Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From Dietzman

Yep its me "mean ole cat Dietzman" roaming around the yard on my way to the kitchen.  This is my first time blogging and Stella Rose was kind enuf to allow me usage of her computer. First of all I am almost 16 years old so Stella considers me ancient but I tell her I am really just wise. Wise like the old owl that lives in our tree, wise like the man in the moon. Last night her and I had a long talk about love, and life and sadness. I have seen alot of that in my time. In fact I could have my own talk show! The one thing I know is that Sammer loved living at our house, and he loved his mom, dad, stella and even me. He loved the grandmonsters and showed them everytime they came by. Sam, was passionate about life and that is how he lived it. Always running around crazy every chance he got. See stella rose is downright  pissed peeved at him for being such a dufus but not me.  I say let the boy enjoy all the days that he had, and honor his memory by looking back at how well he lived his life.
I told Stella it would be a dishonor to him to be sad and crying and wishing things were different. Sam would want us to stand tall, and together and live much.  Yes, I know that words are easy to write and sometimes the heart just can't do it, but Stella is smart and she will figure it out soon. ( I can't really stand her, and often swat her just to remind her that we are not friends, so don't go getting all mushy on me now.)  There is no book on letting go and each of us will find our own way to do that. The trick is not to judge one another in how we do that.

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas...( I will be looking for lots of cat food cans in that big old stocking!)


  1. Yes each of y=us go through things like this in our own and different ways. And I think you really do have a soft spot for Stella. You big sweet kitty you.

  2. Dietzman,
    What a wise kitty you are...do you have a girlyfriend by chance? I am a 15 year old good lookin' tuxie that swats at the pugs at my house, too. My name is Socks Lucyfur.
    Socks of The Slimmer PurrSibs

    1. I don't have a girlfriend ms. socks lucyfur..but i am open to the suggestion.

    2. Hi Dietzman!
      Here our my conditions for being your girlyfriend. One, my house is my domain and your house is your domain. You try to snatch my food, I swat you. You try to get frisky, I swat you in a place that isn't very nice to get swatted. Otherwise, you have the pleasure of the occasional sniff and the privelege to call me your girlfriend. I told you that I am 15, crotchety, and set in my ways...but that's why I like you...for the same reasons.
      Let me know.
      Purrs and a slight hiss,
      Sock Lucyfur Slimmer

  3. Wise wise words Dietzman. Stella take care and look after the family. Our love to you all.
    best wishes Molly

  4. Oh Dietzman
    I believe you are going to help hearts heal- because all you say makes so much sense. And we love you too.

  5. Dont worry Dietzman..the CAT! here likes to slap me too. Healing comes with time friend


  6. Wise words, Dietzman...and I'll try to remember the happy things, too... like the last post with Sammer stealing the toys... it still makes me laugh.

  7. Hi M--- Cat Dietzman, Nice to hear from you. I know I rag on my sisteroid Sunshine the Cat a lot but like you - she is wise. She is always telling me to let the little stuff go and to appreciate the little time we have with our loved ones. Thanks for the reminder.
    Love Noodles the PUG

  8. Hey there, Dietzman, it's nice to meet you at last! You sound like a very wise guy, and I hope Stella will get to the place where she can look back on Sammer with more happiness than sadness.

    And you don't fool us, you old softie!

  9. We know that you are really just a sweet kitty Mr. Dietzman! And we know that you really love Ms. Stella but don't worry - we won't tell anyone! We are glad that she has you! When Stella's heart heals she will look back and remember Sammer and Trudie and the good times they had together! It takes time .....

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  10. I went back and read the posts that I missed. Another loss, dear Sammie. Oh my I am sorry for what happened, that running in the street in the fog. Stella your life sucks right now. Remember you gave him a nice life and take this time to mourn. You carry Sammie and Trudie in your heart this Christmas.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot