Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Its been awhile and I know you are waiting to hear anymore news.  Well we have a little bit, and I guess that is better than nothing.  Right.

So first Macey had her ultrasound on Monday. She had to starve for 6 hours, and not drink so she was a little unhappy.  I toles her I knows how she feels cos sometimes Mom is late feeding us when she gets home from work.  I saw her eying my round tummy so I don't fink she believed me.  We are still waiting on the results from that.

BUTT yesterday her Dr. from Blanks Children Hospital called and said all of her blood work was fine EXCEPT one of the weird ones he took.  She showed positive for CAT SCRATCH FEVER sometime within the last 6 months.  WEIRD cos she never had scratches, or marks, or a fever or any of the symptoms most people would have showed.  We read up on it and it said you can even get licked by a CAT that has it  and get sick.  But hers never got sick.

SO now the important dr. at Blanks may send her onto infectious diseases cos it is still a mystery as to WHY her leg and foot are still swollen and IF that cat fing that happened so long ago has anything to do with it or not!!!

Cat scratch fever can create problems with your lymph nodes so maybe it hurt a lymph node that has to do wif her leg and this is her reaction....none of it really makes any sense.  They did say it was to late to start her on antibiotics...so we are waiting on who she see's next.

The kidney girl from Iowa City did call and check up on her cos she is worried about the amount of blood that shows in her urine....she thinks that of course is a different issue from her leg....so in a few weeks she will go back to follow up on that.

Mom is working on our Thankful post for the week.  WE have lots to be thankful for.
Stella Rose


  1. Those dang kitties are nothing but trouble. Paws crossed you will be all better soon
    Lily & Edward

  2. Lets hope you are finally tracking down the problem, then it'll be solved and Macey can be all betters and well again !
    Lots of loves and healing licks kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Oh gosh... I know you are getting closer to the solution, and I'm so glad! Good job!

  4. Oh no I hopes she doesn't turn into a cat! Thanks for the update and we will continue to keep her in our prayers.

    Aroo to you,

  5. Well..we hoping they are closing in on it...still gots our POTP going strong.

    The Mad Scots
    Pees; Angus you concentrate of Macey...ain't gonna be no Police work till January!

  6. Weird, but hopefully sum ansers finally will be comin.

    We sure are still sendin lots of PoP to yu all there!

  7. OUR Mom was bitten by a cat when she was 2. She swelled up HUGE... or so her family told her... BUTT it happened right away...
    And it STAYED all Swollen up for a LONG time... so maybe they really ARE on the right track...
    We want to wish each and everybuddy in your family a very much HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

  8. We are so disappointed, so we can only imagine your disappointment and worry. Let's hope every test is closer to a solution!

    We chased a cat out of our yard this morning. He had to climb a tree and onto next door's roof.

  9. Crikey ..... those stupid kitties are good for nothing, aye?? I'm goin' to chase every single one I see up trees and hope they NEVER come down. Maybe now you will start to get some answers and dear little Macey will be well again.
    Hugs and love to Macey!!!!!!

  10. It's always a CAT'S fault!! Hopefully this gives them something to work from and they can help Macey out soon.

  11. It can be so frustrating - especially when there is more than one thing happening - for some reason doctors seem to latch on to one thing and forget about other things happening. We have our paws crossed and hope some answers come for Macey soon

  12. I'm praying that they figure it out. Here's another interesting thing that I experienced-I had an extensive blood test a few years ago and it should that at one point(probably when I was teaching little ones)I got the infection from cat's feces and the markers still should up in my blood-which is why I try to stay away from cats(plus I get asthma from them). I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving; I am thankful for you all.
    Noreen & Hunter
    Hunter says to tell you that he is glad he has such a beautiful friend in you.

  13. Oh dear! We hope everything turns out all right. What an ordeal! But at least you have one piece of the puzzle. We will stay hopeful for Macey!

  14. Mysteries!!! Soon to be solved!

  15. Lots of POTP that they keep narrowing down the diagnosis...Lots of hugs and prayers being sent your way!!

  16. Oh goodness! Let's hope the mystery is solved VERY VERY soon and sweet Macey can get to just be a happy little girl again! All paws crossed here and with our angel Chloe for good things to come her way.

  17. Keeping our paws crossed for all of you and sweet Macey.
    Thank you for the updates.

  18. Oh goodness, cat scratch fever? We are still praying really hard that they figure all of this out quickly. Poor Macey has been through ENOUGH!!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  19. I hope they find out why she has so much blood in her urine and they can fix that problem. I send a big hug to you and to Macey and I cross my paws for good news, as hard as I can.
    Easy Rider

  20. Cat Scratch Fever from a LICK?!? I am staying away from cats from now on! I am glad that the doctors are starting to figure things out. Macey is always in our thoughts...we hope you all can enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  21. Good thing that doctor tested for it! Hopefully the mystery is being unraveled!

    Your Pals,


  22. Well that sounds like very relieving news I had cat scratch fever as a child but I ddint get anywhere near as sick as Macey but I do know I had a fever and some things

    retro rover

  23. It's good to hear the doctors are keeping you informed of the test results and checking in to see how Macey is doing. Hopefully you will have a solution soon. We are keeping our paws crossed and wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

  24. Thanks so very much for the update. What a strange thing for her to get and never have symptoms. One step closer :)
    Marty and Mom