Tuesday, July 31, 2012



This is my Auntie Trudie.  I usually call her Truder.  Sam thinks thats cos she is an intruder in our lives but thats not the reason, its just moms and mine pet name for her.  Most of you know that the three pugs that live at moms and dads house came from a puppy mill, and that our upbringing was different from other pugs. Sam and I were the lucky ones, cos I only lived there for 4 months, Sam for 3 months, but Aunt Truder lived there for 5 1/2 years.  Mom hates puppy mills!!  Dad surprized Mom one day when he brought Truder home.  At first she didn't believe him, (cos he didn't get her permission first) . She came home from work and there hiding behind the bathtub was Aunt Trudie. Wet, cold and very very scared. Her job at the mill was to have lots and lots and lots of puppies, and when that stopped happening they didn't want her anymore. Dad rescued her from a bad thing happening to her. Mom was sorta mad but after five seconds she settled down and went and warmed a blanket up in the dryer for Aunt Trudie.  I think Zeus from heaven (mom and dads minpin that lived here for 15 years) must have sprinkled love dust in both of their eyes cos from that moment on Aunt Trudie has loved my Mom to the moon and back.  The next day Mom took her to the Vet, had her spayed, and polished up, but it took a whole week for her to finally eat for us. I was worried, Mom was sick, Sam ate her food, and Dad didn't know what to do. Finally she ate from Mom's hand and that is how she still eats after10 months. It is so funny to see her laying in bed by Mom cos her tail never stops wagging but we also see lots of emotional scars along with the good.

She is scared of EVERYTHING.  Mom reading a book, newspapers, the baby gate, dad's shoes, food bowls, sudden movements and sometimes people and kids.  Her feet have giant pads cos she always lived in a teeny tiny wire cage. BUT and Mom says there is always  a BUT she is sooooooo happy now, and loved, and wanted, this is where she was always meant to be.  It just took a little time for her to get here.  Stella Rose


  1. Aunt Trudie is a sweetie. Of course it only to like 5 seconds for your mom to know that she is where she is suppose to be. Bless your family for giving her the home she deserves.

  2. What a sad but lovely story. We hate puppy farms too as that was where I was from and sold in a pub at under 17weeks. Long story but well done for taking her in. Time will settle her. A nice end. Take care.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a sweet story! I am so glad your Aunt Trudie found a forever home with you so she can get the love she deserves.
    Boo to PUPPY FARMS!!!!
    Love Noodles

  4. aaahhhh we love that Trudie story
    Benny & Lily

  5. I think there is a lot of love in your home,, a lot of love for everyone.
    I liked that this story had a happy ending!

  6. What a heartbreaking story Miss Trudie has to tell. I tell you I just can't understand why people are soooooo cruel to animals. It breaks my heart each day. We take in a few strays and try to do our part but it is like stopping a leak in a dam with your finger and puppy mills and backyard breeders are to blame. I wish we could regulate people and their choices!! I have some neighbors that need it with their behavior with animals. So sad. I think Miss Trudie has to be one of the most luckiest gals to have been saved. Bless you!

    Tell your Mom thanks for the nice compliment. Lots of plants here for sure and as I look at the pics I'm thinking I need to do some editing. Take care. tina

  7. Hi!
    My coon hound, Daisy, came from a puppy mill and I think her fear of certain noises is because of her early days at the mill. I'm so glad your pug "siblings" have a safe forever home with humans who will take good care of them!