Monday, July 31, 2017


MOM is learning how to take pic with her new phone.  See the tiny prison we were in well its because I Margaret Mae smartest pug in Iowa figured out how to get my perfectly round little body through a small square shape in the fence and I ran the cornfields of IOWA.   Isn't that some kind of brilliance tests humans take.

Can you see the fence...and the big cornfields.....what a run I had. But Dad was rather pissed and went and bought chicken fencing to put at the bottom of the nice farmer fence, so now you know what an excellent escape artist that I am, it takes Two fences to keep this pug in.  I believe I will start giving classes to those humans that live behind the great wires, I plan on charging for my expertise of course.

Mom worked Sat. so with Sunday being her only day off, she was able to get some things done but she still have 150,0000 more to do.  We try to snoopverise and help her but she does not appreciate us being under her feet.

If EDDIE is not sleeping like this then he is raising the Daytona 100 all over all house. He is a super smart little guy, I think he must posses some of my pug genes.  Yesterday Mom found him n the garden tub with a large assortment of her necklaces .....I told Mom he was planning her wardrobe for the rest of the week.

Stellie and gussie say hi.  We are saying goodbye to the carpet next weekend and getting wood flooring.  Mom is excited, Dad is worried we will be piss heads when the men come to work.  Dad worries wayyyyyyyyyy to much about us.  Mom says if I don't quit cussing so much, she is shutting my blog down. Damn woman!

Here is the front of the house this has shitty camera skills.

Here is a little bit of our Alcatraz in the back.  We like it. Gussie especially loves it cos he likes to bark at the bigger than hell X-rated goats running around over there with the big horns.  Did you know goats have beards and they like to pee on each others beards and the goat with the most pee in his beard is the King of all goats?   I am thinking about growing a beard and becoming the queen of all pugs around here.   Just a thought.



  1. Maggie we are glad you returned home safe and sound after your romp in the corn fields. Our mom would love to have that purple carpet. Are you sure you have to get rid of it? BOL!

  2. Hari OM
    BOL... oh MM, you cuss just enough to be cute - but don't take that as a prompt, okay?!! Your place looks wonderfurs, with all that wide open fields around and the presence of horny goats... sorry you got yourself double-fenced though. Have you developed springs yet? Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Alcatraz!!! BOL. You do have a wonderful Hurd tower
    Lily & Edward

  4. Well, things are certainly exciting at your place! I've never been in a corn field, but my humans like to go to corn mazes around Halloween time. There are lots of those around WNY. The fence around my yard is a chain link one. I can't get through it. But somehow, bunnies find a way to sneak in sometimes, and then can't find their way out when I chase them. Haha!

  5. A couple things Mags . . . Furst of all we are so jelly that you got to run the cornfields of Iowa! Our mom did this as a kid (in Indiana) and said it was great fun. We can just imagine you shooting through the stalks of corn with your dad cussing behind you BOL! Speaking of cussing, mom says she thinks your mom should just accept it. You aren't a kid after all! Oh, speaking of kids . . . me and Stanley have some experience with goats and we have both been the recipients of a head butt. Yes, we got butted by a goat! We also have a 3 layer fence. The outside is a vinyl fence, then chicken wire cuz I, Murphy, could walk through the slats. But then Stanley pushed down the chicken wire so dad put up a 3rd layer (pig fence). So now that we are totally secured last time we escaped (in the spring) dad left the gate open. DUH! Have fun and do NOT let your mom take the blog away!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Oh my word Mags...did you make your very own corn maze?
    That would be such fun!! We love the look of your new home inside and out and we know you will behave when the men come to put down the new floor. Now that being said 'behave' means you are allowed to bark out snoopervisory orders to all men.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. Runnin in da cornfields sounds like fun!

  8. We are glad you are home safe and sound! You have beautiful views from your new home! Enjoy!

  9. Wow Maggie - you are a great escape artist! Gotta check out the new surroundings. It will be nice to have your backyard to hang out in, except for the weird goats Ha Ha
    Hazel & Mabel

  10. Wow - look at all that room to run! Bummer you got caught, Maggie Mae.

  11. Maggie I never had a doubt as to your acuity. I am shocked to learn you have moved but what a nice locale. I like the porches and the corn field. Super neat.
    Love Noodles

  12. Oh,Maggie Mae, no more running in the cornfields. YOu might get lost and not find your back home. We don't want that to happen. Your Mama would be very sad. Our Dad would love to have all wood floors too, but Mom says somePup races around too much and would get them all scratched up:(

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  13. Wow, Maggie, you have a lot of stuff going on! We're glad you're settling in to your new place. Maybe we can come visit and pee on all the goats!

  14. hay ewe dawgs....furst we dinna reed any cuzzin, thurd, hope ewe all iz doin sooper grate; 9 thiz bringed bak memoreez oh when a bulldawg lived in trout towne N knot even a screen door with a halvez metal bottom could keep him frum bustin out....N headin corn feeld !!! ♥♥♥♥☺☺☺☺☺

  15. Ya'all been busy little pugs fur sure.
    Running through a corn field must have been exciting.
    Did you stop long enough to get a few ears to bbq?
    I gotta tell ya you are going to love hardwood floors.
    You have to have short nails or you could go sliding on your fanny. Our new house has wood floors
    when i run sometimes mom says if I am not careful I could go right into her frig and put a dent in it, ha ha.
    Your pal Astro

  16. Sounds like you're making that place your own. AND we do not see anything wrong with running through the corn.

  17. I know it is fun to escape but please don't. You could get hurt out there and you scared your parents. You never know what is in a corn field.

  18. HEEEEEEEY!!!!! WHAT UP??! OMD, you guys gots a FABulous new house! I loves it!!!! AND you gots to run in the corn fields??! HOLY POPPYCORNS! I am soooooo jealous! I wish we had corn fields around here. Ma said there used to be cherry orchards just up the street, butts they are long gone now. sigh. Anyhu, I gots a beard!!!! Though, I don't thinks Ma would be too keen on me pissin' in it. Nevermind the yoga skills that would take.....
    Ruby ♥

  19. Oh MaggieMae...we are sooooo happy to hear you are having such a great time in your new house!
    Jakey & Bilbo

  20. wow I hope you will not meet that randal flagg in such a cornfield.... better run when you see a crow or a dark guy...
    the mama said your eddie furrarettie is the guy she would need when she goes shopping... he has a sense for the things efurry girl loves ;o)

  21. OMD my BFF you be careful out there in the field, you nefer nose what is lurking out there....maybe take Gussie as your body guard, nose, on second thoughts I finks maybe take Eddie.
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Did I mention just how much I LUFFS having you back blogging my Sweetest Twin

  22. Maggie Mae, how I have missed you and the gang. I love your new home and look forward to future post.

  23. Crikey Maggi Mae ..... is that fair dinkum about those goats. They pee in one another beards????????? Crikey and Mum thought my toilet habits were a bit suss. I pee on my own front leg sometimes but I sure wouldn't pee on someones beard. Your new home looks great. I bet you are all going to be real happy there.