Thursday, November 20, 2014


These are my cousins.

They live at our Aunt Dixie's house.  Mom didn't take very good pictures of them but they are really beautiful.  The black and white one is Momma.  Someone dumped her by Aunt Dixie's house about 6 years ago.....and Aunt Dixie of course kept her cos she has always kept any animal that creeps dump at her house.   So then just a few weeks later, Momma became a real momma and gave birth to six beautiful puppies.
Aunt Dixie took them to the vet and he said they were purebred shelties....we cannot figure out why Momma was dumped because of this.  So Aunt Dixie found homes for four of them and kept a boy and a girl.
Emma is the biggest girl.  She is friendly and loves when momma visits.

Boo is the little boy.  He is more scared cos when he was a  puppy he had a accident with a car and from that time on he is more standoffish, and smaller.  BUT he loves our mom and always comes to see her when she visits.

Aunt Dixie loves her kids.

THEN about 2 months ago a lady stopped by aunt Dixie's house to see if she had lost a kitten.  Aunt Dixie said NO.  Well the lady said there was a little kitten up the road at the cemetery just a crying.  Aunt Dixie went to check and sure as the wind,....there was a little yellow kitten just a crying.  What did Aunt Dixie do....yep she brought her home.

This is evil Evie two months later.....she has went to the Vets and got her shots, lost her lady parts, and made sure she is all healthy.  She keeps the dogs on their toes that is for sure.  She likes jumping up on the refrig and aunt Dixie has had to learn new boundaries at her house now.  Evie does not have her trained very well yet.

We love Aunt Dixie cos she has such a kind heart with all animals.  She really loves on us when she comes to visit.  Mom says its amazing how good she turned out!   Bahhahhahahah

P.S. Macey has her ultrasound on Monday.

Stella Rose



  1. So nice to meet all of you. Your Aunt Dixie sounds just like my Mommy. A real pushover when it comes to strays or the homeless!

    We'll say a prayer on Monday for Macey....and all weekend too.

  2. Aunt Dixie sounds like my kind of human!!

  3. Aaaaawwwwww....we think you must have the bestest Auntie ever!!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    PeeEss..Prayers and POTP for Monday's ultrasound for Macey

  4. Aunt Dixie sure sounds special. Your cousins are adorable
    Lily & Edward

  5. I love your Aunt Dixie too, she has a heart of gold and I'm so glad for people like your Aunt. They make our cold world a little warmer and they give us hope that things will be better once. I will cross my paws on monday and I will think of your Macey the whole day.

  6. I luffs Auntie Dixie she sounds a lovely, special lady !
    The doggies and cats have really fallen on their paws there
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Aunty Ds are da best.

  8. Good luck Macey we'll be thinking of you babes.
    Beautiful paw babies, sounds like our house, they used to keep coming and never left. AW, LOVELY POST...
    Luvs to Macey x x x

  9. Dear Stella, Will be praying for Macey and wisdom for the doctors.
    Loved hearing about your Aunt Dixie, what a heart of gold. I'd have more dogs if I was by myself(Hunter loves other Bichons), but hubby says no. Thanks for sharing this story-wish there were more folks like your Aunt Dixie.
    Noreen & Hunter

  10. Aunt Dixie is such a wonderful lady to take in and love those pets. They are gorgeous!!
    Hugs all around to your families
    Madi and Mom

  11. Those are the most beautiful dogs! We had a sheltie once, a long time ago... Gizmo. He was a beautiful boy, too.

    The kitty is pretty!

  12. What a sweetheart your Aunt Dixie is! And your cousins are very cute, even the cat BOL!
    we will be thinking of Macey - and praying for some answers on Monday
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  13. Aunt Dixie sounds like a wonderful and generous soul. We are still praying for little Macey.

    Edgar and his mum

  14. Thank goodness for people like Aunt Dixie who are able to take in new comers! Its so sad when idiots dump off their animals.
    Idiots are always dumping here too.,,,, thats how we got 5 cats!
    The doggies are so pretty- very beautiful furs they have!!

    Of course we send good vibes for the ultrasound to have the key to the mystery of Maceys big foot on Monday

  15. What a wonderful person. We hate it when peeps just dump dogs and mean. Your Auntie has a beautiful family now.

    Paws crossed for Macey.

  16. Howdy Little Puggie Mates. Your Aunty Dixie sounds like a wonderful person and plus you have some fabo cousins. We'll keep paws crossed for Macey.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  17. Those are three very lucky furries to have found their forever homes with such a kind person. Mom had a sheltie once, Shane - he was so handsome but oh that fur takes lots of brushing, just like us:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. It is so NICE to Meet your CUSSINS... they are really a good lookin family fur SURE.

  19. Aunt Dixie have a huge heart of gold

  20. such super cute cousins!

    retro rover

    Ps hugs to Macey and you

  21. So auntie has a rescue house....proud of her.....say Boo has the same eyes as Reilly the cowspotdog has, deep and inviting!

    The POTP is still going strong for Macey

    The Mad Scots

  22. Your cousins are very cute and your Auntie is a great person for taking them all in.

  23. Those two dogs hit the jackpot. And they are real beauties.

  24. We have to say this: The woofies are gorgeous! Your Aunt is a wonderful person to have rescued and kept these beautiful furbabies.

    We are continuing to purr and purray for Macey.

  25. What gorgeous cousins you have Stella Rose! Your Auntie is an angel :)