Thursday, November 27, 2014


Remembers this picture??
Well it was when Dad tooks me turkey hunting and all wesa came home wif was a package of slim jims and mt. dew from the little gas station.   That turkey behind me is made of rubber and there actually is not much difference between hims and the other turkey mom cooks for the kids on won't be reading this right momma Isa just kidding you I loves your cooking ...I heard the fire department does also, cos it helps them get overtime during the holidays....bahahhahahahahha.....

Anyways I gots wayyyyy off of my Thanksgiving post of alls the fings in the worlds that me and my family is fankful for.  I faught I should just do a power point presentation but Stellie Rose said to keep it I did.

1. We are thankful that we have a loving human family who has always been kind to us and shown us what it was like to feel love each and everyday.  Mom even shows us love on the days we pee on the new doggie bed hers bought for us. 

2. We are thankful for mean ole cat Dietzman cos without him as our prison guard, we would probably lose our heads and dig out of Alcatraz and run crazy all overs the town, and evil Chrissy would steals us and sells us to the highest bidder.  I shudder to think where we could end up at so fank you Dietzy for doing your job so well.

3. We are fankful that Dad works different hours than our Mom cos that means that he is home wif us and then mom comes home so are not alone very much.  Unless he wants to take a long nap befores he goes to work, and then we haf to stay in the kitchen wif our bed.  Maybe that is why we pee on the bed, so much, only Sigmund Freud could figure that one at.

4.  We are thankful we still have a grandma and grandpa that we can go visit and get to see our cousin Charlie...he is a blast even though he is a little overweight.

5. We are fankful for all the grandmonsters, cos none of them are really monsters and they all loves us even though Piper says we are pigs, and sometimes monkeys....I worry about her intelligence but mom tells me hers isn't two yet so that is normal.  WELL don't tells momma I is almost two and I know the difference between pugs, pigs, and

6.  We are fankful our Mom still has her job for another month so she can fill our stockings with treats over Christmas and then after that we don't know about treats, so we haf been saving up like squirrels to make them last longer.

7.  We are fankful that the smart doctors are getting smarter about our Macey and that maybe one day soon we will actually meet the smartest in the whole wide world doctor and he will make her better.  We are also fankful that she is happy, and smiling and full of love for her family and friends.

8.  We are fankful for all our blogville family.  One day we woke up and realized that we stopped writing blogville friends and now write blogville family.  You are always in our prayers and thoughts and we are blessed that you founded us.  We are also blessed you also send us good treats and food just to help our mom out sometimes with her kitchen problems.

9.  We are also fankful that our family living at the rainbow bridge still comes back into our lives and hearts in big and little ways.  They help keep a child strong when they are afraid, they whisper to us silly things to do around our home to make our parents laugh and lift the burdens in their lives, and sometimes they visit us at night and sit outside on the tree branch wif just me and we talk about fings.  You know you who are.

10.  Our list can go on and on but Stellie and Maggie said I talked about what is important to us.  We pray all our family here in blogville has a safe and wonderful day.  We will be off the computer but checking back on forth on our kindle that does not let us type very much.  Our love and hugs to you.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, of course me, Angus McConnell and MOmma 

P. S. Yesterday we did a late update on our earlier post about Macey.


  1. Truly, MANY things to be thankful for! We are very blessed too, for having you in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Lily Belle, Muffin, Kim, Rolf & Grandpa Bob

  2. Happy thanksgiving you guys - enjoy your day with your family

  3. I am very thankful that all of you are my lovely furfriends
    I am thankful that the Doctors are getting closer to finding a diagnosis and treatment for Macey.
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Lots of loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Happy Thanksgivin to all of yur furmily! We are so glad to have met yu round this Blogville thingy!

  5. great list we are so hopeful those doctors will fix macey all up

    retro rover

  6. I am thankful that I can drop magic turkeys stuffed with cheeseburgers from the sky to all my dear friends. Ready, set …CRASH! Oops, sorry about your car …but don't worry, the turkey still tastes good even broken into many pieces. Happy Thanksgiving!

    A.P. (that's Angel Pip)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I give thanks for counting you all as my friends!

    Love, Gampy

  8. That are a lot of really good reasons to be thankful, I agree. I'm thankful that I met you, the three little pugs and Mr. Dietzman, of course. Thanks for all your posts and for being a part of my life. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your whole family and a big hug to your Macey
    Easy Rider

  9. Happy Turkey Day to you my puggy friends and to your whole family too!

  10. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you guys. Please can you give adorable Macey a big hug and luvs from us. x

  11. Blogville family....yep, that says it all!

    Hope you got some turkey and other treats. We don't have Thanksgiving here, so it was the usual kibble...ripped off!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving. What a wonderful list.

    We're going to go read the update on Macey.

  13. You have so much to be thankful for... and I am so glad we got to read this today. We are thankful for YOU!

  14. You have so much to be thankful for, and we are thankful for all of YOU!

  15. That was beautiful, you guys! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your whole family!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Maggie T.

  16. That is just wonderful! We will see if we can add you to the hop so everybody can see it tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Your pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. You guys are pretty special!

    Wishing you a very Hap-Pee Thanksgiving and lots of turkey!


  18. Happy Thanksgiving Stella Rose! We hope you have a pawsome day! Thanks for being part of the Blogville family!

    Braeden, Seth and Riley

  19. Oh what a precious and heartfelt post! We are thankful to be in your Blogville family!
    Hugs Madi your BFFF and mom

  20. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. We are thankful for all our Blogville friends and love sharing all the good and bad things in their lives. Happy Thanks-Blogville Day too.

  21. Wow, you really recognize all you have to be thankful for and that is super cool. We are thankful to know dogs like you who know what is important in the world

  22. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day today! We are thankful that we found wonderful you!
    Marty and the Gang

  23. Happy Thanksgiving,,, to all of you!!!

    Were thankful for all of you to be in our lives. We love your smiles and laughter,, and caring,,, and we love the angels too.

  24. Crikey ..... there sure is a lot to be thankful for in Blogville, aye?? Mum and I loved hearing about all your thankfullness. You made us smile, big time!!
    We hope you have a truly wonderful thanksgiving. Our love to you all and cuddles for Miss Macey.

  25. This is such a sweet post. I love our Blogville family too! I hope you and your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Cairn cuddles

  26. Bogville is a wonderful place for sure! I hope you and your family had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

  27. Angus those are such wonderful things to be thankful for!! We are thankful we have gotten to know you better this year!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  28. We are late getting around (Hazel's family was here) but we wanted to let you know how we are so thankful to have you in our lives. We love your beautiful hearts that fill ours with love
    Mr Bailey & Hazel
    Angel Greta too

  29. Glad you guys have such a good family taking care of you. Hope you guys got to eat some delicious food on Thanksgiving!


  30. We are thankful to have met you in Blogville! Happy Thanksgiving.

  31. You're some of my bestest furiends, and I don't care that we've never met in the furs!

  32. lots of good happy things to be thankful for lots of hugs

    retro rover