Thursday, July 12, 2012


Mom is very worried about me because I have decided to go on a hunger strike.  Let me tell you what happened and get your opinion about it.  Okay so Mom ALWAYS puts green beans, and small bits of apples in my food, along with a dash of wet food to kick it off. Sometimes she spices it up with pieces of strawberries, or bananas.  Well yesterday she realized while she was fixing our lunch that she had ran out of every single thing I like except our dry food.  Her explanation was that it was to hot over the weekend and she didn't do her normal grocery shopping and our supplies had gotten low.  She promised she will head off to the store on Saturday and buy us plenty of appetizers to go with our meal.  Imagine my surprize when I start to eat my lunch and there is only my "Call of the Wild".  I root around all over the plate, and scatter my dry food all over the floor looking for a tasty morsel of green beans or fruit.  Nothing, natta, nowhere to be found.  So I just didn't eat. I didn't eat my supper, or breakfast or lunch today.  I just tipped my plate over, and scattered my food.  Sam on the other hand ate SOME of his food, and old Trudie at all her food. Course Trudie only eats out of mom's hand cos of her emotional issues but she could have refused like me.  I bet if we all refused mom would have ran down to the small store and bought at least some green beans.  Do you think this could be grounds for pug endangerment?  Dad says mom has ruined me by making me so spoiled that I throw good food around.  He also points out to me that Trudie is thankful for every piece of food she gets.  All I have to say to that is "But Dad i am the queen!!!"


  1. I think its just awful that your family ran out of your favorite kinds of foods! No apples or green beans nanananas or strawberrys! I would just be sick! And I would not eat either.
    I don't think you are spoiled- you just know what is good and it makes you happy!

  2. They better go to that food store or else
    Benny & Lily

  3. I too protest at kibbles , suggest the humans hot footed down to the store ASAP. Have a good Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Mom gave in and went down an bought me a can of green beans and bananan to have with my lunch (well not the whole can) anyway I went ahead and through my kibble all around the floor anyway just so she would learn never to forget the green!!

  5. We honestly don't know what to say. We eat just about anything put in front of us. Our regular food is homemade and we only get kibble if mom runs out of our food. We eat everything. Mom is glad we aren't that picky!

    Thanks for the comment on our blog. We have hostas in another shade bed. Mom doesn't like them all that much because she prefers plants that stay around all year like our ferns, nandinas and pieris. She's trying to find new to her plants for this bed. We are hoping to plant some daphne in the fall.

  6. That really sucks ... what could be more important to your mama than getting some fresh food for you???

    Peyton REFUSES to eat if he doesn't get some meat with his meals. So mama has to buy Buddig meat (beef, chicken and turkey) for him.

    Tell your mama to buy frozen green beans ... the canned ones have too much salt and the frozen ones taste much better! Zoe and Liberty usually get 1/4 cup - frozen - added to their dinner. Sometimes Webster gets some and Peyton doesn't really like them ...

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty