Thursday, February 25, 2016


WE were lucky enough to get to choose TWO (Wienie got the other package) of Mr. Chewy's items this month and since it is still dental month MOM got us these.

Mom picked Green Apple because I, Stella Rose go coo-coo for apples, and most kinds of fruits.  Mom also likes the idea that they are grain free, AND great for our teefs.

WELL, DAd has been working wif us on not fighting when the treat bag comes out and the first time they gave them to us it turned out GREAT.  I ran to the recliner wif mine, Gussie ran to the couch and laid on his, and Mags ran to the crate wif her.   Ahhhhh peace in our household.   We chomped and chewed and chomped and chewed and eventually we had them eaten.  Mom was so happy.

Gus is reading all the good

  • Potato and pea-based formula which is highly digestible
  • Alfalfa, parsley, rosemary, and fennel naturally freshen breath by supporting digestion
  • Helps polish teeth, freshen breath, and maintain healthy gums
  • Nutrient-rich apples are a powerful source of antioxidants
  • Available in four sizes to accommodate all dogs 10 lbs or larger
  • This product is not suitable for dogs less than 10 pounds or less than 6 months of age
  • Made in the USA!

  • He decided they are A-OK for us.

    BUTT then a dark cloud came over our house, cos the next time DAD gave them to us, he decided to break them into so it would be easier for us to eat them, well we sorta didn't like that, and we got confused and thought each other must have our treat and we got all growly with one another.  So Mom said to give them a whole bone, and the FIGHT broke out!!!

    So now we are boneless for awhile until our house hold settles down.  Maybe its the weather, or anxiety awaiting Dads surgery or just us being little devils.  Anyway we are on time out from these great dental treats for a little longer and then Mom will try it again.

    Only in our house.................

    We were paid no monies for these great bones.

    Stella rose


    1. We can understand why you would fight to tell you peeps to stop breaking up the treats. That is not acceptable. They sound good. Phod wouldn't like them cause he doesn't like fruit.

    2. I will look for my peace pipe... maybe that smoke can chase that dark cloud away and you haven't to be boneless furever....

    3. Well Stella - we have to be separated when we all get a chew like this cause Hazel & Bailey get protective. When we taste tested our Z-Bones I was in the living room, Hazel was in the bedroom and Bailey was in the kitchen (he likes to take his outside when the weather is nice). So don't feel like you guys are the only naughty ones BOL!
      Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    4. Oh nose, on 'Time out fur TREATS!!!!' that's soooo sad my sweetest BFF….I bet it wuz that Stellie wot started the fighting!
      Loves and licky kisses
      Princess Leah xxx

    5. Bravo! Great strategy to get whole bones! Well done. Breaking treats into smaller bits should be against the law.

    6. You three are so flippin cute! So sorry the treats caused a ruckus in your house. I had to cut Hunter's treats in half because they are for bigger dogs and I didn't want him to get sick on them or end up at the vets. Great review.
      Paws and enjoy each other, then mom might give you a treat.
      Noreen and Hunter

    7. Great review...better keep an eye on THE CAT... if she is like me she will EAT anything that doesn't eat her first, or at least get kitty slobber all over it so no one else can eat it
      Hugs madi your bfff
      PS tell her you have a kitty furiend who is telling you all the feline secrets!

    8. Oh, no! No fighting, little friends!!! Maybe you could have the treats in your crates!

    9. They tried to cheat you outta a whole one??? We kits woulda been mad too!

    10. It was all totally Dad's fault. HE should be boneless, not you!

    11. They were worth fighting over huh? Good review but don't fight!

      Keep Calm & Bark On!

      Murphy & Stanley

    12. Maybe you could tell Dad he was right the first time & to give out whole treats again. :) Good luck!

      We have to keep an eye on our Maggie since she tends to steal treats from Duke; he's so nice that he lets her!

    13. Those look SO tasty! Thanks for passing on a review.

      Abby Lab

    14. Those look extra yummy! (We get a bit snarly too when chewy treats are involved.)

    15. i think the chewys must have been so good, that they were worth fighting over. i hope time out ends soon!

    16. We might have to check these out! We fight sometimes too... I think Mom always gives Bianca a bigger half.... She says she doesn't though. I don't know!

      Tucker and Bianca

    17. Our Mama says not to worry, this happens in our house every now and then (like weekly!).
      Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    18. Ooops I hope everything is all settled now. I didn't know they had green apple, that sounds yummy. No wonder you were fighting for them.

      Ziggy Out!!

    19. Whole is always better than half. We hope you get your yummy Z-Bones back soon!

    20. I'm reading ingredients and, you know, I'm ready to chew it myself :) It sounds so healthy and attractive.

    21. Oh, no, not a fight over treats. We hope you are allowed back into the land of treats soon.

    22. We sure hope you can get some more of those dental bones. Just remember that if you are nice to each other you will get more treats.

    23. Those sound great!!!! I hope your dad's surgery goes super smoothly!

    24. I may have to order them for Lilly and Jester!

    25. Ohhh yes,, i am sending good wishes for your dads surgery.

    26. Glad you all liked them, so sorry that you argued. We have faith that you will do good next time :)

    27. Oh no! We all run to different spots when we get a treat too. But Miss Scarlett eats hers as fast as she can, so she can run and steal some other pups' treat! So she has to get her treats in a different room.

    28. Oh the joys of living in a single dog household ~ everything is mine all mine! Be kind to each other.
      Thanks for being a friend
      Sweet William The Scot

    29. Those sound pawsome!! Hope all the fighting has subsided so you can have your yummy bones again ;)

      Matt & Matilda

    30. Those sound delicious! I HATE when Mom breaks bones in half. She says I'm too small to get the same amount as Molly and Macy. I call that NO FAIR! *ear licks* Noodle