Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Mom finally downloaded some pictures of what has been happening in our part of Iowa lately.........first about a month ago this happened.

That afternoon Mom was on the phone and in just a few minutes, a storm started blowing, the lights went out, and all Mom could see was gray dust and tree branches from her work window.....she thought she should probably step AWAY from the windows but she watched it all happen instead, it only lasted about 10 minutes but when it was over, the whole county had trees down, NO ONE was hurt, but people are still cleaning up.  Mom's son in laws both have tree businesses as second jobs, you can imagine how busy they are.  These pictures are of our yard.

Get that branch off our fence dad!

Branches all over the bird feeders..............

What a mess................

This tree is going to be cut down cos it broke it clear off, and the branches are in the wires above....it was mom's shade tree for her hostas so now she is going to have to move them............

This is the top of our pine tree, in the front yard, it is laying out in the street, blocking traffic......geeze................

This is a picture of a split branch..........what a mess!!


So Mom has been painting A LOT with Dad gone so much .............poor Dad working on the highway today and it is 90 outside.............

See the new gray walls in the kitchen, and Mom painted this old metal cabinet also...........and she got that old floor painted also, although it still needs a couple more coats.

Thankfully one of her grandsons came over to help cos the walls are tall, it is a very OLD house...

She had to repaint the cupboard twice cos she couldn't get the right yellow....Princess Leah do you see your apron hanging on the wall..........

Here is our family room where we hang out all the time, Mom hates the floor cos she always waxes it, and then the next day we have scratched it up and she has to start all overs, its the room where all the grandkids watch tv, and play their games, and play wif us.....

See my eye on the left.  Everyday Mom and I do battle with the icky goop in it.  Today Mom called the dr. again, and my Frakenvet is calling up to the big dr.'s at a teaching hospital in the eye dept. cos she does not know what to do anymore.  Mom feels so bad for me, cos it hurts me and itches me, Mom cleans it several times a day, but it always comes back, she also uses antibiotics etc. etc...but nuffin is winning against it.                           

Gussie is tired, he does not care about my eye................he misses our dad.

Maggie chewing on MY windee..................

It is hot all week so we are staying in the air conditioning, hoping that everyone else keeps their animals cool...............of course the kids are starting school also..............we want FALL to come back.

Stella Rose
ps please keep our friend little mabel in your thoughts and prayers today...........




  2. that's scary what a storm can do within 10 minutes, isn't it? the trees need years to grow and they are damaged in minutes... so sad :o( your mom did a pawsome job, I love the new color of your kitchen BRAVO!!!
    I hope you get good news when your vet called the teaching hospital, maybe the big dogtors have an idea what helps your eye... hugs to you and POTP to you and to Mabel...

  3. Wow that was sum storm you had....Dad would be haffing kittens over his bonsai if we had one that bad here
    Sorry you've got a sore eye...I will haf a word wiv Maggie and ask hers to stop poking you in the eye, she's a darling and I luffs her to pieces butts she can be a little naughty sumtimes.
    Luffing all the hard work in the kitchen Mom, it's looking really good you must be pleased
    Big hugs to Gussie, sorry yous missing Dad fella butts its what the peeps haf to dos sumtimes!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. What a mess! But thankfully no trees hit your house!

    Hope they can do something for your eye! That looks painful.

  5. OMD That was a scary storm, glad you are all Ok. your mom has been doing a great job with the painting - your home looks very inviting and comfortable, we know why the grandkids like to be there
    We sure hope the dogtor can help with your eye Stella, thanks for the prayers and we send some right back at ya!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. You two are soooo cute. Omgosh do you remind me of my Maddie and BabyBelle.

  7. You got to be very careful those nutty branches don't fall on your heads.
    Lily & Edward

  8. we have been getting lots of storms like that every afternoon - we are so ready for the crazy weather to settle down

  9. Stella Rose
    My word did your have a tornado or was it one of those straight line wind thingies? Jumpin catfish.
    Your mom is a good painter...does she do work in N.C.?

    We are so sorry about your eye. It is very angry looking. Sending kitty kisses and mom hugs and purrs for the doc to figure things out.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  10. OH, bad storm, too bad about the tree, but at least you were all OK. Your Mom is doing a great job with the painting. Mom says grey is the new "in" color for sure. About those floors, Mom says she is happy her eyesight isn't so great any more because she doesn't see all those scratches we make:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. What a lot of todo-ing!!!! Glad you survived the wind.
    Stella your eye looks painful. I hope there is some home for healing it soon.
    Love Noodles

  12. Hi, That's a lot of damage caused by the winds-makes me think it was a tornado. Glad no one was hurt. I'll be saying a prayer for your eye-that is not fun!
    Sending love your way.
    Noreen, Hunter and Lily

  13. We're keeping our paws crossed that your eye gets better soon, Stella Rose! Sounds like it's been a tough time for all of you.

  14. I hate storms and so does mom We would have been in the storm shelter hiding out. The walls look great.

    Aroo to you,

  15. We had a tornado and it didn't do that much damage. Actually, we didn't even notice we had a tornado...bwahaahaa! Glad you're snoopervising the painting. Peeps can make such a mess! Paws crossed for the eye!

  16. Wow, your mom has been very busy! We like those gray walls too! Did that bad wind move your house by any chance? Did you check to see if the wicked witch was under it? Mabel has troubles? We better check that out!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. I'm so glad no one was hurt, that's the main thing. Trees can be hauled away and new ones planted, lives....not so much! God bless you all!

    Love, Gampy

  18. What a scary storm! We're glad no one was hurt.

    When we saw your poor red eye, we thought about our Miss Ginger and all her eye problems. Hopefully your vet will figure out what to do and will have you feeling better real soon!

    Oh, and ghostwriter says good job on the painting! It looks great!

  19. Oh gurl! Lookie at your yardie!!! Looks like the aftermath of a Blogville Margarita Pawty!!! BOL Having big trees and lots of winds are scary. Looks like everyone is okay though. Oh, I loves your new paint! Very cool...unlike your poor Pops out there on the highway to hell! Gives him some coolin' thoughts for me!
    I hopes your dogtor can figure out how to fix your eye...you and poor Mabel and your peepers. I gots my paws crossed for both of you!!
    Ruby ♥

  20. Dat are some crazy winds! Sorry your eye are botherin ya.

  21. Wow, what a wind storm. That was really destructive but probably good for your son-in-laws' businesses.

    The house looks fabulous. I grew up in a very old house, and I love it. I love how yours looks too!

  22. Wow, that's a bummer about the mess with the tree. But your painting job looks great! Love the grey and the pale yellow. Very pretty. Aren't you ambitious to paint in hot weather!?! Hope Gussie's eye feels better soon!

  23. You've had a lot going on. Sorry about the branch and I'm very sorry about that eye -- I hope the Frakenvet finds a way to make it all better. You all take care, and know that in my little corner of Virginia, I'm thinking of you!

  24. Wowsers...things have been crazy at your place Stellarose!! The yard may look messy...but your Mama did a great job with the painting!

    We are sending POTP that your eye gets better and that Mabel's skin and eye gets better too!!
    Smiley Hugs!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  25. First, I'm so glad the trees did not hit the house. Second, I LOVE the gray and yellow, and the white pitchers again the wall look great. I'm worried about Stella's eye, you know I've been through this. Hope they are calling Iowa State!

  26. Cleaning up downed trees and branches is hard work!
    We love the grey and yellow. Your mom is doing a super job!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  27. That storm sure did a lot of damage. Your mom sure has been busy with the redecorating. We hope one of the doctors can figure out something to make your eye feel better.

  28. Wow that wind did make a mess didnt it?
    Do you have a VCA vet? They have Opthmoligist eye doctors.
    I hope your eyes gets better soon.
    Your mom did a good job on all the painting.