Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This is Angus McConnell writing today.....ALL about his SWEET her is all dolled up for the big Valentine Bash.

 Hers is so beautyful that it makes my eyes water......I asked my Mom if I could buy her a big box of tootsie rolls but Mom said NO CHOCOLATE and I would just have to send hers a card instead.  I toles Mom that is not what the girls like!!!  My Mom is kinda old and hers has forgotten what the young girls hearts wants from their Valentine Beau's so Isa made a list for her.
1. Pig Ears
2. Bully Sticks
3. Jones Windees
4. Unstuffed teddee bears
5. Their own cell phone-so Isa can call her late at night and whisper sweet nothin's in her ears.

Some of you have asked JUST who this BERNICE  that has comes to our home and camped out.  WELL, our Mom heart is hurting for her grown up kids, and little grandmonsters cos their other Grandma Teri went to the Heavens to live.  SOMEHOW and SOMEWAY crazy Bernice(depression) snuck into our home when no one was watching, she likes to make peoples feel blue and sometimes they cry and are just plain tired.  Hers is one mean ole Heifer.  Well Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and myself talked to her while Momma was at the dr. yesterday about her gimpy knee and we toles her we have our Moms back and hers needed to leave the premises.  Do you know what hers did to us, hers locked us in the closet and then just sit in front of the door and laughed at us!!!!  She said she likes hanging out in our home.  Maggie Mae suggested RAT poison next.

OUR Momma had lots of bloodwork yesterday and they gave her new medicine for the other problem with her legs.  As far as that gimpy knee, well they are giving it one more month to heal....hopefully it will and Mom will be ready to take us all for long, sunshiny walks.  We think by then we will have figured out how to get rid of BERNICE.
Angus McConnell


  1. Locked you in the closet...or dear me! :(
    I thinks you should pack that Bern(not so)nice in a box and ship her out!

    Just sayin'

  2. Your sweet Liberty is a loverly lady indeed, and you seem to know exactly what the grrls want! I'm so proud of you. I taught you well. :)

    Bernice has a way of sneaking into people's lives, but as long as we keep snuggling and kissing and being generally adorable, she figures out she's not welcome and slinks off again. Just keep it up, guys!

  3. Is Liberty going to see Sarge for some flowers? She is quite beautiful so we know why you are crazy about her. When you put together her gift list maybe you should add a lap top so you and she can Skype?? Now about that Bernice, it is only normal that she hang around a little bit, after all, your mom is doing something called grieving. Just keep an eye on Bernice, she'll fade away in time.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Rat poison.......LOL funny. Maybe set the squirrels on her??? Or hows about dad runs her over on his motorbike.
    Seriously we hope mum is feeling better after the doc. We are thinking of her.
    You should ask everybody how to get rid of Beatrice like the song... get on the bus Gus etc etc.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. You guys run Bernice right out of there! And Liberty is GORGEOUS, Angus McConnell!

  6. OMD Liberty truly IS BEAUTYful. A true STUNNER. You two will be a fabulous couple.
    We don't know why peeps don't allow us to GIVE what we WANT to give. BUTT you do have a Grrrrreat list... and we are sure that Lovely Liberty will feel that it is the THOUGHT that counts.
    Glad that your mom got to the FrankenVet and is on the road to recovery.
    Now about Bernice the NOT NICE. WE think you should PEE on her. How DARE she lock you all in the closet and Laugh. PEE ON HER we say.

  7. Diva Shasta here - oh Angus - u duz got u one loverly ladee there. Yes, she shood go c Sarge (I'ze tryin'tue due that) fer sum gorjus flowerz tue match her gorjus self.
    An'boutz that Ber(NOT)nice - she iz NOT nice at all. Just who duz she think she iz anyway, lockin'u'all up in a closet. BUTT we Beaglebratz knowz how BerNOTnice can worm her way into the house - we just snuggle an'cuddle with mom till Ber(NOT)nice iz all suffocated out then she (BerNOTnice) slowly slinkz bak out the way she got in.
    Diva Shasta
    (still tryin'tue git our Christmas prezzie post dun)

  8. I agree with everyones suggestions on what to do about Bernice,, and I like the idea of making up a song about her,,,! Hit the road Bernice!
    So,,I have another idea,, I can send you some very fragrant bear poop,, to put in Bernice's bed! She won;t like that one bit!
    It's not fair she locked you all in the closet!
    Liberty is so beautiful,,, wowee-- a good looking girl!
    Oh yess,, glad you momma saw her dr,, she will be on the road to recovery soon,, and the hole in her heart will get betters,,, with all the love you give her- for sure.

  9. Sounds as if it's all the fault of that gimpy knee. Don't worry guys all will be well..... Luvs Cat Flap Cavalier X

  10. A perfect list of foodables. And boy oh boy do you look ready for the big day

  11. Oh Gus your Liberty is stunning in her red outfit! It may take some time for Bernice to get the H** out, but keep loving your Mom and give her big hugs from us
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  12. Ya know....maybe if you just keep giving your mum ALL the attention and kisses and cuddles and IGNORE Bernice, she'll get the message and just fade away. Otherwise, we still think you need an exorcism.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  13. She is soooo pretty!
    Hope your mom feels better soon!

  14. Liberty is very pretty, and quite the snazzy dresser!

    We say, bite Bernice on the butt! Maybe that will get her to leave!

  15. Boy howdy, Liberty is all dolled up for the big night Angus, hope you are up for it! Thats a good list of things to give here any gal would go for that!, say you gots any extras?
    Tell Mom to get a bike, took care of Dads knee!

    The Mad Scots

  16. Hey Angus!
    Wow, you lucky ducky, she's adorable! I think your list is just right and she'd want all of that stuff fur sure. BOL OMD, healing vibes on their way to your Mom so she feels better right away!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  17. I think a long walk would definitely leave Bernice behind. (Old fat cow probably can't make it more than a block!) Hopefully your momma's knee will feel up to a nice walk soon! In the meantime, you kids give her lots of extra lovin's!

  18. You are one lucky guy to have such a beautiful date for the dance. We hope your mom feels better soon.

  19. Oh Gussie ... you sure know the way to a gurl's heart! Those are all of my favorite things! I can't wait to dance the night away with you!

    XOXOXO Liberty

    PS ... Mama sends her love to your mama!

  20. Dude, Liberty is beautiful. Mom said your mom needs to buy the cell phone where you can talk all night long to Liberty.

    Aroo to you,

  21. Gussie, you are such a good blog writer!! I am so impressed =) Thank you for telling me about {furs and ears and knees}. It made me feel a lot better about my spot. I sure hope the doc gave your mom some TLC medicine...she deserves it! Good thing she has you to remind her Bernice is not a forever (unwanted) guest.