Friday, July 20, 2012

Do you have chores at your house?  What are they?  Here are our chores that we do.
1. Warm Dad's p.js. while he is taking a shower.  I lay right by the shower until he is done, in case he falls, or needs more shampoo.
2. Sam chases the rabbits out of our yard.  He doesn't want them to nibble on the burnt up grass in the yard.  You never know it might grow back.
3. Trudie goes with mom to take the trash out. She is protecting Mom from, well...we haven't figured that out yet, cos she is walking behind Mom.
4. Sometimes for some off reason the pee pads get shredded while Mom is at work.  We work really hard at stashing them under the edge of Mom and Dad's bed so they won't trip over them when she gets home.
5. I also have to model most of the pug clothing Mom brings home, Trudie will attempt to at times but it mostly falls to me.
They pay us in hugs, kisses, bully sticks, snuggles, treats, fruit did I say kisses and hugs....Have a great weekend!
Stella Rose


  1. Hi Stellie
    Thanks for the super long comment on my post today.
    Unfortunately the sign up for events ended Wednesday, July 18, so you cannot join this year's Pet Blogger Olympics. But click the link on my post to go to the official website for the Blogville Olympics. Also, I encourage you to follow Frankie Furter's blog: Frankly & Ernestly Speaking at . He is the MAYOR of Blogville and will keep you appraised of all the todoings in "town." Plus he is one seriously funny pooch. So is Amber DaWeenie and Puddles.
    My mommy didn't spend a lot of time making the animation which is why it is a little funky. But it was fun.
    Love Noodles

  2. I'm no pug, but every tabby knows that every animal has the huge responsibility of warming pawrents clothes while they take showers and to also be on paw in case they need more shampoo. Hey, if it wasn't for us our humans wouldn't be able to survive, I tell you! We have a lot of chores around here and it would take too long to list them ... heehee....Henry

  3. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog, Mum is all over black pugs! The photo is so cute, you look Halloweeny in that Orange dress! Mum likes to dress me up too! I'm excited to get to know you, gunna spend some time reading your old posts to see what you guys have been getting up to! I have lots of chaos to do at my house, maybe Trudie is protecting your Mom from Oscar the grouch in case he jumps out from the trash can! Love, Hugs and Tummy Rubs, your new pal Frank x x x x x x

  4. Chores not chaos! LOL! Predictive tex sucks! Frank x x x x

  5. My main duty is Homeland Security. This is followed closely by guarding of the Sunday roast , you can find me stationed by the oven, making sure no one steals dinner. Sitting in the bathroom making sure the toilet monster doesn't harm my human is another fav and lastly scattering my toys all round the house so the human has to pick them all up , as we have to keep the human fit. Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly
    Best wishes Molly

  6. You really do have a lot of chores.
    I would like a chore of cleaning dishes.