Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sammer J. Simpson_Long

One week ago tonight Sammer my dumb brother who never follows the rules left us for the rainbow bridge.  Tonight Mom and I took a special light out to his grave so it doesn't get dark for him, turd and zeus.  Mostly Turd, cos Zeus and Sammer were way to brave to worry about the dark.  Lots of very kind friends have been worried about me and my family but we are doing better.  Mostly cos of all you guys.  Goose's Mom talked to us last night and she said something that just stuck in mom's brain about Sam's passion, and mom realized at that moment that he was doing what he liked even tho it wasn't very safe. That made us stop and think about just how he lived his life and how he lived everyday to the fullest.  Just like mean ole cat dietzman told me we wouldn't have ever wanted to change who he was, we had to take the good with the bad.  Sammer had lots of good traits that I have never really learned to do.  For instance, he was the best kisser to all the grandkids and he always bit their ears a little to show how much he cared, he was the best watch dog when it came to car lights on the bedroom wall and those annoying commericals on tv and he kept moms legs really warm cos he would stretch out on them when she sat down to read.  We wouldn't have wanted Sammer any different. 
So tonight there is a great big old full moon and I found out today that Tweedles always goes visits his friends at the bridge when there is a full moon. So I asked him to tell Sammer there will always be a little part of my heart that is mad at him for leaving us behind but that I do and always will love him.  Turd is probably sitting right beside Sammer telling him that she told him Not to Go in The Road..lol....Our family is pretty strong cos we have each other and probably down the road we'll bring home another furkid that needs a forever home and I will love him just as much.  Cos thats the way us pugs roll.  And Mom and Dad well they'll be fine just as long as I am and we are together. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read our comments and post back to us, every comment helps us heal a little more.
Bless your hearts
Stella Rose and momma


  1. Stella Rose you have said beautiful words tonight. And while the sadness and hurt is still there and maybe a little anger too, it the love that I see shining through. You are still in my prayers friend. Nose poke to you.

  2. You are so strong and this was such a great post. I will keep your family in my prayers.


  3. I am packing up my goodie bag- and heading for my trip now. The full moon is getting bigger and bigger.
    Sammers will meet me on the new star in the sky- then together we will hop to the moon.
    I have many messages to pass along and I will be sure to tell Sammers and Turd that everyone is helping your hearts heal-- and how much you love them.
    When I see Sammers- I will learn so much about his passions- I just know it.

  4. I'm so happy that you are remembering Sammer with a smile.

  5. I'm so glad you are sending love with Tweedles... I'm sure Sam will send it back, and little Trudie, too.

  6. Tweedles will do a good job gettin' your meaasage to Sammer. And Goose and his MOM are always full of wisdom!
    Me and mum has been thinkin' soooo much bouts you and your mom and dad while ya'll is tryin' to heal. One thing you nailed was dat Sammer was his own dog and danced to his own beat(like MANY udder dogs) he was still perfect.
    Many hugs and love to you all.


  7. Take care sweet ones and try and have a good day. As always are thoughts are with you.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Beautifully said Stella Rose. We are so very thankful to have such good furends like Goose and his Mom in all of our lives. She is filled with wisdom and I'm happy that she was able to help you out.

    Lily Belle

  9. Big hugs and boxer kisses to you, sweet Stella Rose.

  10. Let the love shine through. That's what makes full moons so bright. Really.
    Play bows,

  11. This is a lovely memory of you and Sammer. Remember the good times and his wonderful zeal for life. cause he's a part of you furever!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  12. A lovely tribute to a pug gone too soon

    we are thinking of you

    urban hounds

  13. What a lovely tribute

    Stop on by for a visit