Wednesday, February 25, 2015


THIS is Margaret Mae Simpson and my mom told me last night I reminded her of a "middle pug".  Well Mom I am the middle pug so why do you expect me to act any different.

This whole fiasco started because Stella Rose was playing with MY Gussie boy and she knows I do not allow that.  Every once in awhile though Stella forgets MY rules and her and Gussie run around together while my back is turned.   Soooo......because she broke MY rule then she must be punished and usually that begins with a fight1

MY mom hates us to fight.  Hates it.  She comes all unglued and scolds us, which you cannot even hear her words over our tussling and then she pulls out the big guns ---our big green FLY SWATTER which I hate, and smacks the floor.  That usually ends the fight, cos I run behind the chair and Stella ends up whimpering around like I have hurt her or something.  Gussie boy runs and sits in the recliner until the air is finally calm.

This is my evil possessed picture that Mom doesn't like.

Gussie said my behavior stems from being a doggie school dropout and stella rose told me I am just to jealous, like some old girlfriend.  I fink they are bof wrong...." I yam what I yam popeye would have said.  I am not a bully I am just Maggie.

Mom made me "sit" after the fight last night and she did not say one word to me, she just looked at me wif her mean mom face.  So I showed her I could sit and I looked right back at her wif my mean Maggie face.  She finally let me up and I ran over to the couch where perfect stella rose was at, and jumped up beside her before mom could stop me, and I gave her a lick on the face, just to show her I won fair and square.  Mom says I ALWAYS have to have the last word.

Mom says though most times I am a sweetie and a funny little clown....she loves that side of me...

Pretend you do not see me talking to the enemy in this picture.
I like to wear my ears a little different from everyone else.....

Mom says this is where I am going to end up if I do not start to listen to her...Yeah yeah mom.

At least I don't look like this.
Gotcha back my Gussie Boy!!

Margaret Mae Simpson a/k/a Maggie Mae


  1. We have never been a middle child so we don't know how it is. But we do know it is not good to fight with your siblings! Sometimes if me and Stanley both want the same antler I let out a lion roar to make him back off. But then mom makes a bigger lion roar to tell me to back off. The loudest roar always wins.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. oh that's like being that Malcom in the middle-guy... :o) worries Maggie, that's the place where I will end up too (when my momma is right) so we could be room mates there :o)

  3. Maggie sweetie, I is an ONLY child (ie spoilt brat) so you can be my favourite faraway sis if you like, that's somefinks your other siblings haven't got and is special to you, like the extra special gorgeous jail birdie you are!
    Luffs you all
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. LOL no such worries here but as for being naughty and not listening.....NEVER. Peeps says I am telling fibs as I am the mistress of selective hearing. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. It's called Jan Brady Syndrome. Just shout out "Stella Stella Stella!" every so often to relieve tension.

  6. A BENCH CLEARING...... you had a BENCH CLEARING.... and it was certainly Warranted, Margaret Mae.. We think this was a direct result of CABINet Fever...
    You stand your ground (if you can ever find the ground... under all the Snow) girrrrl. You can NOT have Unsanctioned Play Time happening. OR You're Slurping of YOUR little Gussie, by Stella Rose. We don't think that you should have been punished fur ANYTHINGY.

  7. Bailey doesn't really play so Hazel and I play and he doesn't care. He does get grumpy about treats sometimes, I am learning to avoid him at certain times
    Bailey & Hazel too

  8. I am in the middle too,, cause we have 4 KATS,,, that always seem to get their way. I never get my way- not ever.
    But,, I never fight with the KATS,, it might be fun to try it sometimes,, and see how moms react.

  9. Oh my goodness, MAGGIE!!!!

    I love your pictures, I admit it!

  10. This sounds like a case for Ernest Von Schnitzel attorney
    Lily & Edward

  11. Sometimes Roxy and Bella have HUGE blues. SHE gets all cranky and doesn't talk to us. Pretends we're invisible....but we don't do it much.

  12. This isn't one of those "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!" things, is it?

  13. Sharing can be so hard, especially when you are both girls . . . Hope today there is no fighting.

  14. Yeah, my momma hates it when me and BFF Finley get in fights. We used to more, but now we's both older and calmer.

  15. Middle Pug! Syndrome! Too funny! I have only cat syndrome aka Diva
    Madi your BFFF

  16. Well...if I had to wear that jail outfit...I sure would be a good middle pug!

    Da Sus

  17. Our Momma hates when we fight too and there is no middle one of us. We just got to work out our issues sometimes, that's all

  18. You forgot to mention how the middle pug always gets overlooked. BOL

    Aroo to you,

  19. Oh, I'm sorry to say... I'm with your mom - I don't like fights! You girls should try to get along! That's nice that you went and gave your sis a kiss after. You really do love your sis, don't you!

  20. I am kind of glad I am an only pup sometimes. I do understand that you need to stand your ground and rules are rules.

    Love Sasha

  21. Ruh Roh. That looks like JAIL! But I'm sure you can get out of it with the "Middle Pug Syndrome" defense!

  22. BOL...We read and totally agree with is the Jan Brady syndrome....! Hang in the Maggie, and maybe don't fight with Stella.
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  23. Wish I had a brother or sister to fight with!!

  24. I have a black pug and am totally in love!
    These are precious!

  25. Joey and I used to fight about certain things, like rawhide chewies. Now we never get any rawhide chewies! Harumph!