is so crunchy it hurts to walk on it. And it is supposed to be TRIPLE DIGITS all week long! OMP!
    Sorry about your eyes, too. I know several pugs with similar problems. Some are as young as you and I, too. Hopefully the new drops help. It would be very disturbing to get lost in your own house.
    Love Noodles

  13. Oh Stellarose, we are so sorry you got lost. We hope your new meds get there soon. Mom is good to take such good care of her sweetie.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  14. Scary when you get lost, but at least your mum found you and could make you feel better. Hope you found your rabbit, too.

  15. it is sad that there are people care more about making money rather than making healthy puppies and it is hard for our peeps who take care of us cause they love us no matter what

  16. Not that we want you to think in anyway that we support evil breeders, but we admit we would be sad not to know you, even if you have to deal with bad eyes. We also wouldn't have our cousin Emma. Lady wouldn't have had her Gemi. It makes the whole thing extra hard because we all love a pup from those places but we don't want pups from those places. We are throwing you a paddle.

  17. She just really really loves you and wants the best for ya. Paws crossed good news is coming for you. By the way Judd is fine and getting on my ever lovin nerves.

    Aroo to you,

  18. We're glad you had a good weekend. It's been piping hot around here too. In the 90's!

    We hope your eyeballs get better real soon. We cocker spaniels sometimes have eye problems too. Miss Ginger had really bad problems. But so far, Joey and I have been spared. We'll be thinking about you!

  19. I'm so sorry to read this, but your mama and daddy will be taking GOOD care of you, the best! You can do it!

  20. I got an idea for your dad - for when it rains!! He needs a skubba diving outfit so he can stay dry when it rains!
    USUALLY its raining here all the time,,, we know.
    Gentetics,, oh we agree!!
    And we hope your eyes get the medicine soon

  21. We are sending kitteh purrs for your eyes, Miss Stella.
    The rainy weathers are just now getting to Oklahoma and it is miserable and stormy out.
    Maybe Wednesday will be better for efurrybody.

  22. You need to tell mom to stop moving stuff :-) Sending you Golden Healing Thoughts to your eyes. Golden Woofs

  23. Oh, you poor baby. I have started bumping into things too. Ma says she thinks I have a cataract on one eye. I am so sorry you got lost in the corner and been bumping into things. The moms get sad about these things because they love us so. I am sending you some big cuddles to share with her!

  24. Gussie getting lost is terrible when you cannot see your way out. Thankfully you will always have your Mommy to help you find your way. Lee's mother was always moving furniture and her father threaten to nail it to the floor he was so frustrated with her he filed for divorce. Now about the mesh wreath I bet that was really pretty.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot