Friday, July 6, 2012


Mom was talking to us pug kids about learning to share them with the grandkids.  My first question to her was why is there no grand in front of our names.  She should call us grandpugkids.  Mom said, "No."  So I thought I would put some pictures on here to show you just what we are up against when the tribe of grandkids come over to OUR house.  First there are these two along with their parents.  They really like us alot, and let Sam give wet willies to them when they visit, but the problem is two is soon becoming three and that is going to end up totally disrupting our routine when they visit.  Mom said she is going to have to work on us not jumping on people more cos we can't scratch the baby!


There is this one.

He is wild and wooly when he comes to visit.  He likes to chase us all around and for some reason he doesn't understand the concept of a "curled" pug tail needs to stay "curled!!"  Mom has told him over and over to leave our tails alone, but I believe he has playdoh in his ears!  He really likes Sammer though and I think its because their personalities are similar.  Trudie usually hides in her room or lays right by mom.  Someday she might be more comfortable with kids, Mom says.


These are the last of the seven. (Soon to be eight) They are also real good to us, Macey the little one, would really really really like to take Trudie home.  That will never happen because her voice causes our ears to almost bleed. (good thing Mom won't see this) Macey always tries to pet Trudie nicely but Trude slides as close to mom as she can get and makes herself invisable.  Macey is also confused about our names.  She thinks me and Sam have the same name.  We are both named Sam in her world.  Mom and her Mom has explained to her that we are not one of the same, and I have my own name, but to no avail.  When she leaves she says bye Sammer and Trudie. Me, Sam and Trudie were talking the other night tho and have decided that we are really lucky to have loving kids in our family,who are good to us, and care alot about us. We never dreamed after we were rescued this is the kind of forever home we would have. We are blessed.


  1. I want to come to your house ,cause it looks so happy

  2. Lovely little people. Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! It looks like you have a
    warm and wonderful family!