Thursday, February 18, 2016


REMEMBER our little blue streak......streak as in clown car (dad says, but he forgets what takes him to ALL those doc appt.)  anyways it was chugging along instead of driving along and had to go to the dealership BEFORE its warranty ran out.  WHEW it just made it...........well it turns out it had a broken air duct something or another, and would have to spend 5 days awaiting the part............

That's when it was first born.

Mom was expecting this when they said they would leave her a loaner car
but instead she got this:
Yep a BRAND new JEEP Cherokee........well it had 2,000 miles on it so MoM felt it was her duty to add another thousand or so on it AND we were having a big snow like 3-6 inches or was a sweet ride.  Dad wanted to keep it but it costed as much as a new house does and Mom said we can't even afford a new camping tent, so it went back on Monday night, and little blue came back to us.  Hopefully for many more miles.

On the home front....this is still here.

Doesn't she look a little more meaner to you?

PS  Dads back doc gave him permission to go back to work....WTH....he has as a five lb. limit, and of course one arm that is useless so when he called his work place which is a foundry, they were shocked and basically said they had no work he could do so they were going to call Workman's comp. to see what is going on..........since Dad has his arm surgery in a few weeks, we wonder if they will just wait until he is healed from that.......who knows............Dad goes back one more time to see the back doc in the middle of May that day they will tell him what his loss # is when it comes to his back, ............................thank you for all your good wishes yesterday.

Stellie Rose and Momma
Stella Rose


  1. doctors are just so stupid sometimes - what ever happened to common sense? We hope your little blue bug keeps driving along but we agree - the jeep was a pretty nice ride.

  2. That loaner car looks super fun! Is your Dad's doctor doing drugs??? That's just insane to send him back right before surgery. Sending prayers for worker's comp to kick in. *ear licks*

  3. Hehe, when Mum's car went to be mended they gave her a car that she said wuz like trying to steer the Starship Enterprise it had sooo many buttons dials and screens - she made Dad her chauffeur!
    What is it wiv the doctors your Dad sees, are the mad??? Do they not see he haf a poorly arm?? Grrrr...I is growling at their stupidity and sending lots of POTP to you Dad
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. That is a sweet looking ride! YAY! When I read that about your dad, I actually said WTF. How can he work? It isn't a desk job that broke him like that. Sigh, the world is ridiculous sometimes!

  5. Our mom would probably choose the blue streak over the Jeep anyway!
    All the best to your dad. We hope everything gets straightened out and his healing continues to go well.

  6. Ohhh sick cars are the worst but thank goodness you got in under the warranty.
    Your mom will love that Jeep My peeps had Jeep once and it was fire engine RED
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. That was good timing! It must have been nice having the Jeep to ride in during the snow.

  8. OMD...we really wonder about doctors sometimes..

    At least your Mama got a cool loaner car to drive around for a few days while your blue streak was at the car doctor!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. You are lucky with that loaner car. When our mom needed a loaner she got a piece of junk and couldn't wait to bring it back.

    We hope your dad's doctors can get their crap together. Don't they take into account what kind of work he does before saying he can go back?

  10. It is always fun to put miles on the loaner car especially a nice one like that! and WHAT??? the Doctor must be crazy! Hope that all gets straightened out.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. Maybe he can go back to work and answer phones. What are they thinking? That ol' Weenie looks a lot bigger! Glad your mom got to enjoy the loaner ride!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. I hope you're getting lots of fun rides in the loaner car!

  13. Glad your car is feeling better. I hope you left a lot of pug fur in the rental. BOL!


  14. Wow - the doctor is certainly not thinking straight! The Jeep must still have the new car smell. How fun!

  15. Ohhh is that a new kitty cute. Your poor dad

  16. OMD OMD you gotted a JEEP... fur a loaner... WE love our Jessie... she is a Grand Cherokee... and we think GRAND is the right word fur her...

    OMD OMD that guy must be a BUTT doctor... beclaws he sure was talkin OUTTA HIS... WHAT was he THINKIN?

  17. Mom used to have Jeep Cherokees too and she liked them a lot. But we think Blue Streak is pretty nice looking too. We hope Dad's work can figure out something with that Workman's Comp thing - he SO should not be back to work.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  18. That was an extra special loaner! Did you send it back with Dog hair in it?

  19. First of all, Mom knows all about those nice cars and how nice it would be to have one, her sis-in-law has one and she says they are nice. We will stick with OUR little blue car too :) Mom has a lot to say about your Dad's back doctor and we are sure there were some insulting words about his intelligence MOL! Now that beautiful panfur girl that has moved into your house....she HAS gotten more beautiful for sure *sigh*

  20. I bet little blue gets better gas mileage than the jeep, even if it is nice. Kitty is mean if she wrecked that screen behind her! She still doesn't look as mean as Dietzman. :)

  21. Loaner cars could be fun sometimes. I like that picture of your version of the loaner car
    Lily & Edward

  22. Your loaner car is cute Mom had a Jeep Cherokee but when gas when up to about 4$ she traded it in for a little VW Jetta (and the used bat truck for the bad roads and winters). We hope your Dad is back healed and working at something he loves soon.

    Abby Lab

  23. OMD, that car is FABulous!!!! You knows, our real estate is SO expensive here, that might buy an outhouse! Ma could never afford today's prices here!! Anyhu, I thinks your Pops dogtor went and lost his ever friggin' MIND!!! Go back to work??! I thinks he drank too many margaritas at lunch....
    Sendin' lots and lots of POTP to your Pops and lots of {{{hugs}}} to your Moms and nice snugglies with the bear-blankie! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  24. I was thinking,,, they would find something for your dad to do,, that does not take a lot of effort... something..
    and getting back out into the world would help him feel better,,, and not be bored,, and give him stuff to think about,,, then they can work around the surgery.. well its a suggestion anyways...,
    Oh that blue streak is snazzy looking

  25. I love Weinie and I am so glad the car is back and running right!

  26. Our Jason human has a little car that looks almost like that, except it's bright green! He hasn't had any trouble with it so far.